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Comments On - Is Your Cat Depressed?

Tiara    chicago, IL

6/10/2013 5:22:52 AM

come on!!!!!

Amber    International

5/28/2013 2:39:19 PM

Great but is my cat depressed???

LJ    International

5/1/2013 4:28:21 AM

Hi, I'm not sure if anyone would be able to help but I'd appreciate any advice anyone can give.

My cat is a 8 year old male Tabby. He is free to roam the house and has constant access to the garden and outside world, however, he has always come in at night before the household goes to bed and frequently sleeps inside during the day and will curl up on your lap.

For about the last two months, he has started to stay out at night and now spends the majority, if not all, day outside. He rarely sits with the family anymore and has started to eat less and less (highly unusual for him!).

When he does come inside, he will peek through the door and then sprint through the house, almost like he doesn't want to touch the floor.

He doesn't appear to have a fearful reaction, he's no more easily startled than usual, but he seems to be highly averse to the house unless he needs food.

We've had him checked by the vet and she's said he's fit and healthy apart from a little weight loss (minor, so far).

The only change there has been in the household recently is that one member of the family (who he is usually very close to) is currently struggling with a bout of depression, having recently had a reduction in medication, and there is the first anniversary of a recent bereavement coming up.

Is it possible this is a reaction to the emotional state of the household? It's the only change in the house that I can think of.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Alex    International

4/25/2013 9:47:28 AM

sad cat is sad

Wesner    Tampa, FL

4/21/2013 6:12:41 AM

My cat is acting maybe cause my new born baby.

CatChannel Editor    Irvine, CA

4/15/2013 12:33:15 PM

Corey -- Sorry for your loss. All you can do is give your wife's cat some extra attention and reassurance that she is still part of a warm, loving family. A new kitten is bound to irritate her, so make her feel special: give her extra petting, a few more rounds of play than usual, etc.

Best wishes for your cat's happiness

corey    LYNNWOOD, WA

4/14/2013 1:36:10 PM

My cat of 14 yrs died do to tumors on her heart and lungs. now my wifes cat sleeps all day and hides under the sink (never before he used to do this. i am very worried that he may die do to the loss of his friend.we did get a kitten but he has NO interest in the kitten. i'm at a loss of my cat but im trying my best to make our other cat happy. what do i do?? the tears of the loss of my cat fall from my wifes cats eyes!!! i'm hurting cuz he's sad :(. what can i do???

Karen    Silver Spring, MD

4/2/2013 8:24:01 AM

I found it very helpful. I have two cats. One that was more standoffish is now more friendly. The other one I believe is now depressed. I have gone through a divorce moved from my house where two of my children lived and moved into an apartment with one of my daughters. I moved again this past summer and recently my daughter moved out. My cat runs away when the family or anyone comes over. She has a very sad look in her eyes.

Mina    Gaithersburg, MD

3/16/2013 6:12:45 PM

My cat refuses to even go outside now. She's an indoor/ outdoor cat.

CatChannel Editor    Irvine, CA

3/13/2013 1:19:19 PM

Cat -- Is the female cat fixed? Having an unspayed female in the house could cause this kind of aggression. LINK

Reintroduce the cats to each other again. Take this process slowly and follow these steps. LINK

CatChannel Editor    Irvine, CA

3/12/2013 10:56:15 AM

Kristine -- Two things might be happening. The addition of a second pet could take away attention from Kitty, and also by adding a bird to the mix Kitty could experience frustration in watching this prey animal out of her reach. The solution to both is increasing your time with Kitty in active play. Let her get out some of her energy by chasing wand toys (always supervised) or automatic interactive toys like the Frolicat. Here's a video of that toy LINK Here are some more toys that your cat can play with: LINK Good luck

Cat    Eugene, OR

3/12/2013 12:44:22 AM

I have a 7 year old kitty,Rigby, and I just moved to Eugene Oregon from Florida for grad school. A friend and I moved in together, and her kitty is VERY aggressive towards Rigby. He is spending a lot more time in my bedroom, and he seems to be afraid to go into the communal spaces if she's around and no one else is in the room. If I'm around to make him feel safe, he's usually fine and a little more social, but otherwise he always wants to be in my room because he feels safer in there. He's started sleeping a lot more, and he doesn't want to play as much as he used to. He's crying a lot at night, and he is trying to get me to feed him a lot more (whenever Elva goes after him, he wants to eat... I felt like he was stress eating so I cut his diet down). She's almost half his size, but he won't fight with her. I'm hoping he eventually gives her a smack and she pipes down, but he's really chill and she's extremely aggressive. Should I be worried about him being depressed? What can I do to make the situation better? He just went to the vet last month before my dad brought him to Oregon, and he received a good bill of health.

Kristine    International

3/10/2013 2:20:27 PM

My cat Kitty is a 12 year old cat but lately we added a bird in the family. Now she is constantly grroming herself where she came to a point that her fur is falling off and not growing. Is my cat depressed? What should I do?

CatChannel Editor    Irvine, CA

3/7/2013 11:44:41 AM

Erika -- It is possible that Starry is feeling the loss of her mother and becoming more clingy because of it. This could be a temporary closeness during a time of mourning. Share your story with other cat owners at our forum ( They might have similar stories or advice for you. Good luck, and sorry for your loss.

