Reconsideration Vote Pushes California Spay/Neuter Bill to Assembly

The Senate passed the measure that would require cats and dogs to be sterilized.

Posted: June 4, 2009 3:00 a.m. EDT

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Spay/neuter bill passes Senate
An amended version of California Senate Bill would require cats and dogs to be sterilized at 6 months of age.
The California State Senate on Tuesday approved SB 250, a measure that seeks to require pet sterilization for most of the state’s cats and dogs. The 21-16 vote sent the bill to the Assembly for consideration.

SB 250, also known as the Pet Responsibility Act by Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez, failed in the Senate on Monday with a vote of 16-15. It needed 21 votes to pass. However, a second vote for “reconsideration” was taken and passed, allowing Senate members to revote on Tuesday.

The bill calls on cat owners to spay or neuter their cats at 6 months of age if the cats are allowed to roam at large. The bill also requires the sterilization of all dogs at 6 months of age, unless the owner gets an unaltered dog license.

The amended bill authorizes local governments to use existing procedures to issue the intact dog licenses or to charge a fee for procedures related to the issuance, denial or revocation of unaltered dog licenses.

Florez agreed Tuesday to exempt hunting and working dogs from the measure and to ensure it will not apply to an animal escaping its yard for the first time.

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Reconsideration Vote Pushes California Spay/Neuter Bill to Assembly

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Reader Comments

blank    blank, TN

6/14/2009 8:09:13 AM

This is NOT GOOD. I think that the NY bill to regulate and elimante animal dealers is much more appropriate. We need to focus on getting rid of pet mills, dog fighting and backyard breeders, not mandatory altering. I think a bill should be passed to require a breeder's license on any animal that is being bred to produce animals for sale, or anyone that is offering or selling their pet's ofspring. That is a much better idea, I'm all for it, but this CA bill is insane!!!!

Alina    Vero Beach, FL

6/7/2009 7:48:38 AM

This sounds good.

Lil    Sacramento, CA

6/4/2009 2:12:30 PM

I am for spaying and neutering animals but this is the wrong bill at the wrong time. Take a look at what a bill like this did to LA county. The shelters are bankrupt. Most of the individuals that do not spay or neuter cannot afford to pay for it so they abandon their animal. What a horrible fate for an animal. To be torn from its loving owner and placed into a unfamiliar environment that the shelter is and then be killed because its owner can't afford the impound fees nor the spay or neuter fees. And don't say the animal is better off. You are not animal lover is you do.

Besides this just sets up a snitch situation where your neighbor can call and tattle on someone who didn't fix their pet. This get especially ugly when its a vindictive neighbor.

Most of the "over population" is with cats. 70% of all animals euthanized are cats. Many cats become feral because people leave them when they move and not necessary because they want to. If you know anything about cats, when movers come the cats disappear.

Karen    Bellingham, MA

6/4/2009 7:04:09 AM

I couldn't have said it better than Kathy in HI!

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