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Comments On - My Cat Has Black Specks in Her Fur

Liz    Sarasota, FL

11/13/2012 11:50:16 AM

What if the specks don't "bleed"? I can't find any fleas, and my cat isn't scratching. I thought it was fleas too, but now I don't think so. I have no idea what all these black specks in her fur are.

Vendetta    McMinnville, TN

9/27/2012 9:46:49 PM

I remember when I first learned that the black specks were flea poop. My cat sleeps with me and every morning I use a hand vac to clean up any lose hair from the sheets. Well I started seeing all this black pepper like substance where my cat had laid. I looked it up on the Internet and sure enough, it was flea poop. I had to clean everything and disinfect. Wow what a job! I used lice shampoo for humans to shampoo her in. I did it twice and put her on Advantage. I had her on Frontline but that never worked for her. She is mostly an indoor cat but I take her outside for a little fresh air.

Miranda    Milton, WI

9/9/2012 7:01:30 PM

my cat is highly alergic to flea medicine. what should i do.

Kristina    k town, AK

12/12/2010 6:14:11 PM

Thank you very much, i am searching for the same answer as this person. I know that my cat has flea's, but while trying to get rid of them i find the little black pepper like flakes in her fur, and i wondered for awhile if they were flea eggs.. i wasn't sure..

Giselle    New York, NY

3/7/2010 2:57:29 AM

I've seen flea dirt on many cats, working with a rescue, and on my own pets, however I now have a pet that's showing tiny specks of 'dirt' much smaller than flea poop, especially on his head area (he doesn't have acne) could this be mite dirt???

Kristina    Rochester, MN

10/13/2008 6:40:31 AM

I never knew that!

Sue    3 Oaks, MI

10/7/2008 5:43:12 PM

Great reminder for kitty care!

Sheryl    Casa Grande, AZ

10/7/2008 4:42:50 PM

Things I already knew, but a reminder never hurts!

Moni    Boise, ID

10/7/2008 7:42:16 AM

Good to know.

Shannon    Danville, IL

10/6/2008 3:26:30 PM

Great article!!!

Linda    Mandeville, LA

10/3/2008 8:05:11 PM

Great article. Program shots from your vet is EXCELLENT for flea control and last 6 months.


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