Erika    International

3/5/2013 4:43:26 AM

My cat Starry (Mystery) had always been a feisty lively independent cat, who yes liked to have cuddles but not for to long. Her mother Millie our other cat passed away just over a year ago now, and Starry was in the kitchen with her lying next to their bed where she passed the next day. every since then she has been extremely friendly and cuddly but seems to be getting more and more cuddly with us, (which we love) but she has now taken to where ever you go she will be by your side, walking across the cupboard tops to get to you.
Is this normal for a cat to get like this, after loosing their parent if they live with them she is 12 years old and her mother was 13 and passed of old age, no medical problems.

jonathan    International

2/12/2013 5:32:21 AM

my cat domino normally goes out every chance he can get! (ie every time the door is opened) he normally wanders far and wide and returns for meals, he came home the other day covered in thick mud and scratches i had to bathe him! he seemed happy enough when he came home purring and such but for the past 3 days he's just laid on the couch disinterested in anything hardly eating his food and wont purr when stroked, i think he's confidence has taken a knock from the fight he seems to of been in even tho he's came home with scratches before this time he's clearly depressed and has no interest in going back outside.

Emily    International

1/27/2013 5:49:59 PM

I've been trying to reconnect, my baby appetite has not been affected, but her behavior and affection towards me has. Kali has always been feisty,a bit difficult at times but i noticed more aggressiveness since the arrival of the kittens. She attacked me twice when trying to lay next to her, as we used to. Her defensive/alert mode is on all the time,as she hears the kittens. I will try to spend more time with her; ironically that's all i want, to let her know she is my baby pie and i love her so much, i feel to have let her down somehow, i am so sad about it, "the click training" sounds a very good idea, and i will check out the forum. Thank you so much for the links and the various tips I appreciate all the help on this site, it is a great aid to cat people like me. Regards

Vanessa    International

1/27/2013 5:13:51 PM

My cat Ophelia (almost 13 y.o. now)went through a bout where she stopped eating, in the fall of 2011. She went from 13 to 8 lbs... But with some meds, and syringe feeding for 6 weeks, she's back. She went into fatty liver, and was jaundice, but they never found a cause for her anorexia. (Blood work, ultrasound...)

After a recent UTI, she started the same thing again...but is time I caught it quickly and gave her the meds they prescribed last time: Remeron. It was used as an appetite stimulant but its an anti-depressant, and it seems to perk her up...

It seems she is battling depression, maybe since my pregnancy... But knowing the signs and giving her extra attention definitely helps.

CatChannel Editor    Irvine, CA

1/15/2013 10:20:08 AM

Deb -- I'm sorry that you lost your cat and that your remaining cat feels lonely. Cats can definitely exhibit depression by losing weight, and the loss of a companion is one cause of this. To be sure this isn't a medical condition, however, please take your cat to the vet to rule out any physical reasons for weight loss.

Once you know your cat is well, try engaging him in more activities to keep him occupied and loved. Find advice like this and more here LINK

You can also reach out to other cat people at our forum,

deb    new york, NY

1/14/2013 6:24:49 AM

Our cat's name is Benji 12 years old and we just loss her sister Cuji 17 years old last August. Benji is not the same anymore after we lost Cuji and lately we see that he started lossing weight.
please help.

CatChannel Editor    Irvine, CA

1/9/2013 9:09:07 AM

Emily -- That is hard for you and the older cat. Make time to give her extra attention, away from the kittens, as our behavior columnist suggests here LINK

You might have introduced them too soon -- this is a big adjustment for your older cat -- but see if these tips for making smooth introductions can help. LINK

You can also reach out to other cat owners on our forum Good luck!

Emily    International

1/8/2013 10:08:01 PM

I recently add two more kittens to my household and my older cat is not happy about it. Her behavior towards me has changed she used to wake me up for meals and sit on my belly and watch TV with me or sleep at my feet. I miss her and i want her to understand i love her as much as before. She hiss at the new kittens, not all the time, sometime she just stares at them or seems intrigued and she sniffed them,I kept the kittens separate for long time ( a week or more) before let them to interact in the same room, and they seem very cheery but my baby is miserable, i can see she is not happy. She is always in my bedroom alone most of the day and when i go to see her, to pet and hug and kiss her she stays only a little bit and then "snarls" away from me.I think she is frustrated that the kittens use all her spots and also,lay on my belly or shoulder..I m afraid she won't forgive me for the change..I don't know if she is depressed or what.. What can i do to make her better? I m so afraid she will get ill or worse..I want our connection back..I love her so much and i miss her. I want our quality time back. Can you help me please. i m worried.
Thank you.

Lynn    Montgomery, AL

1/5/2013 1:41:27 PM

Ron - I'm so sorry. There is little as painful as questioning whether or not you could have changed things. You obviously loved him very much, and I'm sure he knew that.

Ron    Baltimore, MD

1/4/2013 10:39:45 AM

I had to put Googly down last night, He had Feline Infectious Peritonitis.
Either he had the Coronavirus when we got him or the kitten infected him. I am struggling for answers and trying not to blame myself. We are at a lose for words.We have lost our sweetest best friend.

Lynn    Montgomery, AL

1/4/2013 10:16:19 AM

I have a 5 y/o female cat named Penny. She's never been super bonded with me although she enjoys being petted a few times a day. She's also never really bonded with my male cat. They don't fight; they just don't seek each other out. I recently went away for the holidays and had a friend take both of my cats into his home for two weeks. Penny immediately bonded with his male cat. I picked them up four days ago, and at first, Penny was reserved and slept most of the day. Now she's hiding under beds and the couch which is not like her at all. I can't get her to eat much. She doesn't feel warm and is exhibiting no signs of pain, so I don't think it's a physically illness. Is it possible that she bonded so intensely with this other cat that she's depressed? And if this is the case, what can I do to ease this? Would arranging for "play dates" be more cruel than letting her forget? My friend has offered to adopt her as he says his cat is acting depressed too. I hate to give her up because I love her, but I can't stand seeing her so depressed. Any advice at all would be appreciated.

