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Comments On - My Cat Eats Everything in Sight

Kat    Altoona, PA

1/27/2015 1:57:43 AM

I AM SO FRUSTRATED! I have a 2 1/2 year old male cat who started eating nylon leashes about a year ago. He has now graduated to HUGE HOLES in an irreplaceable blanket, my socks, washcloths, etc. I can't put a towel in his pet carrier because he will devour it. At night I kennel him because I can't keep an eye on what he is doing and twice he has managed to haul things into the kennel through the holes! He was with his mother until he was six months old, so it's not because he was weaned too early. He lives indoors with four other cats, who don't have this problem at all. Bitter Apple spray, red pepper, etc. have absolutely no effect on him. I CAN'T KEEP LIVING THIS WAY!

Joan    New York, NY

11/21/2013 2:18:28 PM

I read that there are no known cures for cat pica because we do not know what causes it. There are sometimes - I repeat SOMETIMES - ways to alleviate it somewhat.

If a cat has this problem it is not uncommon that the cat must undergo operations over and over again, which is painful and not inexpensive.

Adriana    Parkland, FL

6/22/2011 5:18:40 AM

My cat is an almost 4 year old female and she just recently started eating lintel bits that she scratches off of a basket that I have in my room. (She started scratching the basket the first day I got it though, but only now started eating the little bits that fall to the floor) She is a healthy cat and eats well and has only thrown up once in the past few weeks which I suppose could be caused by the eating of the lintel. What should I do? Is the lintel a serious danger for her? She doesn't chew other things, it's just the lintel (and eventually my toes at night in bed haha) Help?

D.B.    Montclair, NJ

2/11/2011 3:14:17 PM

My cat also eats and chews everything in sight and has almost set the house on fire more than once by eating through cords. In fact, there isn't a cord of any kind in the house that does not have his teethmarks on it (unless we just replaced it). He also ingests large amounts of wool or wool-like material, fringes on pillows, fingers on gloves, etc. He lives happily with another cat and two sweet dogs, eats well, is healthy and sweet. I give him chew treats, toys, things to stimulate and distract him, have tried dietary changes, valium and other behavioral drugs, letting him out, keeping him in. Bitter apple, sprayed daily, does not deter him. Of course we pick up and hide things as much as we can, but we can't hide every cord in the house. It's easier to make sure clothing, scarves, et al are put away, but if a guest comes and put down a pair of gloves for a moment, he's at 'em. Or, if we drop a sock out of the laundry pile... gone. We have been trying to solve this problem for over 3 years and are ready to give up. We live in fear of costly emergency surgery, finding him dead from a shock, or having the house go up in flames. Does anyone, anyone have any ideas or information about how to help?

Kathy    Collingswood, NJ

11/11/2010 6:09:02 PM

I have a similar problem with my 2 yr. old tabby, Latte. Since she was about 6 mos. old we have to keep our bedroom doors shut because she eats the rubber ear plugs and vitamins that I keep on my night stand, she will chew holes in every sock in the house, underweat, sweaters, sheets, bathroom towels,kitchen towels, all people food, wires, et. I feed my pets dry food only because that's what my vet advises. Latte is a very sweet, very little, cat but she frequently bites when playing, at least I think she's playing, and draws blood. I leave toys and socks around the house for her to chew.....I wish there was a solution to this problem. Our other cat has absolutely no interest in eating/chewing anything but dry cat food.

Cat Editor    Irvine, CA

10/28/2010 3:07:00 PM

There is a feline eating disorder called pica, in which cats crave and eat non-edible items. This condition can be serious because the things your cat is consuming can cause an intestinal obstruction. Marilyn Krieger offers some solutions at this link: LINK

Lynne    Manassas, VA

10/27/2010 7:17:27 AM

I hate to ban my cat from my bedroom but Imay have to. When I make my bed in the morning I sometimed finf baseball sized holes in my sheet. She even chewed through a quilt, a sweatshirt and socks. all in areas where I sleep OR my clothing. Not my husbands. HELP!!!

Sandy    Omaha, NE

5/17/2009 9:47:11 PM

My cat eats my underwear... Yep. I'm now wearing crotchless to work.

Kathleen    Lynnwood, WA

5/10/2009 6:05:38 PM

Its hard to keep the things like hair bands away from my cat. Even if I put them away he will seek them out. If I accidentally leave a drawer open he will get them. Seriously he hunts for the rubberbands! frustrating!!

Linda    Mandeville, LA

2/23/2009 11:33:50 PM

Mine could eat his weight in SNACKS but leaves half his regular food.

Linda    Mandeville, LA

2/19/2009 10:54:03 PM

Good article.

D    Indy, IN

2/15/2009 9:44:16 AM

Good info! My cat eats a lot of stuff!

Deb    Pittsburgh, PA

2/15/2009 7:16:58 AM

Thanks for the article. We have a kitty that likes to chew alot of things.

Dot    Friday Harbor, WA

2/15/2009 6:58:56 AM

Excellent article! We have a kitty that chews a little on inedible items. I will watch the behavior more closely now that I have read the article.

Mark    Raleigh, NC

2/15/2009 3:15:30 AM

Interesting article. One of my cats will eat as much food as he can get but nothing like this thank goodness.

Frank    loreh, IA

2/15/2009 12:12:12 AM

I didnt know anything like this could occur.

JoJo    Cedar Falls, IA

2/14/2009 5:39:01 PM

What an interesting condition.

Jennifer    madras, OR

2/14/2009 10:40:28 AM

interesting article

Donna    Austin, TX

2/14/2009 9:16:13 AM

As a kitten, my girl ate paper products -- newspapers, paperback books, paper towels, bathroom paper, kleenex. It was a challenge keeping all those inaccessible to her. She outgrew it at around 4 years. She's 13 now and has gone back to eating newspaper, but none of the others, so it's pretty easy to keep that away from her.

Stacey    City, AL

2/14/2009 6:16:32 AM

My cat used to chew anything and everything but luckily he has outgrown it.

Eileen    Roanoke, VA

2/14/2009 4:41:50 AM

I am glad my three do not do this

Karl Joe    Branson, MO

2/13/2009 7:56:53 PM

Informative topic.

Cathy    Hubbard, OH

2/13/2009 4:52:19 AM

I have heard of cats doing this before, but thankfully have never had this problem. I think it also helps to have more than one cat. Gives them someone to pal with. I have four.

Sally    las vegas, NV

2/13/2009 3:43:42 AM

Funny article!


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