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Comments On - About the Maine Coon

Heather    International

9/22/2016 8:56:59 AM

My Maine Coone is 2 years old. She loves water. She will sit at the kitchen sink for hours watching for a drip, or even walk across my knee tops when I'm in the bathtub. She follows me wherever I go in the house. She watches me do dishes, cook, laundry. She loves anything she can crawl into-boxes, bags, baskets. She talks to me & will talk to me if I say her name. She waits on the counter when I leave & greets me with the dog when I get home.She will come from anywhere in the house if I call her. Much like a dog. She sprawls her body out and takes up half my side of the bed, or sleeps on my pillow above my head . She likes "cause & effect" like dishes on the counter knocked in the floor, cups of water spilled from sticking her head in to get a drink. Serious bug chasing ability. For such large animals they have a great ability to jump! Last Christmas I sat a end table by the fireplace, a few minutes later hear a crash, she jumped up to the mantle & broke all my decorations, my mirror & the end table!! She is curious of guests, friendly in a princess kind of way. So beautiful, so soft like bunny rabbit fur, so Big! She is 13 pounds, not fully grown My husband Hates cats, but he loves her.

Alan    International

9/12/2016 12:03:10 PM

Last Christmas, I adopted a Maine Coon Cat from a local rescue shelter. Since then, every day, Zola does something that makes me amazed at, or question her intelligence. Today for example, we just spent the better part of an hour meowing at each other - mainly me trying to imitate her sounds. Felt like a language lesson! :-)

Elissa    Calgary, AB

6/4/2016 8:52:54 PM

I have to say. I'm not much of a cat person. But, when my daughter bought me a baby maine coon for mothers day I was shocked! Surprisingly I have taken a liking to my lil kitty. He eats a lot, playful,very comical. He is cuddly and likes to watch me do everything from taking a shower and washing dishes. He seems to be always watching. Yes my little maine coon has found a place in my heart. Every now and then he talks to me and greets me when I get home from school.

Rebecca    Atlanta, GA

3/11/2016 8:03:36 AM

My little Maine Coon was the runt from a litter of wild/feral cats. His brothers and sisters ended up being much, much bigger than him. He is the sweetest, most grateful little cat. He's really funny, talkative, and loves my dog. Doesn't like strangers at all and hides from them but when caught, immediately goes into ragdoll mode!

Jillian    Pensacola, FL

3/10/2016 9:00:33 PM

We got a cat almost a year ago now from the Humane Society. We didnt know what she was until a friend of mine came over. She breeds mainecoons and was like you got yourselfs a black mainecoon, we were like whhaat? We have done a lot of research since then, and we somehow got our selfs a mainecoon from the animals shelter. We love her dearly. Amazing cats!

@OAndLCats    International

11/19/2015 4:51:34 PM

I have 2 sibling Maine Coons - Oscar and Luna @OAndLCats and the article is pretty accurate. They are both very affectionate and will see you off to work in the morning and be at the door awaiting your return!

As the article says they make a fair few sounds - loud meows in a range from shrill to hoarse sounding, they chirp away and will talk back to you! Probably to deride you for being a stupid human talking to a cat...again..!

They live their water, best from a running tap and can often be found in the bath or sink in the bathroom, or even kitchen!

They live to play as the article says, particularly chasing after balls and everyone's favourite, the laser light!

We love our Maine Coons, they have the best personality and are a substantial but clean and friendly breed ideal for crazy cat people everywhere!

shah    International

8/19/2015 1:39:44 PM

I just bought a mainecoon from a reputable breeder.
I bought 2 from the same litter.
They were 6 months when I got them. A male and a female .
My female behaves like a stray!!!
Runs and hides away when it sees people.
She is free to sleep in my room too.
Yet there is no attachment.

Spartan    Nashville, TN

7/21/2015 12:22:43 PM

Jess @ Fairfax, VT-You need your head examined first. The article was just pointing out that females are gentler.

Anyway, i just got a rescue female maine coon kitten. She kicks ass.

Pam    Redmond, OR

7/16/2015 10:13:36 PM

I think i have a maine coon cat. She is so long haired and a bushy tail, white bushy fur under her chin,. She is black and white. I adopted her after mom died 3 months ago. . I have never seen so much hair on a cat. Thanks.

Jess    Fairfax, VT

5/25/2015 12:54:17 AM

I love Maine Coons. One came to us, starving on a very cold Vermont December morning and, after eating the sardine juice and other yummies from our trash, sat looking in the window.
I really liked most of this article, but the sexism was a definite turn off... "Gentler sex"? Really? Also, a lot of women enjoy cats that are playful, and I'm sure many men actually enjoy less playful cats. I have a vagina and love it when our Maine Coon head butts me. Maybe I'm not really a woman... I guess I'll go get checked out.

Netera    Philadelphia, PA

3/25/2015 7:50:11 PM

A girl I know has a.mix between raccoon and cat. The mother just.had kittens

Cee    Hoxie, AR

1/28/2015 11:17:55 AM

We have a 7 mo old female Maine Coon that was found last July with her litter mates in a garage w a dog door :). As far as I know, momma cat was never seen.

Lilith is very playful and always gentle w us when playing. However, she sometimes hissing when playing (also growls if guarding stolen hair-ties), nearly always hisses when picked up, and usually swats at hands that try to pet. Other than the first weeks after we found her when she was being bottle fed, no one has been able to hold her in their lap (only 12 ozs at 6 wks! extremely malnourished, upper respiratory infection, anemic from fleas, and dehydrated). She also used to growl and hiss when eating, but stopped after about a month - by that time she weighed 2 1/2 lbs :) and was used to always having food.

She may sound like an unpleasant cat, but we all, including my husband the cat "hater", adore her. While she won't tolerate being held, she is always nearby. In fact, she used to get quite upset when alone and would chirp until someone called out to her. She's always curious abt whatever is going on. She follows me around the house. She makes cute trilling noises when she wants attention. She runs everywhere, has no problem keeping up with my Siamese-mix boy cat whose strides are twice as long.

Usually a cat will hiss as a warning because it is frightened. I think that Lilith's hissing is simply a way to communicate displeasure, except when playing (hoarding stolen hair-ties) then I think it's a challenge. Unless I see that she has a reason to feel frightened (vacuum cleaner), I ignore the hissing (she wasn't ready to go inside when I was).

Does your cat swat at you w it's claws out? If it does, then it is frightened. Cats have a strong sense of smell. If she is frightened, is it possibly being triggered by a smell?

Batting - nipping when caught - the wiggling fingers was a favorite game w Lilith (even our 13 yr old cat still plays this). This is still her first instinct when we reach for her. However, she has never swiped at any of us w her claws extended. Thankfully, she outgrew the game of "grab the ankles while they're going down the stairs".

Good Luck

Gayle    Easthampton,, MA

1/27/2015 1:46:50 PM

I found the articale of interest,but it does not mention any problem with a hissing or swating cat. I just got a female that had been treated badly and was found alone in a home with a man who had been dead for a while. They all said she was mean, but I don't beleave that. She is with me now and I would like to know how I can brake her of this habit. Otherwise she is a wonderful soul and I love her. I am sure it will take time even if I have the answer.

Donna    Hillsborough, NC

1/26/2015 11:17:23 AM

There are 2 for adoption in AR. 1 is male the other female.LINK
Good luck to you and them!

Pat    Clarksville, AR

1/13/2015 2:34:12 PM

I never had a Maine Coon cat, I had a look alike. He was 35lbs., black & white, & by far the best cat I ever had. I am now looking for a Maine Coon or mix. I can not find any. I live in Clarksville, AR. I need help!! HELP!!!!

sally johnson    136 carnousti drive, TN

12/16/2014 9:09:47 PM

The article was most interesting I have a Maine Coon
he is wonderful the description you gave is so accurate of him. He is so loved my husband passed away a year ago at a young age. Our cat looked for him for months and was shy with me, he is now well and is a great pet and I have had many pets. Thank you for such a great article.

