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Comments On - My 15-Year-Old Cat Is Losing Weight

Charlene    Upper Strasburg, PA

10/21/2015 6:55:09 AM

Our older cat is 21 and went from 11 pounds to 6-1/2 pounds. She will only eat Senior Iaames and fancy fisk wet food or friskies wet. I try giving her cheese and tuna, which she will eat once in awhile. She isn't extra thirst, etc. Her fur is matted so have to pluck it out and give her vitamins and put a paste on her paw to eat more. She stays a lot in the large bathroom and only let out when supervised, as urinates. We hope she makes it to 22. We have other feral cats that are very tame and good. She has never liked other cats.

Your article is good. I hope she doesn't have cancer.

Cleta    Lexington, SC

8/22/2015 10:31:16 AM

One of my cats has just been shown to have hyperthyroidism. I have been looking for an article on treating it on cat channel, but have not located one yet. All my vet knows about is a cream in ear or radioactive iodine. We are on a fixed budget, so iodine treatment is out. I thought I read in one of your articles about a new treatment. Was I mistaken? We have had 4 other cats die from this disease. I don't want to lose Lydia. Thank you so much. Cleta

Anastasia    Lynchburg, VA

7/28/2015 5:41:58 AM

This was a very good answer as my 15 year old cat has been losing weight also. He eats and drinks his normal amounts. He isn't vomiting. Active as usual. Our vet also said he may be losing the weight due to hyperthyroidism. I'm going to schedule the blood work.

mandi    International

4/25/2015 11:19:38 AM

This article helped me a whole lot. My cat is turning 21!!!!!!

martha lee    new bern, NC

1/28/2015 11:28:26 AM

my cat is 15 year old he eating the same wet and dry playing but losing a lot of weight. I clean his litter box daily. I haven't notice a this due to his age. please help

Marylou    Homer Glen, IL

1/11/2015 12:28:39 PM

Wonderful article. My cat is 15, we have seen the abdominal tumor on an x-ray, chose not to operate (based on past experience with cancer in animals) and are likewise trying to spoil him rotten for as long as he is with us and comfortable.

Theresa    Portland, OR

11/19/2014 3:59:08 PM

I also have a 15-year-old kitty. He has a huge appetite and he eats all he wants but he continues to lose weight. It's not super rapid, but I think he's gone from 17 pounds to 13 pounds in about a year and a half. The vet did all the bloodwork tests, even the expensive thyroid test and xrays. Everything was normal and no tumors were found. I guess I have to believe it's just old age?

nell borda    Washington, DC

11/19/2014 6:26:54 AM

Thank you for this site & the information. My cat, similar to the cats with great appetites that want to eat constantly,is also losing weight. Vet suspects he has cancer.
So I'm just spoiling him, & letting him enjoy all he can.

Harvey    Bay Shore, NY

10/15/2014 10:11:22 AM

Great site and great info!! I would be concerned about putting a 15 year old cat on chemo for GI lymphoma bc of quality of life and suffering as I know this takes place in humans. Since I am not a vet or cat expert I would like to hear more thoughts on this... Thanks!!! Harvey

Marsha    Atascadero, CA

7/16/2014 8:52:23 PM

My 17 year old Maine Coon has gone from 16lbs to 8lbs 13oz in 7 months. I had a full senior health panel done and everything was normal. No change in eating/drinking/pooping/peeing. His activity level has decreased, most likely due to age, but he is still alert and social. I can only fear that it is cancer. My vet has suggested an ultrasound that would most likely determine that, but, treatment may only buy him a few more months,and unsure if he is he in any pain, he doesn't show any. It's a very heart breaking decision not to treat. I believe in quality of life (human and animal)So, until that fateful day, he will be pampered as he always has been, with great love knowing I was blessed he came into my life, as a stray

Michelle    England, YT

6/1/2014 12:45:29 AM

My 15 yr cat George has been the same and I found this website helpful instead of running to the vet each time and paying unneeded vet bills. However this time he won't be so happy to know he's got to go,lol. Thank you

MARJORIE    International

2/19/2014 8:14:06 AM

What an absolutely brilliant website. Live in Ireland with my gorgeous 14 year old tabby called "Squeak". Hyperthyroidism is the diagnosis by my trusted vet. As a first step we are treating him with medication for two weeks, after which my vet will assess progress. I will do anything that is 'humanely' possible to give Squeak the best chance of as good a quality of life as is possible. I will take each day at a time now and will continue to love and care for him with all my heart.

