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Comments On - Can Cats Feel Emotion?

Mark    International

3/3/2016 12:44:27 AM

I have 3 male cats of different ages my youngest who mostly stopped for a quick pet coming in or out never slept with me got an abscess having never been off the property the ride to work he vet was noisy when I got him home I could tell he was afraid and no mater what I did insisted on laying on the bare floor it's 15° outside the floor not much warmer it was obvious angry growls anyway I persisted and ever since he now lays on me sleeps with me gets very upset if moved and as annoying as it is sometimes It's easy to see he feels loved and protected and returns that by always being near and all my cats follow me everywhere when I walk the property to me that's love

S. Smith    International

2/23/2015 1:14:55 PM

It's interesting. Our cat has not been well and he walked away when we tried to brush him. Also he spent a lot of time in the inside closet in his box there, I believe he just wanted to be left alone. He wasn't eating much and last night when I held him he acted exhausted when it came to his breathing. I knew then we'd soon be saying our goodbyes.

Debra    High Point, NC

1/30/2015 3:26:55 AM

One of my cats was recently at the Vet Hospital in ICU for some kind of virus. Not sure what was wrong but he had a fever and was dehydrated. He stayed there four days. Now that he is home, my other two cats are hissing at him and are bullying him. This hasn't happened before now. Can you tell me why? thanks

Lien    Toledo, OH

1/29/2015 9:14:04 PM

There's no doubt that a cat can feel emotions. My very own first cat gave birth to her first litter a few years ago and everything would seem normal, until my family have to give all of her kittens away since we can't keep them all. As she watched her last kitten being taken away, I came towards her to comfort her, and I noticed that she had a drop of tear going down along the side of her nose. Seeing that made me want to cry with her.... She was unusually quiet for the next few days, probably really sad that her first children were taken from her.

Priscilla    Monongahela, PA

1/17/2015 3:34:04 PM

I am positive that cats have different emotions. They have different personalities also.I have a once feral male with HIV AIDS and he has been neutered and I kept him in the cellar for ten months but I got tired of living in the cellar so He is with my deaf Molly and my tortie. Molly has not accepted Pretty Boy and He is the most gentle cat so I see a lot of different emotions in this house mostly from Molly. I have had not one fight but the saliva on some of the toys worry me about my tortie getting aids but I pray that will not happen.

Adrienne    Rio Rancho, NM

1/6/2015 11:45:27 AM

I think cats have emotions. My cat expresses his love to me by churning on my belly with his front and hind feet in every direction. He even has his rearend in my face and churns.

PKS    New York, NY

8/30/2014 8:00:17 PM

Donnmaria , how many times will you post your point. ?. Just asking.

Donnmaria    Elizabethtown, PA

7/13/2014 7:37:47 AM

does have feelings and show it not only by their purring ut also by their "meow". Perhaps not all cats but I have one, Lilly, the only female among 3 male cats, a male dog and a female dog, who is very vocal. She is the Alpha of the house. A mefium mrow puts the dogs on alert to get out of her way. She is coming and get out of her way! They do or if they don't move fast enough, they freeze until she walks pass. If they don't, she reaches out with her paw and swipes at them. A low meow means she is somewhat happy and her very loud plaintive meow means she is very unhappy and wants immediate attention. The loud plaintive meow is what she uses every morning to wake me up. I do not need an alarm clock. I can depend on Lilly to begin her loud plaitive meow as soon as it becomes daylight whether it is 5 a.m. or 7 a.m.
Lilly was a feral cat rescued 6 years ago; she never wanted to be picked up and held. She still does not like to be held;however, if you ignore her, she will come and either sit on your lap or laid practically on top of you. She wants to be petted and have you pay attention to her. When she's had enough she leaves with a odd meow 'thank you'.
I agree wholeheartedly that cats have feelings and can show love

Donnmaria    Elizabethtown, PA

7/13/2014 7:33:58 AM

does have feelings and show it not only by their purring ut also by their "meow". Perhaps not all cats but I have one, Lilly, the only female among 3 male cats, a male dog and a female dog, who is very vocal. She is the Alpha of the house. A mefium mrow puts the dogs on alert to get out of her way. She is coming and get out of her way! They do or if they don't move fast enough, they freeze until she walks pass. If they don't, she reaches out with her paw and swipes at them. A low meow means she is somewhat happy and her very loud plaintive meow means she is very unhappy and wants immediate attention. The loud plaintive meow is what she uses every morning to wake me up. I do not need an alarm clock. I can depend on Lilly to begin her loud plaitive meow as soon as it becomes daylight whether it is 5 a.m. or 7 a.m.
Lilly was a feral cat rescued 6 years ago; she never wanted to be picked up and held. She still does not like to be held;however, if you ignore her, she will come and either sit on your lap or laid practically on top of you. She wants to be petted and have you pay attention to her. When she's had enough she leaves with a odd meow 'thank you'.
I agree wholeheartedly that cats have feelings and can show love

Donnmaria    Elizabethtown, PA

7/13/2014 7:21:16 AM

does have feelings and show it not only by their purring ut also by their "meow". Perhaps not all cats but I have one, Lilly, the only female among 3 male cats, a male dog and a female dog, who is very vocal. She is the Alpha of the house. A mefium mrow puts the dogs on alert to get out of her way. She is coming and get out of her way! They do or if they don't move fast enough, they freeze until she walks pass. If they don't, she reaches out with her paw and swipes at them. A low meow means she is somewhat happy and her very loud plaintive meow means she is very unhappy and wants immediate attention. The loud plaintive meow is what she uses every morning to wake me up. I do not need an alarm clock. I can depend on Lilly to begin her loud plaitive meow as soon as it becomes daylight whether it is 5 a.m. or 7 a.m.
Lilly was a feral cat rescued 6 years ago; she never wanted to be picked up and held. She still does not like to be held;however, if you ignore her, she will come and either sit on your lap or laid practically on top of you. She wants to be petted and have you pay attention to her. When she's had enough she leaves with a odd meow 'thank you'.
I agree wholeheartedly that cats have feelings and can show love

Donnmaria    Elizabethtown, PA

7/13/2014 7:19:53 AM

does have feelings and show it not only by their purring ut also by their "meow". Perhaps not all cats but I have one, Lilly, the only female among 3 male cats, a male dog and a female dog, who is very vocal. She is the Alpha of the house. A mefium mrow puts the dogs on alert to get out of her way. She is coming and get out of her way! They do or if they don't move fast enough, they freeze until she walks pass. If they don't, she reaches out with her paw and swipes at them. A low meow means she is somewhat happy and her very loud plaintive meow means she is very unhappy and wants immediate attention. The loud plaintive meow is what she uses every morning to wake me up. I do not need an alarm clock. I can depend on Lilly to begin her loud plaitive meow as soon as it becomes daylight whether it is 5 a.m. or 7 a.m.
Lilly was a feral cat rescued 6 years ago; she never wanted to be picked up and held. She still does not like to be held;however, if you ignore her, she will come and either sit on your lap or laid practically on top of you. She wants to be petted and have you pay attention to her. When she's had enough she leaves with a odd meow 'thank you'.
I agree wholeheartedly that cats have feelings and can show love

Donnmaria    Elizabethtown, PA

7/13/2014 7:06:50 AM

does have feelings and show it not only by their purring ut also by their "meow". Perhaps not all cats but I have one, Lilly, the only female among 3 male cats, a male dog and a female dog, who is very vocal. She is the Alpha of the house. A mefium mrow puts the dogs on alert to get out of her way. She is coming and get out of her way! They do or if they don't move fast enough, they freeze until she walks pass. If they don't, she reaches out with her paw and swipes at them. A low meow means she is somewhat happy and her very loud plaintive meow means she is very unhappy and wants immediate attention. The loud plaintive meow is what she uses every morning to wake me up. I do not need an alarm clock. I can depend on Lilly to begin her loud plaitive meow as soon as it becomes daylight whether it is 5 a.m. or 7 a.m.

Nancy    Glens Falls, NY

6/4/2014 12:58:35 PM

I am sure cat have emotions. Does anyone have an idea why a 4 year old, very affectionate, male cat (only pet in the house) will bring his stuffed toys (we call them his "babies") into our bedroom during the night? Usually it is just one on the floor on one side of the bed, but sometimes one on each side of the bed -- and the other morning I found one on each side of the bed as well as one in the doorway. We're curious as to the emotions he is feeling.

Gin    Lothian, MD

5/14/2014 4:16:25 PM

Cats definitely have emotions. Just watch any good mama cat with her kittens. I can see differences in 2 of my boys inside the same situation (bringing home a rescued kitten). One of them has all the love of a parent, the other is indifferent. When one of our cats died, we buried her in our back yard. One of our other cats would be seen sitting near her grave every now and then for MANY weeks afterward. They were buddies. He missed her. Some people confuse emotion with actions or physical things such as a reaction to injury.

julie    lewiston, ME

4/14/2014 3:37:45 PM

Cats can definitely feel emotions. I have seen it in my own cats.

Rose    Forth Worth, TX

4/13/2014 11:38:56 AM

I believe cats have emotions. Because when I work all day. Even one day a week, My cat is depressed for a couple of hours, until she realizes I'm home to stay for the rest of the day. And she gets mad if she don't get her way. She knows when I'm sick, she stays with me even more. She feels pain, when I step on her paw. Cats are emotional.

Bob    Santa Rosa, CA

3/30/2014 11:01:21 PM

I doubt that cats share the same emotions that humans show. For example, I doubt cats can be spiteful or vindictive, but they certainly seem to feel sad, angry, bored, and so on. Cats don't respond well to punishment because they don't associate their behavior with the punishment they receive. I think that people often treat cats in the wrong ways because they anthropomorphize cat behavior too much

BarbaraAtNutro    Morton Grove, IL

3/24/2014 10:20:58 AM

I firmly believe that Cats have emotions. My Sphynx Ginger always seemed to know when I was feeling blue and needed her comfort. And when my dear Cavalier Bitty passed it was obvious that Ginger missed her. She then closely bonded with my Millie and then in turn when Ginger passed this past summer Millie grieved. She refused to eat for three days. I am currently thinking of a Siamese rescue. I understand that they are very sensitive to all that is around them just like Mary from California says. Millie so needs another companion and I think a cat would be perfect for Millie the Cavalier. And I being home most of the time think that a Siamese may be the perfect fit for me.

Connie    International

2/22/2014 8:38:48 PM

I would NEVER take my cat to a vet who isn't totally convinced that cats show emotions. When Grumbles was only 2 years old she was always eating, playing or sleeping. She had no time for cuddles. Then my older cat died and Grumbles came and sat on my lap while I held Cin and cried. Once my friend arrived, she went back to normal. Yes, she was comforting me and it helped a lot.
She did the same thing when my other cat died. She has been extra loving now that she is the only cat in our place as she knows that she has to give me as much love as what I got from the two cats. She really feels love for me and she will do whatever cuddling it takes to make me happy again when I feel sad. She is amazing!

Patrick    Laguna Hills, CA

1/13/2014 11:15:51 AM

Certainly cats feel emotions. My two Aby girls alternately feel and express love and affection, avoidance, indifference and wanting to hang out with me. I take it all in stride since they have to deal with my emotions as well.

My two kids are family!

Mary    Castro Valley, CA

1/10/2014 4:16:57 PM

I have Siamese cats...they are very emotional...if I am not paying attention & call my female the wrong name ...if looks could !...We had a large Doberman pass & I did not think they were close..he was not @ home when he died...but she lost all the hair behind & off her ears, & lost a lot of wt....I really got worried about her...she is ok now ..we got a puppy..I could go on & on

lou    boston, MA

12/25/2013 8:44:28 AM

feel my cat definitely feels emotion- sad, upset, anger, and esp happy loves to be with people and takes on the emotions of those she deeply feels for

lisa    elkhart, IN

12/1/2013 11:13:14 AM

great story

Irene    Key Largo, FL

11/3/2013 5:08:14 PM

I have to scale from 4 cats to 2 and I can't bring myself to do it, but I have to. The only place I can give them to is a pound/animal shelter. What would they feel?

lisa    elkhart, IN

10/22/2013 2:13:56 PM

great story

Sarah    Richmond, VA

10/18/2013 1:58:05 PM

I think cats defininetly have emotions. I live with three cats and they are definintely showing emotion.

barb    International

9/21/2013 5:01:07 PM

The answer is a definitive "yes." I live with six felines, have witnessed extreme sadness and grieving when my 23 year old DSH died. The cat she raised, which was not biologically her own, laid beside her and cuddled her surrogate mom for over an hour. She then got up, licked her once and left the room. Because I work out of my home and live with multiple cats, there is no question jealousy exists within the cat kingdom. They often exhibit behaviour to that of young children when more attention is given to one over another.

barb    International

9/21/2013 5:00:02 PM

The answer is a definitive "yes." I live with six felines, have witnessed extreme sadness and grieving when my 23 year old DSH died. The cat she raised, which was not biologically her own, laid beside her and cuddled her surrogate mom for over an hour. She then got up, licked her once and left the room. Because I work out of my home and live with multiple cats, there is no question jealousy exists within the cat kingdom. They often exhibit behaviour to that of young children when more attention is given to one over another.

janet    bethlehem, PA

9/20/2013 4:26:03 AM


Ella    International

9/19/2013 3:57:45 PM

Article is pretty good.
I am sure that cats feel emotion. I have a cat that is very affectionate and likes to be near me most of the time.
I am looking after my daughter's black cat while she is away at college for a year. The two cats tolerate each other.
A few weeks ago I looked after a friend's cat for 6 weeks while she was travelling. He was a big, young boisterous cat and the other cats didn't like him at all. Lots of hissing and growling. The black cat hated him unequivocally and avoided him as much as possible. Since he went home a couple of weeks ago she has become her normal loving self.
They are definitely emotional.

patricia    Dresxel Hill, PA

9/17/2013 4:48:51 PM

Great article! I have to share my story. We have three cats,three different personalities,but, all very special.
This is a bitter sweet story. Our younger son Kevin passed away in June of 2012 from very serious form of Pneumonia. Needless to say it was a shock to our family.Kevin raised all three of our cats and they loved him very much. Our Black cat Skratches would sit on his lap when Kevin was on the computer. Well after we came home from making funeral arrangements I went upstairs to lay down. I was laying on my side and I could not stop crying,Kevin was only 30 years old. All of a sudden,Skratches jumps on my bed and came over to me,draped his body over my upper arm.I'm still crying and I turn my head to look at him and he looks at me and starts purring. It was a very heartfelt thing for this cat to do that. Well I cried more just so greatfull for his seemingly understanding of what just happened He never sat on my lap and never got that close to me physically.Cats know what's important and they mourn loss and comfort us when we really need it.
Ever since Kevin passed away all three of our cats take turns sleeping on Kevins' bed.

Janet    Bethlehem, PA

8/10/2013 4:20:00 AM

Thanks for the info

petty    International

6/8/2013 6:09:38 PM

I find my cats are excellent at manipulating their environment. I am part of their environment that gives food. they definitely manipulate me, but I believe the emotions involved are mine.

Kat    Norristown, PA

6/6/2013 3:55:17 AM

I know for a fact that cats feel emotions. My cat could benefit from some anger management treatment!

Bill    Lexington, KY

5/16/2013 5:32:42 PM

Well, yea, duh! We always ascribe cats with their associated personalities, so by extension, they must also have emotional intelligence and an emotional world.

My cat has a surprising range of vocalizations that signal his various emotional states.

Speaking of cat emotional health, I also just got him a Kitty Peeper Window Patio from Cats With An Altitude Crafts. He is, like LIVING in that thing.

Rhonda    las vegas, NV

5/4/2013 11:59:27 AM

I adopted a beautiful black girl named Delilah but she was very aggressive towards my other two cats so I had to take her back I was wondering if she could feel like I didn't want her ? Because that was definitely not the case I loved ge so much but I had to think of midnight and magic which were stressed to the point of not eating or drinking and afraid to use the litter boxes and to even interact with me

chuck    kings mtn, NC

4/8/2013 7:35:21 PM

yes indeed, i have 9 cats that live inside with me. all have very different personalities but show similar emotions. ihave one especially that has a look of love and deep gratitude for saving her life and adopting her as my little girl..i too look at her with samefeelings.

CatChannel Editor    Irvine, CA

4/8/2013 11:11:55 AM

David -- I'm very sorry to hear about your health issues, but it warms my heart that your cat has comforted you so much. These amazing animals possess something intangible that we might never understand completely.

Because several new things have occurred simultaneously in your home, it could be difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for your cat's increased vocalizations. Our behavior expert says to first rule out any medical conditions, then approach the rest of the possibilities systemically to determine why your cat meows so much: LINK

You sound like a very conscientious cat owner and it's wonderful to hear of such a strong bond between a pet and owner. I hope this cat continues to entertain and comfort you for years to come.

David    Somerville, MA

4/5/2013 8:20:06 AM

Five years ago i was diagnosed with Stage Three Inoperable Lung Cancer. I had just adopted a cat a roommate had left behind as he obviously developed a bond with me: sleeping next to me, standing (sitting) guard outside my room and waiting outside the house for me to return each day from chemo. At one stage (during radiation) he dlept behind me like spoons- with his paws on my tumor! I could feel it get warm and tingle and i'd fall asleep.