Paul    Union, ON

12/7/2014 3:33:19 PM

Our Maine Coon type habitually reaches out with a fore paw to investigate new things - remarkably similar to the motion used by raccoons when feeling around for food items. It struck me this might be another reason for the name?

Jennifer    Wilmington, NC

12/5/2014 5:52:09 PM

My daughter begged me to take this kitten that was going to be abandoned by folks who did not want him anymore. He was 8 weeks old. When I saw his little face, I just said yes. When he was brought to our house, he was a little malnourished but very cute. He is ginger, looks like a lion so we called him Simba. As he grew, we noticed that he was much bigger than he should have been. Well, to our delight, we had become proud owners of a Maine Coon. He is wonderful, has this huge bushy tail, long fur and is rather human - talks to me all the time, very affectionate and loves sleeping outside. He is a wonderful addition to our house and we did not know he was a Maine Coon at first..........gorgeous kitten/cat! 7 months old now and weighs 13 lbs!

Katurah    Philadelphia, PA

11/29/2014 7:40:18 PM

Due to this article, I appreciate our cats more. My youngest son is our male cat's favorite. He carries him around like a baby. A beautiful breed.

Ken    Coquitlam, BC

11/18/2014 5:22:07 PM

I think the article was quite informative. These are great cats. I found a comb that works better than anything I have tried before. You can find it at You can thank me later. The seven tooth comb is wonderful.check it out

arlys    grass valley, CA

11/12/2014 1:02:37 PM

we hae and love ours. everything said in the article is like discribing our callie

Jayne    Port Orchard, WA

8/8/2014 7:47:42 PM

My husband gave me a birthday gift, it's a Main Coon kitten. We lived in Japan at that time and I'm a stay at home wife and no kids. I never had a cat before and I spoiled this cat since he was still young. Very sweet, and a gentle giant and really spoiled. Always sits on my lap, drink from my glass, one thing is never ever ignored him when he is meowing, especially at me, I learned that in a hard way. I was in the kitchen cooking, and he was really talking at me but I ignored him, then I went to the next room to get something when I came back to the kitchen, I found out he was not really happy about me because he just poop on the kitchen rug. A very unique personality and always wants love from mommy.

Karen    Venice, FL

8/1/2014 9:51:19 PM

The article was very informative, but I still have other questions.

Stephen    lanoka harbor, NJ

7/22/2014 10:56:24 AM

My wife Susan and I have always had a cat and dog grow up together. I have always wanted a Maine Coon Cat. My daughter Tami and close friend Vince have Coons. Got a female recently and what a unique character and personality. Super intelligent, learned tricks in a matter of days, fetches, kisses, and likes to hang out with you. Wants to be the dogs best bud. A wonderful and lovely breed. Stephen Sawruk

Mitzi    Haleyville, AL

6/9/2014 10:48:12 AM

I found a kitten about 9 months ago. The Vet wrote gray tabby medium hair on her record. My daughter who works in a pet store says that she seems to have Maine Coon in her and after reading I totally agree. There's one huge difference; she doesn't like to be petted. She will put up with it for a 1/2 minute and then she gets irritated and will let you know it by first wagging that huge tail back and forth as a warning and then a little swat. However, she does follow me around the house every step I Make. I can spend the whole day observing her--fascinating! I've had cats all my life but never one like this one.

Jean    Brooklyn, NY

5/26/2014 9:33:14 AM

I have a very sweet but shy part Maine Coon cat. He is shy due to being starved and abused in the first year of his life. He is a rescue, of course and I quickly fattened him up. He is very loving and gentle with me, but he hides from most newcomers. The only time he hasn't hidden from newcomers was when I had major surgery and a bunch of medical professionals came to my house. It seemed that he knew that they were there to take care of me, so he loved them up. Anybody who helps me he loves. A very loyal and loving cat.

Jan    International

5/22/2014 12:22:39 AM

I swear mine tries to mimic my 'hello'. She has modified her 'mee-ow' to sound more like 'eh-oh' - phonetically much closer to he-llo.

sue    International

5/2/2014 12:09:10 PM

I have 3 Maine Coon, one boy and two girls. I absolutely adore them and can testify to their distinct personalities. This is the first time I've shared my home with pedigree moggies and am absolutely in love with their playfulness and total lack of 'cattiness.

Justin    Bloomington, IN

4/25/2014 9:12:51 AM

I got my Maine Coon at my Shelter at 10 weeks of age. The Shelter kept insisting he was 3 months at least. The place that fixed him knew better. He gained 1 pound every 10 days for a while. At 6 months Tedward, Teddy for short, was the identical twin of the picture that comes up when you Google Red Tabby Classic MC. He is now 8 months and when I tell him he can't do something he will deliberately do things that he knows will make me ticked off, because he is ticked. It took me a while to realize the connection. He is very vocal when denied going outside. He is a constant Hunter when he is outside and digs into chipmuck holes like a dog, with both paws. He even chased a Bicyclist down the road like a dog, with me running behind shouting "No Bike, NO Bike".

Lori    Sidney, ME

3/7/2014 1:24:08 PM

Tricia of Spokane: of all the Maine Coons I have had (I can't say owned because they own you) don't seem to like their tummys rubbed and as far as their paws my girl kitten who is double pawed always makes a fist around my finger when i touch her front feet-back feet are totally off limits! My current kitten has been raised around chickens and she is as good as a dog-if they get too far from their pen she will herd them right back! These cats are super smart!

Tricia    Spokane, WA

1/29/2014 9:58:11 AM

I have had my main coon since he was 6 weeks old. He is now 14 almost 15. Black Jack is my best friend. We have our routine, every night he chirps at me at bedtime and i must lay on my stomach so he can get on my back and he massages my back for about 20 min. Then in the morning it is my husbands turn he lays on the boot strings so he cant put his boots on. Its so funny to watch. He has always been a well behaved cat, does not care for table food, does not get into things, but does not like it when we are gone for a few days he will dig up my covers till they are in a pile in the middle of my bed. then he chips as if he is telling me off, after he gets his fill its time for attention. I love so very much and i tell him all the time. He does not like his paws touched or his tummy you must only pet his head is this a normal thing of this breed or just my old cat being picky:)

Lois    Wakefield, MA

12/28/2013 5:53:14 PM

can anyone help me; we privately adopted this cat; he is totally maine coon - he just brought me his toy -- must be play time. He has had this issue with swelling on his face; it is happens right eye .. then gets better & then it is left eye. I cannot tell if he is allergic to food; perhaps food getting caught up inside his gums. He had an initial vet check two weeks ago and no findings other than gingavitis. I really need some GOOD advice what to do about this. it has happened twice now since we have him for a month. he is 2 yr old (+-)

Mhaz    International

12/24/2013 7:27:26 AM

I now have two boys one 3 one 4 I have had them for 5 weeks and 4 they both came from an excellent breeder who never breeds after 2 yrs and had been looking for the right home . Our liife has changed considerably the house is full of cat toys and always looks like a bomb has hit after their morning run around but when they cuddle up and kiss us and you look into those beautiful eyes you have to forgive them what do I say Thankyou boys for coming into our life

Susan    International

12/18/2013 1:18:42 PM

I found this article very informative and accurate. We just rescued a MC from a shelter and are having a blast getting to know these beautiful, intelligent and precocious. We love our Tinker...

Jeanne    Auburn, AL

12/15/2013 2:49:40 PM

I had never even heard of a Maine Coon cat until visiting a cat rescue spot two of them spotted us and we went home with one of them. I adore him--but he has not taken to leash training, which is sad because I live in a facility where he can not get out unless he is leash-trained.