Teresa    San Bernardino, CA

10/23/2013 10:56:16 AM

Very helpful thank you

Janet    International

7/3/2013 11:26:07 AM

Very helpful thank you as my cat of 16 has very similar ailments. even though after many vet visits he still hasn't improved. so will be changing vet soon. he eats constantly.. always seems starving and gobbles he's good in such a hurry...lost so much weight.. vomits and has diarrhea. has been like this for over 6months. i noticed recently that he's making a sort of sound when he chews... so need to check he's jawline for any injuries and any tooth decay as this can lead to the problem of liver and kidney failure :( he has been diagnosed through a blood test that he is cancer free and no diabetes but really need a second opinion as has what has been subscribed for him in drugs have not the slightest done him any favours. we are back to square one :(

Cathy    NYC, NY

9/5/2012 10:37:00 PM

Thank you very much 4 this info. I've been worried about my cat & knew some weight loss occurs as all cats age, but, that this was different. I think this bad news but, i'd rather know than not know

Kat    Woodinville, WA

4/27/2012 6:30:43 PM

Your cat may have kidney failure. My 8 year old cat got it from eating something bad. He lost a lot of weight, he started to throw up, and we thought it was good that he was losing weight because he was on a diet. I suggest taking your cat to the vet immediately! My cat is now 9 and doing really well. You need to give cats with kidney failure fluids which means sticking a needle under the skin while squeezing water in. Here is a list of things that your cat could eat to give it kidney failure, grapes, lilies, poinsettias, and a lot of other things. That goes for dogs too. Hope this helped!!!

Courtney    Minneapolis, MN

4/12/2012 4:13:54 PM

My kitty friend Grace has been losing too much weight and has not been eating. Also her kidneys weren't working so well,and that caused her to die.

Graham    Columbia, SC

10/29/2011 9:26:56 AM

My 19 and a half year old cat suddenly started losing weight at age 17. I took her to the vet thinking she had diabetes and she and hyperthyroidism. Because of her age I opted to put her on pills instead of radioactive iodine therapy. She has been on tapazole ever since and is doing well. Now my 13 year old is losing weight. He lost a lot of weight almost a year ago when he got sick quit eating and had to be force fed by syringe for a little over a week. Blood tests did not reveal diabetes or hyperthyroism (his thyroid was slighty low). he finally bounced back just in time for Christmas. He has been active and has a big appetite but has never gained his weight back that he lost when he was sick and now he seems to be losing weight again; despite his good appetite. We'll be making a trip to the vet soon.

Shelly    Kansas City, MO

8/3/2011 6:06:18 PM

My cat started losing weight too and I took her to the vet and had a blood test done. Her liver levels were very high, to the vet mentioned it could be Fatty Liver Disease. The best advice I got was to make sure she still eats, well she does but not much.

Also now she will not use her litter box at all. She is boney too.

Jeanie    Garden Valley, CA

7/22/2011 8:57:43 PM

Thank you for all the information. My cat Stripe is experiencing the same situation. He's a happy wonderful cat and my best friend.

Linda    Santa Monica, CA

5/28/2011 9:45:49 PM

My 13-year-old cat is losing weight. No change in attitude, appetite, thirst, peeing. She has been pooping less. I've taken her to the vet; we've done the blood tests, the ultrasound, the endoscopy. There appears to be some inflamation of the intestine for which I'm giving her one dose of prednisone a day. It's only been a week or so - she's still losing weight. I'm hoping the prednisone will turn things around, soon.

Tami    Sun City, CA

5/15/2011 6:30:15 PM

My 17 year old cat has also been losing weight.
She eats just fine, drinks the same, pees & everything fine.
She just keeps losing weight. I was afraid to take her to the vet, afraid they would say it was something really bad & that I should put her down. However, your answer gave me some ideas to think about & I think I will take her to the vet this week.
I am still afraid it could be something bad, but I am hoping it is just maybe thyroid. She doesn't act sick at all...& except for the losing weight seems just fine.

Saila    Athens, GA

4/5/2011 4:58:24 PM

I appreciate your info. My cat has had complete blood work, urine test, and 2 thyroid tests in the last 2-3 months.
I'm feeding him new food Royal Canin Recovery in addition to the C/D he's eaten since he had a urinary tract infection as a kitten.
I completely trust my vets and live only a few miles for the UGA Vet Hospital.
You've given me some ideas to bring up with my vets. Thanks. I'd do anything to keep my cat with me for as long as possible. He's losing weight but acting absolutley fine.