Ron    Baltimore, MD

1/3/2013 10:58:21 AM

I have a 4 year old male cat named googly.He was feral when we got him at the age of six weeks. after hard work my wife and I was able to socialize him and he bacame a sweet loving boy. He only trusts us. Three months ago we decided to get a kitten, we named him Cozmo. When we got Googly we had an older cat named Gizmo, he has since passed, Googly and Gizmo became pals. 9 months after Gizmo passed we got Cozmo. From the start Googly did not seem to care, a couple hisses maybe. The new guy Cozmo was high strung and full of energy and he liked to take it out on Googly (the once feral laid back sweety. Googly seemed to just put up with with very little retaliation. Now googly stays under the bed (His happy place) That happy place has now become a house of horrors because the high strung Cozmo invades it. Googly now shows less interest in food and has very little energy and is always hiding. When he is out its like he is always on the lookout and in fear of Cozmo coming out of nowhere and taking out his high strung playfulness on him which Googly wants no part of. This morning I found Cozmo on top of Googly just having at him with his playful aggression and Googly just laying there like a giant cat toy. I have never seen anything like this before in my cat owning/loving life. This had to stop. I called the non kill shelter where we got him and they assured us Cozmo would get a good new home and agreed to take him back, these people do great work. It's the same place we got Googly. I was sad to see him go but he will get a good new home. Now its time to get Googly back to his non feral pre Cozmo self. My wife and I are fearing for his health. I'm taking Googly to the vet Saturday to rule out anything physical. Any comments or ideas on our situation that could help would be great.

tabby    chicago, IL

1/1/2013 10:09:50 PM


Cat Editor    Irvine, CA

12/26/2012 12:44:08 PM

Please take Morgan to the veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions that could be causing his symptoms. To introduce or re-introduce Morgan and your other cat, see these articles on



Pat    Meadville, PA

12/25/2012 7:46:11 AM

Morgan has suddenly lost some interest in his canned cat food, is nowhere near as active as he normally is, and far less vocal. This has come on suddenly (two days ago) and it being Xmas I'm stuck until my vet opens tomorrow. He doesn't have a fever, his mose isn't dry and his coat is still smooth and glossy. He was a shelter cat, but he hasn'ta been in contact with another cat since we got him this s;mmer. He is, of course, an inside cat, has all his shots and tested negative for leukemia. He has, however, been sort of stuck in my son's room because he hunts our other cat. Do you think our increasing his full ouse time would help, since they have to share with one of them in my room or my son's room while the other has the run of the house.

finster    burlington, VT

12/17/2012 6:54:43 AM

I worry my cat may depressed. We just moved just and he just seems sad. He eats and doesn't seem sick, but he only eats a small amount, and then he goes right back to lying on the bed. He won't play with the other cat (his litter mate) and he has stopped vocalizing altogether. He also won't groom after he eats. He seems to be breathing fine and all of that. I am just worried he isn't adjusting well to the new apartment. It is MUCH smaller and there isn't much to look at.our old place was in a city right on the road, so he would watch out the window all day long. He only did that the first few days here and now seems bored with it. I am not sure what I should do. I am calling my vet, but I don't have a lot of $$ right now :(

CatChannel Editor    Irvine, CA

12/13/2012 2:22:39 PM

Jessica -- Take your cat to the vet to make sure he is completely well. This sounds like it could be either depression or an underlying health condition.

jessica    benton, AR

12/12/2012 3:17:28 PM

My cat Ingyn just recovered from a bad tick virus and is now depressed. He eats more than before, doesn't use his litter box properly, sleeps more than before, lays under the bed, and hasn't meow in days, and doesn't groom himself. His fur seems oily. I miss my crazy talkative cat that was super energetic! He was a outside inside cat but since he got sick he has been inside and I've tried to keep him happy but he wont play at all. What can i do to get him back to the way he was. :(

CCE    I, CA

12/7/2012 7:43:44 AM

Give him a Bauhaus album and a cape and he should be fine.

Tiger    Los angeles, CA

12/6/2012 12:14:20 AM

My cat used to leave dead mice at our doorstep. Recently he started hanging them on the wall. He started smoking clove cigarettes and listens to the cure a lot. How can you tell if your cat is depressed or just becoming a goth?

Brad    KONA, HI

12/5/2012 11:46:21 PM

MY cat (okay it's actually the landlady's )is sad I think. I notice he reads alot about Nihliism these days, his meal preparaiton is careless and often resorts to fastfood. His drinking has always been heavy but these days ONLY hards. While he is intelligent, he seem to emerse himself in Bukowski and Burroughs and in his current state I don't think think this can do anything but more harm. He doesn't really talk about suicide but reads the obituaries pretty often. He also wers sunglasses alot in the house these days and shows no in terest in the opposite sex but mentioned just yesterday that he has had his eye on this dog down the street. He had been drinking alot when he said it it's just that the dog he's speaking of is a boy one.

CatChannel Editor    Irvine, CA

11/27/2012 2:21:56 PM

Patricia -- Did you take time introducing the cats? Follow the steps here (retake them if necessary):LINK

You can also reach out to other cat owners on our forum for further tips: Good luck!

Patricia    Canfield, OH

11/26/2012 7:38:38 AM

I completed the depression checklist and answered yes to all but one question. is there a solution? I introduced a male kitten 3 months ago but the situation with my female has progressed. she will not come and sleep on my bed any longer and appears to be afraid of the kitten (who has now grown and fights bad when she hisses at him)

teresa    watertown, NY

11/23/2012 9:17:01 PM

not sure yet

teresa    watertown, NY

11/23/2012 9:15:24 PM

not sure yet

CatChannel Editor    Irvine, CA

11/21/2012 10:41:03 AM

Liz -- Talk to your vet about your cat's behavior and his reaction to medication. You can also reach out to other cat owners at our forum, LINK Good luck

Liz    Pensacola, FL

11/19/2012 5:35:46 PM

Help please my Felix won't play, hardly eats, hides to sleep. And sleeps way mor then usual. He went to vet last Thursday due to a limp. He out of blue couldn't walk. Our vet said joint tissue problem. He was on meds three days. Now he kinda walks better. But seems very sad. Like I stated before. Only sleeps. Won't come when I call him. Or come out to see me like he's always has done when I arrive home from work. Does anyone no what's wrong with my lil guy????

