Texas Cat, Dog Breeders Face New Regulations

Legislation introduced seeking higher standards for cats and dogs at commercial kennels.

Posted: March 16, 2009, 3 a.m. EDT

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Scottish Fold kitten
Legislation introduced in Texas outlines new, higher standards that would be required of commercial cat breeders.
A Texas lawmaker seeking higher standards for commercial cat and dog breeders in the state introduced legislation last week which would require such operations to meet specified health and handling requirements.

House Bill 3180, filed by state Rep. Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston), sets minimum standards of care and housing for animals in breeding facilities. The bill will require commercial dog and cat breeding facilities to:

  • Obtain a commercial breeding license from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and pay an annual fee for renewal
  • Allow inspections by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
  • Be subject to penalties for failure to meet licensing requirements.

 Humane standards of treatment outlined in H.B. 3180 would require breeding facilities to:

  • Provide food at least once every 24 hours with continuous access to water
  •  Allow confined animals enough space to easily sit, stand, turn around and lie down in a normal manner
  • Provide adequate ventilation and adequate lighting for animals kept indoors
  •  Provide structurally sound shelter with proper protection from inclement weather conditions for animals housed outdoors
  •  Maintain adequate sanitation conditions within the living spaces

In addition, H.B. 3180 exempts hobby breeders who keep 10 or fewer adult intact animals, as well as nonprofit animal welfare groups.

“We just want to ensure that there is a guaranteed minimum standard of care and a level of humanness for all these animals,” Thompson said in a statement.

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Texas Cat, Dog Breeders Face New Regulations

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Reader Comments

Lily    Burnet, Texas, TX

5/13/2011 8:18:07 PM

Thanks alot. You probably are not a dog/cat lover. I raise Blue lACYS, THE State Dog of Texas. Great for ranchers, to use for herding cows, trailing deer. You have a lot of gaul to request that ranchers, etc. can afford to pay the prices of protecting and working their ranches. What an idiotic idea. I am so sorry you are not a lover of animals. You need to really look at your bill. It is ridiculous. Give me a break.

Paula    Leesburg, TX

3/20/2011 2:47:05 PM

If you read the entire House Bill it is contiuous about a fee for this and a fee for that and a small kennell like ours will be over excessed with fees. We are proud of our kennel and meet the size and other requirements that the bill asks for but to raise a puppy for someone to have a pet will be cause for a lot of black market puppy sales to take place. This is our income. We feel that this bill will hurt not only the breeder but the pet stores, feed stores, vet's offices and down the line of companies, people and places that will loose their income as well. Just like AKC says - "Can you imagine a world without dogs?"

Katlyn    Tyler, TX

7/19/2010 7:40:30 PM

Regulations regarding breeding, I must admit have been getting better, but at an extremely slow speed. Ten intact dogs/cats is way too high an amount even if the owners are just "hobbiests". Let's say it was nine females and one male, and the owner allowed the male to mate with every single one of the females, that is nine litters at least once a year. Theoretically speaking each litter consists of four puppies, that's 37 new puppies. Not to mention a female typically goes into heat every six months, so that would be 74 dogs a year. Even if these theoretical owners do not sell them for money, but rather give them away for free what do they do when nobody buys their puppies? Either humane society, death, or the streets which ultimately would land them in either option one or two. This is not just flat out heartbreaking, but terrible for our economy, as well. Should something not be done about this? Am I writing this because I am a crazed animal fan? No. Do I enjoy animals? Of course it would take a sick person not to. I am writing this to add a bit more awarenes about the ever rising problem of dog/cat overpopulation. To give my honest opinion I believe breeding regulations should be based off the invidual animal, rather used as a commercial breeder, hobby breeder, or family pet. A dog/cat should not be allowed to breed more than twice, accident or not. Each liscense should be based on how many litters each breeder may have. Each breeder must apply for the amount of litters they want, with a minimum of 2 litters, yet they still must apply. Or even an individual liscense per dog, and each must be renwed based on the amount of litters. Yes these are harsh, but do we realy want to be knee high in dead animals, those lives are on our heads?. If you want to read a true heartbreaking poem, go to hsoet.org/strayprayer.php it's titled Prayer of a Stray. Take my suggestions into consideration

Christina    wichita falls, TX

6/18/2010 8:46:30 AM

50% of shelter animals are pure breed, so don't think that the dogs and cats in them are less worthe of haveing a good life.I do think they should have a puppy mill task force.There are to many animals ,weather a pure or mutt.breeders need to function on a supply and demand basis. Right now demand is low because of the economy.

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