Five years later (now), the Cancer has returned, appearing in both my hip bone as well as two in the same lung. Taco is behaving in a simolar fashion (i.e. Sticking close to me, trailing me as if a dog! The difference now tho- is he is MOANING in his sleep. As soon as i pet him and speak to him, the moaning (mewling) stops.

I am wondering whether he is sensing the likelihood of me passing away. Now, i would have no doubt that this was the reason- except for the fact that i agreed to let a roommate bring in a small doggie with the proviso: if Taco cannot get along with the new "rescue" that he would return hound to person that found him. But now, this person has left town and i could never kick Lucho the little hound who is super-friendly and smaller than Taco- SO.... And here is THE QUESTION TO PONDER:
Is Taco making these sad sounds because of the hound or because he is sad that he's going to lose me...or something else like an illness (he has been twitching/jerking violently even (a myaclonic jerk feels like it came from a human- so strong is the jerk!)... Or something i have yet to figure out....HELP!!!???

If it is the doggie that is so bothering him (i now feed him in my room and when they pass at "bottle-neck" points in apartment...Taco's hair stands up on his back (though two months have passed and he no longer hisses- BUT... I DO want his energy focused on helping me battle the resurgence of the Cancer SO: PART B OF QUESTION: If THIS is the reason for his mewling, plaintive wails...IS IT LIKELY TO IMPROVE OR should I play safe and ask them (doggie and roommate) to find a new place to stay - as this was what we'd agreed to at the outset).
Hopefully yours,
David Rosen
To see some of the paintings I've done of Prince Taco...visit (click on ART- there is no longer any fashion for sale as i gave it up five years ago and keep it up to show the old paintings. I've been documenting his help with my Cancer as well as painting him over the years. Another site to view (cat) Art is
As you will see, he is my Bestest Buddy and the MEWLING IS DRIVING ME CRAZY COZ IT FEELS LIKE HE's in PAIN! Emotional or otherwise. :-( help?

Blanca    Zapata, TX

4/4/2013 6:30:57 AM

I have seen the video for which Dennis had a link. If that is not emotion, I dont know what is. I do think that cats have emotions and agree with the experts that people need to understand that cats just react differently.

Donnie    Glasgow, MT

4/1/2013 12:58:53 AM

The video link forwarded from Dennis is as convincing as can be. Words can't describe it.

Dennis    Elmira, NY

3/30/2013 5:40:46 PM

If you think cats don't show emotions watch this video and say I dear you say the don't show emotion.


The Big Apple Gang    Staten Island, NY

3/28/2013 7:20:51 PM

We definitely agree that cats have emotions!

J    Lake View, NY

3/28/2013 9:58:48 AM

Cats do feel emotion.

Nick    Yu, UT

3/28/2013 7:48:49 AM

I think cats feel emosion

Jenny    Monticello, MN

3/27/2013 10:23:55 AM

I agree cats feel emotions.

Linda    Detroit, MI

3/27/2013 9:31:39 AM

I always know when my cats are sad. You can see it in their expressions. I agree, they do feel emotions.

Cathy    Hubbard, OH

3/27/2013 5:03:50 AM

YES they do feel emotions. All kinds.

Bill & Lorraine    Manhattan, NY

3/26/2013 7:49:39 PM

Great Article

Ms.Kitt    Brighton, MO

3/25/2013 7:39:10 PM

Kitties definitely have emotions, my cat "huffs" when she gets frustrated or mad at me. If I don't pet her the "right" way I get "hfff, hfff" letting me know I better stop

Michalle    Portland, OR

3/25/2013 2:56:50 PM

Cats definitely experience emotions! My cat , Dot, grieved when her buddy, Lightningfoot, had to be put to sleep. My other cats show a variety of emotions all the time.

Haplesspizza98    International

3/22/2013 2:21:31 PM

My cat, Dakota, totally has emotions! Everyday at 10:00 she wants to play "tag"! If I don't come within ten minutes, she'll walk the railing over our balcony and yowl, threatening to jump if I don't come. (We have scratch marks on the railing from her throwing herself off!) If I still don't come, she'll lay down at the foot of my bed with her chin hanged (resting) on the edge and give big, sad sighs until I come. Once I start to play with her, she'll purr and chase me, batting at my pant legs as she runs by and then hides. She'll then duck down until I find her and wait for me to hide before chasing after me again! At the end of the game, she'll stretch out across my bed, panting, purring and sighing!

Joan    Franklin, MA

3/6/2013 7:47:48 PM

true, I saved my cat, she was very ill and not expected to live, it took a yr but because she was treated by me 24/7 she wants to be with me all the time,refuses to play, has plenty of toys but paws me at times because she wants something and I don't know what so she gets frustrated and claws me.

gg    la, CA

3/3/2013 11:56:14 AM

interesting :)

Theresa    Halifax, NS Canada, CA

3/3/2013 4:56:07 AM

This is so true about cats t had two that leaved to be 22 and 15 years old.

Michaeleen    Boynton Beach, FL

2/8/2013 4:29:56 PM

My cats definitely show emotions! I know when they are sad, sick,or mad at each other. I no when Midnight is about to "pick" on Minnie girl by watching his eyes and body language. Maybe they have ME trained! If I don't feel good which is often, I can especially see Minnie girl get upset/concerned.Animals are smarter than most people give them credit for. If more people would take the time to get to deeply know their animals they would no! Hoe special they are.

lou    boston, MA

2/8/2013 2:10:42 PM

so true

Emily    Celina, OH

2/4/2013 9:56:13 AM

Awesome article

CatChannel Editor    Irvine, CA

2/1/2013 3:51:50 PM

Sandra -- This could be an individual quirk. Many cats tend to be "chatty." If your cat is otherwise healthy and happy, you both should be all right. If you'd like to discuss this with other cat owners, check out our forum at

Sandra    International

1/31/2013 2:03:03 PM

It's helpful. But I'd love to know when my cat is feeling anxious or depressed. Sometimes he mews for a long time, is this anxiety?

Elaine    Beverly Hills, MI

1/24/2013 2:30:11 PM

I think this article was good. I have no doubt about cats being able to feel and express emotions--they have a limbic area in their brain and as such can certainly feel and express fear, anger, sadness and I believe can even express depression when they lose another animal with which they shared a close relationship. Cats, being mammals, need and demand connection with other animals or humans by asking to be petted or touched.. My cats "tell me" when they are happy by purring and rubing against me or licking me; they certainly express hunger via meowing in a loud and urgent manner. More intelligent cats can display "concern" about their owner's feelings and I believe they make eye contact with humans and can attune to human's emotions; I am a psychologist and have had many Oriental Shorthair and Siamese cats;these kitties have been able to sense saddness or fear in me and have even tried to defend me by hissing at a person who was repeatedly very angry and yelling at me in an abusive manner. Cats also express playfulness and they express joy in their voice tones. Just ask one of these vocal felines and they will answer you; one adult cat that I have now expressed distress in his meow and would not let me sit down when I returned home the other evening until I followed him downstairs and found our kitten locked in a basement storage closet.

Madison    Fort Riley, KS

1/21/2013 10:06:20 PM

My cat when he gets in trouble crys one or two tears from the eye.

kayla    sunrise, FL

1/15/2013 5:23:08 PM

my cat isn't eating as much as usual and he is crying more often and he is biting at my leg alot and he is an outdoor cat. i used to have two cats but the other kind of ran away from us and i'm not quite sure why, but i think my cats behavior has something to do with the disapearence of my other cat.

Pamela    Trumbauersville, PA

1/13/2013 12:44:14 PM

Interesting. My cat seems to feel emotions. She communicates in her own way, but I'm always able to know what she wants!

Sara    Bristol, VA

12/30/2012 5:14:37 PM

I absolutely believe cats feel emotions & they are also intuned to their owners emotions

Carol    Annapolis, MD

12/13/2012 12:52:26 PM

Great that science is now looking at the emotions of animals.

Brenda    Berkeley, CA

12/7/2012 1:08:21 PM


Janet    Bethlehem, PA

11/14/2012 2:53:48 AM

good article, thank you

Ashley    Orange, CA

10/26/2012 4:29:21 PM


Michele    Killeen, TX

10/2/2012 5:12:53 AM

Cats definitely have emotions. My Bobtail Snowball hides under the bed a lot because it makes her feel secure and safe. My tabby Ninja will let me rub her belly because she trusts me. Ninja also kneads on our bellies and purrs because she's expressing contentment. Cats also strike out because they are fearful. These are all emotions and we love every one of them.

josh    Leicester, AK

9/30/2012 5:59:54 AM

oh dear all of you people are very stupid... i mean WOW

Destiny    canton, OH

9/12/2012 8:14:05 PM

Very good article. It told me what I have long known that cats have emotions. My cat knows he is a human and he often asks what a cat is? He is a very talkative fur baby and has a large range of understanding. When he has misbehaved and I fuss at him, he lays down and puts on a sad face then covers his eyes with his paws. Cats are amazing critters and are the best of room mates.

paige    largo, FL

8/31/2012 2:16:19 PM

yes i do think that cats do have emotions sometimes i think they even cry at times i have a cat talks to me and i talk back to her and under stands me.

yvette    oceanside, CA

8/20/2012 1:36:18 PM

Absolutly cats have emotions! Just ask anyone who owns 1 or more of these beautiful individuals,that we are so lucky to share our lives with.i can honestly say each and everyone of the three i call mine are full of wonderful and varied emotions that they show me every day. If we are all sensitive to our pets needs they will graciously show us how in tune to our emotions they are,it is a beautiful thing to be a part of.

cristina    costa mesa, CA

8/9/2012 5:05:52 PM

Of coarse cats feel emotions. Notice how they treat us when we are sick or sad. Cats are probably asking amongst themselves if people have emotions.

gg    la, CA

7/31/2012 2:32:16 PM


randy    Some Where, AZ

7/19/2012 12:19:31 AM

Oh yes they can alright. My Shadow (my cat obviously) will get mad and bite me if I don't do what he wants let say if he wanted to eat and he already ate or if he is playing something he can not play with. He will come over and bite me just to show he is mad at me

Karen    Orlando, FL

7/9/2012 11:22:08 AM

I know cats feel emotion. I've had Amy for two years now and I know exactly what she's feeling every moment of the day. Its easy to see emotion in her, she shows it very well. I'm glad to say she is a happy cat and I know she loves me.

Anna    Somewhere, AS

7/2/2012 8:29:30 AM

Good, neat!

amy    Sacramento, CA

7/1/2012 7:40:48 PM

i belive they can every time i bring home a foster my cat rodeo wont talk to me for a week

Connie    Kingston, ON

6/21/2012 7:31:07 PM

My cat, Cinnamon, a sable Burmese, would squint her eyes when she was in a very loving mood. If I would squint back to her she would come immediately to me and give me purrs and kitty kisses. Kitty Grumbles was a with me about a year and a half when Cinnamon died. K. Grumbles (who was such an active cat she never sat in 1 place for long,)came to me and stayed on me until an hour later when my friend got there. She definitely felt my grief and comforted me as best as she could. She is extremely close to me and her "adopted" sister, Miskena, comes second place in her affections. But they are also best friends with each other.

Dahlia    Portland, OR

6/14/2012 10:09:12 PM

This is what Marc Marrone says :) Love him!

gg    la, CA

6/1/2012 4:24:57 PM


Emily    North Canton, OH

5/31/2012 8:23:42 AM

Cats can feel emotion. my cats, Jasmine and Coconut, let me know how they are feeling by the tone of their meows, their body language, and their facial expressions. All of the cats that I have had have all reacted to my emotions, such as comforting me when I am sad, or wantig to play when I am excited

Greg    Lawrenceville, GA

5/29/2012 1:48:19 PM

A lot of cats (like my male one) will give what my wife and I call, the "Lovey eyes." It's a glance, with squinting eyes, when he hears something that makes him feel good. Usually something that's repeated a lot, while being petted, like "Are you my buddy?" I'll get this direct eye contact glance, then a big squint, to kind of let me know he's understood the feeling, if not the words. Way too cute!

Jody    Phoenix, AZ

5/25/2012 12:15:00 AM

Our cat is ten years old and we have made a study of watching his behaviour and actions dealing with emotional situations. He has certain body language that is a tell. He has certain different meows that mean different things. I am 100% certain that cats do have emotions and express them.

debby    raleigh, MN

3/28/2012 5:41:27 AM

i think they do feel emotion for my cat like yells at me when he wants me to feed him , you can hear it in his meow. they show love to ya all the time .

Ann    newark, NJ

3/19/2012 6:05:40 AM


la    la, CA

2/21/2012 4:32:09 PM


Laurie    Chicopee, MA

2/12/2012 7:20:30 PM

Valuable information that helps animals and their family members to understand what they might be feeling and why

gg    la, CA

2/10/2012 11:15:02 PM


Donna    Plant City, FL

2/9/2012 12:19:20 PM

I tend to agree with this article. I can always tell when my cat is happy, depressed, etc.

Patrick    Laguna Hills, CA

1/23/2012 11:36:15 AM

The cats I have had, Abys and Burmese, definately have emotions.

On current Aby, GiGi, lets me know by hissing when she is displeased by me leaving the kitchen and not feeding her wet food or when I scold her by telling her "No" when she is shreading up my papers.

gg    la, CA

1/14/2012 7:59:05 PM


emily    sumter, SC

1/12/2012 5:08:39 PM

my cat libby doesent like it when i tell her to stop diging in the blinds she will meow really loud if some one or anthoer animal is out there

cat water fountain    frisco, TX

1/12/2012 10:00:01 AM

Great article.

gg    la, CA

1/7/2012 10:03:39 PM


Michalle Gleason    Portland, OR

1/7/2012 5:59:57 PM

My cats definitely have emotions and express them. Dot was very sad and lost when we had to put her buddy to sleep due to health issues. She definitely grieved for Lightningfoot.

Janet    Bethlehem, PA

12/25/2011 9:09:18 PM

good article, thank you

gg    la, CA

12/25/2011 6:02:18 PM


Carmen    Bisbee, AZ

12/23/2011 5:50:08 PM

Being an over 30 yr cat owner (adopted/rescue) I can honestly say, yes, they do have emotions,love, happiness, fear as well as hate or dislike.They're mischivious, curious,loving & know exactly what they want to eat, they want fresh water if not they might even turn water dish to say "fresh water, please" several times daily.Yes, cats do feel emotions.

Carmen    Bisbee, AZ

12/23/2011 5:49:27 PM

Being over 30 yr cat owner (adopted/rescue) I can honestly say, yes, they do have emotions,love, happiness, fear as well as hate or dislike.They're mischivious, curious,loving & know exactly what they want to eat, they want fresh water if not they might even turn water dish to say "fresh water, please" several times daily.Yes, cats do feel emotions.

CatLadyJ    Rock Hill, SC

12/21/2011 2:07:15 PM

I know the various cats that have shared my long life felt and expressed many emotions, from love, all the way to extreme fear and upset with changes.

gg    L.A., CA

12/19/2011 4:26:23 PM


Meladee    Marshall, MI

12/14/2011 7:58:54 PM

I like this!

Jose    Whittier, CA

11/28/2011 2:43:49 PM

My male cat keeps meowing at night and i think he wants to go outside. Most of the times i just put him in my room. What should i do?

gg    la, CA

11/20/2011 12:03:50 AM


Sandra    Montreal, CA

11/12/2011 9:06:45 PM

I like this article. My cat follows me when I go out on the balcony. He rubs his head against my legs and feet. Then he comes in with me and he lays on the sofa where I usually lay when I'm relaxing. Does this mean he wants me to lay down with him?

ls    boston, MA

10/24/2011 3:14:31 PM

I truly believe cats feel emotions. ie when their feline partner dies they sense this and can feel depressed and withdrawn and not as outgoing as when they the 2 were together.

gg    L.A., CA

10/22/2011 3:10:22 PM

great article

Anna    Lebanon, CT

10/14/2011 12:55:05 AM

My daughter is studying how to tell a cat's emotions for science fair. Any experiment ideas?

janet    bethlehem, PA

9/20/2011 4:23:56 AM

good article, thanks

george3/Ceasar    pine bluff, AR

9/17/2011 11:14:30 AM

I enjoyed readng your article.I just finished watching a video of two little girls between the ages of 5&4 putting a DIAPER on a cat. You could see the cat did`nt like it.Then they strapped the cat in a stroller.THERE SHOULD BE LAWS AGAINST ACTS OF THAT NATURE.


9/12/2011 7:41:02 PM


Joy    Pittsburgh, PA

9/1/2011 5:16:04 PM

absolutely cats are emotional ~~ I can totally tell when both of my cats are happy, sad, mad, content, crazy, etc...whoever said that this is not true, must not have a cat!!

