New Topical Flea Treatment for Cats

Merck unveils parasite medication for cats and dogs, and a tick treatment for dogs only.

By BowTie News Editors | Posted: June 13, 2012, 12 p.m. EST

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Sphynx cat preening -- New Topical Flea Treatment for Cats
New topical flea treatments for cats kill fleas and flea infestations on cats.
Merck Animal Health launched a pair of veterinary-exclusive, topical, ectoparasite treatment and prevention products for cats and dogs called Activyl and Activyl Tick Plus, the company reported today.

Activyl treats and prevents flea infestations in cats and dogs, while Activyl Tick Plus controls both fleas and ticks, but is available exclusively for dogs, Merck reported.

Both products contain the active ingredient indoxacarb, which kills fleas through a process called bioactivation. Indoxacarb is absorbed by a flea via contact or ingestion and is converted by certain flea enzymes into an insecticidal metabolite, which paralyzes and kills the flea. Indoxacarb also disrupts a flea's life cycle by inhibiting the development of flea larvae in the cat or dog's surroundings, Merck reported.

Activyl's only active ingredient is indoxacarb, making it safe for both cats and dogs. Activyl Plus is available exclusively for dogs because it contains both indoxacarb and permethrin, which kills and controls ticks, but is not safe for cats and should not be used on dogs younger than eight weeks or less than four pounds.

Both products require monthly applications and are dispensed in single-application pipettes.
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New Topical Flea Treatment for Cats

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Reader Comments

joel    Oakland, CA

4/18/2015 7:53:38 PM

One of my cats, who normally has a mild asthmatic condition, also experienced a dramatic worsening after applying Activyl. The 3 cats tolerate it fine, and it works remarkably well. I guess the message is to not use it with any cat with any history of respiratory problems.

Betty    Delray Beach, FL

10/8/2013 9:02:33 AM

My cat had a severe asthmatic reaction to this medication that nearly killed him. We used Frontline and Advantage in the past with no problem. Just be aware!

Harold    Moultrie, GA

3/28/2013 9:49:05 AM

Vet gave this to my 3 cats at visit this week, it was somewhat expensive $18.00 per cat and office visit. I recently moved to the Ga from NJ and my indoor cats got a chance to be supervised outside. They will be inside from now on. I have used frontline plus monthly for over a year and NEVER saw them scatch, but after taking them to the vet just for rabies booster I was informed they had flea and tapeworm caused by ingesting fleas...they were given activyl after vet informed me frontline was no good. Now two days later they are all scathing and grooming constantly.
I have always taken the advise of Vets since I got the cats three years ago and wont stop now I searching online to see if I can find it cheaper than the 18 a vital he charges.

M    Lake City, FL

2/23/2013 11:54:22 PM

Great to hear about medical results for the benefit of cats. Thanks for sharing!

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