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See what a cat blogger chose as the top cat items at this year's Global Pet Expo.

By Tamar Arslanian | Posted: March 18, 2014, 12 p.m. EDT

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Best Cat Products of the Trade Show
Tamar Arslanian walked for miles in search of the best new cat products so you don't have to.
The Global Pet Expo is the pet industry’s largest annual trade show featuring the latest pet-related merchandise for dogs, cats and aquatic life. It’s a good thing I brought my flats because the exhibit spans 289,600 sq ft (the equivalent of five football fields), and is comprised of 2,989 booths navigable by four miles worth of aisles. On the upside, maybe I lost a few pounds?

I diligently ran around the exhibit on my quest to find the newest, most interesting and unique new product for cats that are, or will be, on the market to share with you. Hopefully my sleep deprivation and worn-out shoes were worth it!

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Click on product names to visit company websites; some products are too new to be on websites at press time, but click back at a later time to check their availability.

GLIDE ‘N SEEK – Winner of Best In Show
By KONG, the company known for its rugged rubber doggie toys comes an interactive toy design especially for cats. Magnets cause the feathers to jump and spin engaging Fluffy’s hunting and chasing instincts to try and catch them. It runs on batteries with an on/off button on the front. Glide ‘N Seek can be found online and at major retailers ranging in price from $24.99-27.99.

Maine Coon Cat with Outstretched Paw
I knew there was something special about this carrier the moment I saw it. It opens on both sides and the top, and even has expandable mesh on one side. The mesh extension provides plenty of extra room for your kitty to stretch out while in the waiting room (at the V-E-T) or if you're someplace your cat cannot roam freely. The multiple entrances allow you to place your cat in the carrier in a manner that is least stressful to the both of you. It even has seat belt loops to enable a secure ride wherever your going (to the V-E-T).

Turns out I'm not the only one who thinks this carrier is pretty neat. It's up for the Edison Awards next month, an award

See and Extend Cat Carrier
that goes beyond the pet industry honoring, "excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation." Good luck to Petmate! Hey, maybe if they see my write-up they'll send me one to try out (fingers and toes crossed!). See and Extend Carrier, available at pet supply retailers or at for $49–$79.
Kathy Ireland is a mogul whose latest venture is a line of dog and cat toys created in partnership with SmartyCats. The line was inspired by Kathy’s belief that we are guardian for our pets, not owners. As someone who currently shares her home with six dogs, one cat (at one time she had nine!) one gecko and countless guppies, she understands what both pets and pet parents want in toys, accessories and furniture. Her collection is based on the tenants of "Fashion, Value, Quality and Safety.” She wanted a pet line that matched, and didn’t clash with her décor – I can totally relate to that! Kathy was very hands-on and paid attention to details in order to

Kathy Ireland's Cat Products
create the most useful products, like a bed that takes a cat’s sleeping position into consideration, a side table that doubles as a cat scratcher and a combo unit with a scratcher, hammock and tunnel that can be reconfigured to keep your at constantly surprised and stimulated. Many pieces detach for easy cleaning and toys are made with heavy fabrics for longevity, everything has been tested to child safety standards – since she is a Mom we’d expect nothing less!

Pet Beds start at $40; furniture and accessories $20-$250, toys $5 and over. The collection is expected to launch in June.
In addition to a line of treats, Purrk! Has a line of plastic cat toys in shapes like fish and birds infused with Silver vine, a powerful natural catnip alternative. I’d never heard of Silver vine before, but it makes sense that since not all cats react to catnip, it’s nice to have a different option. The toy’s potency lasts about 6 months and comes with additional Silver vine power

Purrk Playful
to add to the surface of the toy. The packets can also be used to sprinkle on scratching posts. "Playfuls” will retail for $4.99 and should be in specialty pet shops by May.

I want these pieces and I want them now! Fabulous modern cat scratchers and loungers that I’m sure would satisfy both my need for a semi-normal looking home and my cats desire for a great place to scratch and snooze.

Created by young couple from Poland with an animal family of their own having trouble finding comfortable, practical and attractive pieces to put in their home. So they decided to make their own line. It’s fully family run operation with the brother as the designer.

All the pieces are made in Poland using European materials. After each piece is finished, it’s hand polished to prevent cardboard cuts to human and animals. A few of the pieces are specifically made with a scratching surface that goes all the way through,

Miglio Designs
for those super aggressive cats, and some pieces are reversible, helping to lengthen their life-span.

When US availability begins in April, pieces will be shipped from a distribution center in Chicago through online ordering. Prices will range from $40-$299 depending on the size of the piece.