Brytta    Cedar Rapids, IA

12/5/2013 6:37:39 AM

They are so friendly

sharyn    International

11/10/2013 3:25:16 AM

This article was great reading. I had to smile on many parts of it as it fits our wonderful Maine Coon Cody to a tee. Cody is 7 years old and still as crazy as ever.
I love this breed of cat it is one of the best things to come out of America.
Why have a dog when you can have a Maine Coon.

Susan    Muscle Shoals, AL

11/6/2013 4:42:02 PM

I love this article on Maine Coons!I have 2 ..a brother/sister...Scarlett and Rhett.Ihave owned cats all of my life,but this is the first MC s i have ever had.They sre both extremely smart and male weighs about 30 lbs....yes,i said 30,lol and female is about 22lbs.After owning these 2,that's the only kind i ever want.I would like to send pics to show off my babies....but anyway,your article was very imfirmative,so,thsnk you!

Betty    Blythe, CA

10/15/2013 7:09:38 PM

This is a fascinating article! We have a big fluffy male cat named Hairy; there are a few stray cats that hang out near my home &, though I've been successful in catching some of the Mama cats to find a good home for, some are just too cautious (understandably so), which means I'm constantly on the lookout for new kittens. I heard a kind of weird noise one day outside our backdoor, which sounded a bit like a kitten, but in a weird way. So I opened up the back door & there's this little puffball of white fluff, with a big fluffy tail... all covered in some kind of gunk that he had gotten into (he started to dart back into the shed until I called to him so he could see I was friendly). I brought him in, got him all cleaned up and fell head-over-heels in love!
My older sister saw how he was scooping up his food with his paws and knew how he never meows, rather he communicates through a fun series of chirps, trills, and extremely loud purring; she told me that she was watching a show about Maine Coons & she thinks he may be one. This article was so informative and, with the exception to the water fetish, you could be writing about my cat. Especially the part about easily winning over men; my boyfriend has asthma... he doesn't mind cats all that much, but do to his condition, he has to be careful. With Hairy though, even though I'm the one that rescued him & then had to talk my boyfriend into keeping him (we already had a female shorthair tabby that I rescued as well), not to mention I spent the first day spoiling the crap out of him, in the end, nothing mattered, he's my boyfriends cat. It was easy to see they were enamored with each other, so much so that my boyfriend began to forget about his condition; he's not deathly allergic to cats, but at the same time, unlike me, he can't have them sleeping on his chest at night (Hairy's fav place to sleep)... He ended up in the hospital for a week and we had to change up our arrangement a bit, so now Hairy lays outside our bedroom door about 75% of the time, usually laying on his back so he can peek under our door. Thanks for sharing this!!

Jamie    Gagetown, MI

9/21/2013 9:28:45 AM

Very well written and informative. I didn't know about this breed until adopting two last Nov. Best cats we have ever had in our home.

Jamie    Gagetown, MI

9/21/2013 9:24:24 AM

Very well written and informative. Never knew this breed until adopting two maine coons last Nov. They are the best cats we have
ever had in our home.

Peggy    Cincinnati, OH

6/18/2013 9:48:36 AM

Hi I am also writing to assure Beverly that her Maine Coons will settle down and actually love her, if she is patient. I have a boy who was feral but saved from death as a 2-month-old. I got him at 3 months of age and made a point of just sitting down quietly on the floor in his room. Just almost every night, sitting cross-legged. Eventually he starting coming around and sitting on my leg as I petted him. He is not a lap cat today at age almost-2. BUT Maine Coons generally are not. Rather, he will hang out with me if I nap on the sofa and make 'biscuits' and generally is a very loving and friendly guy. It took several months of me nightly just being there for him, for him to calm down. I know how frustrating it is to want your cat to be loving! But it can happen.
Besides just sitting with your cats, every day, make time to actively play with your Maine Coons with good toys (try da bird) and get involved with them. They will grow to love you, I promise. And amaze you with their sense of humor and intellect!

Marilyn    Columbus, NE

5/22/2013 4:11:31 AM

This is a delightful article. Having just lost our beautiful Maine Coon this article describes her to a T. Such wonderful animals.

Cat Editor    Irvine, CA

4/25/2013 11:50:53 AM

Beverly, rather than touching or walking up to them, see if they will come to you. Squat down to their level and entice them to come to you by tossing out a treat or playing with a wand toy. Make it fun and rewarding for them to come to you. Any approach they make toward you, reward them with a treat. It might take some time, but it's better to wait for them to decide that you are a safe person and that good things happen when they come to you.

Once they feel comfortable approaching you, you can see if they will let you pet them. Squat down and hold out your index finger. If they touch your finger with their nose and rub their face on your hand, that's an invitation for you to pet them.

Talk to the breeder who sold you the cats for any clues about their background. The breeder might have more suggestions. Also, a good breeder wants to make a good match and if it doesn't work out after you've made these efforts, the breeder will take the cats back.

There are national and California Maine Coon breed rescues but hopefully after you've tried the suggestions above, there will be no need to contact them. Good luck!

Beverly    San Diego, CA

4/24/2013 12:28:22 PM

I have a 6 month female and a 7 month male, I have had both for two and a half months. We are unable to touch them or even walk up to them, without them RUNNING away. I feel like the maid, feeding and cleaning up after them with NOTHING in return. I am ready to give up. I have read articls, books, I have come to the conclusion the they are feral(even though I bought them from a breeder) Any suggestions? Is there a Main Coon Rescue in San Diego, CA?

Mark    Douglasville, GA

4/6/2013 12:15:06 PM

I have recently adopted a rescue, Maine Coon/Calico mix. She is such a joy to have around the house. I am really thankful for this article, for it has answered my question about the head butting. She's not rough with it, but when she wants to do it, she wants to do it.

Trevor    Sebastopol, CA

1/3/2013 4:03:05 PM

I have a Maine Coon. He's almost a year old but still the size of a kitten! He's very playful and loves water - he often lifts up a toliet seat to take a swim when the water is clear.

Ann    Lincoln, AL

12/23/2012 3:33:16 PM

My Maine Coon caught a baby Thrush and brought it in through the cat flap. Amazingly the bird was unharmed and our cat let us take it away from her and put it safely back outside. I love this with these cats, they love the thrill of the chase but not that bothered about the kill, which is great with me as I like to feed the birds in the garden.

Kaylene    Homer, AK

11/21/2012 2:03:56 AM

This article was very helpful. My boyfriend and I received this little kitten from a friend who was going off to college, and it just so happened to be a main coon breed. She has been a handful so far(the first 5 days) but we are getting attached to our new family member Mittens. She also gets along quite well with out lab/Australian shepherd mix dog, which is only a year old. I was shocked!

Lyn    Custer, SD

9/3/2012 8:04:34 AM

Donna, I have my 2nd Maine Coon cat, both have been house cats, but neither has been aggressive toward other animals, including birds. They have loved to just sit for hours and watch the bird feeder, never acting at all aggressive (jumping at it or clicking or meowing). If well-fed, I do not think she would bother your bird, especially one so large.

kayla    camby, IN

6/10/2012 4:50:02 PM

i have a male maine coon that is 8 years old. he still runs around catching anything he can get his claws on. he has brought me many animals including: birds, squirrels, chipmonks, snakes, mice, rabbits, racoons, skunks, and many more. he still loves to play for his age. its like age cant get him down or slow him down for that matter. he is the best cat iv ever owned and truely my bestfriend.

Betsy    Leesburg, VA

5/3/2012 7:27:36 AM

Great article - it is much more thorough than most and hits the mark, as many MC lovers have noted. We have 3 Maine Coons - 2 males and 1 female - and love them dearly. They do indeed take time to mature, but we love that. In addition to thier exceptional looks, they are smart, funny and great companions. I would recommend them to anyone.

CatChannelEditor    Irvine, CA

4/16/2012 7:55:45 AM

Donna -- Great question. Perhaps other readers can comment on their experience. In the meantime, check out our sister site BirdChannel ( for more information on living with birds.