Coreen    Victoria, CA

11/18/2012 6:35:43 PM

i think mt cat is deppressed

Courtney    Havelock, NC

10/24/2012 11:25:16 AM


janis    Winter Haven, FL

10/6/2012 12:01:30 AM

Hi-guy, is our cats name, he sits with his back to us or other animals,he stopped playing completely,lost alot of weight and this began when his mother pushed him away and stopped feeding him,when mama kitty goes near him Hi-guy puts his head down. Now he will ride on our shoulder like a bird instead of following us around.

Amanda Perez    Chico, CA

9/24/2012 11:13:31 PM

I had to recently give my cat's brother to my brother for care. They have never been apart and are around 5 years old. My cat Malikar is loosing weight and sleeps a lot. More then usuall. Can he be deressed about the loss of his brother?

CatChannelEditor    Irvine, CA

8/20/2012 12:43:08 PM

Thank you for the feedback, Becky. Denise: If you'd like to ask more cat owners these questions, consult our forum: LINK

Becky    Denver, CO

8/19/2012 2:26:01 PM

To Denise S. Africa. We rented a house in which our cat began to jump across a doorway and would refuse walk across that area. We later found out (through a neighbor) that someone was murdered in our house and guess where the body had been found? The DOORWAY area.

Denise    South Africa, SC

8/18/2012 5:29:37 AM

My cat has developed strange behaviour after about two months of moving to our new home. He refuses to come into the house when coaxed and all windows and doors locked to keep him inside, he refuses to enter my bedroom and does not walk on the floor but jumps from counter to countertop and sits there. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is it depression?

Nellllly    Southern Pines, NC

8/7/2012 2:45:38 PM

My poor kitty :[

devon    sailsbury, UT

7/27/2012 11:50:18 AM

very good

Vv    Lafayette, IN

7/25/2012 2:49:55 AM


Shadow    Orlando, FL

7/19/2012 12:02:32 AM

I have a 11 month old cat who gets into everything and very playful. I had a roommate move in 3 months ago but had to have her move out because she was such a problem but when she moved in my cat started getting sick. He looked very depressed always crying around the house. He ended up getting sick with vomiting a month ago and I took him to the vet they gave him antibiotics and it went away, he doesn't go outside because I get to nervous I love him like he was my child but one night she through him outside and she knew not to and didn't tell me next day I was looking all over for him and opened the door and he came charging in. My cat is very dependent he has to be around me at all times or he will cry he also hates being outside because he is to scared. Ever since she moved out my cat has been himself again playing and not sleeping all day. After reading this sure seems like she was making him very depressed

Anna    Katy, TX

7/4/2012 11:25:56 AM

May first I lost my cat cookie and my other cat noise got depressed and died on may 13, 12 days apart from each other. And I'm starting to think my other cat eyore (was in same liter as noise) is starting to get depressed both of my parents don't think so, but I know him like the back of my hand and he's acting really strange l I know he's not in heat because we have him fixed. He is usaully real cuddly and sweet but lately he hasn't wanted to cuddle and has been sleeping ALOT. The only time he gts up is to eat or go to the bathroom. Im really starting to worry, so please any advice will help a lot!

Janet    Denton, TX

6/27/2012 4:20:08 AM


I think you should have your cat neutered. Check with you local animal shelter (SPCA)and see if they have a spay/neuter program. Many do and it is generally very in expensive. That might take care of the spraying and maybe he could come back inside. If you leave him outside and un-neutered, he will begin to roam, possibly picking up diseases from other cats and your local cat population will boom.


pilar    Cape Canaveral, FL

6/26/2012 11:55:34 AM

My cat has lost his brother, been on an airplane, and lost his original live with me in a new State and I am new to him! He seem's depressed. I was told he (although a big Cat), he gained weight after his brother died. Now he is in a new home. He is 20lbs and does not seem happy. I never knew this cat b/f, but i am good with animals and i can see he is really really down!HELP?!?!?!

Sue    Moorhead, MN

6/21/2012 12:48:33 PM

Thank you. This article, about depression, has helped.

CatChannelEditor    Irvine, CA

6/19/2012 9:49:39 AM

Hannah -- Losing a lot of weight is a big sign that something’s wrong. When your cat is outside, he can pick up parasites or get into fights with other animals. I have a feeling that your cat might have picked up a parasite like tapeworms BUT the only way to really know is to have a vet diagnose him. Please look into finding a vet who might see your cat for a discounted price. You can arrange payments with many vet offices if you speak to the front desk.

Is your cat neutered? Sometimes cats spray when they are territorial about their space, and male cats do this when they are trying to find a mate. A neutered cat is almost 100% healthier, too, as well as more compatible indoors. Inexpensive spay/neuter clinics can be found if you do a web search for them. Neutering your cat might stop the spraying, which means you could bring Smokie indoors again where it is safer.

Good luck; I hope Smokie gets well.