ASTORIAL CATS – 3rd place in New Showcase Boutique Category
Created by ArchitectPets, this scratcher is created with thin layers of bamboo. The design allows for multiple scratching surfaces so it’s perfect for two cats, and can even be used as a lounger. This is one scratcher I’d be perfectly happy to have displayed front-and-center in my living room.

This scratcher comes with replaceable sisal tiles in natural or blue-grey. And it even has 4 non-skid rubber feet not only

Astorial Cat
preventing the unit from sliding during use, but to save your floors from scratches! Astorial Cat sells online for $149 and comes with a sect of FREE matching Bamboo cat bowls. Replacement sisal sells for $29 for two.

Have you been away from home and wondered what your hunk of a cat is doing at home all alone? Motorola’s Scout1 is a Wi-Fi connected video camera that let’s you watch, listen to and speak to your pets when you’re not at home. And you can do it using your own laptop, iPad or iPhone.  

Scout1 allows you to pan and tilt the camera remotely in case your pet is not in view, has infrared night vision and allows you to take a photo or video tape should your cat be

Motorola Scout1
doing something unexpectedly cute (or in my cause, should they all be trying to kill one another!)! You can even play pre-recorded soothing pet sounds should your cat have separation anxiety.  Scout1 retails $299 and can be found on Amazon and PetSmart.

This unit is revolutionary in that it helps cat owners handle the difficult task of portion control. It also helps if you have a dog you want to keep out of the cat food or a feline on a special diet.

A wireless tag attached to the collar of each pet allowing the feeder to recognize them by name and determine if they are allowed to eat out of a certain unit and how much they are allowed to each (the unit cuts off access to food when the cat has reached his/her limited). It locks out pets that don’t have the proper tag for a particular unit. Wireless Whiskers can be used with AC power or Battery Backup.  
Currently, it’s available at Amazon for $160, with plans to launch in retail this year.

Wireless Whiskers
The well-known pet company Petmate teamed up with Jackson Galaxy of "My Cat From Hell” fame, "remake the cat play category based on real-world understanding of cats and their natural behaviors and instincts.” The line incorporates colors like purple and orange, which cats are able to see.

Toys like the "Thicker Kicker” ($10) are available with and without catnip because catnip is not right for all cats – and are made with durable fabric. The Hide and Sleep ($14.99) has a zipper in the back to allow for an escape route, which
Jackson Galaxy Toys
something Jackson believes in strongly so a cat never feels cornered by another animal.

Being a vegan himself, this line is also is vegan (e.g., the feathers are fake, not real!). The entire line enters the market Jul. 1, so keep your eyes peeled because there’s so much more than I could cover here.

Ecolife is a natural, environmental friendly clumping litter that is produced using non-food grade pea fibers and grain fragments.  Ecolife controls odors through the use of a plant called Yucca Schidigera, known to neutralize odors. The plant extract neutralizes odors before the urine releases. So it doesn’t so much react to the ammonia as it does preventing it from forming. Ecolife is slated to launch in July 2014 in 10 and 20-lb bags and will come in both single and multiple cat formulas.

Ecolife Cat Litter
I was drawn across several aisles of the exhibit to the shape and color of the green Mod Dream Pod. Very flying saucer, and another piece I could imagine displaying proudly in my home. The Mod Dream Pod has a large opening to comfortably felines of all sizes, and the top zippers off to create a regular pet bed if that’s something your cat prefers – at least in the beginning while they’re getting used to the pod.

Mod Capsule
The Mod Capsule is unique in that it serves multiple purposes – a bed, playhouse and carrier. The mesh door is removable when being used

No longer does your home need to smell like the Hawaiian tropics in December or a Pine Tree in May. Throw those artificial-smelling plug-ins down the garbage shoot (do they have those outside of NYC?). Introducing the Critter Zone Naturalizer, made in the USA.

While I’m not exactly sure how works (it all seems highly scientific), they describe it as "providing indoor air with the natural charges it needs to virtually eliminate odors, allergens, dust and bacteria.” And they’d like to be sure everyone is aware the product is not an ozone generator OR an ionizer. Having seen their demonstration, Its hard to believe it wouldn’t work at home near a litterbox.

in the home, and can be put back on when going on trips (like to the V-E-T!)! It also has a handle on top for easy carrying, and straps that make attaching it securely to the seatbelt a breeze.

Both pieces come in Tan, Green and Grey and will be available online in June. The Mod Dream Pod will retail anywhere from $49-79, and the Mod Capsule from $79-$89. Both come with a one year limited warranty. The CritterZone sells for $99.