Valerie    Baton Rouge, LA

8/28/2011 10:42:15 PM

While trying to clip my cats nails, she took it well on one paw and then bolted, leaving me bleeding on my hand and wrist. It took a lot of rinsing in cold water and icing it down for over an hour to stop the blood. She knew she hurt me and seemed remorseful all day. She would look at me from a few feet away, hang her head, and slink away. Then she came closer with those big blue eyes asking for forgiveness, and scooped her up

Doris    Graham, TX

8/28/2011 4:17:06 PM

I am appalled that anyone would question whether cats feel emotion! I can look any one of my five cats in the face and tell whether he/she's happy, mad, hungry or seeking my attention. And then the cat's actions verify my observations

Diane    Beaverton, ON

8/23/2011 4:05:40 PM

Yes, of course cats feel emotions and exhibit them.
It is amazing to see them offer comfort and love.
We live on a farm and wild cats will often come to the front door with their problems - huge mats in their coats, they allow me to touch them and cut off the hair and then leave. Moms with sick kittens bring them to the door and sit there waiting for me to find them. They will even bring the kitten back the next day(s) if more help is needed. Amazing creatures.

chester    dumont, NJ

8/1/2011 9:05:07 AM

Sorry too hear about the loss of your cat.Yes cats
do feel emotions like we do. When my dog died in the house my two cats cried and did not eat for

Diana    North Hills, CA

7/21/2011 8:42:22 AM

It is always interesting to see how cats react. Even if we interpret their emotions with human emotions, it is interesting when they want attention, or they seem to be asking for food. Or when they know they did something wrong and the seem guilty. Animals are amazing.

aa    hollister, CA

7/20/2011 10:56:15 PM


Linda    Dothan, AL

7/16/2011 7:12:53 PM

My oldest cat Margo was ill and had to be euthanized, he was 16yrs old. Mittens whos 8yrs old is greiving. He cries daily, all day. At first I thought it was medical. Thats been ruled out. Hes been exrayed, had blood work and tested for everything. I'm thankful hes healthy physically. But hes so sad. I just hold him a lot and talk and sing to him like I've always done. He also sits on the porch and looks for Margo. Its very emotional too watch. Because my husband and I miss Margo too.

Teddy    Trail Creek, IN

7/7/2011 9:42:01 AM

To Jeannie in OK, your neighbors need to keep the cat in the house until it learns it has a new home. Confinement with regular feeding schedule and all other aspects of routine should help - usually takes a good 3 -4 weeks.

Jeannie    Checotah, OK

6/26/2011 9:04:13 AM

Please help! This might be some what along the lines of a problem my former neighbors having. They moved about a month ago, not far away and they have a cat they keeps coming back here. What can they do to calm him down and keep him interested in staying around his new home?

MYLA    Arleta, CA

6/17/2011 12:26:50 AM

I have never had a cat pout before. when i stop playing with the laser mouse fergus mc gee will get up on my chair and ignore even when i pet him under his chin and only responds when i bring out the mouse. i just let him pout for a few hours.

Val    BC, WA

6/16/2011 1:01:55 PM

I lost my funny little guy, Louie, 6 weeks ago today. His buddy Mr. Sniff mourned for 2 weeks. He wouldn't play, he barely even moved around at all. He was very sad and lethargic. Slowly he started to feel and act better and now he is back to his usual self. So I know cats feel emotions. Grief, happiness, joy, envy, anger. Just like we do.

Cat Editor    Irvine, CA

6/13/2011 1:14:31 PM

Jess, animals show signs of grief when they lose a person or another pet in the household. Just as with people, it takes time to grieve and move on. So sorry for your loss.

Kevin    Ramsey, MN

6/12/2011 7:08:21 AM

we have had a cat for over 17 years. she has been the sole 'ruler' of the house. recently we found 2 kittens and took them in until we can find a shelter. Alley (17 year old) hissed a lot at first. Now she is very withdrawn and looks down alot. I think last night she was actually crying on my lap. She is not eating and spends all her time outside. We moved her food cause the kittens were eating it. Was this wrong? Have we made her feel as if she is not the queen of the castle anymore? please help. I want my cranky kitty back.

Jess    Brownsbrug, IN

6/10/2011 8:54:28 AM

One of my cats recently died of cancer. Our surviving cat now tries to bolt out the door whenever it is opened! He never used to do that! Do you think it could be caused by grief?

Cat Editor    Irvine, CA

6/9/2011 12:20:00 PM

Liliana, cats do sleep on average around 16 hours a day. Yours went through a traumatic experience and might just be exhausted. Keep an eye on him and make sure he eats something. You might have to syringe feed him. Please take him to the vet to get checked out, too.

Liliana    Richmond, TX

6/8/2011 2:18:07 PM

I have a cat that is abandoned for one or more months.After 48 hours he still prefer to sleep than to eta and it normal? He is not a kitten.

Karen    CBS, NL

5/23/2011 3:50:22 PM

I totally agree cats have and can feel emotions. Especially my cat George. One things for sure, he definately will let you know when he wants to be left alone, when he's feeling cuddly and sooky, or when he's mad at you. Yep, they definately feel emotions and have no problem showing them. loved the article. thanks

Jessica    The Woodlands, TX

5/15/2011 5:27:06 PM

I have never questioned the fact that cats feel emotions. If you've ever formed a bond with any animal, you know that they share very similar emotions with humans.

Ruthie    Elizabethton, TN

5/14/2011 9:14:20 PM

I think cats definitely feel emotion. I had a cat once who had no trouble letting us all know when he was angry. After we'd fuss at him for clawing furniture or if any of us tried to pet him when he wanted to be left alone, or even if he hadn't gotten to cuddle as long as he wanted, he would go to the scratching post and proceed to try and rip it apart. It was a great anger management tool for him...and I'm glad he never practiced that on anyone's eyes!

Bre    Rochester, NY

4/30/2011 2:47:14 AM

My cat definitely lets me know how he is feeling, especially when upset - he will whack at me. He also lets me snuggle when he is content.

Lisa    Rochester, NY

4/25/2011 4:48:16 AM

My cat Tiger used to comfort me when I was upset and crying. He always seemed to now when I was not doing well and would always stay close to me:)

laquel    Oklahoma City, OK

3/28/2011 11:02:46 AM

I know my cat does the funniest to me is when he fustrated or upset after I don't let him do something he finds one of his toys and starts batting away at it.

ls    boston, MA

3/26/2011 5:56:34 AM

article confirms that cat do have emotions...more humans need to know this

Jane    Russellville, AR

3/7/2011 5:53:12 PM

i belive cats hav emotions cause i have a cat and i see the emotions in my cat

grace    denver, PA

2/23/2011 12:52:59 PM

cats definetly feel emotion. they seem to really be thinking about stuff.

Nhu    xx, MN

2/11/2011 10:22:30 PM

I think cats do have emotion. I have two cats, and when I go home, they race down the stair, go to the door and say "meow" loudly. And when they sad, they just lie without saying anything, even when I call them for meal. But now one of them leave my house( both are male cats)...

Karen    Seay, VA

2/7/2011 7:29:30 AM

My cat 'TAZ' was 15 when I had to put him to sleep because he was suffering from nasel cancer and the vet said it was out of control and suggested we put ihim down.TAZ was very emotional. He knewwhat it meant when ai said "Taz, I love you" & he woullld rub up against me. When My boyfriend came home and sat down. I said"Tascan you tell b/f that you love him?" And he would rub up against b/f He also knew what 'R u ready for bedtime?' and he would race us to the bedroom.

John    Lakewood, OH

12/25/2010 7:41:34 AM

I know all of mine express emotion. They are definately unique individuals. All of mine are completely different.

dayna    easton, PA

12/14/2010 2:02:12 PM

Yes they can feel emotion. They are just like little people in my eyes. My cats are my children.

Starlight    Salt lake, UT

12/8/2010 6:43:20 PM

Cats Very much do have fellings, And will show those feelings.

melissa    Pendleton, OR

12/4/2010 8:42:20 AM

I thought it was a good article. My cat shows me how she feels about simple cat things.

Regina    Arden, DE

11/30/2010 3:54:02 PM

My cats seem to get the blues when we have a few rainy days in a row. Once the sun comes out they are all chipper and go back to relaxing on their window seats.

Penney    Cascade, MT

11/30/2010 12:28:31 PM

I feel that cats not only have and express emotions but go beyond, as outstanding readers of character. Owners can not fool the cat. Cats know if you are sincere. Their love is unconditional but they will not tolerate a fake, dominant human looking to gain status or pats on the back for kindness that may be only public. How many cats have packed their bags and moved in with the neighbors? There is nothing more satisfying than the honest bumps and kisses of affection from a feline. They certainly do not shower everyone with that honor and they NEVER forget.

julie    lewiston, ME

11/16/2010 5:32:11 PM

I wholeheartedly believe that cats feel emotions.

Mary    Saratoga, NY

10/5/2010 9:16:52 PM

I belive this to be very true. I feel like my cats read me and when I am sad or under the weather they are even more cuddly.

Betty    Peterborough, ON

9/27/2010 4:04:15 PM

Yes, cats have emotions,this is a good article. Cats show when they are happy and sad, they even react when their owner is ill. They do like to be separate sometimes, like having time to their selves, but then they also like to have attention and be loved. They love to play and then they let you know when they have had enough. They are little fur persons.

Jenny    Lake View, NY

9/19/2010 2:57:34 PM


Kat    Battle Ground, WA

9/14/2010 12:21:34 AM

Oh definitely cats have and feel emotions. They can either whine and whine over and over again and not get satisfaction. Rub between your legs, flop on your lap until you stop doing what you have been doing. I know my cat Dude he just hum's away purring and his body just flops down and he rolls over on to his back and says rub my tummy, oh rub under my arm pits and ah scratch my arms mommy. Oooh goody okay I had enough, no go! But at times Dude will pester me and whines and whines as if ' Mom you are not getting it, you are not playing with me lately, why? Don't you love me no more mommy? Dude walks away and down the hallway he goes meowing over and over and a different souond I been hearing lately as aowl aaaaaaoooowwwwwwwl. Oops, and I move fast to get to him and stroke his ears, forehead, ears as cats have headaches too.

valeri    los angelas, CA

9/11/2010 3:48:28 PM

i now that cats can feel love. i am not very sure if they feel all the emoutions we feel but most of them mabye. i believe that cats can contect us with emountoins and feelings.and sometimes we can answer back in ower own that they can understand or respond to.

Cathy    Amelia, OH

9/3/2010 5:28:32 AM

Cts are definitely sensitive so they do have emotions. I own 10 and if you correct them they pout like a child. This was a very good article

Marie    Port Richey, FL

8/19/2010 5:00:37 PM

I own six cats, or rather they own me. They definitely have the same emotions as us. They also have distinct personalities. No two cats are alike. I see the emotion all the time, happy, scared, wanting attention, being offish, etc. All you have to do is look into their eyes to see their feelings, and souls.

sandra    germantown, TN

8/6/2010 11:11:59 PM

Not only do I believe that cats definitely feel emotions (perhaps showing it differently than we may expect); I believe that ,if you can get on the cat's wavelength, they can "talk" to you and you can also talk to them (and them understand).

Cecilia    Lexington, KY

7/30/2010 7:40:25 PM

Yes cats have emotions, feelings. Observe your kitties, how they behave, the what they do, their body language willtell you a lot.

Katie    Ann Arbor, MI

7/21/2010 1:25:30 PM

Good article. I believe that cats do experience emotions.

g.g.    l.a., CA

6/23/2010 8:59:45 PM


Patricia    Kittery, ME

6/22/2010 7:07:11 PM

Great article, I am surprised that a cat's emotions could be missed. My cat Pearl show jealousy when I give attention to my other cats Whiskers and Hannah. When Hannah crosses between Whiskers and me she gets an angry swat by Whiskers. When Hannah won't let Pearl in the bedroom, Pearl wails. They show their love all the time and I sometimes they sure look as if they are smiling, and I believe they are. These are just a few examples.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

6/14/2010 6:17:41 PM

Yes, cats can very much feel, as well as experiment emotions!! I have noticed this in my own cats!! They can tell when you don't feel well, FOR URE, because they will come check on you when you are just laying around in bed, plus they will often lay there beside you!!!

daniela    NY, NY

6/9/2010 4:27:53 PM

I agee that cats can feel emotions, definately. My comment/question is, how can you tell if your cat is bored or not. My cat is to some extent, visually impaired. I have bought her to many toys and 2 cat 'gyms' that I alternate, but she is very low keyed. So I'm not sure if it's because of her vision, she's bored, or just very low key. I do play with her, but she just doesn't interact much, only on occassion. any suggestions? Much appreciated.

Sandy    Auburn, CA

6/3/2010 1:06:56 PM

Yes, cats feel emotions. All kinds of emotions. They are loving, living and emotional creatures. They're wonderful!!


5/31/2010 9:21:52 AM

They do feel our emotion, also your health. one time I have stomach pain at night, unusally she sleep next to my tummy all night. another time, she did something bad and upsad me, she was depress all day, until I go look for her, kiss on her head. she is happy again when she feel I am not upsad no more. That's why I love cat, like a two human begin love and care from trusting each other.

Sabrina    San Diego, CA

5/25/2010 10:05:17 PM

cats certainly feel emotions - we had two siblings, a boy and girl, and when the girl died, her brother (Waffle) spent the next day searching the entire house - he literally would run room to room, meowing, and investigating. he was also lethargic and visibly less enthusiastic for nearly a week after her death. it was clear that he was feeling sad over the loss of his sister and companion.

momo    anaheim, CA

5/16/2010 2:57:26 PM


S    Three Oaks, MI

5/11/2010 6:57:16 PM

I also think they feel emotions--they certainly feel ours!!

Jessie    Philadelphia, PA

4/28/2010 2:32:36 PM

Cats definitely feel emotion as humans do. They respond to kind voices with hugs and purring. They are the closest mammals to humans I have ever seen in their emotional responses. This article is very good.

Carol    St. Paul, MN

4/28/2010 9:08:58 AM

Of course cats feel emotions, but so many people are too stupid to realize that and abuse the poor animals.

Mari    Cincinnati, OH

4/25/2010 1:34:14 PM

Of course cats can feel emotions! Why else would they hiss, purr, etc? They show us how they feel in many different ways.

gg    la, CA

4/24/2010 6:21:15 PM


Betsy    Soux City, IA

4/19/2010 11:00:06 PM

I absolutely agree that cats can feel and display emotions. I have fibromyalgia and on days when I am especially aching, Bob -- my therapy cat -- will lay down with me and just purr like crazy. He knows it really helps me. My "little old lady" cat who is 15 years old now just despises Buddy, the 2 year old Bengal we rescued. She lets him, (and us) know that she would appreciate it if he would just go back to where ever he came from! And Buddy is the dopey, clownish guy who gets the other two going just because he knows he can! All 3 of them race to the door when I get home. It doesn't matter if I've been gone 5 minutes of 5 weeks. They all have to be petted and spoken to individually before they will let me do anything else. They don't do this with my kids, just with me. Anyone who says that they don't have emotions must be a robot themselves.

dayna    easton, PA

4/18/2010 12:12:57 AM

Of course they can, cats are our children in fur coats.

gg    la, CA

4/6/2010 1:50:52 PM


Sean    Austin, TX

3/28/2010 9:50:06 AM

I disagree with Mary. Though I think cats and other animals feel emotions, I don't believe you can say with certainty that all animals feel emotions. Do you think jellyfish have emotions? They don't even have a central nervous system. And have you ever tried to talk to one? Piontless. I think we ascribe self serving meaning to many animal behaviors. When seeing two cats sniff each other's mouths, I've actually heard people suggest they're kissing, and that they're in love. Its more likely they're trying identify each other, or to learn if the other has had any food lately. Sure they feel emotions, but let's not anthropomorphize them.

Betty    Milan, TN

3/23/2010 4:06:33 PM

I have a 2 year old orange and white neutered male that was found as a kitten, this cat has the worse personality at times, if he gets upset he will pout, for days at a time, turn his head away and even hide from you, you never know what he is going to do, if I try to pick him up he will get so upset, he will hide for at least 2 days, now this cat has had nothing but love on top of love since he was found at about 6 weeks, flea infested and starving. I am at my wits end trying to get him to return so of the love he recieves. He is an outside cat(stays in the garage)The love this cat receives is unbeliveable, what can I do.

Kathy    Indianapolis, IN

3/22/2010 10:13:09 PM

I am sure that they feel emotions .. I know mine has and feels emotions . I have 3 and they all show there emotions very clearly.

mikayla    Morristown, AZ

3/17/2010 9:14:51 PM

Cats have emotions like humans but they don't always express those emotions like we do. If a cat is upset they might bite you or growl at you because trust me I have 17-19 cats and my cats have several different behaviors.

Mary    Riverton, UT

3/10/2010 11:57:07 AM

Of course they feel emotion. All animals, do. If your cat doesn't feel emotion, maybe it is because you don't show it any yourself.

dayna    easton, PA

3/8/2010 8:01:33 AM

Of course they can feel emotion!

Rebecca    Lake Elsinore, CA

3/2/2010 8:12:16 PM

I strongly feel that a cat can feel emotion. When my cat is mad (say I'm doing homework and can't pert her) She will go right in front of me and scratch something to show she is mad at me. Or after I give her her favorite treat, she usually purrs and rubs on me, i would take that as a sign she is happy.