Hannah    Louisville, KY

6/18/2012 2:38:15 PM

My cat's name is Smokie. Ever since my mom put him outside because he started to spray he just doesn't do anything besides sleeps. He doesn't eat unless it's milk and he used to be so chunky and playful, now he's so light you can see his bones. We can't afford to take him to the vet but when my father gets home he said he'd take him. I can't do much but I play with him or try to everyday. I think he's depressed, if you have any advice I'd love to hear it please. Thank you for listening. I just don't want to lose my lil kitten

Bobby    Chico, CA

6/17/2012 11:21:47 AM

I adopted from the Humane Society an absolutly gorgeous Sianmese about 6 months ago. She is about 3 to 4 years old, absolutely max.
She almost mute and not "always under foot" as I've heard are typical Siamese traits. I have an eight year old dear and de-clawed fellow who gets along wonderfully with my Siameser.
She arrived something of a wild cat, one not accustomed to people. She used to play actively with my big guy. I'm cronically depressed and was wondering if my depression could be affecting her. Your thoughts please. Thanks!

ginger    hamiton, AL

6/6/2012 10:19:17 PM

my cat has been hissing and staying outside and being antisocial ever since our new kitten arrived

CatChannelEditor    Irvine, CA

5/29/2012 10:22:22 AM

Kadeem -- Take your cat to the vet to make sure he is not sick. Sick cats sometimes do the same things your cat Oreo does. When you know your cat is well, you can help him with his mood. Do not force anything, but engage your cat in play and give him extra pats and scratches.

Kadeem    Rosedale, NY

5/27/2012 7:46:12 PM

My cat name is oreo and has recently been having a change in behavior and sleeping more under bed or couches and aways frm people. I believe he might be depress. If it is depression? What would be the cause of this out of yhhe blue behavior I am really worried plz help!!

CatChannelEditor    Irvine, CA

5/5/2012 7:45:57 PM

Gianna -- I'm so sorry about your cat who passed. What an awful thing to go through. Be sure to take the cat you have now to the vet to make sure she is not behaving this way out of illness. Then you can turn to helping her through this difficult time.

Gianna    Escondido, CA

5/4/2012 8:48:21 PM

I have two Simese cats and one just recently died from a dog attack and she and her sister were really close. When Simon died, I noticed that Ariel was acting different. I know she misses her but she is more loveable than usual and hasn't been eating as much as she usually does. She also hasn't been using her litterbox. Is she starting depression? And if she is how can I, myself as a owner, help her?

CatChannelEditor    Irvine, CA

4/19/2012 11:05:22 AM

Kevin -- Your cat sounds wonderful and I know you want him to be in the best possible health. You must take him to the vet to rule out any medical reason for his behavior. Once he is completely healthy, address any behavior changes by researching cat behavior issues. Check out these articles: LINK You can also send a letter to our cat behaviorist, Marilyn Krieger, by contacting her through the link on her landing page: LINK

Kevin    Prather, OR

4/18/2012 2:20:32 PM

About two months ago, this awesome cat started coming around and quickly found a place in our family. The vet thinks he's about one and he has always been very lovey and outgoing. He's an outdoor most of the time and usually comes home to get love, eat, purr, and sleep. Starting a few days ago, he's been just hunkered down in the corner of the living room- or the corner of the deck when he's out- and when we pet him he meows in a whimpery "leave me alone" sort of way. He just isn't himself and we're getting kind of worried. He did get fixed about three weld ago but didn't display this off-putting behavior. Does this sound physical or psychological? Will this pass? Thank you for your time. KP and captain jack

CatChannelEditor    Irvine, CA

4/11/2012 10:30:09 AM

Veronica -- I'm very sorry for your loss. This is hard on the whole household, including our dear cats. CatChannel has covered this subject in the past. See if these articles can give you some guidance: LINK
Best of luck.

Veronica Garcia    San Bernardino, CA

4/10/2012 1:28:04 PM

Hi my name is Veronica and I had 2 cats Louie and LuLu. Sadly to say we recently lost LuLu, she was attacked by dogs and was killed. I am very devestated and I noticed my cat Louie is crying or meowing a lot and seems to constantly be looking for her. This is breaking my heart and I don't know how to help him when I am so distraught as well. I wanted to know if getting a new cat is to soon? I'm not ready to replace her yet but I can't stand to see him so sad! She was a tuxedo cat and I also wanted to find out if getting a look a like the right thing to do?

CatChannelEditor    Irvine, CA

4/4/2012 4:15:47 PM

Priscilla -- Take your cat to the vet to rule out any medical causes for your cat's behavior. Like you say, she might be sick. When you know she is healthy, continue to pet her calmly when she lets you and keep establishing trust by not encroaching on any boundaries. Don't force her to come out from hiding and don't chase her if she runs from you. Most cats don't like noisy rooms filled with people. This is a normal response from your cat. If you'd like more help with specific behavioral issues, once your cat is healthy, consult our behavior expert by emailing through the link on her landing page: LINK

Priscilla    El Cajon, CA

4/2/2012 9:59:58 PM

My name is Priscilla and I have two cats blueberry and jade blueberry is outgoing and never stops moving and love on me all the time but jade doesn't she runs and hisses at me and everyone else she uses to Play with me and blues but not no more she let's me pet her but I got to cought up to her and she let's me pitch her up but she like has to make sure she trust me or somthing she kids under anything and everything. Is she sick or depressed ? I know she dont like to be around alot of people that is loud when I walk up to her slowly are else she will runwhat should I do? I'm only 17

chloe    cumbria, NJ

3/24/2012 4:35:26 PM

im worried about my cat, he seems to of changed over night, he all of a sudden has started to take alot less interest in me and his toys and he hides behind the tv, he still likes to be outside and still eats reasonably well, not like he used to, he hasnt lost any1 and there has been no change in our routine, the only thing i can think of is that hes been neutered and may of reached that age and feels less of a man or that hes starting to feel bullied by my older cat, she refuses tn have anything to do with him and hits him alot, he hasnt been bothered before infact i think he took pleasure in annoying her.