Brought to you by the same folks that make "Cosmic Catnip,” Corknip was created in response to customers asking for a natural product that wasn’t as messy. Infusing catnip into compressed cork creates Corknip, which comes in several shapes - oval, sphere, bird and mouse. Some come with bells inside and others squeak!  Corknip will be available this summer at pet specialty with select models at Petco. They will retail from $6.99-$9.99.

This flavor and nutritional additive can be used on both wet and dry food or in water. It not only makes food more interesting for your cat (especially the finicky ones), but more healthy. At 5 calories per packet, it contains Omega-3 EPA/DHA, which Groovy Gravy asserts will not only improve your cat’s coat — making it shinier — but also improve cardiovascular health and improve the immune system.

Groovy Gravy is made in the USA (TX to be exact) and comes in three tantalizing flavors: Turn on Tuna, Power to the Sweet Potato and Paw

Groovy Gravy
Lickin’ Chiken. It can currently be purchased online in 30-packet boxes for $19.99 (free shipping for two or more boxes), a
nd your purchase is risk-free as they do offer a money back guarantee!
Created to stimulate cats and keep them pouncing, stalking, and playing, CatIt Senses is a modular collection. The centerpiece is the "Super Roller Circuit” within which a number of other pieces like a massage center, a unit for growing catnip, and a feeding maze - fit interchangeably. This collection become available in the United States at independent retailers and Amazon within the last year and won the 2013 Super Zoo New Product Award.

Catit Senses
No one (or cat!) can resist these adorably packaged cat treats in three whimsically named flavors: "Chicken Kick”, "EGG-plosive” and "What the Fish?!” Not only are they festive and cute, they’re made in Canada and have no fillers, by-products or preservatives. Cloud 9 Cat Treat can be found for around $2.99 in specialty stores.  Now what can I do with those cute boxes once the treats are all gone ....

Cloud 9 Treats
This is a new line features catnip toys in bright and unusual shapes like carrots, watermelon wedges, lemons and eggplant. I wouldn’t be embarrassed to have guests see these strewn about my floors. They should be available in the United States in the coming month and will be available at specialty stores and on Amazon for $4.99-$6.99.

Green Rush
Have you ever had your cat turn his or her nose at dinner because it’s just not the right temperature? Now you don’t have to worry about trying to microwave just the right amount of time. Animal Instinct pet food warmer brings food temperature to 95-102 degrees, close to a cat’s natural temperature. By keeping it warm, it enhances the flavor and smell of the food, making it more appetizing to your cat!

Animal Instinct holds up to four 1-lb cans, 12 5.5-lb cans and can even accommodate plastic packets and pet appetizers. The product has undergone 7 years of testing and can be purchased for $45 with free shipping within the continental United States.

Animals Instinct
Touted as the 30-Day Litter, Simple Solutions is made of 100% attapulgite clay litter, with more surface area than regular bentonite clay for better absorption. 300% more liquid absorbed to be exact (and by liquid of course we mean urine!). It’s non-clumping, lightly aloe vera scented, and can be used 30 days at a time. I saw the demonstration myself and it’s quite impressive how the litter dries and goes back to its natural state. It has a patented odor-restricting formulation that changes the form of the odor molecule.

Simple Solutions
Currently available in Walmart and Amazon, it will be available in most mass merchants and specialty shops in a month. Simple Solutions Litter will come in 9 lbs ($10.99) and 15lbs ($15.99) boxes and should last twice the length of other litter.
An odor-eliminating pad for the bottom of a litter box? Tell me more! The makers of this product found that breathing ammonia odor from urine can cause respiratory issues and allergies. This was their motivation to create what is now the Breathe Free pad. The pads are filled with an "inert organic mineral from Mother Nature” that absorbs moisture and gasses like ammonia and prevents bacteria growth (like E. Coli) in the box. They supposedly also extend the life

Maine Coon Cat with Outstretched Paw
of your litter. Each pad lasts for 30 days and retails for $9.99 with free shipping and money back guarantee. At the moment they can be purchased online.

Petgear, the company that makes a plethora of pet strollers has come out with a zipper less stroller. In all honesty, I’ve never put my cats in a stroller. Living I NYC I’m not sure where I’d take them (The Empire State Building?) and I fear the street noise might be too loud for their sensitive ears. But if you use a stroller for our cat, the new "no zip” stroller line may be of interest to you.