Donna    Wilmington, NC

4/14/2012 8:21:54 PM

I'm interested in adopting a female coon, she is beautiful, 6 mos old. I've been reading on the breed and they sound like a great fun campanion, but I do have one concern, my african grey parrot, does anyone have experience with a coon and parrot? I have a black lab and I took in a stray black male cat, both are great with my parrot. Looking for insight beforing adopting, thank you.

Barbara    groveton, NH

4/1/2012 11:02:49 AM

That totally describes my coon cat!! glad i found this. mine will be 11 in sept. and still acts like a kitten. and i witnessed her peeing down the drain of the bathtub.she's such a princess,didn't want to use the litter box, and didn't want to go out i guess!! love my coon cat!!

Craig    Williams, AZ

2/22/2012 9:06:50 PM

Whiskers forward! I have been an avid lover of the breed of gentle giants for years!

Monica    Mississauga, ON

2/21/2012 10:32:13 AM

I chose to become a Maine Coon cat owner after seeing a clip from a local cat show on the News, featuring a beautiful Maine Coon, and a year spent learning about them. They are great looking cats but it's their personality I find most striking. My house is currently run by 2 very lively girl (tomboy) Maine Coons (hence the names) - Maxxie (Max) and Josie (Jo). Their antics keep us amused....everything in your article is absolutely true!

Jules    Westland, MI

2/14/2012 1:33:47 PM

I have a 1 year old maine coon called Merlin. He actually tells me when its bath time. He will sit on the edge of the tub watching my 5 year old bathe. This article does describe the personality traits to a "T". When he plays, he plays like a kitten. He doesn't seem to realize he is 16 pounds of kitten.

Christian    Grey Eagle, MN

12/12/2011 11:47:32 PM

We adopted a 5 year old female main coon. Not much of a snuggler, but loves to sit in the center of the floor and look majestic. After reading this article, I now understand why she likes to drink out of the bathtub faucet. I thought she was just weird at first. As soon as I awake or come home from work, she meows for me to turn on the faucet. It's like clockwork.

Belinda    Swanson, OR

12/3/2011 11:11:24 AM

how much does a male Maine Coon cat cost? I'm really interested in getting some prices and photos of 10 or so 6 month old of this breed. Please email me back or you can reach me by phone;503-353-0751; Belinda

Linda    Westchester, NY

11/15/2011 7:15:25 AM

I have a maine coon/persian mix this article describes his personality to a T! He loves to play with water but hates to be engulfed in it and constantly lies in the bathtub. He is this giant fluffy bear that just hangs around and loves to jump everywhere. They are def not lap cats but will either be on the table or night stand next to you or just constantly around you. His purring can be heard from a mile away. I can’t wait to go home and see him now haha.

Jennifer    sevierville tn, TN

11/13/2011 7:05:25 PM

i adopted a maine coon a month ago was told a female tonight we notice testicles that were not there before we were shocked

Shannon    Winter Harbor, ME

9/29/2011 7:25:00 PM

Great that you found Star a home. Warning though, there are ALOT of people on petfinder stating that they'll pay to ship your pet & give it a great home. It is a confirmed scam for lab animals. Lots of these out of CA & TX. Pay very careful attention to responses to your ads. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

elizabeth    normal, IL

9/3/2011 1:21:33 PM

When we got our part maine coon I fell in love with him instantly bc at the pet store he sat in my arms for 20 min just purring away as dogs barked and children ran around screaming. He is fun loving and a giant goof ball. He is very loyal; I am sick in bed and my cat "Zeno" won't leave my side. Many times I have been outside and all I do is call his name and he comes running to me like I'm a giant tuna fish. Whenever I have friends over for a movie he walks right into the room, plops down, and demands to be pet. Then a day later I will recieve a txt asking how my little guy is doing.

Karen Raab    Carmel, NY

8/13/2011 5:09:54 AM

A Maine Coon adopted us about 1.5 years ago; tried to find his owners with no luck - begain looking for a home last year, but had no luck w/this economy - I was honestly hoping to keep this dear of a cat - He is all black w/one tiny white spot on his chest and his name is 'Star' Fish - He wanted a home from the get-go, but unfotunately, we have one cat, and my spouse is just not an 'animal person' sadly for him - he is missing out on so much . . . to make a long story short, I had to begin looking again to find him a loving and accepting home - he received a lot of 'mixed messages' but still came back and really chose this as 'his home' . . . he is at least 10 years old and VERY agile for his agexo I named him correctly because he truly has STAR quality, trulyxo I love this boy - truly a dearxo I started to advertize again on and just found a woman who will ship him very carefully to Bedford Hills, CA - I am just amazed really . . . and so happy for Star - although my heart aces that I cannot be the one to love on him - I will miss him SOOOOO much - I am happy that he will be in home (and out of these brutal NE winters) . . . and have a family that will love him like their own childxo He is just a GEM +++ He had already been neutered - he is definitely a stray because of his Domesticated qualities - w/lots of love and patience - a loving family will take him out of is 'hyper-mode' just trying to survive and calm him down - which is what he wants so very much - he is napping on my couch right now - not on the seat pillow, of course, but on the back where we put our heads - he is such a neat cat - our vet fell in love w/him +++ and so did I. He will be picked up and check by a vet right from my door and brought to sunny California - an amazing happy ending and answer to prayer - I kept telling him I would 'find him the BEST home.' . . . and look how God answered that prayer +++ Truly amazing and not at all surprised - it is a Christian home as well - and they will treat him like their child. . . what more could I have asked for really! Thank You Lord! Sweet time as a foster momxo Many Sweet, Sweet memories to hold in my heart foreverxo

Dianna    Baldwin City, KS

3/26/2011 9:25:39 PM

I have become the companion and, well, servant of a part Maine Coon. I think he's only half because he's a tuxedo cat; his long tail isn't very bushy; his outer coat is not shaggy; and he doesn't have feathery ears. On the other hand, his paws are huge, he washes his food, he enjoys his baths, he does have an inner coat and although (I think) he's around 10, he's still just as playful as a kitten. He's as loving as any cat or dog I ever had and seems to be quite intelligent. He weighs 18 very muscular pounds. He is FIV positive and I wish I knew more about him, the disease, and how to take care of him.

Glenn    Toronto, LA

3/21/2011 11:42:14 AM

Loved it - we had a maine coon for 12 years and he was all of that - I did not realize that alot of maine coons head butted (ours did this as well) and I thought it was silly - but then again - he was just a big goof.

Meladee    Marshall, MI

3/8/2011 7:37:54 PM

I love this magazine.

Donna    Hackettstown, NJ

3/5/2011 7:42:22 PM

My mother-in-law got two MCs last year (unbeknownst to her) to keep her company after my father-in-law passed. My husband and I LOVED them, so we got our first MC in January, a shelter rescue we named Getty (short for Gettysburg). He instantly became the focal point of the house. He has a great playful personality, is sweet, affectionate and follows me around like our yellow lab follows my husband. At 11 weeks, he's twice as big as he was when we adopted him! He's an awesome cat!

Heather    Toronto, ON

2/19/2011 8:25:35 PM

I just got two MC kittens... although at 7 months they are way bigger than my other cats. I didn't know they were MC until I started to research their very beautiful and distinct features. I especially love their huge webbed feet. My two babies I think are sibs. Sasha is a tabby and Louie is black and white. They are wonderful, funny, clown-like, knuckle heads and the love of my life.

Claudia    Juneau, AK

2/8/2011 2:11:53 PM

Enjoyed the article about MCs. Its all true and more. I have had cats all my life. Got my first MC 12yrs. ago. He was the complete love of my life in every way possible. I lost him Dec.l. I am painfully sad and lost without my Benjamin. If or when I decide to have another companion it will definitely be a MC. Anyone looking for a feline, get a MC; you will not be disappointed.