Diana    Rochester Hills, MI

3/24/2012 4:12:53 PM

I took my cat in to get her routine shots and while they had her in the back they trimmed her nails. The problem I have with this is, she was a outside baby kitten when I found her and she has always been a climber a real climber... at least 7-10 trees a day very very active in climbing but now that they trimmed her nails she cant even climb up her play structure to her bed without falling. Her behavior has changed, she is not eating much at all, we have always went for 2-3 walks a day and she wont go for walks anymore, she is sleeping in the corner everyday and every night for the past week. She wont even play with me. I have tried everything to get her to participate in our normal routine and she has no interest. My fear is she may have tried to climb when I was not with her and she could have fallen, she seems to be walking funny, I don't know if it is because she is not use to walking with her claws soooooo short or if she is hurt. Please advice.

Sandra    Norwalk, OH

3/20/2012 7:34:05 AM

I just had my 1 yr old female cat declawed and the vet also informed me she has progressive retinal degeneration. She is considered completely blind. Before surgery she was very playful, talkative and loving. She now spends a lot of time under my bed, doesnt eat as much as she did, which isn't a bad thing because she was overweight and no longer plays with her toys.

lisa    runnemede, NJ

1/20/2012 9:37:31 AM

very helpful

Kathy    Boston, MA

1/14/2012 2:51:03 PM

He has been sick and also my son left with his father. My cat was around my son all the time.

linda    bridlington, MD

1/8/2012 3:49:26 PM

it was very good we have just moved we have 2 cats 1 is ok but 1 is misarbable he doesnt want to out much now

melissa    detroit, MH

12/3/2011 11:17:55 AM


Gene    Albuquerque, NM

12/3/2011 9:23:13 AM

Would you please stick to one cat gender throughout your articles? It's very annoying to read articles that switch back and forth between "him" and "her." We know that boy cats and girl cats can suffer from many ailments. So, why bother worrying about which bloody gender you mention in these articles? Is the Politically Correct Police going after cat lovers too? What a load of dirty cat litter!

Emma    Wodonga, VI

11/27/2011 6:56:29 PM

My cat Millie has an eatting disorder, she won't eat hardly at all. This started about 2 years ago. As i was only about 20 i was moving around alot and have increased my number of pets (i now have 6 cats and a dog). Im not sure if she has a illness besdies anorexia, but to me i think it is because since i have moved so much and have increased my pets, Millie has started to get depressed and probably feels as thought i have abandoned her. To this day she is worst then ever but im determined to help her recover as i now know since 2 days ago how sereve she has become. I have now been giving her more cuddles and hand-feeding her 2 to 3 times a day. I feel so terrible for letting her suffer for this long as i have been busy and havent really seen how bad the problem is. I love you Millie and im sorry for hurting you by not giving you love anymore.

Maria    hollywood, LA

11/2/2011 12:33:35 PM

My kitten seems depressed these days, i think he needs friends

Tracy    Concord, CA

10/8/2011 7:59:21 PM

My cat suddenly has started to go downstairs alone in the cat litter room and sits all night long. He doesn't seem to express a desire to interact. We have had 2 puppies join the family about 6 month ago. But only in the past 2 weeks has my cat started to withdrawal. Could he be sick, in pain, depressed, or just being anti-social? We have 3 adult male cats that are all nuetered, but they normally interact continually and sleep together. Not sure why his attitude has changed. Suggestions?

NPage    london, IA

9/12/2011 10:16:13 AM

This article is great. The cat in question is not our cat, but our next-door-neighbours, however she comes to ours so much we call her ours. About 2 months ago she had a nasty cut on her ear, and it is still there. We think she scratches it. Suddenly, she looks a lot thinner and not quite as happy. As she's not ours we cant take her to the vet, and she's not being mistreated - her owners are animall-lovers - but I'm getting worried the ear is causing her distress. Could this be the case?

steve    indian mills, NJ

9/2/2011 4:10:48 PM

we had two cats, teddy and zoey. we took zoey to vet for unusual breathing where she passed away due to lung failure. teddy since roams the house moaning,wants me to constantly pet him, and sleeps on my bed which is unusual. he used to go on my bed only at night but now is most of the day. eats very little.

Penny    Saginaw, MI

9/2/2011 8:10:24 AM

We had to put Lucy's sister to sleep on July 28. For 3 weeks her vocal calling went on 24/7. I adopted a new kitty who is 2-3 years, softly vocal, laid back.
The vocal calling stopped, tho there was lots of hissing. Now there is rarely hissing - but a good number of the other questions were positive for depression. Darn.

Patsi    Prescott Valley, AZ

8/30/2011 9:27:52 PM

My two cats, Shyshy and Tiger have been together for 15 yrs. 6 weeks ago Tiger passed away. Shyshy has been depressed ever since. She eats approximately one ounce of wet food per day. Sometimes less. She does still drink water. She wont have anything to do with things they shared such as cat condos or the food dish. She hides. She no longer wants to be around family. She was an indoor cat but now crys to be let out. I'm afraid I'm losing her too.

Julie    Auckland NZ, AK

8/30/2011 1:15:55 AM

Tammy is a year old and her 3 Kittens are 4 months old. I had her speyed three weeks ago and since then she has been very agressive to all the other cats including her kittens. She has also had a virus since her spey and has been treated with Vibravet 100 paste by the vet. Tammy was feeding her Kittens up until her spey and had come back into season. She no longer feeds the kittens and can't tolerate them near her. She even hates me at the moment. Could she be depressed and what can I do for her? She has put on weight since having the vibravet medication and is eating well.