In place of a zipper to open the top of a stroller, one clamp is all it takes to close and open the top. Benefits: It can be done using one hand, and since the zipper is the first thing to break on a stroller, it’s actually more secure than your average

Maine Coon Cat with Outstretched Paw
stroller. This model comes in Pink, Emerald, and Sapphire and is currently available on Amazon for $83.
Originally made by a German company, this is the first time OKOCAT LITTER will be available in the states thanks to the US company Healthy Pet. There are four types of litter that use reclaimed paper and trees (Yay!) and will be made in the United States (double yay!). Made using natural wood and paper, all four types are lighter than clay litter. The wood formulations have 7-day odor control as well as anti-bacterial properties.

•    Clumping: Made of Natural wood that is ground to a texture that is most similar to clay litter (easiest for cats to make the transition from clay).

Okocat Litter
•    Long Hair Breed Clumping: Made of nature wood in long pellets so litter doesn’t get stuck in the long hair and track.
•    Pine: Natural wood.

•    Dust Free: Made of natural paper and is 99% dust free.

OKOCAT will be sold in mass outlets and online this year and will come in three sizes: 7.5lbs ($5.99-$8.99), 12-13lbs ($9.49-413.99), and 12-20lbs ($13.99-$19.99).
When I first saw Petite Cuisine I was unclear if it was for humans or pets. I guess that’s the point! It’s uni-pet (for cats and dogs), human grade, hand-cut slices of white chicken breast and wild-caught tune that have been grilled. They’re all natural, GMO free (yay!), and can be found in specialty pet stores as well as on Amazon for $2.99 apiece. Certainly a treat you can feel good about giving your kitty (or yourself?)!

Petite Cuisine
Made by Precision Pet, I must say I was intrigued when I saw the Litter Disposal System that looked like a plain old wastebasket. What was so great about that? Well, it turns out hidden inside is a bottle of Dazzle Odor Eliminating spray that actually attaches to and breaks down odor molecules. The bottle "lives” inside the container itself so you can spray it after kitty goes or before you have to clean it. The system itself holds up to 3 weeks of kitty waste.

The Hooded Litter Box also comes with a cubby for a spray bottle of Dazzle Odor Eliminating spray that you can press and activate without opening the litter box itself. It’s great for using after your cat

Dazzle Litter Box
goes or before you clean the box. Both the Litter Disposal System ($39.99) and Hooded Litter Box ($59.00) will come with a bottle of Dazzle spray that lasts 4 weeks.  The Hooded Litter Box will come in two color combinations and the line will be available in summer of 2014.
Burt’s Bees has been making natural product for humans and dogs for some time. 2014 is finally the year of the feline who will be able to benefit from the all-natural, paraben-free grooming products. They will be available in July in specialty stores and retail from $9.99-$11.99. The products in the line are as follows:   

•    Waterless Shampoo – apple and honey
•    Dander reducing spray – with colloidal oat
•    Anti-hairball spray – sunflower and wheat germ

Burt's Bees for Cats
•    Hypo-allergenic shampoo and wipes – shea butter and honey
•    Tearless shampoo for Kittens buttermilk

From the folks at Pioneer Pet Products, whom I personally associate with fabulous ceramic and stainless steel pet fountains, comes ... litter? And not just any litter, but litter made of grass seeds! It turns out co-founder John Lipscomb is a chemist who can’t stop tinkering and he came upon grass seeds as the perfect cat litter ingredient.

Specifically, the benefits of this litter are the c lumping properties (can be used on automatic litter boxes, no other natural litter has that ability), amazing absorption that prevents urine from pooling so cats don’t step in it and tract it around the home or lick it off their paws, high absorbency also helps reduce odor and oh, did I mention it’s dust-free! It’s also so lightweight that a 5lb box has the same amount of litter as 7lb boxes from most other litter brands.  

This litter will be available in the fall of 2014. Expected costs: 5-lb bag ($8.99), 10-lb bag ($15.99), 20-lb bag ($26.99).

Smart Cat
I personally cannot wait to try it!
From Petstages, the makers of the brightly colored "Cheese-Chase” that all cats seem to love and some pet parents don’t because of how colorful it is (me), comes the Invironment Nature Track ($29.99-$34.99). It’s a clear round track with a patch of fake cat grass in the middle for massaging, kneading and scratching (for the cat, not you). I love the modern design and think you will too. It’s a larger track so the ball doesn’t go very fast, it’s for the relaxed cat.

If your cat or kitten needs to burn off a little energy, look no further than the Catnip Chaser ($14.99) the smaller track providers a much return, and it can be kick-up a notch by adding catnip to a built-in receptacle. The good news –

Smart Cat
the amount of catnip released can be turned up or down (phew!).