Mary    Riverton, UT

3/1/2010 10:18:10 AM

My cat starts to get distressed when she sees me packing. I went to Mexico for 2 months in 2008 and will be gone 2 1/2 months starting September 5. The last time I got back she constantly told me that she was unhappy with me being gone so long. My grandsons love her and came to feed and play with her every day. She evidently still felt abandoned. I know she will be ok but I know she will miss me.

dayna    easton, PA

3/1/2010 6:02:47 AM

Yes i believe cats can feel emotions or become depressed when there owner is gone.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

2/26/2010 7:16:24 AM

Yes, cats can diffantly feel emotions; and also tell when their owner isn't feeling feel

Lindsey    Lincoln, ME

2/26/2010 6:28:41 AM

haha I had a calico short haired mix when I was growing up and she definitely portrayed the "ticked off" emotion. If we accidentally stepped on her tail, even if it was -20 outside she would demand to go outside and sit on the porch railing and stair at us through the window with a mean look. If we tried to bring her in she would latch he self to the wood railing.

Dave    Lancaster, SC

2/24/2010 5:24:06 PM

After owning my last cat, I am thoroughly convinced than cats feel love

Jacqueline    Cape Coral, FL

2/15/2010 8:18:53 PM

I know for a fact that cats have emotions. Just ask my older cat when I brought home a new kitty. Tried all that should be done to help with the transition. That was 3 months ago and my 5 yr old still go nuts when my 5 month old kitten gets anywhere near her. I give each as much love and attention I can give. I'm home all day so that helps. Not sure my older cat will ever tolerate my new one.

Emily    Lenox, GA

2/6/2010 7:05:19 PM

This was a very nice article! Its amazing what you can learn about cats.

Mackenzie    decatur, IL

1/21/2010 4:47:36 PM

wow I didn't know cats and humans have some of the same emotions.

donna    lakeland, FL

1/7/2010 10:14:59 AM

this article was great because all this time i
thought that cats had emotions but now you have
confirmed it

Patricia    Willow Springs, MO

1/3/2010 8:40:38 PM

I had a neutered male (of oriental decent), who let his bio male 8 wk old kitten nurse on his teets and purred when JJ nuzzled up to him. JJ was seperated from mama and female siblings at 6 weeks. What would cause this? and animals DO have emotions...I have three kitties. Also, my vet has a pix of Patch 'nursing' his offspring. I can send you a copy for display if you like. It shows Papa Patch nursing JJ, noting the male genatilia, one has to see it to believe it.

Judy    MInot, ND

1/2/2010 10:24:15 PM

Interesting article...I've had cats most of my life, and I can say with absolute certainty that they definitely have emotions. Anyone who has ever been fortunate enough to have had a cat for any length of time would agree with this. Cats are very clear about letting you know what they want and how they feel about a person, situation, food, whatever. What's on a cat's mind is expressed by their body language, eyes and meows. Our family has four cats at the moment whom we love very much, and based on what we've experienced from them, the feeling is mutual. Cats are wonderful!

Michelle    Agassiz, BC

1/2/2010 12:07:40 AM

Shortly after Dublin joined me in my home, I was told about an article that said the only emotion that cats experience is jealousy. I've seen that expressed quite keenly, especially when I'm outside with the dogs of my landlord & landlady. Dublin gets crazy at the window & scratches at it, wanting to be outside with me. He doesn't think that any other animal should get my attention. :)

However, I've seen him show other feelings, such as sadness when I have to go out & glee & pure joy when I return. He shows me contentment by kneading me just before he curls up on me & with his purrs. His face is very expressive, & I can tell by his eyes - most of the time - what mood he's in.

Cats do have an air of mystery about them that make it seem as if they're aloof & cold & emotionless, but that's usually when they haven't let you into their inner sanctum. Once you're in, they'll show you what they want, & that includes their emotions.

sarah    harlan, IA

12/30/2009 5:27:40 AM

wow! so much to learn!

Wendy    Nanaimo, BC

12/16/2009 7:29:27 PM

My first cat was about 8 months old when he started showing signs of seperation anxiety. I was concerned that his incessant meowing meant that something was wrong medically. The vetrinarian told me that I had to put him on an anti-depressant or Valium. Instead of drugging my cat, I took my chances and got him a companion. I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you are sure that you have the finances and the time that a kitten needs. I also wouldn't advise drugging your pets unless you have researched ALL the other options (including the side-effects of certain medications). My two cats are the best of friends, and we all wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Doziem    Florida, FL

12/15/2009 4:22:39 AM

Thank you, this was very informative.

Gabriele    Pomona, CA

11/30/2009 5:15:05 PM

I strongly believe that cats feel emotion - mine always comes and rubs when I feel irritatedd and/or down. She makes me smile that way. When I am happy, she is playful. Actully I have two cats - they both behave that way.I also know that they miss people when their humans go away and their cat companions when one of them goes to the vet or dies. They make that feeling quite obvious.

Allie    Adrian, DC

11/26/2009 10:49:53 AM

This did help cat is old, and not very expressive. Thanks

momo    anaheim, CA

11/22/2009 11:44:01 AM

good info

gg    sbdo, CA

11/12/2009 12:20:17 PM

great info

Vicki    Raymond, MS

11/3/2009 8:36:23 AM

Of course they feel emotions !! Just like Sylvester feels like , "why is Stanly always picking on me ?? And I need Moma to hold me to make me feel loved and safe !!

DW    Liberty, KY

10/2/2009 12:47:47 PM

Cats have emotion, but not "thinking" emotions,
as people do. 7 Deadly sins, lust, pride,
glutony, envy, etc They(cats) dont have. I
wonder sometimes whose really better off
when they die thats it When we ( pet owners)
die We have a afterlife!

John    North Fort Myers, FL

9/29/2009 9:51:52 AM

The more serious question seems to be: Are cats psychic? Look at all the comments here about cats reading the owner's emotions. I know Tiki reads my mind and projects her thoughts!

Jackie    Akron, OH

9/20/2009 4:02:38 PM

My cats definitely have emotions! They are both tend to mirror how I am feeling. Once, when I was very angry, on the phone, arguing with my then-boyfriend...both of my cats were basketcases and were fighting with each other. When I am happy (99% of the time), they are both happy, content, and calm. Anyone that says cats don't have emotions clearly haven't spent enough time around them. My cats are very, very loving. Seb jumps on me in the morning, laying on my chest, purrs and licks my face (yes, he's already fed!). He and my other cat like to rub their faces against mine and purr. How is that for love? :)

Mike    Port Washington, WI

9/20/2009 7:54:09 AM

Animals deffinatly have emotions like people. When I get home from school my pets run crazy to get to the door. and when I'm sad they come over to me. And the funniest thing is they think they're people!

Kimberly    Vancouver, BC

9/14/2009 3:01:40 PM

I definitely agree with this article. My cats always want my attention. I talk to them like they are people, so I think that they think they are people too.

Charlotte    Greeley, CO

9/2/2009 7:52:26 PM

My family and I got two cats 5 years ago. The black cat became very attached to my husband,My husband passed away in April. I took my kids on vacation for three days in May. So we boarded our cats .When they came home the black cat has started to meow more then before. He also starts meowing like a cat in heat. Both cats are neutered.When he does this the other cat gets on top of him.I think he misses my husband.But I not sure why he does that now.My husband was in the hospital for 2 months. can someone give me a reason for this change?

Kay    Boston, MA

8/20/2009 7:24:36 PM

Cats certainly have difrent emotion.

Mallary    Whitehall, OH

8/19/2009 3:23:37 PM

I'm positive that cats are capable of emotions and feelings,my cat Midnight is a perfect example.She was only 3 months old when I took her off of the streets,and ever since then I have always made a point to include her in nearly everything that I do.And now she follows me everywhere even into the bathroom,if I'm doing something like taking a shower she will actually wait for me to get done and if I try to go into a room without her she meows until I let her join me in the room.She seems to show signs of extreme attachment,much like a young child with their parent.

Mike    Port Washington, WI

8/19/2009 5:42:09 AM

I think Cats can feel emitions because when I look at my cat she looks happy, sad, angry, etc. Also I think cat are around humans so much they pick up our emitions.

Laurence    Montréal, QC

8/15/2009 4:34:42 PM

I also think that cats can feel emotions, like humans. When I look at my cat, I can see if she's angry, happy or other. Her face changes. When she's happy, it seems like she smiles, just has human. It's important to know our animal and also to observe him so we can associate behaviors, changes or other to what he feels.


8/9/2009 10:58:31 PM



theresa    amelia, OH

8/2/2009 6:29:40 AM

My cats too know when I am sad, upset or happy. Whenever im upset and im just laying in bed, both of my cats will come up to me and lay with me and start rubbing up against me, as if they're trying to comfort me.

Angela    Anaheim, CA

7/25/2009 6:55:47 PM

I would like to add that "emotion" as defined in this article above is different from "feelings" which is what the article should have been about.

Emotion centers of the brain are in the "limbic system," which all mammals have, including cats and dogs. It is this part of the brain that allows us to have feelings. What your article is about is really not emotions but "feelings" per se. Feelings are the special case of emotions in which we "feel" something about the mood or behavior of "another."

Given that emotion centers of the brain are found in all mammals, all mammals are capable of emotions but they are not necessarily capable of feelings! Feelings require the ability of "empathy" and other things that you can find out more about if you are interested by reading further in more academic articles.

Mirnairis    Caguas, PR

7/24/2009 1:19:02 PM

I do believe the cats know when you are sad or happy I have 4 cats and they do know when I'm sad or happy they acts different in either way of my emotions.

frances    proctorville, OH

7/21/2009 8:25:21 PM


frances    proctorville, OH

7/21/2009 8:24:16 PM


Marjorie    Morris, IL

7/19/2009 9:17:57 AM

My cat seems to know when I feel blue and shows me affection. They also respond when I talk to them. The youngest cat I have kisses the people closest to him.

Crystal    Wildomar, CA

7/6/2009 11:54:25 AM

When I'm depressed and feeling like I want to die - all three of my cats climb all over me purring and meowing. Not only do they have emotions - they feel emotions. In my opinion!

Colleen    Southfield, MI

7/5/2009 12:17:53 PM

Oh yes. My friends kitty cat can understand english too I think. She's a pretty smart cookie.

kat    nh, CT

6/19/2009 10:52:35 PM

i agree they can feel emotion

Suni    Asbury, NJ

6/18/2009 1:30:22 PM

I've always thought cats could feel emotion just like humans. My cat gets so sad whenever we all go to bed, she walks around dragging her toy meowing - you know she's sad and lonely! She also feels love. She can sense my parents' car coming from 1/2 mile away and stops whatever she's doing and runs to the top of the steps to greet and wait for us. I think animals - especially domestic ones - feel emotions and it's not just humans who can feel anger, jealousy, etc.

And jealousy is def. an emotion and it's DEF. one cats exhibit!

Kathryn    San Antonio, TX

6/16/2009 8:12:52 PM

This is REALLY INTERESTING!! I always knew that my "feline children" DEFINITELY feel emotions. I have always treated my cats as just that, my children. Since I don't have any children (and probably won't at anytime in the near future), they get all the privileges & perks that my human children would!

keith    cumming, GA

6/14/2009 1:30:43 PM

Cats definatley feel emotion. they have brains and are very smart, and how could a cat not feel emotion after interacting so much with humans?

Brandi    Nashville, TN

6/2/2009 6:25:53 PM

I agree! My cat gets in my lap when I am felling blue and starts to purr loudly and won't get down! You can't tell me that's not emotion! She sences I am felling down and is tring to make me feel better! She will even try to get in my lap on the toilet!(I hate that!)

Sandy    Saint Clair Shores, MI

5/24/2009 7:30:14 PM

interesting comments and thoughts

ginger    key west, FL

5/13/2009 11:24:28 PM

my cat is so smart and has emotions and attitudes. i think any animal that the human spends time and talks to learns everything

danielle    mira loma, CA

5/12/2009 6:55:44 AM

i believe my cat has, I know it! In so many ways he shows me his moods. But none MORE human than when he misses a jump and is embarrassed! You can see it all over him. He doesn't want you to look at him after such an ungraceful move lol!

Linda    Saint Paul, MN

5/11/2009 9:05:33 AM

I have a 5yr old cat that has to sit on my chest, gaze into my face, and at times, stroke my face. Don't tell me that isn't emotion!

Michele    Akron, OH

5/10/2009 11:43:50 AM

I agree that cats feel emotions.

gg    la, CA

4/30/2009 6:23:45 PM

i agree

Heather    Frederick, MD

4/30/2009 5:29:44 PM

hope that helps :)

Heather    Frederick, MD

4/30/2009 5:27:14 PM

think about how scared a cat gets when they are trapped or stuck. i think this is a definite example of emotion. oh, and a cat does not need to be outside to be happy. i have only had indoor cats and with a couple of toys and playtime they are perfectly happy. letting a cat outdoors is not recommended because they are likely to live shorter lives due to health hazards. an outdoor cats lifespan average is 3 years.

Ava    Springfield, OR

4/30/2009 12:23:42 PM

I definitely feel my Katie is presently acting out of spite, or at least out of irritation at me. She has recently developed a new behavior. She mews, glares at me me when I look her way, then proceeds to dig deeper into an armchair that she has already reduced to shreds. I'm worried that this may be caused by physical discomfort & am debating going to the vet- (I'm cash strapped.)

Marcia    Aptos, CA

4/25/2009 5:34:14 PM

I agree, I feel that my kitty lets me know when she does not want to be held etc. I was wondering, if I keep her indoors (she is only a year and 6 months, as far as I know) I adopted her at Xmas from AFRP and they told me to keep her in for several months, will she be deprived? I love her and she is very inquisitive, and I fear she will run off if I let her out. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, as I have never had an indoor cat before.

Sandra    San Francisco, CA

4/24/2009 3:02:54 PM


Cats do show emotion - they feel happiness, sadness, anxiety - I work in the vet department at an animals shelter and I have seen cats become depressed and stressed overtime. They do feel pain, joy...just like us.

Jessica    Enumclaw, WA

4/13/2009 4:40:48 AM

I 100% think that cat's have emotions. A perfect example of cat emotion is the reaction of a cat before and after it has been petted. There is a definite differce in the cats demeaner which is what we pick up on by connection to that emotion and we continue to pet to continue making the cat happy.

Tamara    Findaly, OH

4/10/2009 11:20:40 PM

Of course they feel emotions! I've had my cats look ashamed, scared, satisfied, cunning, and a whole range of other emotions. They don't meow for nothing - they want and need just like humans.

Desi    Lake Charles, LA

4/9/2009 3:46:29 PM

Of course cats feel emotion. I whole-heartly agree. Maybe a little different from humans, but that's just becase they mask them like they used to do in the wild. We humans on the other hand, have never needed to mask anything. We talk about our problems, when we're scared, happy, angry, or anything else we make sure somebody knows. It's just the opposite with cats. They don't let people know, or they do, just not the ways we expect.

Andrea    Minot, ND

4/8/2009 11:13:49 AM

One of my cats will sit at my feet and whine -- literally -- when he wants to be picked up and he feels like I've been ignoring him. Another one stood on his hind legs, lifted his paws in the air and begged. The intonation of his voice differs depending on what he's after -- the whine is up and down like you hear from a little kid, the surprised one is pretty much what you'd expect, the complaint is loud and raucous. He purrs when he's happy, he cowers and hides when he's afraid, he hisses when he's angry. He's a cat, so his emotions are not human, but they're recognizable as anger, fear, happiness, affection, complaint, pleading. It's not rocket science to say an animal has emotion, just common sense and observation. I wonder how many scientists actually live with animals or are in touch with their own human emotions.

Halli    Blue Springs, MO

4/1/2009 1:13:33 PM

I know my cats have emotions. Danzig will come cuddle on my boyfriends lap when he is feeling loving and he comes and tries to chew on my arm when he is feeling anxious or I think he does it when he misses me too lol.

Nikki    Almonte Ontario Canada, CA

3/30/2009 3:17:52 PM

Cats definatly feel emotions. I think that most people who own a cat would feel this way. Not to exclude other animals, they definatly feel emotions as well. Great article by the way.

doodahgal    Denver, CO

3/28/2009 2:50:17 AM

I had a cat that would get so upset when I would not get up in the middle of the night to feed her, this was what I would find the next morning--the 10-ft long runner from the stairs would be piled in a heap at the bottom of the stairs, the 3 large sofa cushions would be all on the floor, and a huge piece of a very large rug would be flipped over. This is only one example of the very many things she would do when she was unhappy with me. They were all very obvious intentional. That little nut kept me entertained for almost 20 years! I've never met any animal (and few people, actually) with so much personality.

Harriett    Hartselle, AL

3/18/2009 2:29:03 PM

Of course cats feel emotions. My Calleigh is so tuned to how I feel that when I'm down she crawls up in my lap and looks at me with a sad face. When I'm happy, she's bouncing off the walls like there is no tomorrow. I am positive that out emotions are intertwined.

mike    hawley, PA

3/14/2009 6:05:16 AM


Mike    Fredericton, NB

3/13/2009 10:35:46 AM

Cat definitely feel emotion. Cats can also differentiate between human emotions. She can tell when I'm pissed, and she keeps her distance. She knows when I'm sad or lonely, and she comes and lays with me. When I'm in a good mood, she grabs her favorite toy and brings it to me (she fetches).