Laura    Tampa, FL

11/6/2010 7:54:39 AM

Just took my 10 yr old cat to vet for this same thing. She also said it was probably thyroid and maybe diabetes. I'm hoping thyroid....Comforting site. Didn't scare the heck out of me like a lot of medical (humans too) sites, lol.

Joanna    Gainesville, FL

10/30/2010 2:50:05 PM

My 15 year old cat is also losing weight. It started with changing her catfood from Fancy Feast Medleys to Newman's Own. Both my cats seemed to have healthy poop, more so than ever, but then they both had diarrhea so I went back to the Medleys. The younger cat recovered but my 15 yr old has not regained her appetite, barely eats and have tried everything, drinks water and peas fine but barely poops and went from 12lbs to 9.5lbs in a month. She acts like she wants to eat (always been a good eater) but she eats slow and not much, maybe an ounce of food a day. I had blood work done right before her getting sick. Am now going to the vet on Monday.

Helene    Woodbury, NJ

8/15/2010 9:47:03 AM

I have a 17 year old British odd-eyed white, who looks like a breathing skeleton with fur. I am so stressed over the right thing to do. He cannot move at all on his own. I feed him, bathe him, hold and massage him. He doesn't seem to be in pain. Eats, sleeps, poops, pees and likes affection. The comments on this site were very comforting to me. I don't want to let him go, but don't want him to suffer. Recently had to put down a 22-year old. Very sad. Our pets become our children. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Love and blessings to all pet lovers and their pets.

old cat    stanwood, WA

7/21/2010 8:49:45 AM

dont you think all that is a little extreame for a 15 year old cat sounds like alot of hard earned money for a aging cat

Lorraine    Luck, WI

4/6/2010 12:01:52 PM

I have a cat who is also losing weight. He is 21 years old. He eats like a horse and drinks a lot of water, and has healthy bowel movements. This has been going on for about 1 year.

I also talked to my vet, and he said that there is not a whole lot to do, as he is this old, and we decided also to let nature take its course

Jenn    Tallahassee, FL

3/15/2010 10:26:43 AM

I am going thru the exact same thing. My cat is 15 and he is so skinny. He doesn't seem to be in any pain but he looks very sick almost like he's dying. He will not eat his normal food anymore, he only eats Tuna and warm milk. I am doing everything to make him happy and feel loved. My oldest son adores him and I know this will crush him when he passes. My husband thinks it's only a matter of time... I am one very sad girl.... because he truly means the world to me.

John    New York, NY

2/19/2010 7:04:34 AM

I have a cat that is 19yrs old with some of these symptoms. After speaking with my vet we decided to leave well enough alone and let nature take its course as long a she is not in any pain or suffering. Thanks for this article it was very informative.

shelley    edmonton, AB

2/2/2010 10:58:57 PM

Yay I finally found just what i was looking for

Sarah    Milan, MI

4/5/2009 3:36:31 PM

Very helpfull, I have a 15 year old cat with the same issue. Great info!

Linda    Mandeville, LA

9/18/2008 4:43:34 PM

Good article. Sure hope my baby never gets the cancer!

Cat    corydon, IN

9/14/2008 10:10:19 PM

good to know

Laurie    Erie, PA

9/14/2008 7:13:50 PM

all articles on CC are very helpful and informative.Thanks

Jennifer    Suwanee, GA

9/13/2008 8:37:58 AM

Things to think about if your cat loses weight while maintaing good eating habits.

Noelle    beecher, IL

9/12/2008 5:20:33 PM

This was very helpful.

candice    springfeild, IL

9/12/2008 5:19:38 PM

i have an over weight cat

Tricia    Fort Wayne, IN

9/12/2008 7:08:06 AM

My 16 yr.old Siamese, Jinqua died of CRF, in 2004 but his symptoms were like mentioned in this article. I pray her vet will get a good diagnosis and able to treat.

Evelyn    Beamsville, ON

9/12/2008 7:04:35 AM

My cat Buddy who died 9 weeks ago had the same problem. He ate alot and still lost weight. He was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and later on kidneydisease. He was 15 years old.

Cathy    Hubbard, OH

9/12/2008 5:20:20 AM

I had a kitty, Mewsette, 13 years old, with the same symptoms. Sadly, it was cancer and she did not last long. I hope and pray this kitty has something treatable.


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