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2006-2007 Issue


1 | Editor's Note: Looking for Love
How I found the kitten of my dreams. More >>
By Jackie Franza

8 | Purrfect Match
Prepare to meet your match. The best way to find a kitten is to be fully prepared with research and a bit of patience. Picking a kitten that suits you will make your life together a joy. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right kitten to fit your personality type and lifestyle.
By Lisa A. Hanks

14 | The Adoption Option
Looking for a new kitten? Save a life when you adopt from a shelter or rescue. We’ll walk you through the typical adoption process so you can take home that furry bundle of joy.
By Kim Campbell Thornton

20 | Top 10 Kitten Health Questions
A veterinarian answers the most common questions about illnesses, vaccines, spaying and neutering, and more. This vital information can help make those scary, health-related episodes easier to handle. Read on for answers to some frequently asked questions about your kitten’s health.
By Karla S. Rugh, D.V.M., Ph.D.

26 | The Catkins Diet
Like lions and tigers, your cat is an obligate carnivore. Feeding your kitten a diet consisting of protein, vitamins and minerals is essential in raising a little kitten into a healthy adult. Discover the elements of good kitten nutrition.
By Diane Morgan

31 | Home, Safe Home
“Curious as a cat” is an expression seasoned cat owners know all too well. Kittens have the tendency to poke their noses where they don’t belong. Hazardous and unsafe areas in the home pose potential threats to adventure-seeking felines. Learn how to prepare your home for the arrival of a kitten.
By Carol Frischmann

36 | Litterbox Lessons
Deciding which litterbox is best for your new kitten can be a confusing and often overwhelming experience, but you can avoid common potty problems with the right litterbox setup. Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about litterboxes.
By Fran Hodgkins

42 | Your Kitty’s First Bath
Bath time is a great way to bond with your kitten. The earlier you start bathing your kitten, the more it will get used to it—making it a non-traumatic experience and more enjoyable for you and your kitty. Read on for hints on how to properly groom Fluffy.
By Farrell R. Clancy

48 | Manners, Please
Your kitten’s mother taught it good manners from the start, and establishing guidelines at home will teach your kitten to play nice with humans. These four helpful house rules will keep your kitty problem behaviors in check.
By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

52 | Kittens USA Photo Contest
Check out the “Who Me?” “Are You Addressing Moi?” and “Because I Can” winners of the Kittens USA 2006 Photo Contest.

58 | The Joys of Toys
The benefits of play are not limited to simply connecting with your kitten. Play teaches your kitten to be social and friendly. Unleash your kitten’s penchant for play with fun toys and games.
By Susan Ewing

64 | Meet the Breeds
Have you ever stared into the luminous golden eyes of a Burmese? Or ran your fingers through a British Shorthair’s plush coat? Or heard the enchanting voice of a Persian?
By Eve Adamson

72 | Track Down a Terrific Breeder
The first step in your kitten search is to research which breed suits your family and lifestyle best. If you want to buy a healthy pedigreed kitten, your next step is to look for a reputable breeder. These tips will aid you in your search.
By Sandy Robins

In Every Issue

Kitten Lovers’ Yellow Pages

30  | Kitten Food Guide: A list of food manufacturers and how to contact them.

34  | Kittens USA Buyers’ Guide: Litterbox Essentials

41  | Signs of a Healthy Kitten: If you’re planning on bringing home a kitten, make sure it’s healthy. Use this quick-and-easy guide to help you make sure your potential pal is in good condition.

46  | Kittens USA Buyers’ Guide: Grooming Essentials

63  | Kittens USA Buyers’ Guide: Toys

70  | Your Breed Guide: A handy reference guide that will help you find a few cat breeds that might fit your lifestyle and personality.

79  | Keep Away! A list of some plants, trees, flowers and foods that are toxic to cats.

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