Kathy    Wahiawa, HI

3/12/2009 5:44:31 PM

Of course they have emotions. They have feelings too just like us.

Sheila    Omaha, NE

3/10/2009 11:31:24 AM

Of course cats can feel emotions! I can tell exactly what my cats feel, especially when they are disatisfied with something. You can tell when they are lonely because they will come to you for attention, more so than usual. You can also tell when they are sad or feel bad about doing something naughty. I think you can see alot of emotion in their eyes.

Donna    North Hollywood, CA

3/6/2009 7:45:26 PM

I have seen my two cats display every emotion from embarrassment, to joy, anger, disappointment and many others. If you look closely enough you can see the body language of all the same emotions we have. You just have to pay attention and you'll see them all as plainly as we humans, they just don't have sleeves to wear them on, just furr!

me    a place, NY

3/4/2009 12:03:15 PM

DUH cats have emotions! People have emotions! We're both mammals. Some people seem to believe humans are some kind of supreme being that's better than all other creatures on the planet. Well, we're not. Cats are. (jk)

Jo    Anchorage, AK

3/4/2009 12:17:28 AM

How do you stop a kitten from biting and scratching? He will be calm and purring and then he'll start attacking. Please help - our hands and arms are so scratched up!!

Jon    Boca Raton, FL

2/28/2009 8:01:14 AM

I know my cat has emotions. It is so evident. When he is hungry/playful/anxious/scared he shows in in no uncertain terms. They definetly have emotuions.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

2/27/2009 8:19:15 PM

Yes, cats can feel emotions just the same as people!

Kathy    Verona, NJ

2/23/2009 9:50:44 AM

My cat will show that she's anxious or worried and her "tone of voice" changes when she wants something badly...

Pat    Broomfield, CO

2/20/2009 9:27:32 PM

about two years ago, one of my dogs died. My cat and this dog loved each other and it was most apparent to me she was grieving him so bad when he died she would not eat she just laid by the door waiting for him to come back, it was so very sad, I adopted another dog that was very similar to him and evenually she and my other dog became best friends. Today, she plays with his tail and ears and he lets her. She adores him and plays with the other dog as well but not as much.

VICKI    raymond, MS

2/19/2009 12:05:06 AM


Dot    Friday Harbor, WA

2/15/2009 7:02:59 AM

Our two cats definitely exhibit emotions of happiness and depression at various times (even jealousy). Great article!

Molly    UPLAND, CA

2/12/2009 1:29:11 PM

They sure can...all the time!

matt    hermitage, PA

2/5/2009 4:37:40 PM

They sure do! I see emotions in my cat all the time. The trick is knowing what emotion your actually witnessing. This can be tricky. My cat changed me from a dog lover to a cat lover overnight. The reason: vivid intelligence and true emotion's. Treat your animals good, thank you.

Monique    Fredericton, NB

1/31/2009 9:22:35 AM

What a great article! Thanks!

Rose    Carmel, IN

1/28/2009 3:32:02 PM

Of course they can!

ruth    reading, PA

1/25/2009 8:13:13 PM

hi i have a ally cat she is only 6 month when do she start haveing felling for a other cat

millie smith    lafayette, IN

1/24/2009 9:36:07 PM

its more of a question are cats known to take things in the house and hide this something all cats do?our cat takes objects and hides them under the dinning room rug and in shoes.shes very social a very good friend indeed

Jenni    West Bloomfield, MI

1/20/2009 3:01:47 PM

I'm always surprised whenever people try to say animals might not feel emotions. It comes up a lot because I'm vegan, but I think anyone with a cat can agree - they definitely have feelings! :)

Vicki    2wpPZZ, MS

1/17/2009 8:40:06 PM

Yes, for sure!! Most owners can tell by their body language , and also their voice change!!!

Mila    Los Angeles, CA

1/16/2009 3:27:22 PM

Sure they can!!!

Martin    Detroit, MI

1/14/2009 10:53:02 PM

I agree with what was discussed here. Cats do have feelings. My babies definitly have emotions of all kinds and they show it.

Van    Urbandale, IA

1/14/2009 7:03:00 PM

good information

candice    ofallen, MN

1/14/2009 3:54:15 PM

great info

Chrystal    Westminster, CO

1/14/2009 12:06:34 PM

I also agree that cats have emotions. I see it all the time with my three.

Eileen    Roanoke, VA

1/14/2009 11:12:39 AM

I am certain I have hurt my cat Keepers Feelings at times

Laurie    Erie, PA

1/14/2009 9:30:47 AM

I know my cat shows emotions. The easiest one to decipher is his love for me!

Nash    Danvers, MA

1/14/2009 9:28:19 AM

I absolutely, 100%, agree

Kathy    Morehead City, NC

1/14/2009 9:23:18 AM

I agree!

Rollie    Bristow, VA

1/14/2009 9:20:07 AM

enjoyed reading what i've always known. :-)

Erin    Coventry, CT

1/14/2009 7:12:59 AM

i agree

D    Indy, IN

1/14/2009 6:50:53 AM

I totally agree.

D    Newtown, CT

1/14/2009 6:12:29 AM

Good article

Cathy    Hubbard, OH

1/14/2009 5:21:21 AM

I agree 100%. Anyone that has had cats for a period of time should know this. They are the best! My heart also goes out to the lady below that had to give hers away as she lost her home. I do not know what I would do in that case.

Patti    Woodbridge, NJ

1/13/2009 12:56:50 PM

Absolutely!!! cats DO feel emotions. I had to give away my cats Kali and Luna whenI lost my home.They were scared, sad and angry in the process.
when they were with us they showed us unconditional love. I truly believe cats show love for their people.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

1/10/2009 1:36:44 AM

For sure!! Especially jelousness, here lately around here!!!!

Kitty    Gig Harbour, AL

1/5/2009 5:59:41 PM

very true

Maureen    Las Vegas, NV

1/2/2009 7:54:32 AM

I trully believe they feel every emotion. If I get angry they know it and they always apologize. Meow. And when I'm sad they come and make me feel better. I lost a cat recently, and I know they grived. Can't tell me otherwise.

no name    spiritlake, ID

12/28/2008 10:02:30 PM

very true! My kitty has so many emotions. Some times I can look in her eyes and almost tell what she is feeling!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

12/28/2008 8:29:30 PM

Syre they can; just as we do!!

Jennifer    Jackson, TN

12/22/2008 2:11:10 PM

My cats definitly have different emotions. They even become lonly and will go around the house looking and meowing for each other.

Molly    Columbus, OH

12/21/2008 11:44:57 AM

This is a great article. My cats can definitely show their emotions and everyone should know that cats understand a lot more than they are given credit for. Give it up for cats!!! : )

Vicki    Raymond, MS

12/19/2008 2:46:27 PM

I really like this article! And yes, I know that cats feel emotions the same as humans. You can tell by their body language as well as their purring, hiding, or type of meow.

Ml    Montoursville, PA

12/19/2008 10:28:40 AM

All cats are different in the way they express themselves. And they are smart too learning things watching you interact with the other cats. Our one girl used to watch me tickle the belly of my big orange boy cat, she would watch and watch and put her head down to try to roll over. I watched her so I encouraged her asking if she had a tickle belly too and she finally started rolling around so I could tickle her belly. Now when she wants attention and thinks you should stop paying attention to one of the others she comes over and fusses at me and rolls over waiting for her belly to be tickled.

Andrew    Palo Alto, CA

12/18/2008 4:48:31 PM

So true! I never doubted that cats had emotions!

Elsa    Rathdrum, ID

12/14/2008 4:32:32 PM

I feel that cats can definitley feel emotions, since i've lived with cats for a long time i understand this!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

12/13/2008 8:31:31 PM

Sure they can! They can also since how their owners are feeling and try to help them by rubbing around on them' sitting in your ;ap,ect.trying to help you feel better.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

12/10/2008 10:09:21 PM

Yes, they feel emotions between each other, as well as toward humans. They can also since what kind of day, or emotions their owners are having at times.


12/10/2008 11:00:48 AM


Kendra    Oakville, ON

12/9/2008 7:56:43 PM

Cats definitely feel emotion. I have had cats who have clearly shown jealously towards other cats and other pets. Not only do they show emotion but you can see that there are motivations behind some of their behaviours. People don't give them enough credit for their feelings and ability to comprehend and act accordingly to certain situations.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

12/5/2008 7:33:56 PM

Yes, I'm SURE they can, because they can since when I'm not feeling well, or depressed, plus also know when they've done something wrong!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

12/2/2008 8:31:59 PM

YES!! They can for sure;booth amoung themselves, as well as being able to tell hoe you are feeling!!

Kim    Burbank, CA

12/2/2008 7:25:38 PM

Sure they can!

Mallory    Atlanta, GA

12/1/2008 11:25:49 AM

My cat, Libby, would come lay down with me if I ever cried. She would walk in, look me in the eyes and lay down as if to let me know she's there for me. I almost equate this to being equal to "wanting my mom" days where only your mom can comfort you.....this was just as good.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

11/29/2008 7:11:57 PM

Yes, a friend of mine passed away on Thabksgiving Day, the funeral today, and they could all tell that I was down, hurting, ect. And they all came too me one at a time to sit in my lap; their way of trying to comfort me!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

11/28/2008 8:36:29 PM

Yes, besides all the feelings that they experience like people do, I've noticed also how jealous they can get over one another!!

Hunter    Kenner, LA

11/23/2008 6:56:29 PM

I think that cats do feel emotions , they are just like mini people.

lia    des moines, IA

11/22/2008 5:44:39 AM

of course cats feel emotions all animals do but still a cool article

Vicki    Raymond, MS

11/21/2008 11:49:01 PM

SURE THEY DO!! Not only about themselves, other siblings, but their owners emotions as well.

Lulu    LA, CA

11/21/2008 6:10:55 PM

Sure they can!

Willa    Walton, NE

11/20/2008 7:27:07 PM

that was interesting news.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

11/20/2008 4:09:22 PM

Yes, and they're all probably mad at me now, becuse I'm late getting home!!

Jan    Southport, NC

11/19/2008 2:45:46 PM

Yes, I do believe that cats experience emotions. But what kind of emotion is my cat trying to express when she & I are alone most of the time and she gets aggressive when I am talking softly and gently petting her? How can I tell if my cat is trying to dominate me?

Vicki    Raymond, MS

11/18/2008 3:48:33 PM

YES!! After having as many as I've had through out my life time; I know that they feel emotions, as well as can tell when their owner is sick, depressed, ect...

Vicki    Raymond, MS

11/14/2008 11:23:25 PM

Sure they can!! They can also since out what kind of emotions that their humane family is having also.

janet    bethlehem, PA

11/12/2008 4:52:18 AM

good article thanks

Brenda    Montclair, CA

11/10/2008 3:42:53 PM

I know my cats can feel my emotions.

Leanne    Sacramento, CA

11/9/2008 5:19:59 PM

very useful information. thank you.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

11/7/2008 5:49:25 PM

Not only can they feel emotions between themselves, but I believe they can tell how their owner is feeling emotionally also!!

Jesse    Newport News, VA

11/6/2008 9:54:05 AM

I love it!

Mannie    Carson, CA

10/29/2008 9:19:11 PM


Sydney    mission Viejo, CA

10/28/2008 9:09:04 AM

wow thats cool that we are kinda related!

Autumn    jamestown, NY

10/27/2008 7:42:40 PM

My cat, Zeek definitly feels and expresses emotions. I can tell when he is upset with me or other things going on in his enviroment. Each cat, like each human expressess emotions in different ways. It takes time and interest to understand each cat. If you truly love your animal and watch their behavior you can pick up on it. And if you truly care then you can limit stress and fear in your cat's life.

Michelle    Middleburg, FL

10/27/2008 7:14:36 PM

I truly believe cats have emotions. My cat Lifesaver has shown me his happy side all the way to his down in the dumps side. Its my job to find out why and fix it.

Courtney    Baltimore, MD

10/26/2008 7:44:17 AM

Good article...I know my cat loves me

Tara    Hummelstown, PA

10/13/2008 5:21:48 PM

An amazing article. My one kitty, has a serious heart problem...and i feel bad that she is constantly being attacked by her older sister. And I always scold her, her being the older one. And she just looks at me like I can't tell her what to do. But anywhoo, about my younger one with the heart conditions. I just wish there was a way that she could understand that I want to help her, that I love her dearly, just as much as her sister. And I want her to feel like that this is her home as much as it is her sister's and her uncle's, (the dog's). I just wish that there way a way I could make her, (but not forcefully) be more relaxed and not be scared of everything that comes around her, especially me... because al I wanna do is help her...and I don't know how else to do so... I would love so help and advice please...from anyone...

Mary Ann    Southington, CT

10/10/2008 11:31:20 AM

I really like your articles and love my cat! She is so attached to me. I have always had outdoors cats but want this one inside. Safer, cleaner, etc. She is loveable, but likes to bite. Can't figure out why, is she playing or what?

Vicki    Raymond, MS

10/7/2008 3:56:29 PM

Sure, they can!! I can tell it in all the years that I've owned cats

Jennifer    Suwanee, GA

10/6/2008 8:32:59 PM

I know my cat loves me!!

Noelle    Beecher, IL

10/6/2008 6:41:18 PM

Good article. Thanks!

Anna    Maple Grove, MN

10/6/2008 6:02:30 PM

Very interesting article! If emotion is the same as having different moods and feelings, then cats definately have emotions!

Laurie    Erie, PA

10/6/2008 5:00:20 PM

I know my cats show emotions that can be compared to or even the same as human emotions, there is no doubt in my mind that this is true!

GG    LA, CA

10/6/2008 4:43:49 PM


lori    morber, PA

10/6/2008 4:33:47 PM

i honestly believe that cats can have emotions. when i am sad or not feeling well my cat is right there for me. i believe that she knows that something is wrong. We recently lost our dog and i know that my baby was lost and sad.

Niki    Spartanburg, SC

10/6/2008 12:40:30 PM

Who would think that cats don't feel emotions?

Sammy    Oceanside, CA

10/6/2008 12:37:44 PM

Of course thy have emotions! How silly to think they wouldn't!

pam    poulsbo, WA

10/6/2008 9:07:50 AM

I really agree they have emotions.

sherri L    dayton, OH

10/6/2008 8:58:36 AM

their body language and the look in their eyes tell me that they have a rainbow of emotion. They know when i am unhappy-they come to me and will not leave my side and the love radiates from their siamese eyes.

Moni    Boise, ID

10/6/2008 8:14:09 AM

What a stupid idea that animals don't have emotions or love. Of course they do. People that think they don't must not have pets or emotions.

Donna    Austin, TX

10/6/2008 5:15:04 AM

Cats use their whole bodies to express their emotions -- posture, eyes, ears, whiskers, tail -- as well as vocalizations. It's important to learn to read your cat's body language and speech.

missy    warren, MI

10/5/2008 1:27:43 PM

very interseting.but i need to know what to do about a silver tip siemens that i took in my home that was abused for two years.i try to give her all the love she needs and her space when she wants to be left alone, what should i do????

Kristina    Rochester, MN

10/5/2008 7:55:01 AM

Cats do have emotion!

Vicki    Raymand, MS

10/4/2008 9:16:54 PM

I've noticed this in all my cats. Sure we have similar emotions.

Alie    Abingdon, MD

10/1/2008 5:42:39 PM

This shows alot Thanks

Monique    Fredericton, NB

10/1/2008 12:02:04 PM

Great article, thank you!

Michelle    Henry, TN

10/1/2008 7:40:58 AM

This was a good how to get my kitty to be happy instead of being pissy all the time!!!

paige    muskego, WI

9/30/2008 2:27:22 PM

sometimes my cat Charlie Muskego, WI (vote cotd) please, cries or something when we leave him. He is very sensitive!!! He also hides under the bed when he embarrases himself!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

9/28/2008 7:49:51 PM

Very much so!! They can also sense your emotions as well!!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

9/28/2008 7:49:50 PM

Very much so!! They can also sense your emotions as well!!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

9/26/2008 2:30:38 PM

Yes, my Uncle passed away, and I was grieving with great sadness. I went out of town too his funeral, leaving a neighbor to care for them, and Milo didn't even show up until the day I came home!!

Sylvia    Palmdale, CA

9/22/2008 1:37:34 PM

Sure they can! They know when I'm angry or sad. Sometimes I think they read my emotion better than my hubby.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

9/20/2008 6:47:34 PM

Yes, they sure can!! They can tell when you're angry, hurt, and even when you're sick. They will come lay by me when I'm not feeling well, and stay awy, if I'm angry!!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

9/18/2008 6:02:03 PM

YES!!! I know that they can fot sure; by the way they react too differant circumstances, and what peoples are feeling also!!

