Rescued Kitten Finds New Home

An orange kitten has won the heart of Vicki Myron, author of 'Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World.'

Posted: Dec. 23, 2008, 3 a.m. EST

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Sleeping orange kitten
An orange kitten rescued from the snow in Spencer, Iowa, has found a new home with author Vicki Myron. Photo courtesy The Spencer Daily Reporter.
A longhaired orange tabby kitten can thank Sue Selzer for rescuing her from the Iowa snow earlier this week — and helping her find a new home with Vicki Myron, former director of the Spencer Public Library and author of the best-selling book “Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World.” Myron decided to adopt the kitten after spending time with her at the library, reports the Spencer Daily Reporter.

Since Dewey, the town’s beloved library cat, passed away, both Myron and the Spencer Library staff have said they want to wait before adopting any new kitten. Still, Selzer noticed the rescued kitten’s resemblance to Dewey and called Kay Larson, current director of the library, to see if she would be interested in the kitten.

Larson encouraged Selzer to bring the kitten to the library on Thursday, when staff from Topspin Creative Corp. would be filming a one-hour special about Myron and Dewey. On the day of the filming, Selzer tucked the kitten in her winter coat and ushered her back to Larson’s office.

When Myron and her fiancé, Glenn Albertson, arrived at the office, library staff told her to “go into Kay’s office to see what she’s got for you.”

Vicki Myron and Dewey
Vicki Myron and her late, famous library cat, Dewey.
“Vicki took one look around my desk, where the kitten was underneath the heater, and said, ‘Ahh, it’s another Dewey,’” Larson said. “She picked it up and it purred right away and just laid in her arms.”

While Myron had previously stated that she wouldn’t adopt another cat for at least another year, she fell in love with the kitten. “You know how it is when you meet a cat, look in their face and fall in love,” she explained. “So she’s here, and she’s just the sweetest little thing. She kind of looks like Dewey did as a kitten, but she’s just got a personality all her own. I guess I was readier than I thought I was.”

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Rescued Kitten Finds New Home

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Reader Comments

Kathy    Independence, KS

3/16/2009 9:24:19 AM

I love it! Just the perfect continuation of a very wonderful love affair. Now, my suggestion is that, hopefully, there is enough interest and enough extra funding from the book "Dewey, the small town Library cat who...", a possible movie and additional childrens' books, to divert some of the income to the creation of a NO KILL shelter in Spencer, Iowa for those unfortunate kitties/cats who do not get to be with Vicki and share her profound love. There are many, including the 3 kittens who were dropped off at the Spencer Library after Dewey's death, who need a home, a safe haven, in which to await adoption or live their lives free from harm, starvation and fear. I bless Vicki Myron for her ability to love Dewey and now, the new kitten, as deeply as one loves another human being.

Mallary    Whitehall, OH

1/12/2009 9:11:59 PM

Ahhhh...The sweetest feeling of all, the feeling of love when you look into a homeless cat's eyes. I still remember the love and warmth I felt when I first saw my cat Clara.(Wipes tears from eyes)

Cheri    Lake Geneva, WI

1/7/2009 6:18:27 PM

Have the book and would love it if the whole world read it! I could not put it down and wouldn't have if I had to. Cats are my passion and they love you as much as the love you give to them! Congratulations Vicki for not waiting for love!

Pat    Omaha, NE

1/5/2009 6:48:29 AM

I read this in our newspaper, so sweet!

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