Katie    Grand Ledge, MI

1/15/2011 2:14:39 PM

I love my MC. She is a rescue that we adopted from the local shelter. Tabitha, aka Tabby, is so sweet and so gentle that it is often hard to believe how big she really is. We also had a MC before this one who passed away. She too was sweet and gentle. The article is right about the vocabulary of these cats. I just love to hear Tabby "talk". In my experience they are a very intelligent and social breed.

John    san francisco, CA

1/13/2011 2:28:08 AM

Awesome article. Answered quite a bit of questions. Thanks.

teran    Nashua, NH

12/16/2010 6:34:00 PM

i have two mainecoons and an american shorthair
sasha is the shorthair
then i have Ella And Babe who are the MC's
Ella is the run around playfull type she's 2.5 yrs
and Babe is the relaxed wlak around head butt ya type he's 12 plus yrs and they all get along i love cats esp. MaineCoons

Sheri    Brooklyn, NY

12/5/2010 12:53:05 PM

I have a 8 year old Maine Coon named Gabriel. He is truly the love of my life. He has been there with me through all that I have gone through in the past years and greets me and my boyfriend every night when we come home from work by "speaking to us". He responds with trills and chirps. He responds to his name or to his nicknames "Fatboy" or "Budda Butt":)

Colleen    Brookfield, IL

12/1/2010 7:30:08 PM

I adore my Maine Coone. He is truly a gentle giant. His name is Wolfman. He is extremely affectionate and has his moments when he butts heads with me to let me know he just wants a simple pat on the head or a belly rub and all is right with the world.

brandi    lake worth, FL

11/21/2010 9:49:27 AM

I have a maine coon mix. I didnt know until the vet told me and I started to do some research and his personality so fits. His name is Cashew and he is just over 1yrs old. I got a kitten 7 months ago and he took it like it was his baby, let him try to feed off of him and cleans him and sleeps with him. I have 3 cats all together and he is special.. My house of nuts Peanut 3.5yrs old(tom cat), Cashew 1 yr old (maine coon mix), and Macadamia 7mnths(siamese mix).

Lisa    Bronx, NY

11/14/2010 10:33:56 AM

Maine Coons are the best! My husband never wanted a cat, now he wishes we had cloned her. Mocha passed away recently and was playfull to the end. The personality of this breed is truely great as this article discribes. I do recommend brushing every day, Mocha would track me down every night at 7pm to be brushed. Only took 5 minutes but it was our time, then play time. I also recommend fresh water in more than one spot in your house. Mocha would climb over my head to get to my water glass by the side of my bed at night. I finally put one closer to the floor for her in her senior years. It will take a while to get over her, but I will definity get another maine coon in time.

idella ivory    toledo, OH

9/26/2010 5:10:54 PM

the article is so true of my cat named stewy, hes one years old hes wonderful to love.

Marty    Dayton, OH

7/28/2010 2:43:09 PM

I have a 5 year old butterscotch male maine coon and I absolutely adore him. I have 3 others but he is most like a friend. No matter where I go, he is there. He weighs 23 pounds and is currently laying right here on my computer table with his paws touching as I type. He is pretty vocal with me and he is my shadow and when I sit down to eat he has his own chair. Yes - those who don't like cats tend to like Gizmo - how can you not? He was given to me at 9 weeks old and I think he thinks he is human. He loves going outside and races me to the door and runs out on the porch and in the backyard he lays close to wherever I am.

Tonya    Nunya, FL

7/9/2010 8:29:57 PM

I agree, I have a 16 year old Maine Coon (Sonny) he is my boy... He is funny, loving, playful (still) and the best cat in the world. He loves to be brushed and he loves my back massager (he comes running when i turn it on) odd cat he is. Maine Coons are the best breed. They are sweet, Sonny likes to pat my face and lick my nose to wake me up every morning, no alarm clock needed with him. He recently started to lose weight and i took him to his vet, they put him on Prednizone and he is eating and feeling much better, I take him back in the morning for a follow up visit. I know he will be fine cause he is my Sonny Bunny.. If you do get a Maine Coon you MUST BRUSH THEM!

Pam    Newton, KS

6/29/2010 2:35:42 PM

Maine Coons are the best cats to have. I have had cats all my life and Maine Coons are the best. But let me submit one thing to consider about them. Most Maine Coons have really long fur and some of them have fur that is the texture that will mat easily. Be sure to always keep that fur combed out because just like any cat Maine Coons like to groom themselves. Some of you might have experienced them throwing up that fur as it builds up within them. My beautiful,Purebreed, Red Classic Tabby, never threw it up. He also never showed any signs of it causing any real trouble until this last January he quit eating. Took him to the vet and she discovered his colon was full of all that fur. She was able to take care of it and we thought he was all better until two weeks ago. I had been gone for about a half an hour and came home to find him coughing a terrible cough. Took him to the vet and she once again cleaned out his colon but he continued to keep coughing. She exrayed his esaphagus and found hair there. She tried to use an endoscope to get it but her endoscope wasn't long enough. Had to take him to a Veterian Medical Center about 3 hours away. They also tried to get it out and finally wound up pushing part of it in his stomach and operating on it to remove it. The problem with that all is the esophagus can't take all that and was damaged. They pulled him through all that and began feeding him through a tube directly into his stomach so the esophagus could heal. Was doing pretty good for a couple of days but the esophagus was damaged and finally ruptured causing fluid to leak into his chest cavity and begin to drown him. At this point there wasn't anymore they could do for our beautiful boy and we had to consent to having him put down at barely 5 years old. We have another Maine Coon that is within 2 weeks of Sunny's age and when we brought the carrier home without Sunny he knew that Sunny wouldn't be coming home, as you said they are smart. He began grieving for him and I thought we would lose him too to grief. All this to warn you to keep your Maine Coon combed really good and watch them closely for any signs of problems. If your Maine Coon develops a bad cough have your vet exray the esophagus right away. Time can make a difference on whether they live or not. It is too late for my beautiful boy. I wish I could go back and do it all over, but it is too late. It is like losing a child. One time they are doing so good and the next time they are gone.

Phyllis Prescia    Medford, NY

6/22/2010 6:38:44 AM

Gentle giant is quite the perfect name. I have a male maine coon since he was 12 weeks, he is 5 now. I love him to death. It is amazing when he wants my attention. He will actually come up behind me, push me and then run. I have so much fun playing with him. His size and beauty amaze me. He loves company which is very impressive to friends especially other cat lovers. This is the cat to have if you truly want to interact with your feline.

Lon    Shell Rock, IA

6/18/2010 3:17:15 PM

Just buried my maine coon cat tuesday and it was truly a sad day. My father got him as a stray in 1994 and was full grown at the time. My father passed away in 1996 and my mother in 1998. I have had this cat named Hobo ever since and there was never a dull day.Almost everythig stated in this article is true about a coon cat except he really did not care for water. I will miss this cat for a very long time. And it is true about people that don't like cats REALLY liked Hobo. If you are looking for a great cat get a maine coon as you will not be sorry

Pete    Williamsburg, VA

6/11/2010 7:42:33 AM

This article perfectly describes my own cat, Munchkin, in nearly every detail! Munchkin was originally rescued at 3 weeks of age from the Newport News Shipyard where she was found orphaned in 2006. Her extremely fast learning ability is truly amazing! Whenever I see the way she looks at me...I am reminded of just how close her young life nearly ended before it had even begun!

dikki    Oxford, MI

6/9/2010 12:18:17 PM

I also have a mixed Maine Coon and this article describes him perfectly right down to the trills he makes instead of the typical meow. I totally adore him as does my adult son who favors dogs ovr cats. Max won his heart from the get go. We are constantly amazed at how he uses his big paws to grab and hold onto things or throw them. He does love walking on a leash and we can even put hin on a dog tie out when we are in the yard with him. He doesn't wear the typical harness though, he wears a walking jacket and he loves it. Thank you for a great and informative article.