K    Rochester, MN

9/16/2008 6:43:38 PM

They can feel emotion...

lin    van nuys, CA

9/15/2008 11:15:45 AM

Anyone who has raised two kitten together, then lost one, has seen the emotions of a cat. They hurt just like we do.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

9/12/2008 7:32:25 PM

YES!! THey sure can!! As well as dogs! If one of their siblings were too pass awawy; they grieve, just as we do.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

9/12/2008 6:35:33 PM

Yes, all cat's fell emotions!! And they all have differant personalities. that go along with the wat they choose too express thier emotions.

Margaret Nahmias    Queen Creek, AZ

9/10/2008 8:40:00 AM

Cat can defintely emotion, just watch their body languge/ For example When my cats he'll tense up and move more tentatively, like a nervous person would.

pam    poulsbo, WA

9/8/2008 8:33:14 AM

I believe cats have feeling.

Kay    Fontana, CA

9/2/2008 3:33:16 PM

I was hoping for more insight, but this article does tell me that my cat is trying to communicate with me through various gestures. For instance, she comes running when she sees me and the base of her tail quivers. She is also very verbal. She makes different sounds for her different moods. If she comes into the house and she doesn't see me right away, she literally howls until I call her. She doesn't leave our backyard. She loves her face to be kissed all over.

Nancy    Anaheim, CA

9/2/2008 1:59:11 PM

Nice article!

Frankie    West Covina, CA

8/25/2008 8:45:23 PM

One of my cats talks! One time I took his bowl away, and he said "MEOW?". It was awesome! They have emotions just like us humans!

Gina    Newport Beach, CA

8/22/2008 4:52:11 PM

Excellent article!

Mark    Cupertino, CA

8/21/2008 7:06:23 PM

I liked this article a lot. At first, I thought my cat didn't know our emotions. I've really learned a lot from this article.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

8/20/2008 9:14:57 PM

Yes, I'm sure that they can, especially after loosing Saddie!! They still all seem to be grieving for her as well as still continuing their search for her around the house!!

Melody    Sebastopol, CA

8/18/2008 6:08:29 PM

I strongly believe that all animals have emotions but I do think that cats, in particular, are able to express their emotions clearly.
In short, great article!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

8/18/2008 5:47:48 PM

YES!! All of my other cats are still feeling lost without Saddie!!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

8/16/2008 5:50:40 PM

YES!! All of my other cats still seem to be lost and grieving over the loss of Saddiem whom was nice, friendly, playfull, and would also correct thier wrong behavior!!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

8/15/2008 8:59:05 PM

issing 'SAddie'! Yes, very much so!! I can tell that all of the otherss are really missing 'Saddie'!!!

Rhodora Milano    1 Vera Court Redwood City, CA

8/15/2008 5:16:22 PM

100% sure that cats have emotion. They are happy sometimes and emotional at times. Our cat does not want to come home. He just stay on the fence of the neightbor. For 3 days now she did not come home.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

8/14/2008 2:41:18 PM

Yes, very much so! WE just lost one of our family members, 'Saddie', yet we all keep loooking for her, thinking that she will just come walkinf back up to the house one day, although we know better. ESpecially her brother Millo, who now is a loner, and will not even pay the other three cats any attention!

addam    west covnia, CA

8/14/2008 1:28:44 PM

Yes my cat has a lot of mixed emotions

Regina    Germantown, MD

8/14/2008 10:58:41 AM

Yes cats have emotion! My little sweetie Morris always acts so happy when I come home and is so sad when i leave. He even , after playing, buries dead bugs in plants and bows his head by like some memorial service.

Vicki    39154, MS

8/12/2008 1:55:23 PM

Yes, I can especially tell now since my cat Saddie passe away! Her brother, Milo, and Stanly are acting very depressed by the way they are behaving.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

8/11/2008 8:29:21 PM

Yes, they can feel emtions, and you can tell what their feeing by the way they are acting.

Gena    Kansas city, KS

8/10/2008 8:41:05 AM

of course cats have emotions!!

Elizabeth    Roseville, CA

8/9/2008 10:01:46 PM

We can certainly tell when our cat is happy, sad, antsy!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

8/9/2008 9:47:33 PM

Yes, animals feel emotions, and you should be able to tell what they're feeling by their behavoir; since you should know your pets well, and know what the're differant behaviors mean

Laura    East Syracuse, NY

8/8/2008 11:19:30 AM

I've always thought cats felt emotions.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

8/2/2008 6:56:03 PM

Most diffentantly!! My cat 'Saddie' has just recently passed, and her brother, out of the same litter, Millo, seems to be grieving for her!!

boudreau    dieppe, CA

8/1/2008 3:09:47 AM

I have 3 cats and i do beleive that they feel emotions. Not always sure which one but they do.
I also think that cats can have strong bonding with there owner like dogs. I have one who sits on my laps and with her front legs she surronds my arm. Don't go...

Tracie    Madison, WI

7/30/2008 9:39:32 AM

This was a very interesting article!

ben    robbinsville, NJ

7/29/2008 10:59:25 AM

i know cats have emotions they r living beings

Sydney    Guelph, ON

7/27/2008 3:38:02 PM

Cats so can feel emotions!!!!!!!!!!

cathy    westville, IN

7/23/2008 12:07:44 PM

I have 4 cats and when I am upset they stay around me and don't leave my side...Its like they know I am hurting. I believe they have an inner intuition about the Peerson or Person who takes care of them and when you need tending they are there for you.

Wilma    Little Rock, AR

7/19/2008 3:07:02 PM

Great article!

Rebecca    Bothell, WA

7/19/2008 7:40:53 AM

Oh, also one more thing. At my home, I have 3 male cats Benson (4yrs), Spencer (4yrs) and Oliver 3 years. But I also have a female named Dakota and she is 5yrs. The kitten is also female. I am not sure of what to do....

Rebecca    Bothell, WA

7/19/2008 7:37:34 AM

Wow! I don't know how to thank this article! Yesterday I found a kitten wrapped up in a plastic bag. I had no clue where to start or what was wrong. When the kitten dashed away, I now understand why, it was fear from me. So I gave the kitten it's own time, put out some toys and the next day it rubbed against me. It is amazing how cats can change their emotions so soon and adjust to a person to quickly.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

7/13/2008 3:50:24 PM

I just brought home a new 6 week old kitten. I'm afraid to let the youngest one, 'Wine' around it at this time because he is even agggressive toward my older ones now!!

Emily    Montpelier, VT

7/12/2008 1:59:00 AM

Thanks for the article. However, I still remain a bit baffled, that with all the more recent brain/emotional research that has been available in the scientific as well as lay community in the recent years, that this issues is an ongoing debate. Isn't it time to use research time and money on other issues?

gg    L.A., CA

7/11/2008 10:03:09 PM

interesting, i can always tell if my cat is happy, sad, or mad :)

Laurie    Erie, PA

7/11/2008 5:57:35 PM

I do believe that my cat shows emotions with me

Verne    Media, PA

7/11/2008 5:13:02 PM

Our family cat,Fritz,who lived 18 yrs,was full of character, a faithful friend & doted on by all of us,roamed the house for weeks searching, howling & crying when my dad passed.She was visibly sad & upset. He'd played with her all the time. When mom had to go into a nursing home,Fritz did the same thing.Mom went into depression & then got Alzheimers after dad died & Fritz seemed to know something was wrong & that mom needed her. She stayed close to her & loved on her til she had to go. I was the only one left at home & she & I became even closer. I cared for her til kidney disease took over & she had to be sent to The Bridge. I held her head ,gazed into her eyes & talked softly to to her as she took that journey. She had been a good & faithful friend..

Tanya    Paden City, WV

7/11/2008 11:25:41 AM

Hello to ALL! Nice article. I'm glad that a doctor has finally let people know the truth about cats' emotions. Thank's to ALL!!!
Love ya
Tanya & the FAMILY

Peggy    Jackson, MS

7/11/2008 5:20:09 AM


Cathy    Hubbard, OH

7/11/2008 5:11:57 AM

I KNOW cats have emotion and I am pretty sure I can read my kitties most of the time.

janet    bethlehem, PA

7/4/2008 12:12:33 PM

good article thanks

Vicki    Raymond, MS

7/2/2008 4:01:29 PM

Yes, they can feel as sad as we do when something happens to one of our family!! Saddie has been missing now; going onto the 4th daay!! And I can since my other cat's, not only missing her, but looking for her also!

Diana    Tallahassee, FL

7/2/2008 5:03:50 AM

If a cat can mourn the loss of a loved one--whether feline or human--then that cat can feel emotions. Hence the use of "mourn" and "loved" in the previous sentence.

What rubbish to imagine they don't have emotions!!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

6/29/2008 8:02:12 PM

YES11 THEY CAN!! A friend of mine who stayed with me several weeks had a seizure in the back bedroom. It sound like the stpped up drainage in the bath-tub. Before I could run back there,(because I'd heard no bath water running to start with), my cat Staanly beat me back there to check on him, and he was having a gradma seizure!! Believe it or not, he laid on top of him; as dogs are trained to do while his boddy was jerking around!! Ever heard of a seizure cat?? I haven't. He knew and felt something wasn'r right, abd beat me running back there to check on my friend!!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

6/28/2008 9:09:38 PM

Sure, I believe they feel emotions of their own, as well as can sinse our their owner is feeling!!

Danette    Shawnee, KS

6/27/2008 10:06:33 AM

I have been a cat lover my entire life and have had especially two cats that were my best friends. The cat companion I now have is the most unusual animal I have ever encountered. Like some humans, you can literally see what he is feeling through his eyes. He may not be reacting in a "human" way, but he definitely is emotional.

KT    Asheville, NC

6/26/2008 9:51:24 PM

So interesting. I agree with Dr. Hetts.

Cynthia    Warren, RI

6/26/2008 7:57:56 AM

Tell me, is anger an emotion? It may be an emotional response, however negative it may be, but it is, in fact, an emotion. So if my cat feels anger, and fright, why shouldn't he feel happy and portray this feeling by purring, or rubbing up against my leg, or wanting to sit in my lap and purr as well as knead my legs while doing so... I truly believe cats feel emotions. My female's kitties were all given away to different homes, each time they left, she wandered around looking in their usual spots for them, crying while she walked through the house. I am convinced, cats feel emotions, maybe not to the extend or extreme as humans do, but they do, in my eyes, feel every emotion a human does.

Elizabeth    Roseville, CA

6/24/2008 9:43:23 PM

I think our cat has a great sense of humor!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

6/24/2008 7:46:36 PM

Yes, I strongly agree that cats can feel emotion!! by the way they act, vocalizze, ect..

Vicki    Raymond, MS

6/21/2008 11:05:35 PM

Yes, I know that cats feel emotions, but there is one that I have that I can't figure out. He walks around meowing constantly!! He has food, water, cat toys, ect..can't figure out why he is constantly meowing; more less whining!!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

6/20/2008 8:16:01 PM

Yes, I can tell what they are wanting, or what is bugging them by the way they act. They also vocalize themselfs differantly also.

Vicki    39154, MS

6/15/2008 5:37:41 PM

Yes, I truely belirvr that cats, as well as other animals DO feel emotions!!! You would be able to tell by their body movement, differant sounds than they normabaly make, ect..


6/12/2008 1:44:29 PM


Vicki    Raymond, MS

6/9/2008 1:19:14 PM

After reading this article, several times, I am now sure that cats feel emotions, as well as sinse ours!!

Mickie    Buffalo, NY

6/9/2008 9:19:02 AM

This was helpful and informative,but I've always known that cats feel emotion by the way my cats interact with me. I watch them closely and try to sense how they are feeling. I am sure that at least two of them have loved me very much!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

6/8/2008 8:13:59 PM

YES!! Cat's can most diffantly fell emotions; not only theit own, but can also since the emotions os how a person is feeling!!

Abby    Ashburn, VA

6/8/2008 7:05:42 AM

I believe strongly that cats feel emotions, and are even more keen on picking out ours and improving them! Well done with the article!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

6/6/2008 11:04:55 AM

After reading this article a few times, I'm beginning to pay more attension to my cats behavoir, as well as thier differant tones of voice when they are trying to tell me someting.

Jane    Oceanside/Tucson, CA

5/31/2008 3:22:09 PM

I have a queen that lives with us in our RV. She is the boss in a subtle way. She will not allow loud talking. She will jump up on you lap, put her paws on you chest, look you in the eye and tell you in a loud meow to hush up. We all laugh when she does that. She loves RV living,too.

Abby    Ashburn, VA

5/30/2008 3:11:53 PM

Interestibg.... I've always wondered about that!

Many thanks,

LiAnn    Las Vegas, NV

5/29/2008 7:14:35 PM

Of course they feel emotions, they get scared, happy, depressed, those are all emotions..

Vicki    Raymond, MS

5/29/2008 4:14:44 AM

I think that my male kitten'cat, knows or sinse that something is up this morning because he went outside last night, and instead of being at the front door, as usual, he's no where to be seen; after callling for him! His appointment to be neautered is this morning at 9am!! Could have felt the vibes from me??

Vicki    Raymond, MS

5/29/2008 4:14:37 AM

I think that my male kitten'cat, knows or sinse that something is up this morning because he went outside last night, and instead of being at the front door, as usual, he's no where to be seen; after callling for him! His appointment to be neautered is this morning at 9am!! Could have felt the vibes from me??

Rebecca    Keene, NH

5/28/2008 11:17:37 AM

I agree that cats have emotions. I have just recently moved and am fairly sure my cat is down. It isn't just me and him anymore. He has another cat to acclimate too and he has a couple other people around now. I do not know what to do to help him other than comfort him the best I can and make sure he has familiar things in reach.

Vicki    39154, MS

5/28/2008 10:19:47 AM

I also believe that not only can they feel emotion, but can sinse that something is up, by the way I act. Such as my youngest male has a vet appointment at 9am tomorrow, to be neautured; and I think that he sinses that!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

5/27/2008 11:37:10 AM

YES!! They do feel emotios, the same as we do, but express themselves in differant ways!

Kyra    Calgary, AL

5/25/2008 3:43:02 PM

Of course cat's and dog's have/feel emotions.
for example: you brought home a kitten and your cat is feeling sad,depressed or mabey angry.
cat's display a whole variety of emotions. And its very interesting how cats also have diffrent personalities. And thats my opinon.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

5/24/2008 6:56:18 PM

Yes! I know that they feek emotions almost the same as we do. They can also semce how you are feeling' and keep you company when feeling down.

Deborah    Dalton, GA

5/24/2008 6:30:17 AM

I love this article, I have always thought of my cats as little human children and treat then that way too. I absolutely believe that cats feel emotions, sad, happy, lonely, loving. All the same emotions humans feel they are just expressed in a little different way. I believe if you treat and talk to your cats as they are like you, then you will get the same back from your cat(s). I sure do, people say cats are very stubborn in independent, and to a certain extent they are but thinks about it: aren't humans this exact same way? I firmly believe, if we treat our felines as we would any other person or child with respect, and love you will get the same in return and should a temper tantrum arise, handle it like you would a child, sit them down and talk to them in the same tone of voice you would anyone else. Believe me they really understand what you are saying! mine do.

Cathy    Hubbard, OH

5/21/2008 5:47:41 AM

Cats definitely feel emotions. Also, they might not do things out of spite, but they know how to push your buttons when they want attention. They also know how to show they are mad at you. They are wonderful creatures and I am so glad to have them in my life.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

5/20/2008 10:53:37 AM

Yes, I know they can. I gave the new kitten to the next door neighbors little girl yesterday. I was feeling sad and Wine has been hanging out close to me all morning, and is sitting in my lap now, as I do this, like the baby kitten had done for the past 5 days! He knows something is wrong with me today--missing the baby kitten, although he is very happy that she's gone, because he is now the baby again!!

Becky    State College, PA

5/18/2008 7:09:40 PM

I definitely think that cats, as well as other animals, feel emotion. I have seen this so many times, and although their emotions can be different from ours, they are definitely there.

Kiki    Latham, NY

5/18/2008 6:03:21 AM

I belive that animals truly feel emotions, I can especially "see" when they are , in human terms, happy.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

5/17/2008 4:16:04 AM

Yes, I can always tell how they're feeling and exactly what they are wanting ny their differant tones they use. But, They also can get mad at you, abd want nothing to do with you when you bring in an unexpected new kitten. I can't hurt the ones I already have by taking in this new cute little kitten. I'm geting attached to her after only 2 nights! But, I know a little 7 yr. old girl, who's an only child with no other pets. I decided to let her have this new one. Then maybe my others will feel better, as well as the little gorl; who will handle her gently!

Katherine    Staten Island, NY

5/15/2008 3:44:18 PM

Definately, cats feel emotion. A simple example is when they rub against your leg when you come home. They certainly miss you when you are gone and show it by avoiding you. When you suddenly give them Fancy feast after a month, they are definately ecstatic. I know my cat talks to me through his eyes. You can always see someboy's soul through their eyes.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

5/14/2008 4:29:41 PM

I believe that If they are raised togetgether, they will love and protect one another. And ever animal fells emotions.

trenton    atlanta, GA

5/11/2008 3:43:07 PM

Of course they can fell emotions! They hiss and purr and all that.