If fake grass in a turbo scratcher isn’t our thing, you’re in luck! Turbo Scratcher comes with real cat grass that truly brings the outside in inside. It will retail for $9.99 with one package of cat grass with additional packages selling for $3.99. Not having a green thumb myself, I’ll have to think long and hard about whether I can pull this one off given I don’t have a green thumb! Turbo Scratcher Cat 

Turbo Cat Scratcher
Grass will come out in April/May in specialty stores and Amazon.
If you like the idea of an automated litter box but don’t like the noise (or maybe your cat doesn’t like the nose) or your worried about it breaking, you should consider EZ Scoop. EZ Scoop looks like an automated litter box, only you dispose of the waste by cranking a handle manually. The upside, you’re still far away from any waste and don’t have to worry about contamination. It’s the only manual version of an

EZ Scoop
automatic litter box that will be on the market. EZ Scoop will retail for $69.99 and is expected to be in mass retail in a few months.
I appreciate the contemporary style of this cat perch/lounger/bed and could envision the BLAZE at home in a porch, bedroom, kitchen, or modern living room. Made by Pet Pals, I was suspicious when I found out it was made of paper. But they assured me it had been tested with several cats over a 6-month period in order to ensure durability. Should be in mass retailers within the month. Will retail at $150.

Blaze Cat Scratcher
When I first saw Tengo at the trade show I thought it was coconut water for humans – perfect as I was parched! Sadly for me, it turned out to be a multivitamin drink for cats - the first of its kind. Tengo was created when the owner’s 9-year-old cat Cecilia stopped drinking water. Someone suggested they give her Gatorade for cats. Nothing like that existed, so they created it.

It took three years working with the best cat nutritionist in Switzerland to come up with just the right formula. Tengo contains OM24 (a green tea extract), vitamins A, D3 and E, is organic, lactose free, and easy to digest. It’s supposed to taste like a treat, and according to the company, their studies have shown 98% of cats enjoy the flavor. Tengo will be in the United States by fall 2014 and a 500ml container will retail for $5.

Kitty Scoop provides cat owners a way to scoop litter in one step versus two. No more having to find a plastic bag or running to the wastebasket after you scoop. Just scoop and tilt the Kitty Scoop back so all that icky stuff falls into a one-way trap door. This prevents contact with litter, reducing the spread of bacterial that can cause illness. The unit can be used with our without a bag. The bags are the same ones used for dog poop-scooping and are relatively easy and inexpensive

Kitty Scoop
to find. Kitty Scoop come in orange, yellow, green and purple and the company’s website for $19.95 (buy one get a second for 50% off); it is expected to be in stores in the coming month.
Does your cat love the juice from canned food? Well, Louts Just Juicy a line of food made just for your cat. Not only does this new line by Lotus have more juice, it’s currently the only line of hand-packed canned cat food on the market. It’s also grain free, human grade and USDA inspected. Made in Southern California in a micro cannery and canned in small batches, it comes in Turkey, Chicken, Pork, Sardine, Pollock or Salmon & Pollock. The single-proteins are intended to mimic what our cat’s ancestors ate in the wild.

Of course, as with most things, you get what you pay for. The 2.5oz can retails from $1.79 to $1.99 and the 5.3oz $2.79 to $2.99. Just Juicy can be found

Lotus Just Juicy
in most markets, but if you can’t find it where you live, you can purchase cases online.
The packaging for the new cat treats from Red Barn might make you do a double take. Their packaging does not sport your typical glamorous kitty-shots. Nope, these are irreverent, hard-core cats and I for one like it, they’ve got personality (like most cats we know and love!). These semi-soft treats are grain-free (protein is the first ingredient) and are made in the United

Red Barn
States. They come in turkey, chicken and salmon flavors and can be found in specialty pet shops for $3.99.
Jean Marlow is an accomplished musician (she plays the ten-string guitar to be exact!) who has been making CDs and DVDs for pets for years. This time she’s come up with the cutest little rechargeable battery-powered Bluetooth speakers pre-loaded with original compositions suited specifically to a particular species.  Jean has spent many years researching how music impacts animals and took into consideration the hearing frequency of each animal in order to creative music that is soothing to that particular species. The speakers come in four "flavors” – canine, feline, equine and avian.  

They are portable and can be brought along to a trip to the vet, or left at home to make sure your cat is anxiety-free in your absence, or in the presence of

Pet Acoustics Pet Tunes
strangers.  They even comes with a wrist strap so you can hang it from a save place so it doesn’t get whacked by your cat! Currently the speakers are available online at for $49.95. The unit for cats comes in olive (a cheerful yellowish-green).
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The pic of you Tamar with the Giant Ginger is cute!!

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