Kittens USA- Table of Contents- 2011-2012




Kittens USA 2011-2012

6 | Kitten Sampler
Satisfy your craving for a cuddly feline companion with one of these 15 breeds.
By Stacy N. Hackett

30 | Why a Pedigreed Kitten?
Predictability and health guarantees make purebreds attractive options.
By Kim Campbell Thornton

36 | Your Breed Guide

38 | One Big Happy Family
If you already have resident pets, here’s how to introduce a new kitten to the menagerie.
By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

44 | Bonding Time
Plenty of love and playtime will create a strong positive relationship between you and your kitten.
By Debbie Swanson

50 | Health Basics
Take good care of your kitten to help ensure a healthy adulthood.
By Diana Laverdure

56 | Guide to the Well-Fed Kitten
Give your new friend a good start with a healthy diet that meets cats’ special needs.
By Janiss Garza

62 | Adoption Options
Know the different requirements and benefits of acquiring a kitten from a public shelter or private rescue.
By Dusty Rainbolt

70 | The Power of a Simple Click
Clicker training can reduce your kitten’s stress and build a stronger bond between you.
By Marilyn Krieger

74 | Solve Litterbox Problems
Cats are particular about their bathrooms, so find out what could be wrong if yours is going outside the box.
By Susan Logan

80 | Pretty as Can Be
Maintain your kitten’s good health and looks by establishing a grooming regimen.
By Tiffany Lin

86 | Could Your Kitten Be a Star?
Find out what it takes to break into showbiz.
By Sandy Robins

92 | Naughty No More
Book excerpt: Dangerous Door Darting
By Marilyn Krieger

102 | Buyer’s Guide
These 24 products can help ease your kitten’s transition to his new home.

108 | 2011 Photo Contest Winners

114 | Breed Rescue Groups
Resources for adopting a rescued purebred cat.

118 | Kitty Directory
If you need information, you’ll find it here.

176 | End Note
  126 | Shopper
126, 162 | Index of Advertisers
127 | Yearbook
129 | Gallery of Breeds
164 | Breeder Directory

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