California Spay/Neuter Bill Defeated

After being inactive for a year, the bill did not last long before being voted down.

Posted: September 6, 2010, 3 a.m. EDT

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Orange cat with collar
A California spay/neuter bill would have required sterilizing cats over 6 months of age.

California Senate Bill 250, which would have required spay or neuter surgery for most of the state’s dogs and cats, failed passage in the State Assembly early last week on a vote of 28-40. The California spay/neuter bill had moved to a third reading in mid August after being shelved as inactive for almost a year.

The aim of the spay/neuter bill, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez, was to help curb dog and cat overpopulation.

California spay/neuter bill SB 250 would have called on cat owners to spay or neuter their cats at 6 months of age if the cats were allowed to roam at large. The bill also would have required the sterilization of all dogs at 6 months old unless the owner got an unaltered dog license.

In addition, SB 250 would have required anyone who sells or adopts out an intact dog, regardless of the dog’s age, to provide the licensing agency with the name and address of the new owner within 10 days. The bill had a list of other requirements as well.

The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council and the American Kennel Club, both long time opponents of the bill, sent out media alerts yesterday lauding the outcome.

“PIJAC has consistently opposed state enacted mandates for sterilization of pet animals,” PIJAC said in its alert. “The decision to sterilize is one that should be made on a case-by-case basis by pet owners after consultation with their veterinarian, and pet owners should not be subject to punitive fees to keep their pet intact. Pet ‘overpopulation’ is a complex issue that cannot be solved with a one-size-fits-all mandate.”
AKC also reaffirmed its stance and thanked its supporters.

“AKC thanks the many federations, clubs, fanciers and responsible dog owners who took the time to call and write their legislators throughout this process,” AKC said in its alert.

The State Legislature has now adjourned their 2009-2010 regular session.


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California Spay/Neuter Bill Defeated

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Reader Comments

Pat    Omaha, NE

9/8/2010 5:06:28 AM

Finally California voted the right way. Less Government,YES!

KinKStar    Lake City, FL

9/7/2010 7:12:15 PM

I'm all for Less Government in our lives, and agree this bill should not have passed. People SHOULD get their cats and their dogs 'fixed' without anyone telling them - it's the Right Thing To Do!

Christina    Crystal, MN

9/7/2010 11:24:18 AM

First of all, let me say this, I am a big proponent of spaying/neutering pets. All of my cats & dogs have been altered accordingly. My birds and mice aren't (mice can't be put under because it can kill them), but I do seperate any males from my females. While I disagree with people who choose to keep a dog/cat intact, I still believe it's their choice.
This bill would NOT make a dramatic effect on the feral population since many unaltered animals are still feral. Once again, until we solve the problem of the human heart and we all CHOOSE to become responsible pet owners, feral animals will still roam and breed. All this bill would do is attempt to put more money into the state bare coffers. Remember, this is California we're talking about.

Disgusted    St. Louis, MO

9/7/2010 9:44:25 AM

The AKC has a powerful lobby and the AKC is only interested in raising money for itself through the breeding and registration of puppies. It is quite clear that it is NOT common sense that ruled here...but ye olde pocket book.

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