Aimee    Burnley, NY

8/17/2011 3:10:21 AM

Its good

bryan    Fort Lauderdale, FL

8/11/2011 9:46:52 AM

very informative.

Lynn    Knoxville, TN

7/27/2011 12:27:08 PM

My precious cat, Jake, was 7 years old. His best friend and constant companion that lived with us for over 2 years recently moved. He became very depressed. Stop eating, slept alot, was very sad and stopped taking care of himself. I played with him and gave me a ton of love and attention and finally decided to take him to his friend's house to see if that would perk him up. Sadly, he passed away later that night. That was yesterday.

James    GLASGOW, DC

7/23/2011 4:53:50 AM

is my cat depressed

pan    queens, NY

7/14/2011 12:46:35 AM

its cool

maddison    hollywood, CA

7/10/2011 12:28:34 PM

My cat ming just lost his best friend mang, my other cat. Now he mopes around
The house, meowing and sometimes he'll even use my carpets instead of the litter box. Your article helped me discover that ming was depressed, and I really found the information useful.

Cat Editor    Irvine, CA

6/27/2011 1:08:01 PM

Samantha in Reston, Va., please take Mouse to the veterinarian immediately. Lack of appetite and change in temperament are signs of illness, which could be very serious. The sooner you take him to the vet, the better his prognosis. Good luck!

Samantha    reston, VA

6/26/2011 4:58:25 PM

We adopted two cats around the end of summer last year.They were brother and sister, and had always been kept together. Vree, The female was extremely shy and and spooked easily, and mouse was out going and was into every thing we did, even joining us at the dinner table as if to join in the conversation.
But recently, mouse has changed alot.
he isn't eating his canned food as much, and this was a cat who would lick the bowl clean!He sleeps all the time, and its becoming more and more difficult to get him to play.He won't stop eating grass and he keeps on pulling his fur out. Meanwhile his sister has suddenly become outgoing and is no longer afraid. What is wrong with my cat?

Vanna    Allentown, PA

6/22/2011 7:52:20 AM

i had 3 cats 2 girls and a boy the girls hated each other and the boy was loving and friendly with both of them. when the one girl got very sick and died. he would look for her and look for her. then a few weeks later he gained a lot of weight and stopped following me around the house, stopped being vocal and is mean to the new cat.

Amie    Dallastown, PA

6/15/2011 9:22:22 PM

My Siamese cat has been acting aloof and distant ever since I got another cat. He will play with the new cat but isn't vocal or as loving as he was before. He is still eating and using the litter box the same as before also. It's like he's holding a grudge against me for bringing competition home even though I still try to love him and give him one on one time. I just want my old cat back anyone have any suggestions?

Zenobia    bartlesville, OK

5/27/2011 10:54:55 AM

Okay I have a cat that is about 9 months old, ever since we had to get rid of our other cat she has changed. My husband and I have tried giving love and affection and she refuses. She runs away from us growls and hisses at us will not let us pick her up or anything. The only time she gives us any type of attention is when we are sleeping and she wakes me up then she runs away. Can you please help me understand why she is doing this? Thank you Zenobia

Amanda    Walnut Park, CA

5/24/2011 1:59:56 AM

My siamese cat had babies a couple of months ago, ever since we gave some away, she has been roaming around meowing up a storm, she hasnt really eaten anything and just lays next to the box where we still have two but gets up sniffs then starts to meow again looking around as if looking for the other two kittens...I feel so bad for her...if I could have kept the kittens I would have but I wouldnt be able to keep four kittens, I will be keeping one though!

Jill    Parma, OH

5/15/2011 6:14:14 AM

I had two cats, and one recently passed away from kidney and liver failure. My surviving cat seems very depressed, lethargic, and sleeps a lot. We don't see her unless we go in the basement. We have to bring her upstairs so that she can interact with us. I think she is also constipated. She has lost interest in playing with toys and she doesn't run around.

Sandra    Stockton, CA

4/30/2011 12:16:56 PM

I read it because one of my cats has had a notable change in personality after her spay at age 7. I wonder if she is aware of no more kittens to love. The article was helpful.

crystal    redlands, CA

4/28/2011 5:23:21 PM

my cat just lost her kittens and she started to not eat so i was wondering if she was depressed. she only gave birth to two kittens and both of the kittens were killed by another cat. i found my cat just standing there in front of her dead kittens.

Tracey    Hastings, MI

4/26/2011 8:10:02 PM

My 11 year old cat started becoming aggressive, hiding, and since we got him 4 years ago he sprayed now and then. But lately that has increased. I was ready to move into a new house that I had just redone, I took my cat to the vet prepared to put him to sleep. I adore him but couldn't live with the spraying. My vet recommended felinaway aromatherapy and megestrol medication for depression. I am thrilled to report my cat is like a kitten again. I am thrilled I talked to the vet and got him help.

amy    nebo, NC

4/17/2011 12:39:28 PM

i think u hit it on the cat had a miscarraige and she not doing good.we have to feed her and give water to her .the vet cant find anything wrong.she run different tests but they all come down to being afraid we going to have to put to sleep cause her heath has went down and plus she cant walk at all.

rod    danbury, CT

4/12/2011 3:16:11 AM


Trevor    Raymond, CA

4/9/2011 10:19:37 AM

my cat has not yet been fixed and he basically sat around all day eating catnip and licking his testicles to the point where theyd swell almost to his knees.. at the beginning he seemed more than happy, but as the months went on I noticed a slight change in his behavior. It was literally all he would do... Long story short, I had to put him down myself, with my shotgun in the back yard. And now my new kitty is licking its balls too.