Vicki    Raymond, MS

5/8/2008 9:54:28 PM

Yes, I believe, for sure that cats al well as other animsls can feel emotions. I can tell by thier attitude, and thaey also express thier diffentent, with their tone of voice!!

gg    la, CA

5/4/2008 7:19:34 PM

great info

Polly    Honolullu, HI

5/2/2008 4:32:40 PM

Wow I didn't know this! Cool!

Ed    Batavia, NY

5/1/2008 7:53:31 PM

Of course Cats, and other animals, experience emotions. They may not speak verse and prose (though it sounds like they meow it sometimes), but does anyone really believe you need to do that to express emotion?

Cats love, feel happiness, are sad, etc. I would put little faith in anyone who thinks that only humans feel emotions.

gg    la, CA

4/29/2008 5:25:06 PM


Vicki    Raymond, MS

4/22/2008 7:03:14 AM

Yes, I believe they feel emotios! You can tell by their body language as well as the tone of their meows!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

4/14/2008 11:31:23 AM

Yes, I believe cats feel emotions just as people do! I can tell by the way they act almost exactly what each of them are feeling.

gena    kansas city, KS

4/11/2008 9:01:26 AM

Of course cats can show emotion. we had a storm last night and bindi was scared and you could tell

John    Wethersfield, CT

4/8/2008 6:23:38 AM

I realized that my cat was not being spiteful when he seemingly refused to use his litter box. I thought he was just acting out because I had brought in another cat to the household. The problem was, and quite simply, that I needed to provide a second litterbox. That cured the problem and there has not been a problem since. Unfortunately, I treated the cat with disgust before I finally fixed the problem. I scolded him and even withheld affection. At one point, I thought about getting rid of him. I'm so glad that I got educated about having that all important extra litterbox.

Danielle    Bartlesville, OK

4/6/2008 6:39:01 PM


addam    west covnia, CA

3/30/2008 5:20:05 PM

when i carry my cat when i am sad he just give me a warn smily face

Maria    Gainesville, FL

3/28/2008 6:20:32 AM

I know my fat cat is very emotional LOL, and neurotic! She has more perxonality than most humans!

Jamie    Almont, MI

3/27/2008 3:16:43 PM

This was a good article.

Edward    Arcade, NY

3/27/2008 6:01:35 AM

I know cats can feel emotion. My cats meows the moment I walk out the door. He's like a dog that barks when he's excited to see you or sad when you leave. My cat misses me.

Michelle    Los Angeles, CA

3/26/2008 2:52:38 PM

Although most loving pet owners tend to anthropomorphize their animal companions, I 100% believe that my cats not only have emotions but they share them with us. If my eldest (11 yrs) is content, he rolls on his back with a very lazy happy look on his face. My middle kitty (4 yrs)wants something we may be eating she sits as close as possible and gives us a "woe is me" look and then lifts a paw to us. Our youngest (8 mons) is always happy and playful. We dode on each of them so much but they are worth it because they recognize our emotions as well. After losing my parents, my eldest not only stayed close to me while I was at home but he would also lick (or "bathed") my arms and head if I cried. They are all priceless.

alksadf    mission viejo, CA

3/24/2008 10:04:19 PM

my cat feels emotion too, great article, thanks

Wendy    Paris, TN

3/24/2008 2:53:49 PM

Of course cats feel emotions!! My kitty shows a wide range of emotions whether it is like or dislike.

lacy    castile, NY

3/15/2008 8:50:23 PM

my cats always knows when i'm in a good or bad mood and she's always there for me. she really is my best friend.

Sandie    Sarasota, FL

3/15/2008 7:36:48 PM

We agree a thousand percent. Absolutely our cats feel emotions. Each one has his or her own personality, too.

julia    mission viejo, CA

3/13/2008 10:28:17 PM

my cat is a happy cat

Vicki    Raymond, MS

3/13/2008 10:15:07 AM

Yes, I truely believe that cats do feel emotions just as we do!

brad    canada, ON

3/13/2008 5:17:46 AM

good advice!

Doreen    Harvey, LA

3/10/2008 12:36:34 PM

My cat is very shy and I do not know how to get her out of this. Please help me.

chrissy    sterling heights, MI

3/8/2008 10:08:36 PM

my cats make me feel better about myself

Toni    Clarksville, TN

3/8/2008 5:39:00 PM

Yes I believe cats are alot like us they can show emotions like us and they can also let you know when there is something wrong.

Chris    Buffalo, NY

3/7/2008 11:07:35 AM

Of course cats can feel emotions! Watch as they shy away from some people, or desire to hang around other people. Or watch them be protective of certain people or things.

When I was a baby, I had a cat named Shadow. He would always watch me and make sure I was alright. So protective. That is love.

Becky    MIami, FL

3/2/2008 10:06:53 AM

hmmm...very interesting

Ana    Urbandale, IA

3/1/2008 6:07:45 PM

I agree! Good article!

Vicki    Raymond, MS

3/1/2008 11:08:25 AM

Yes, I also believe they have emotions and can tell by they way they act. They also can tell when their owner isn't feeling well. A friend of mine had a seizure over here and my cat beat me to him and laid on top of him like dogs are trained to do. Needless to say the cat wasn't trained to do that, but just knew that something was wrong with him.

ed    batavia, NY

2/28/2008 7:38:13 AM

I do believe that cats can feel emotion

Leanne    Sacramento, CA

2/25/2008 1:46:50 PM

Great Article and very useful!

holly    iron mountain, MI

2/25/2008 1:36:47 PM

this article is right on i know for a fact that my cat feels just like me!

Joanne    Kings Park, NY

2/24/2008 11:13:22 AM

I agree! Cats can feel emotion...Just by learning about your cat you can see when they are stressed or anxious and especially when they are relaxed and comfy...Sometimes I even think we can see a smile....:)

Annette    Earlimart, CA

2/22/2008 9:27:06 PM

You bet cats feel emotion. We'd only had Mrs. Murphey for a little over a month when my husband died. Where before she would wander the house on her own, she became really reclusive. She wouldn't leave the windowsill behind the rolling island in the kitchen except to eat, drink, and use the litter. She would stay with me if I picked her up and carried her somewhere else in the house. She was also very intimidated by the other 5 cats.
Nearly a year after my husband's death, she has finally started to come out of her shell. She roams the house on her own, and follows me around. She doesn't always stay in the bed with me all night anymore. The other cats still intimidate her, but not as badly as before.
She may not have gotten to spend much time with my husband, but in the time they had together, he was her daddy and when he died, she missed him terribly and mourned him.

brad    ontario, ON

2/22/2008 4:53:28 AM

good article!

Ann    Lancaster, OH

2/17/2008 4:24:15 PM

We have a several cats. We had a 19 year old one that passed away LA on the memorial page. My other cats would look for her quite a while after she was gone. I know they feel emotion because they love to be close to me and as soon as I sit on the couch there are no less than 5 of them trying to wedge in together so they all fit on me.

Sherry    Great Falls, MT

2/17/2008 12:30:31 PM

I agree with this article.

meredith    bedford, NH

2/15/2008 11:39:06 AM

Cats, or any animal, can feel emotions I think.

Karen    Lakeland, FL

2/11/2008 8:58:40 AM

I defnitely believe that cats have emotions. I have had cat companions for most of my life and have seen them react in emotional ways, such as grieving or sadness for loss of another cat, and even happiness when someone returns that was gone for a time. I have one cat that I swear shows anger when he does not get what he wants. Also, I believe cats are very good at picking up on our human emotions as well.

Jan    Las Vegas, NV

2/10/2008 3:43:59 PM

My cat, Cali can feel emotion and I want to thank this article for making me a more aware Mom.

patty    stanton, KY

2/10/2008 5:04:22 AM

i had a cat spayed a year ago and she wasnt as mean/ i had 2- males neutered yesterday and all three cats are now hissing at each other. is this normal and will they go back to being the way they use to be to each other?

Kristen    Knoxville, IL

2/8/2008 3:41:21 PM

Wow, I never looked at it that way, but I really think that cats DO have emotions. Thanks for this article!! :)

Gretchen    Moorpark, CA

2/7/2008 7:00:02 PM

I've always felt that cats, like a great many animals experience emotions, anger, fear, loneliness, happiness. Just watch them thru-out the day and you will see it in action, glad to hear many of the professions feel the same way.

Linda    Mandeville, LA

2/4/2008 1:05:02 AM

I most definitely agree that cats have and show emotions. My Persian is very easy to interpret his feelings, he certainly makes his desires well known and knows how to let us know we have made him happy or not. I think cats are as good as humans, if not better, they don't hold grudges and my cat is better behaved than the human children I know!

Donna    Austin, TX

2/3/2008 11:10:02 AM

There's no doubt in my mind that cats have emotions. I volunteer at a local humane society and we have cats there who are or become depressed. Some are angry about being there. Others, especially those rescued from the streets (throw-aways as opposed to ferals), who are so grateful and hungry for love. No one could spend time at a shelter and still not believe that cats have emotions!

chandra    hanalulu, HI

2/2/2008 7:50:44 PM

it as terrible

Jen    Charlotte, NC

1/23/2008 7:37:00 PM

I have had cats all my life and have always known they do indeed have emotions. Just by looking at my cats, I can tell what they are feeling. Happy, sad, scared, love,etc. Reading a cat is easier than reading a person. They grieve too, just as people do. I observed that first hand when our oldest cat passed on a few years back.

Tanya    Paden City, WV

1/22/2008 11:01:42 PM

Dear Doctors

Thank you for your input. For the most part I agree with your findings. I have had kittens and cats for about forty years now, and if a person would spend some time watching a cat for a few days, I mean really watching him/her in different situations and such, almost any person would see that cats do indeed have emotions. And sometimes this emotions can become very strong, just as a humans. They just 'react' differently than we humans do because we are 'civilized' and more 'evolved' than the cats.

If you are going to compare emotional capacity between cat and man, then look at a cat's reacts, and 'guesstimate' what the reaction would have been if the same situation was presented to an early human.

Again, I enjoyed your acticle.

Thank you all

Tanya & ALL the Family

Valentinya    Ocean Shores, WA

1/20/2008 2:49:07 PM

I'm happy I read this article!!! I know for sure that my kitty feels emotions!!!! She purrs and gets exited when I pet her, talk to her and give her wet food! And she gets upset every time she sees me petting another cat!!

Donna    Limington, ME

1/20/2008 10:35:37 AM

I know that my cats can feel emotions, it is good to see something that backs this up!

brad    canada, MA

1/12/2008 5:51:29 AM

I think this article is correct

Lisa    Seabrook, TX

1/10/2008 8:00:59 AM

Cats Do have emotions. My cat has different ways to express them but i read his eyes the most.

brad    ont, ON

1/10/2008 4:27:18 AM

Good read!

Mary    Saratoga, NY

1/4/2008 10:06:50 AM

I think this article is very true, cats seem to even have mood swings just like humans too. I feel like my cats really understand when I have a hard day at work, they know when I'm sad and they definitly can tell when im happy, they are very playful when i'm happy.

KatieBelle    NB, NJ

1/4/2008 12:17:49 AM

i feel that my cat has many emotions and they are very real. i loved the article!!

brad    ontario, ON

1/2/2008 7:39:19 AM

good story!

Amanda    WH, FL

1/1/2008 7:09:27 AM

Thanks for the article. I have noticed my cat is more tempermental than my dogs.

Ashley    Duluth, MN

12/31/2007 1:38:31 PM

I do agree with this article because my cat is always in a different mood. Why else would she have mood swings if she didn't feel emotions. Also she can always tell when she is being scolded and will try to make it up with me by trying to act all sweet after she has had time to get over me being upset with her.

Sandra    Corydon, IN

12/23/2007 5:04:51 PM

Great! I know my cats show emotion!!

jenny    charlotte, NC

12/19/2007 12:47:23 PM

yes, cats definitely express their emotions pretty clearly. they know what's going on with the world. they get used to routine and know ahead of time when something will happen. at least, around my house, my two cats have me figured out.

Donna    Tulsa, OK

12/14/2007 10:59:27 AM

I just knew my cats have emotions.

Beth    Omaha, NE

12/10/2007 11:17:48 AM

Absolutely! I believe cats have emotion and express it. Not only that, but can read our emotions as well. It goes so far in explaining how Kirby responds to me. But also I think we need to be careful not to interpret the instinctual things that cats do as emotion. There is a difference.

Loved the story.

ML    Willliamsport, PA

12/2/2007 7:26:00 AM

It is very important to pay attention to each cat and try to understand their emotions. THey are all so very different just like having children without the expense of college. Since I am a stay at home cat Mom I have noticed a multitude of emotions from all of our furbabies. Give them attention and room and they will show you.

Dee    Alturas, CA

11/24/2007 1:37:50 PM

Cats definitely have emotions. The necessary thing is to watch closely to see what your cat is telling you. They may not react in the same way you would in the same situation, but they sure are feeling something about the whole thing. I have a cat who hides under the bed at the least little thing. That shows me he is feeling fear, unease about a situation, or may even be feeling ill. I don't hide under the bed when I feel those emotions, but maybe it would be a good idea! Sometimes cats are smarter than we are.


11/14/2007 4:41:48 PM



10/28/2007 10:46:17 AM


Katarina    Brantford, ON

10/25/2007 7:11:56 PM

My cats react to everything I do for them. If I pet them, they'll purr, if they don't want to be picked up and want to go out instead they'll be restless or cry. Cats definitely express some sort of emotions which may or may not be similar to that of human emotions.

Cheryl    Conway, MO

10/21/2007 12:34:44 PM

I have always thought that cats and any other pets have and feel emotions.

Rachel    Pittsboro, NC

10/21/2007 4:13:39 AM

I read a book about a cat named Scarlett who lived in an old shack. She left her kittens for a minute to go find food. Five minutes later, she came back, and the shack was on fire! The average cat's instincts would have told her to save herself and get out, but she went in 5 times so she could get all of her kittens, one by one. Her eyes were blistered shut, her paws were scorched, and all her fur was either burnt or gone, but she kept going. Once all the kittens were out, she nosed each one to make sure they were all there, then fell unconscious. This story shows that cats feel love just as much as humans do.

J    NY, NY

10/18/2007 8:13:31 AM

Yes! Cats totally feel emotion. My cat loves to "loud walk" down the halls! I bet she feels proud!

Melissa    Shakopee, MN

10/4/2007 3:30:10 PM

I believe cats can definitely feel emotions. I can see what happens when my male cat Taffy thinks he doesn't get enough attention; he pouts. Also, he's almost always waiting for me when I get home whether I was done 8 hours from work or 3 hours just going out. He loves attention and lots and lots of petting. If he had it his way, I wouldn't go to work. I would have to stay home and pet him and give him catnip all day. But instead he just waits for his mommy to get home.

Richard    Miami, FL

10/1/2007 9:11:26 AM

When I saw the subject, I got set to argue. As it turned out, it wasn't necessary at all. I suppose it will never be entirely determined to what extent a cat might experience emotions in a manner similar to humans. Most cat lovers, myself included, tend to give felines credit for feelings which may be too complex for them. Others, no doubt, err in the other direction. I do believe that some cats have greater abilities than others, and that includes having a greater range of emotions as well as a higher intelligence.

Sandra    Corydon, IN

9/23/2007 12:03:01 AM

Cats definately feel emotion! I agree!!

Jess    North Plainfield, NJ

9/19/2007 5:10:11 PM

I totally think cats feel emotion. My cat shows a whole range of emotions constantly. And he lets us know what he's feeling in his way.

Angela    Hamburg, NY

9/18/2007 6:27:11 PM

Of course cats have emotions. I don't need scientific proof. It is so easy to tell when he is angry at the dogs because he will look at me like 'can you believe them, bothering me'

ML    Williamsport, PA

9/6/2007 7:00:31 AM

My husband and I are believers that our cats have emotions. We both grew up with cats, but are constantly amazed at the antics of our crew. They are so different than cats we had while growing up, I am a stay at home cat Mom and I think that with the constant attention and interpersonal action they get from me, and then the playtime my husband lavishes on them when he gets home, has allowed for their personalites to bloom and for them to be very expressive.

Miguel    San Antonio, TX

9/5/2007 7:19:28 AM

I like the article, but I do find it surprising that people are asking the question. Simply because the animal can't communicate verbally to us humans doesn't necessarily mean they don't have feelings and/or emotions as we do. I have noticed body language that tells me this, e.g., movements with its tail, or the quickness of its movement when mealtime is announced.

Kelly    Chicago, IL

8/18/2007 9:45:39 PM

Well, I definently think that cats have emotions. They behave the way they do in order to express those emotions, when they're happy they don't exactly smile. When they're sad, they don't frown, but they use body language, and sounds. I've also noticed they way my cats meows change in different situations. Like when my kitty Bonnie catches something she adds some type of deep but happy change to it. Like shes proud of her catch, and wants to show it off.

Punum    Hermiston, OR

7/31/2007 2:49:28 PM

that is some good info..