Lynne    Seminole, FL

6/6/2010 9:18:55 PM

The article on the Maine Coon cat was very informative. We have a black & white mixed maine coon and short hair. He trully has alot of the characterics of the Maine Coon. Thank you for this well written article.

Cari    Canton, MI

6/6/2010 12:32:23 AM

My 4 year old male, Damian exhibits almost every trait this article talks about. He is extremely affectionate towards me (I'm his favorite human) and my boyfriend is his second favorite. I have had him since he was just 4 weeks old. Just like the article states, my boyfriend does not like cats at all but does love ours. Damian is extremely intelligent as well, even opening doors by twisting the knob! I've never been a cat person until I had my boy. He's a momma's boy through and through..always hugging my neck, snuggling and giving kisses (even on command!) He also enjoys singing. If I sing to him he jumps from the floor to my shoulders and snuggles and me a harsh chirp and slap on the face with his paw if i stop singing lol! He's almost like having a human child!

Carla    Medford, KS

6/3/2010 4:52:16 AM

I adopted Gracie Jane when my 17 yr old was put to sleep and she exhibits many of the traits in the article, She has a terrible habit of shredding wallpaper and i really dont know how to prevent her from doing this. A squirt from a water pistol seems to have an immediate effect but then she goes right back to it!!!Now she is 4 months old and many days i think I should send her back where she came from but then she will climb in my lap and settle in for a cuddle and I melt!!! She is sweet ans sassy and I guess she is here to stat!!!

Toni    Charlotte, NC

6/1/2010 8:21:15 AM

Allene from Woburn:
My cat (Stella LaBella) say that you should get a laser pointer for Bella. She will happily chase that and get worn out! Be careful not to shine the laser into her eyes. Stella also likes to pop bubbles (the kind you blow with kids). You may find she will play fetch, too. Stella and her brother, Murphy, love all of these games! My Maine Coons pretty much fit the description in the article, except both like to be lap cats MOST of the time. Murphy is a shoulder cat, and Stella likes the my house, you will be a human cat tree!

Linda    Woburn, MA

5/26/2010 5:01:23 AM

Loved your article! Our twin boys, Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln, a.k.a Jeff and Linc are a Maine Coon mix and are the most delightful cats, exhibiting all the characteristics you mentioned and are so like dogs, too. They want to be with us all the time, following us from room to room. I laughed when you talked about their love of water. That's Jeff! He practically lives in the kitchen sink! And you were so right about them being a man's cat. My husband wasn't really an animal lover, but has fallen in love with these guys. It's a match made in heaven.

Malcolm Nelson    Perth Australia, HI

5/10/2010 11:12:51 PM

We have a Maine Coon cat most of your article relates to our cat. There is one strange behavior pattern of ours it to disturb my husband every night wanting attention. He appears on top of him most every our of the night looking for loving has we call it. Moment you pat him he wonders off and in the next hour he is back againg for some more petting. He is five years old we don't know whether it is normal behaviour for his breed. We love him dearly although my husband doesn't get much sleep at night. Has you mentioned he definitely a mans cat. His name is Prince from Austrlia

Allene    Wheeling, IL

4/30/2010 12:11:43 PM

Fantastic article. I think you must have been spying on Bella and myself. I adopted her about 4 weeks ago and knew nothing about this breed. She was so total opposite of my last cat that I was dumbfounded. However, after reading about the breed she is the consumate female Maine Coon. I am still getting used to her wanting to play 24/7 but I think she is training me well! Can anyone tell me about activities I can do with her?

Joni    Indianapolis, IN

4/22/2010 5:13:56 PM

I have two brothers (we call them the fluffy twins) who are 7 months old and each weigh 13 lbs. After I adopted them and started researching cat breeds, they were identical to Maine Coon kittens. Eyes, ears, long, long fluffy tail, and that cute trill voice. And I cannot run a faucet anywhere in the house without having two huge kittens in the middle of everything. They love to spend time around the big dog bowl, splashing the water EVERYWHERE. Although they came from a little, short-haired momma, daddy must have been a Maine Coon and they got ALL his genes.

Laurie    Buena Park, CA

4/16/2010 9:23:03 AM

We've been trying to figure out what our DSH mix is "mixed" with. Because of his colors and many spots rather than stripes, we suspected he was part Bengal, but after reading about the Maine Coon Cat, I think we've found our mix. He has all the traits of this breed: huge size, love of water, wanting to be near you but not ON you, playfulness, intelligence, and how he eats when we eat.

The only thing he doesn't share is the longer coat which I think would be the DSH in him.

We LOVE our cat, Milton, and he suits our household perfectly!

Thanks for the excellent information.

Kathy    Clearwater, FL

4/2/2010 7:03:57 AM

My 4 year old Maine Coon male weighed 17 lbs. at 7 months old. He now weighs a lien and healthy 24 lbs. I have raised several Maine Coons and it is a mith that they grow for 4 years. This cat reached his 24 lbs by the time he was 18 months old. I have another that hit just 12 lbs. at 8 months and has never grown above that. He is now 6 years old. It has been my experience that they grown just like any other cat and people do tend to greatly exagerate their weight a lot.

Dahloan    Macclenny, FL

3/23/2010 12:13:58 AM

I have a cat that is part Maine Coon> While not verified, she has many of the charcteristis, m on the forehead, bush tail. She is grey/brown and medium fur. One way I found out she was a maincoon was by reseraching her strange habits. Following me around the house, greeting us when we come home, wanting to go on a walk every evening at 10 pm her appointed time and her love to sit on the bath tub while I take a bath. Not to mention that she does not like to eat alone, we must sit with her. Sometimes she acts more like a dog. ANyway, thought I'd share.
Dahloan Hembree, ownser of Cleopatria

Karen    Geneva, IL

3/3/2010 11:12:07 AM

We recently adopted two maine coon mix kittens - brothers. They are only 6 months old and already weigh 8.6 and 9 pounds. Does anyone know enough about maine coon growth habits to make a guess at how big they'll be when they're fully grown? They aren't fat, but getting big and strong. We adore them in every way. Maine coons are the best cats.

Charisse    Brooklyn, NY

2/22/2010 6:17:55 PM

I have a five year old Maine Coon and we are very bonded. He is very typical of the breed description. He like to drape his body across my body in bed and he can't eat alone. The article doesn't mention, however, that the male Maine Coon can be a little possessive and may display a little jealousy. My boyfriend feels certain that my cat doesn't like him.

Erin    Arlington, MA

2/17/2010 12:58:40 PM

This was a really interesting article to read. I'm bringing home a Maine Coon kitten on Friday, so I'll likely be reading tons of stuff like this. They are certainly wonderful cats :)

katie    Lawton, OK

2/16/2010 12:01:03 PM

I too have a Maine Coon Cat. She is wonderful and loves the water. Dishes, baths, it makes no difference. She plays in the sink with her whole body. Never another will be like her. A love to our family. Gosh...just send more toys.!!!!

F    St Andrews Fife, AL

2/14/2010 8:46:19 AM

We rescued a 5 year old Main Coon today who has been abandoned and abused. He is currently lying at my feet purring while I type. He has settled right in! and my wife said we would never have another cat!

Earl & Donna Miller    Wyandotte, MI

1/31/2010 11:35:01 AM

Wev are fostering a Maine coon at the present time. He is very aloof during the day with us but will go near company that comes in.if we move or reach for him he is gone. however nitghtime is totally different he will come in bed to be rubbed anywhere on his body including face and paws.He will romp tussle and play with our calico cat night and day especially at night around 3:00 am.he gets along extremely well with our sons 22lb mixed breed dog rubbing and trying to get him to play. he does jump into and lay in our bath and jacuzzi tubs. due to his daytime aloofness we are not sure he will be a good candidate for adoption by someone looking for daytime companionship.

