Bill Could Ban Pet Trade, Consumer Shows, PIJAC Says

Pet industry group says the California proposal could be translated as a ban on cat and dog shows.

Posted: May 6, 2009, 3 a.m. EDT

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A California bill that would ban the display and sale of live animals in certain public places, swap meets and flea markets, among other places, could “inadvertently encompass” a number of animal shows, consumer shows and pet industry trade shows, according to the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC). PIJAC is calling on the public to contact state legislators to voice their concerns about the proposal, which is scheduled for a public hearing Wednesday, May 6.

As drafted, Assembly Bill 1122 would make it illegal for any person to “willfully sell, display or offer for sale or give away as part of a commercial transaction, a live animal on any street, highway, public right-of-way, commercial parking lot, or at any outdoor special sale, swap meet, flea market, parking lot sale, carnival or boardwalk.”

The bill does not define “swap meet” or “flea market.” In a PetAlert issued May 5, PIJAC stated that it has received comments from several show sponsors who questioned whether they fall within the nondefined terms.

According to PIJAC, the proposal could be interpreted as a ban on reptile shows, bird shows, fish shows, cat shows and dog shows. The wording, according to PIJAC, could also prohibit pet fairs, such as the annual America’s Family Pet Expo in Orange County, Calif., pet industry trade shows or other specialty shows that would not fall within the general perception of a “swap meet” or “flea market.”

The California Assembly Appropriations Committee is scheduled to hear the bill at 9 a.m. May 6.

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Bill Could Ban Pet Trade, Consumer Shows, PIJAC Says

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Reader Comments

Candace    Lakeport, CA

3/24/2010 5:38:30 PM

I think that cat trades are just FINE and totally exeptable to me. I love cat trades. I personally don't see any thing wrong with it. If you want your friend's cat and they want yours, you should trade cats. I'm going to be 11 soon, and this is my submitted comment about cat trades. Thank you!

Sidney    Ventura, CA

6/18/2009 4:48:32 PM

Having cats and dogs as pets is ok. Cat and Dog shows should not be banned. These animals enjoy interacting with people. The pet trade of reptiles, amphibians and other exotic animals should be banned in the United States.

L.    CC, CA

5/9/2009 7:57:43 AM

I understand what attracts you to that. Yes, it is educational to have all the breeders in one place to answer questions and find out about different breeds, but there are also other ways to go about that. You don't have to be a breeder to enjoy cats and dogs either. Try volunteering at your local animal control or no-kill humane society. There are approximentally 6-8 million cats and dogs euthanized every year in U.S. shelters because of overpopulation. Check out an animal shelter and see how many pure breeds come in that are unwanted. If people would just spay or neuter their pets maybe we wouldn't have this problem. This is why people dump pets and many of those pets never get a chance to make it to the shelter. I.e. the gentlemen in my state who stomped a litter of kittens to death.

Linda    Voorhees, NJ

5/6/2009 4:12:59 PM

Cat and dog shows are a great way to learn about and see different breeds all in one place. It gives you a chance to talk to breeders and learn about a specific breed. There are those of us that enjoy our fancy felines and comical canines.
And yes, we also have a cat that was from a shelter.

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