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Color: Most associations accept all colors and patterns except those derived from Siamese (color points), although some recognize these as well.
Grooming: Double coat of the shorthair does best with occasional brushing. Longhair needs weekly combing and benefits from regular bathing.
Best Home: Sometimes cautious of strangers, Manx like to interact with their family. They do well with dogs and children if introduced at an early age.
National Breed Club: International Manx & Cymric Society
Personality: Lively, entertaining and inquisitive. Will often collect small objects. Soft voices with quiet trill. Appreciate tall scratch posts.
Appearance: Powerfully built cat with deep, broad chest. Back rises in arc to round, tailless rump. Broad head with firm, round muzzle and prominent cheeks. When viewed from behind, shape of the inner edges of ears resembles a rocker on a cradle. Longhaired (Cymric) and shorthaired varieties.

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The Manx is tailless, an unmistakable trait that makes it immediately recognizable. These purebreds are stocky and rounded in appearance, with short front and long hind legs that give them a rabbit-like appearance. The thick coat can be either short or semi-long and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The Manx's personality traits make it a perfect choice for families who have other pets or children..


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