Kittens USA Writer's Guidelines

Kittens USA Writer's Guidelines

Kittens USA is a clear, informative kitten buyer’s guide and owner’s manual. This annual is a reference guide for prospective and current kitten owners, and focuses on how to care for mixed-breed kittens adopted from shelters or rescues. Article topics might include how to understand the feline’ natural instincts and how to groom and care for a new kitten.
Article manuscripts range from 1,000 to 2,300 words, depending on the complexity of the subject matter and amount of material available, and should be written according to Associated Press (AP) style, in the established Kittens USA voice and tone. The editors expect well-researched manuscripts that include substantiated quotes from owners, groomers, or breed, veterinary or shelter experts. Writers must provide qualifications and contact information—city, state, telephone and e-mail address—for individuals quoted.

The Kittens USA editors do not accept unsolicited manuscripts; they work on a query-only basis. Articles are assigned only to writers with whom they work on a regular basis; therefore, all other writers are asked to write on speculation once their query has been approved.
You may send a query letter detailing your article idea to the Kittens USA editors. The Kittens USA editors are not responsible for unsolicited materials. Send queries to Queries are not accepted by telephone, fax or mail.
We highly recommend that you read a previous issue of Kittens USA to gain a better understanding of the content, tone and style of the annual. Kittens USA is available at pet-supply stores and bookstores.

Kittens USA pays on publication within one month of the on-sale date. Payment amounts vary according to the quality and length of the article. Fancy Publications, a division of BowTie Inc., buys First North American Serial Rights on exclusive basis; the nonexclusive right to use the article in electronic media; and the nonexclusive right to use the article, as well as your name, image and biographical data, in advertising and promotion. Published writers receive two complimentary copies of the title in which their work appears.

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