Marla    South haven, KS

1/16/2010 9:03:32 PM

I so enjoyed reading this as my 21 week old Maine Coon is cuddled up in some soft very important papers on my desk. Refuses to go to bed before I do. I absolutly love this baby , Thank You, Just can't say enough about this loving breed!!!!Whoever created them or found them Thank You.

Aaron    Bremerton, WA

1/8/2010 11:52:29 PM

My cat loves to cuddle, he is gentle most of the time. If you rub his belly he gets into a playful mode and start to swipe. I just love him because he is so fluffy and sweet.

Bri    Denver, CO

12/31/2009 2:57:01 PM

I have just been blessed with owning my first maine coon. Out of the many cats I've raised in my life, the maine coon is by far the best breed! At only 4 months old she shows more personality than the average kitten. She loves to cuddle directly under my neck, she LOVES to talk (or should I say squabble), and she absolutely loves the water. In fact, I will often find her laying near her water bowl scooping the water unto her belly. Put an icecube in the bowl and it's all over:)) My little mainecoon, whom we named Percy, has brought so much joy to our lives. I thought I wanted to start a family right away, but having her around is just enough for now. If you're considering getting a coon, keep in mind that they require much attention and affection. Though they are super easy to care for, they appreciate being played with and cuddling all the time.

Tish    Rolla, MO

12/22/2009 5:10:55 AM

We have been blessed with two Maine Coons in our lives. Blue our male and Charity (Teetee as our grandaughter christened her). Teetee is one of the Maine's shown in this magazine (page 115). They are prone to thievery as someone else here mention. Blue steals things from purses, diaperbags, dressers etc. and you will find them later in his toy basket. They do believe that the world and everything in it is theirs. I do love our furbabies.

Carol    Jonesport, ME

12/15/2009 2:02:16 PM

Maine Coon cats are my favorite breed. I have always loved them. I own one now.

Irene    Clearwater, FL

11/8/2009 8:02:58 PM

We took a cat in that had chewed off all her fur except for her head and paws. I was so surprised by the fur on the paws and how big they were. To our suprise, when the fur grew back after months of nursing, our "Little Bit" became a big furry Maine Coon! I had no idea until I showed her to someone and they were pleasantly surprised to find a Maine Coon. I immediately started looking up info on this strange creature. This article helped me to understand why she doesn't meow. Thanks

Sara    Burlington, NC

10/24/2009 7:25:04 AM

We adopted two Maine Coon mix kitties who are now 4-1/2 months old. They are without a doubt, the most loving and delightfully entertaining kitties we've ever seen. They are fearless, even of the vacuum cleaner and our galumpus of a Basset Hound. They both love water, and recently when the bathtub was draining and Minerva jumped into four inches of water, she didn't immediately jump out and run, she deliberately hopped out of the tub and then sat on the bath mat to dry. They love to sleep draped across my throat, after nibbling on my ear lobes, and Luna, the longer haired of the two enjoys sleeping in my lap as I work on the computer. Right now her head and right front paw are both resting in the crook of my elbow as I type. They, too, don't meow in the normal sense, but trill and chirp instead. Minerva, the great huntress, is a great fly girl, and can nab a fly in mid-air. When sitting at the window looking out at birds, she makes this odd clacking sound, which I've learned is a normal sound make by kitties on the hunt. We couldn't be happier, and look forward to watching them grow into big, beautiful kitties.

Sue    Birmingham. England. UK, AA

7/22/2009 5:10:18 PM

I have a 7 month old Maine Coon who has made a big impression since his arrival at 9 weeks old. He is very laid back with my other 3 cats and just does his own thing although he loves a good rough and tumble with Murphy, my 4 year old cat. He likes to play with water but hates to get wet. At the merest hint of rain he dashes back into the house like a bullet from a gun. He does enjoy climbing when in the garden. He hasn't had any dealings with mice yet, but has found a couple of frogs to play with. He likes to be involved in household chores, or to just watch, and his favourite thing is to lie right across the newspaper as I'm trying to read it. He is the best thing ever and has such a lovely personality.

Melodie    Clearwater, FL

6/24/2009 7:40:34 PM

I have a black maine coon cat. He is a "trip". He is totally amused with water and on occasion sleeps in the tub. He is capable of carrying the oddest things in his mouth, honeybuns, hotdog buns, socks. He also predicts storms...

Katie    Chicago, IL

6/21/2009 9:05:38 AM

I have had maine coons before but I just adopted one from someone who was moving across the country. He, Bandit, is the funniest cat I have ever seen. He bolts around the apartment and then crashes to take a nap under my bed. He also does the head butting thing which actually hurts but I take it as a sort of compliment. He is very cuddly and tries to sleep on top of my head when I go to bed, haha. He is truly a blessing and I would never trade him for the world.

Jerry    Martinez, CA

6/3/2009 12:22:16 PM

I agree. We love our little female, Bella. She is the most loving and intelligent cat. She is blessing to my wife, who has spent a good deal of time in bed, due to prolonged illness. We "rescued"
this little cat from horrible conditions and have loved her ever since.

twenz    Naperville, IL

5/30/2009 11:59:32 AM

My cat is 3/4 Main Coon and 1/4 Siamese,he is almost 8 months old and weighs close to twenty pounds! I rescued him from the wild, and he fit in the palm of my hand. Guess I didn't know what I was getting into at the time. I'm offically the only person in Naperville to have one. He does the head bunt thing, and I love it. The only thing is he steals things; erasers, hairties, the drainstoper from the bathtub (which is metal and weighted), and I can't get him to stop.

superchick    canton, OH

5/22/2009 3:08:48 PM

I have a Maine Coon cat at my house. It was originally a stray that had a home but the owners either didn't want him, they couldn't afford to keep him,or the cat got lost so it came to our house.I love Maine Coons because mine is so pretty and it is a long haired cat.

Carla    Farmington Hills, MI

5/16/2009 6:58:52 AM

I've had cats all my life and now have a maine Coon. He IS different; tough, willful, extremely intelligent, and sweet as can be. Except for naps, he must always be busy and needs many toys and distractions. He can be very rough in play but is easily trained to 'pull his punches'. Although it is a challange sometimes to be the center of his attention, he's highly amusing and charming, a really great breed!

Mike    Deerfield, IL

4/27/2009 2:46:56 PM

I always wondered why my cat seemed so different from other cats, this explains a lot! My cat will headbutt me and I love it, I'll usually get down on all fours just to give him an easier reach. It's pretty common for me to wake up and see him climbing our roofs (he'll jump from the fence to the roof, he's quite a climber!) Word to the wise, don't leave your bathroom door open or he'll climb into the shower with you.

Katy    London, SD

4/25/2009 7:21:09 AM

I have a rescue Maine coone and he is forever opening cpbard doors and switching on extractor fans!
He is the most playful and inquistive cat I have ever had.
I had to buy a dog bowl for him to eat from as his head was far to ig for an ordinary cat bowl!!!

Patty & Stan    Colchester, CT

4/17/2009 3:20:26 AM

Great article. I have to add one more thing.
Our large kitty sits up on her hind legs and looks around when she hears a strange noise. She resembles a groundhog. She will sit like this for minutes at a time. She does lots of head butting but it is an act of love on her part.

Tanya    Madison, WI

3/27/2009 2:18:12 PM

I have a pure bread Maine Coon and like this article states he does get a little rough with me, but doesn't seem to do it with anybody else. We sure have our differences but he is like my 2 year old baby that will never grow up. He loves me carrying him around the house, he's so inquisitive about food, and our activities, it's great! I made the best decisioin I've made in a long time when I decided to buy him.

sally dodge    coeurdalene,, ID

2/26/2009 9:18:55 AM

We inherited a stray and our vet told us he was a Maine Coon. Had never heard of it, but he fits the descriptions exactly. He is a clown, loves water loves to climb on our roof and counters. Even loves the snow. We live in Idaho! I would like to forward a picture and see what you think.