Kayla    New Orleans, LA

7/24/2007 9:54:47 AM

Very intresting!!! I love my cat and he get's my attention, no signs of depression at all, but now I know! Thanks

Charlotte    Reston, VA

7/22/2007 2:21:38 AM

I really do think cats can feel emotion.

janet    bethlehem, PA

7/19/2007 9:12:51 AM

Interesting. Cat can definitely feel affection and dislike and many many other emotions. They are better than people.

Ronda    Ashland, KY

7/9/2007 7:17:39 AM

Yes Cats can feel Emotion. One look in their eyes should tell you that!

janet    bethlehem, PA

7/5/2007 9:08:39 AM

Of course cats feel emotions. They are very intelligent and sensitive creatures. This world would be very lonely without them.

Jean    Kingston, PA

7/4/2007 11:00:19 AM

I am sure that cats have a certain level of emotional function. For example, fear is a good thing and can save a living being from harm. However, I agree that we need to be very careful about tagging any animal with some of the human emotions like spite, greed, compassion etc. Until someone concretely shows otherwise I will be very careful about labeling cat emotions like those of people.

Clare    Pittsburgh, PA

7/4/2007 9:08:44 AM

I learned a lot about this subject from Temple Grandin's book "Animals in Translation." It was fascinating. I reccomend it.

Sandra    Rochester, NY

6/28/2007 6:54:05 AM

Not only do I feel that cats feel emotion, I believe they are sentient. Most consider sentient to mean "to be self-aware", but the dictionary defines the word sentient to mean "having power of perception by the senses" or "characterized by sensation". What animal shows more awareness of sensations than the cat? In fact, what animal gives the human race more lessons in sensations? Even if you go by the more common idea of self-awareness, it seems to me that cats are the most self-aware species on Earth, topped only by the species homosapien.

Kiraz    Sandwich, MA

6/22/2007 1:27:11 PM

I believe if you have a strong bond with your cat, if it's not just a cat in the house then she/he definitely knows what is going on in your life.Some of them are even much wiser than a human could be and know how to act properly in different situations.They are always there when you need support.

morgan    lake jackson, TX

6/20/2007 2:26:59 PM

this is a great article.i believe cats feel emotion definately.

D    Hopkinsville, KY

6/19/2007 10:37:59 PM

Very interesting article! I have always believed that cats certainly do feel emotions. You can just see in in their faces, their eyes, and their body language... Cats are totally awesome!

Susan    High Point, NC

6/14/2007 3:32:50 PM


Clarissa    Weare, NH

6/13/2007 10:03:29 PM

I agree that cats feel emotion. I assume that my cat feels happiness when i come home from work.He rubs against my legs, purs, rubs against my face when i pick him up, and shows lots of affection after not seeing me for 8 or 9 hours. He also shows annoyance when my nieces come over. he hides in my bedroom and gives me an almost angry look when I come in, as if to say "what are they doing here". Your artical makes a very good point and i agree totaly.

Vanda    Laramie, WY

6/12/2007 4:06:32 AM

I know our cats show their emotions and moods. One of our cats, our Angora, is especially sensitive to the moods of our daughter and seems especially empathetic.


6/11/2007 8:13:16 PM


janet    bethlehem, PA

6/9/2007 10:41:45 AM

interesting article thanks for the info

Nikki    Chicago, IL

6/7/2007 12:52:04 PM

Well yeah! I KNOW my cats feel emotion

janet    bethlehem, PA

6/4/2007 6:14:55 PM

Of course cats feel emotions. Cats are smarter than most people.

Lori    Fountain, CO

5/29/2007 2:43:26 PM

I always believed that my
cat can feel my emotions, its hard not to
look at there face when you cry.

janet    bethlehem, PA

5/26/2007 5:49:05 PM

cats are very smart and learn quickly. they can be trained if you use love and rewards.

Alicia    Naugatuck, CT

5/22/2007 2:26:18 PM

That was a very nice artical, but in my oppinion, I don't think it was needed to be posted. All cat lovers that own cats, know right off the bat that cats have emotions, just by looking at how they act. There is NO maybe cats have emotion because they do! If my cat did something bad, and I gave them a firm "No" My cat depending on the personality or mood would either ignore me, or run away from me. It would stay that way unless we made up. People should already know that cats, and all animals have feelings!!!

janet    bethlehem, PA

5/15/2007 9:21:12 AM

Cats can feel emotion and show emotion. When they are not happy with you they sit about three feet away with their backs to you for a very look time. They get their point across.

Susan    High Point, NC

5/15/2007 5:42:05 AM

Good article.

janet    bethlehem, PA

5/12/2007 11:36:28 AM

Great article. Thanks for providing such great information

Marlene    Bowling Green,, OH

5/9/2007 6:30:29 AM

My cat Patches has been acting out against me. She is ok with others,but not me. Why? She is 3yrs. old, spayed, declawed front feet. I`ve had her since she was 5 1/2 mos. old. I need your help. Marlene

janet    bethlehem, PA

5/8/2007 9:17:13 AM

Very interesting. Cats are very smart. They can be trained and learn fast. They are smarter than alot of people.

Elizabeth    Castaic, CA

5/5/2007 9:28:47 PM

I do believe cats feel emotion. I know that you aren't supposed to ascribe human emotions to cats, but when we put my oldest cat to sleep our two other cats seemed as though they were really mourning her.

Dorothy    Friday Harbor, WA

4/29/2007 6:42:10 AM

I tend to believe that my cats do feel emotion. When one of them is shunned for some reason (not intentionally), it seems that their facial expression changes to convey a wide-eyed innocence as they try to understand what they might have done wrong to be ignored and to express their hurt feelings. It seems that each pet parent develops a bond with their cat(s) that lets them know the kitty's feelings.

Susan    High Point, NC

4/29/2007 4:51:39 AM


Kristen    Covina, CA

4/10/2007 1:27:25 AM

I definitely believe cats have emotions, even some of the same as us humans. My youngest cat is 6 mos. old. I found her + her 3 bros. in a bag that the heinous manager of my apts. stuck out there over night. Needless to say, I bottle fed all 4 kittens, weened them, loved and cared for them, and cried when I had to send my lil boys to their new home, which was a temporary situation at a residential adoption. I kept the one I have now because she took more of a bonding to me. I never set her down because if I did, she would wake screaming and wake her bros. So I had to carry her with me all about our home. When I had to leave, I had to leave her with my Mom, her Nana, to hold, and when I'd come back I'd hear another story like this one ..."As soon as you left, Dottie started crying and wouldn't stop, poor little thing!"

I couldn't even get myself out much to live my social life because I always would think of my babies back at home.

Dottie was born to a feral mother of many feral generation, so I'm wondering if there is such a thing as a feral characteristic? Such as a trait everyone is born with which we get from one or the other parent? I ask because out of the blue, Dottie will become very feral-acting and so unlike the little spoiled yet loving purr-fect girl that makes me melt. Sorry, but I do not know any other way to phrase my question, but thanks to any and everyone who tries to help me out :)

Layne    Tucson, AZ

3/30/2007 5:05:54 PM

Great! Cats can feel emotions just like humans do. They can get nervous when they know we are moving, and they can feel sad when I'm away. They also feel jealousy if I'm paying too much attention to another animal.

sally    linciln, NE

3/26/2007 7:30:43 AM

my 8 month old cat dexter licks my all the time when im sleeping sitting carrying him also he does the paw thing which he pushes them into my face neck arm what ever he can while he licks me then sometimes he gives me a little nip does he think he nursing still and how can i get him to stop or at least slow down this behavior thank you sally

Lissa    Farmersburg, IA

3/25/2007 12:34:29 PM

I agree completely that cats feel emotions!! They can show us how they are feeling by the way they behave.

Jana    Charlotte, NC

3/19/2007 6:21:57 PM

I know my cats feel love. They show it to me everyday.

Desma    Woodland, WA

3/14/2007 2:22:00 PM

I always treat my cats with the utmost respect to let them know that I know that they can "feel". Never shoving or pushing or kicking them out of the way if they are in my way, I gently pick them up and move them aside. I know that my cats have emmotions. I also know that my cats are very happy. One time, a few years ago, I could tell that my oldest manx Baby was having depression. She withdrew and was hiding constantly behind the recliner. All I had to do was give her some games and play with her a bit extra and that snapped her right out of her depression. I can also feel what my cats are feeling. When my handicapped kitty Sasha escaped outside and was missing for six days, I could feel that she was alright. I walked up and down the streets calling her name and I could sense that she was inside somebody's house or garage. Six days later, she ran in through the front door. I was so happy to have her back!

Nicola    Santa Cruz, CA

3/13/2007 9:19:13 AM

my kitties get there feelings hurt if I have to yell at them for doing something bad...they know when things arnt kosher...

Caroline    Fort Walton Beach, FL

3/12/2007 9:32:07 AM

I believe cats do feel emotion. Recently one of my cats died my other cat has become very clingy and needy.

Liliana    Miami, FL

3/10/2007 10:45:46 AM

yes, They do it all the time.
I have 3 cats, and see their display of emotions.

Kimberly    Welland, FL

3/8/2007 12:09:26 PM

I think that cats DO feel emotion. I have 2 cats, and when I pay attention to one more than the other, the other cat won't let me pet her or go near her. I also believe that cats can cry,With tears coming out. I have watched my cats eyes water, and I believe that she is crying, although I don't know for sure.

angel    new york, NY

3/2/2007 8:11:33 PM

I believe so. because my cat sigh everytime i catch him from playing and hold him tie.

crystal    los angeles, CA

3/1/2007 11:21:36 AM

certainly cats feel emotions, you can tell from the reaction you get when you do certain things to them. well one example is when you pet a cat he would purr because he is happy or when you ignore him i am pretty sure your cat would be depressed because he or she probably feels neglected. an other example is when you hurt a cat he would cry or hiss at you because he feels scared or pain. i'm 16 and it doesn't take a genuis to figure that out. i have nodoubt that cats,kittens or all animals in general can feel emotions.

emmjay    St. Paul, MN

2/28/2007 4:04:41 PM

Cats have something, emotion, sensing like we sense when someone is standing silently behind us or by whatever name. My 2 cats were primarily with my (grown,ill) son all day. He babied and spoiled them. He has been in hosp and rehab since November and they miss him, even tho I am home all day now. I don't fuss over them that much and have trained them not to come into my bedroom (they SHED!)even if the door is open. They wander thru the house, one cries (that meoooow) even after 4 months. Sometimes they scrap and when I give them 'the look' they break it up and take off, in different directions. Don't need no emotions to be excellent mousers (my neighbor borrows them every fall).

Andrea    Somerset, PA

2/28/2007 3:10:04 PM

My SarahBeth feels emotions. Sometimes when she is smiling it actually looks like she is laughing. When I talk to her I think she knows what I'm talking about and acutally understands the conversation.

Erica    Bloomer, WI

2/27/2007 12:36:47 PM

I think it is important to talk about the ability for our cats to feel emotions. I have seen it with my female cat after she had a litter of kittens when it was time for them to go she searched for them for days. Also our cats often come to use when they see we could use them to cudle with. Why would they do that unless they knew to some exstent what we are feeling?

Heather    Tecumseh, MI

2/27/2007 5:06:48 AM

I believe cats have emotions based upon my own cats' behaviors. Everyday my husband and I walk in the door from a long day of work they are both waiting there as if they knew we would be coming home at that exact time, and then they get excited and scratch all the nearby posts. They love us and miss us.

angela    PA, PA

2/25/2007 11:50:16 AM

This article is awesome! :D

Kate    Plymouth, MA

2/22/2007 10:04:32 AM

There is a somewhat famous quote which says ' anyone who has never seen a cat give a dirty look has never owned a cat'. I think that sums it up. Yes, absolutely, cats have emotions and share them.

Michelle    Evansville, IN

2/22/2007 8:30:12 AM

I believe cats have emotions.I know from watching my own cat when he's happy ,sad, surprized, scared, and he acts on all these emotions just as I would.

Amanda    Rising Sun, MD

2/21/2007 5:48:42 AM

My cat is above emotional. There is no way he can hide how he feels.

sheila    pawtucket, RI

2/15/2007 1:18:45 PM

thanks i wondered if cats feel emotions

sheila    pawtucket, RI

2/15/2007 1:18:43 PM

thanks i wondered if cats feel emotions

Lori    Pavilion, NY

2/9/2007 5:57:40 AM

Great article! Thanks!

micheael    ennes, TX

2/3/2007 3:23:35 PM

i beleave that a cat has fealings i mean were coming out with a cat depresin tablet if thay herat the thay half to be sad or scard

Candy    Longwood, FL

1/27/2007 10:18:45 PM

I know my cats feel emotions because they react when I am sad. Just today my cat reacted to me when I was grieving for the death of my other cat. I believe that all cats can feel emotions from us.

Liza    Bronx, NY

1/22/2007 8:36:44 AM

I strongly agree that felines do show emotion. When my cat is upset with me, she lets me know.

gulshad    bangalore, IN

1/18/2007 12:30:08 AM

i think this is a wonderful article .I am an animal lover and love cats.I have to beautiful cats of 5 years old.sadly I need to give them away as I cannot afford to keep them as I have to shift abroad-jamiaca.they are the most beautiful things on earth.they are so attached to me that i think i will die of depresion think of their seperation.Please help me find a good home for them.please advise please please.I live in india-Bangalore.Pls pls help me. i know i will not live in peace unless i am sure they are in secured hands.Pls help pls pls.
My email id is:

Shearon    Naples, FL

1/17/2007 5:47:23 PM

I can say with out doubt,that cats definitely have emotions. I've owned cat's most of my life. I have
grieved with my cat, as it grieved over losing a
sibling or a dear friend. Why would God make animals with out emotions? He didn't.

Martin    Whatley Hts,, NY

1/15/2007 2:50:42 PM

If you own a pet and doubt that your dog, cat, or other animal feels emotions you must be either blind or totally bereft of magination and intelligence.

Janis    Hampton, GA

1/15/2007 8:20:56 AM

Thank goodness someone realizes that cats do have emotions.Since being widowed fo 10 years, my cats have helped me through some very difficult and trying times.

Nikki    Jacksonville, FL

1/13/2007 11:22:25 AM

Of cause Cats feel emotion. Fact all animals feel what humans feel just cant talk but they indeed have feelings too.

Becky    Ft. Wayne, IN

12/30/2006 7:22:59 AM

Oh, yes! Cats can feel a wide range of emotions!
Tender-Loving care can even be good for their
physical health sometimes!

Sean    Pittsburgh, PA

12/16/2006 7:40:09 AM

I have two cats and I definitely think cats can feel emotions.This is th first article that I read after becoming a subscriber.

Joanne    Ocala, FL

12/8/2006 7:32:48 PM

ALL animals feel emotion. I have 18 cats, 5 dogs and 4 horses. Jealousy is most definitely at the top of the list and they ALL have exhibited the ability to know when I need a little TLC. They all show happiness, aloofness, crankiness, sadness and many other emotions, including that tricky turn from sweetie to catzilla. I have several cats who actually cry when their feelings get hurt. My mare cries also. Only people who are truly in tune with their animals can understand!!

Michelle    Laurel, MD

11/25/2006 3:31:32 PM

I think they can. I can seem to tell fairly well when my Max is happy or he's upset about something or if he doesn't like what's going on. It's easy to tell when he's frightened.

marisa    South Padre, TX

11/13/2006 4:50:30 AM

I think cats can feel OUR emotions. One day I was really upset and all I needed was a shoulder to lean on and Bonnie layed down in my arms; on her back and just stared at me. Cats can be the answer to sad emotion too. =)

Laura    Wayne, MI

11/9/2006 10:11:08 PM

I feel that most cats are quite sensitive to many emotions. The longer you know your cat the easier it is to pick up on these.
My cat not only has her emotions from boredom, to the need to be cuddled and loved. To frustration when she is playing when she has lost one of her favorite toys.
She is very receptive to my emotions, if I'm sad she cuddles, if I cry she gently uses her paw to pat a tear away. Gets very nervous if I laugh too hard as she thinks I'm crying !!
Will bring her favorite toy to bed with us for safe keeping.
Wakes me up gently in the morning by gently pulling my covers down with one paw !!
She is the most loving cat I have been privileged to own !!

Ayerika    Clearfield, PA

11/3/2006 2:22:18 AM

I think cats feel emotion....especially jealousy.
I have three cats, a Siamese Mix, a DLH, and my mysterious polydactyl cat, the youngest, and largest to date. One day, while petting and cooing to DLH, Oby (polyD) came running over, went behind my head on the arm of the sofa, and dug all twelve of his claws into my scalp! He doesn't so much mind if I pet the other cats, he does however get upset if I coo at them or call one of them by "his" nicknames!


9/25/2006 6:47:43 PM


Charito    Yauco, PR

9/9/2006 12:56:24 AM

Hi, I think cats feel jeaulous. I had a cat, his name was Roco. Someone gave me a kitten. I was on my house peting the kitten when Roco came to my lap, he started to demand my attention and he acted agressively toward the kitten, please tell me that is not jealousy.
I want to study animal behavior for my PhD; I am in my masters.
I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Cats, your site is amazing... When I dont have a cat I fell I have 40% of my life incomplete.


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