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Comments On - Is My Cat Sick?

CatChannel Editor    Irvine, CA

1/24/2013 10:35:33 AM

That is a young kitten! Keep feeding soft food like unseasoned and unsalted chopped meats, but in small quantities. Your kitten's stomach is still developing. Try canned tuna, too. Canned cat food will be the best. If you can get to a vet, bring the kitten in for an exam.

Here are more articles that might help with your situation: LINK
Good luck!

aqsa    International

1/23/2013 5:34:06 PM

i really need help; yesturday i did find a kitten she is about 8 weeks old she is so quite and most of the time she is asleep;
i dont know what kind of food she used to eat before;i bought her wet food like fish and gelly chicken and gelly and also dry food
she didnt want to eat the dry food but everytime she eats the wet food she feels sick and puck it all
please tell me if this is normal or not
and how much food should i give her everyday?
thanks in advance

Chan    Hines, OR

3/4/2011 7:05:28 PM

my cat lays down and moews and he is laying in his litter box and doesn't use it

angie    mccomb, OH

8/20/2010 11:56:43 AM

i nned help my cat is sick i cant find no where that can help me

janet    bethlehem, PA

7/20/2010 4:50:20 AM

good article thanks

mac    pgh, PA

11/15/2009 8:49:20 AM

we found a hole with pus coming out of my cat. What is it? What do we do?

clay    bronx, NY

11/11/2009 4:18:09 PM

booboo my cat is really sick, has been for about 3 weeks, i got her for my 16 brithday i'm now 23, my cat is my life shes my sister and my friend, i gotta get her to a doctor, but i have no money, plaese i need help, i can't lose my baby.


6/29/2009 1:13:25 PM


guadalupe    davalos, CA

5/29/2009 5:58:54 PM

My cat is panting and having trouble breathing. She cries when I pick her up and her feces is stuck on her hair around her anus.

nolly    Atlanta, GA

3/24/2009 9:58:14 PM

I will keep an eye out on all that was written here.

Aimee    West Simsbury, CT

3/24/2009 2:48:55 PM

Good advice

Lora    oak grove, LA

3/24/2009 2:12:58 PM

since i have five cats, i make it a point to know each one's personality so i know when something is out of the ordinary. it's harder to pinpoint who has the problem when i notice something in the litter box though. they must think i'm weird for dropping whatever i'm doing to check their 'contribution' when they're done!

Eileen    Roanoke, VA

3/24/2009 11:01:37 AM

I went from one cat to three and I hope I will know which one is sick

Evelyn    Beamsville, ON

3/24/2009 8:56:08 AM

Great article.

D    Indy, IN

3/24/2009 5:50:29 AM

Good article!

Moonlight    Henrico, VA

3/24/2009 4:37:07 AM

Good info

Miranda    Gallatin, TN

3/17/2009 9:31:34 PM

I think my cat might be sick.
He's mainly an outdoor cat, but we just recently moved to an apartment complex where he MUST remain inside at all times unless he's on a leash.
He's about three years old [this summer].
My sister came to visit and - knowing he's an outside cat - let him out not knowing about the leash law.
Two days after that he was picked up by the pound, which I had called on NUMEROUS occasions and they stated they didn't have any cats that looked like anyway, he was there for almost a month and we finally just went up there and there's my cat.
It was horrible. He was completely famished. He's long haired, but you could see his bones basically. He had knots in his fur and looked very sick. He had "eye boogers" and a runny nose. The shelter is NOT climate controlled so they are all in this metal garage basically with no heat/air.
The temperature has been going up and down a lot lately.
Anyway, when we brought him home he started this hissing sound, but he's not hissing. He was doing some sneezing, but we thought it might be from the dust in the shelter. He has completely groomed himself back out to his gorgeous coat and his red color has come back [he's a black cat with red undertones] but he's losing a LOT of hair. He now has two bald spots on his back above his tail. He's cleaned his face up and he's eating regularly and drinking plenty of water. He's still making the horrible hissing noises. Could this be a hair ball? Could he have been suffering from Separation Anxiety? He's ran away before, but we finally [3 months later] at our old home found a sign that said he was found and to contact them . They had been feeding and watering him, but he was still real skinny like he hadn't been eating. Within a week of bringing him home last time, he was fattened back up and happy go lucky. Can someone tell me what is wrong with hi, I don't know what I would do if something bad were to happen to him.

Jess    London, IL

2/27/2009 5:18:59 PM

my cat has been ill for the past 2 days she first ate then was sick, she is 6 months old, she doesnt eat or drink at all for 2 days now, she has been sick a few times and is shaking her head and legs accasionally!! i think she is dehydrated from the looks of other advice also she moves very very slowly and isnt active anymore at all like she is going to die!! anything i can do over nogth before i take her to the vets??

Brianna    Groveland, MA

1/2/2009 9:19:50 PM

Hi, my cat is about 14 years old. We took her to the vet because she was throwing up a lot and had a bump on her stomach. After the vet she was fine. The past week or so she hasn't been eating. She's lost a lot of weight. She seems to have problems breathing. Its hard for me to explain but im worried.

Melissa    Bath, PA

12/29/2008 3:36:16 PM

My cat has been sneezing constantly, vomiting, running a fever, not eating much, and hasn't been as active as usual. Last time we took him to the vet because our cats had worms. The vet said that he had Heart Murmur. I believe he has a cold. We were going to take him to the vet again but I wanted to ask first. Could these symptoms be caused by his Heart Murmur,or a cold? And can what ever he has effect his Heart Murmur?

katie    bellwood, PA

12/28/2008 8:08:01 AM

my cat is snezzing a lot and its eyes are all guncky i dont know if my cat is sick or just snezzing??????

Malcolm1    Glendale, AZ

12/25/2008 4:07:10 PM


On of our male cats has a swollen face and neck and he is only 8 months old what could it be?

Melly    Atlanta, GA

11/7/2008 7:56:24 PM

My cat is losing a lot of weight fast. He'll eat a whole bunch of food then throw it all up. He stays outside for hours to watch this chipmunk hole and catches them when they come out. I'm really worried. You can see his ribs and his hips are protuding. He's a Tonkinese if it helps. Luckily we're going to the vet eventually but it might be fast enough. He throws up his worm pills too.

tom    denver, CO

2/28/2008 5:55:46 PM

my cats hair is falling out you can see skin

cindy    pawling, NY

1/30/2008 2:06:52 PM

i treat my cat to shrimp in addition to her food. she eats it all. lately her appetite has increased but no weigh gain. twice while crouched down she started growling, very unusual. but that's it, she eats, eliminates, sleeps and cleans. what should i look for to see if she is in pain?


3/24/2007 11:33:00 AM

cat is not doing well, very quiet and sounds like trouble breathing. has a slight smell to her too. she is almost 16


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