Saija    Verona, NJ

1/2/2009 9:45:16 AM

It's a little hard to type right now with my huge 4-month-old kitten stretched out over my arms. Since my son-in-law started pointing out my cat's unusual characteristics and proposed that he may be a Maine Coon, I've been trying to learn more about my adopted friend. I saw a picture on Wikipedia of show-ready Maine Coons and the middle one looks just like my Ollie. Your article confirms his breed even more, with the fur sticking out of his ears and between his toes, his very furry tail, his personality and fascination with water. I guess I'll have a huge ever-playful kitty to put a smile on my face for years to come. I'm guessing that since he was a stray that there would be no reason to refrain from neutering him?

Sue    Ft. Worth, TX

12/27/2008 6:59:46 PM

I have always had cats, but my Maine Coon is the most fun of all. He was found as a stray but well cared for. I got him from my vet. I love Cat Fancy. The article in the Dec. magazine was Great. The pictures of the gray and black looks just like my Thomas. He lkes walking on a leash. We get a lot of attention. He is about 13 mo old, and we have been together most of the time. Thank You.

John    Longmont, CO

12/27/2008 9:11:46 AM

This is the best of many articles I've read on Maine Coons.

I wish I could say Motor is a purebred MC, but, unfortunately, I know it ain't so. This already very large tabby only misses perfect CFA points because of his very slightly short tail. His "mom" is a small and aloof Norwegian Forest we were given by a friend; somewhere in our neighborhood there MUST be a magnificent male MC specimen, because Motor (our tom) clearly takes after his "dad". He's a beautiful physical specimen and fits the personality characteristics to a tee.

You bet he's a "man's cat"! He chose me as his main human, and is completely and utterly fearless, ready to "attack" and brawl with our knee-high Sharpei from the time he was a palm-sized fuzzball. He chased a neighborhood stray dog thrice his size back over the fence and out of our back yard. He also forced "submission" out of our Rat Terrier when Motor was only about three months old--now they're best buddies.

I only wish I could show my big buddy, but, alas, he isn't pedigreed.

Thank you for your excellent article.

Elizabet    Marquette, MI

12/17/2008 6:34:13 PM

Thank you for the very informative article. My vet mentioned my 10 lb 7month old rapidly growing kitty, Deuce, may be a Maine Coon cat. After reading your article, Deuce has many characteristics of a "Coon". I am so proud of him and look forward to our many years with him. Thanks again!

Cat Lover    abc, NY

12/6/2008 10:46:46 PM

Thanks a lot for this great article. I already own three cats and hopefully I will get a Maine Coon or two in the future :).

jan    livingston, MT

8/4/2008 3:47:49 PM

Great article. It describes my handsome 'coon cat brothers to a tee

ana    Urbandale, IA

2/15/2008 6:05:53 PM

Intresting article! Ienjoyed reading it! my cats are Maine Coons too!

Shawn and Allison    Dexter, MI

11/4/2007 6:28:01 PM

(Mom)A neiborhood boy was walking by one day with the most beautiful kitten. When I asked him if I could pet her he said she was going to the Humane Society tomorrow because his family couldn't keep her. Let's just say she never made it there. When I brought her home it took awhile for her to warm up to my dominant American Shorthaired Male. They are now best friends and yes she is the Alpha Female. She is my boyfriend's favorite and he gives her so much affection that when he's not around she expects it from me. She is trained to fetch by the way and is so facinated with baths. Your article was right on.
(Dad) I was online looking for a model agency to put my cat in when I found the first site on a maine coon that was descriptive, accurate, and totally described mine, I was never very familiar with this AMAZING breed, I always thought I had the 1 in a billion, with the unique meow and other physical characteristics, Still, I know mine is 1 in a billion, and the thought that this cat could have gone to the Humane Society makes me SICK! She is definately daddy's little girl. Great Article.

Shawn and Allison    Dexter, MI

11/4/2007 6:27:55 PM

(Mom)A neiborhood boy was walking by one day with the most beautiful kitten. When I asked him if I could pet her he said she was going to the Humane Society tomorrow because his family couldn't keep her. Let's just say she never made it there. When I brought her home it took awhile for her to warm up to my dominant American Shorthaired Male. They are now best friends and yes she is the Alpha Female. She is my boyfriend's favorite and he gives her so much affection that when he's not around she expects it from me. She is trained to fetch by the way and is so facinated with baths. Your article was right on.
(Dad) I was online looking for a model agency to put my cat in when I found the first site on a maine coon that was descriptive, accurate, and totally described mine, I was never very familiar with this AMAZING breed, I always thought I had the 1 in a billion, with the unique meow and other physical characteristics, Still, I know mine is 1 in a billion, and the thought that this cat could have gone to the Humane Society makes me SICK! She is definately daddy's little girl. Great Article.

Laura & Madison    Townsend, MA

10/24/2007 4:05:06 PM

I was searching for information on Maine Coon cats with my 10 year old daughter. Most articles were boring and said the same thing over and over again. However, to our delight...we read your article and it gave us so much more information about these cats. It was also humorous and fun to read. Thanks for the great information. Our new addition to the family will be here in a couple weeks and can't wait :-)

Heather    Princeton, IN

8/24/2007 3:12:45 PM

I just have to say that they are some of the most beutiful cats I have ever seen.

Jackie    Horsham, PA

8/17/2007 12:53:22 PM

Your article about the gentle giants was wonderful. My Maine Coon, Fluffy was the gentilest and smartest of all the cats I ever owned. She would sit and give you her paw on command, play catch and identified herself as the Alpha to the other cats and dog in the household. She also relayed this to Sam, my son's 200lb. English Mastiff. She will always be my favorite cat of all time.

Edna    Tampa Bay area, FL

8/15/2007 11:42:32 AM

I have a sweet-n-silly Maine Coon mix (or possibly purebred?) female, adopted from our county animal shelter. She is about to turn two years old and is a gorgeous, comical character who is extremely intelligent and observant. Maine Coons are wonderful and your article really captures their specialness. Well done!

Cathy    Medford, NJ

8/9/2007 3:59:59 PM

I got mine at Petco in Cherry Hill. I showed my MC a picture of one of the cats and she reached out and tried to touch it! Nice magazine.

Sharon    Madison, IN

8/4/2007 7:51:56 AM

I think the Popular Cat Series is great! Are you planning to include the Birman cat in the series?

Janette    Fox Lake, IL

7/24/2007 6:00:49 AM

Everything stated is so true! My Coon is 2 years old, blind in one eye but does not let that stop him in any activity he wants to do. He's also the most athletic cat I've ever had, deliberately climbing the cat trees backwards just to get a bit more exercise in. If you're looking for a fun cat to be part of the family I strongly recommend the Maine Coon

Alex    Newark, DE

7/21/2007 4:37:56 PM

Hello, could you please let breeders & owners of Maine Coon cats know where we can purchase your Special Breed Maine Coon series. Our cat Patriot is featured in this magazine. Thanks Blazin Arrow Maine Coons

Sandra    Leawood, KS

7/9/2007 11:48:06 AM


I went to my local PetsMart to purchase your new magazine on Maine Coons and they knew nothing about it.
Could you please let me know where I might be able to get a copy -- my Maine Coon, "Rosemary Cooney," is one of the featured cats!
Many thanks.
Sandy Johnston
Thundermist cattery

Diana    Franklinton, NC

6/29/2007 5:54:45 AM

How can I order the Maine Coon magazine??? None of the stores in my area have this.

Jeff    West Allis, WI

6/14/2007 5:10:27 AM

Are you planning on making other issues on other breeds of cats for thr Popular Cat Series Magabooks? It's about time this happened!!!!!
If you do could make issues on Oriental Shorthairs,
Shynx,Chartruex,Ragdolls,Ragamuffins,Siberians. ,etc
THANKS FOR MAKING THIS ALL HAPPEN!!!It's very hard to find books on breed-specific Cats!!


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