nn    nn, WA

3/25/2011 11:35:30 AM


Cat    des moines, IA

3/2/2011 7:47:54 AM

this test was very helpful and helped me realize that my cat is suffering from bipolar disorder and now goes to kitty therapy twice a week and is now in a self-help group for dealing with his depression :) thanks for the phenomenal advice! MY CAT THANKS YOU TOO ON HIS WAY TO RECOVERY

melinda    dayton, OH

2/23/2011 1:53:50 PM

ilive ina group home now how can itell if my cat is happy orsad please let me know yes hestill eat but he 8yearold but he is sleepa lot please help

Gary    sarasota, FL

2/8/2011 2:55:04 AM


deb    bellingham, MA

2/6/2011 9:33:59 AM

i have 4 cats took in last one off the strs.found out she's verrrry pregnant now.she is.telling other cats to back off from her. my 2 yr male is now pooping on beds and looks like he's losing wieght (long hair) still will sit on my lap not as much..article helped i think thanks

Johnny    Bloomington, IN

2/6/2011 8:37:02 AM

My cat is sad.

Christina    Melrose Park, IL

1/29/2011 4:42:56 PM

My 12 year old cat has been sleeping sooo much and has lost a lot of weight since her sister died of a heart attack a month and half ago.

Nan    REhoboth, MA

1/23/2011 9:12:35 AM

my 9 yr old female cat has been jitterly since bringing in a 4 yr old cat from the shelter 2 yrs ago who "stalks and chases" her relentlessly. my 9yrs old has always been "sensitive". She has recently stopped eating. Could she be stressed, even after 2 yrs have gone by?

Jo    Boston, MA

1/16/2011 7:22:52 AM

I have a 14 year old male cat who stopped eating regularly last summer. We switched his food but the weight loss continued. The cat has undergone numerous tests, blood work, xrays, ultrasounds. But everything came back normal. We switched his food over again to deli turkey. Now, here is the bizarre thing. He is now eating like a horse and is acting like he is a kitten. He is inquistive, bossy and back to demanding his form of order, which involves pushing things off tables and onto the floor. This is my fourth cat and i have never seen anything like this. I did suspect it was depression, but there has been no major upheaval or change, so I am not sure what set him off. Has anyone else experienced this?


1/14/2011 6:54:52 PM

My 3 month old kitten hurt her paws today, and now she isn't herself. Normaly if I sleep to long she will meow until she is fed. She has not done that today, she wont even go into the kitchen. She hasn't played at all today. It's just not her normal behavior.

Wynne Wilson    Ulsan, AB

1/3/2011 8:44:23 PM

My 3 yr old Calico has been checked for every possible illness except an MRI for brain tumour. She is showing every sign of depression apart from marking, there have been no changes in her life at all. Our vet in S Korea has put her on a low does of anti-depressant medication which works for the first two days and by the third she is back to her old ways. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas - I have done everything I have read about on the Internet but nothing helps her except the pill she gets evey three days.

John    Lakewood, OH

1/3/2011 9:33:35 AM

Went through the checklist. My cat has always hid and has been skiddish but her hunger level has maintained the szme. In fact recently increased.

Amy    Hanover, PA

1/2/2011 4:31:19 PM

To Vicki Blevins, Bristol, TN
There is help try to contain kitty to 1 room the 1 she is most comfortable in. Entice her by putting her MOST FAVORITE food in a BIG carrier in the corner of the room. Watch and wait for her to go sniff it out then when she is in the carrier including her tail don't jump the gun to quickly close the carrier. Make sure there is a blanket in there as well as they like to hide. Then get to your vets ASAP

Sunit    Oak Creek, WI

1/2/2011 3:34:58 PM

our cat is avoiding contact due to new cat in the house. we def see a change in his personality. he does weigh less but does sleep near the new cat and they do fight and play together but he doesn't care to hang around the family as much

Sara    Northborough, MA

12/31/2010 2:22:37 PM

My Bengal was displaying four of your seven symptoms, including the urination, aggression and excessive vocalization after our older Bengal passed suddenly. After an article in Cat Fancy I took the cat to the vet and they prescribed prozac. He is a changed kitty!

Lori    Apple Valley, MN

12/31/2010 9:34:31 AM

My cat showed all these signs with the exception of the litter box issues after her best friend passed away from cancer.Super social to almost total recluse coming out only to eat and use the box.Sadly I lost her to congestive heart failure in September.

Vicki Blevins    Bristol, TN

12/29/2010 8:05:43 PM

I have a almost 5 yr. old Blue Point Himalayan Blue Point. She was the only cat born from her mother and born in a N. Carolina Hurricane. She was fine at first but as time as gone by she's lost 2 of her kitty friends. She stays in the basement all the time and will not pee in her box;stays away me and anyone. I've tried everything. She urinates everywhere. I'm so worried I don't what to do. I think she's Depressed. She's so bad I can't even get her bathed and groomed like I use to. Unless she's put to sleep. I just need answers. I love her so much I've put up with all this because I feel there has to be an answer somebody can give me. Please help me get my Baby "Poco" back. PLEASE HELP! In need of guidance. Thank You. Vicki Blevins

megan    pittsburgh, PA

12/22/2010 7:02:47 PM

My father in law died one month ago and we brought his calico cat home shortly afterwards, I am very worried, mostly she hides under my bed most of the day. She only runs to the basement to eat and use her litter box then back upstairs mostly to hide. I don't know what to do.

gabriella    foothill ranch, CA

12/22/2010 8:48:16 AM

My very shortsighted & devastating mistake was bringing another (young) kitty into the home that my calico ruled & thoroughly enjoyed. She is now very withdrawn & bullied enough to keep her in my room almost all day. I feel in retrospect that my 1st priority was to her & I recommend to anyone DON'T do like I did .

Shari    Busti, NY

12/22/2010 5:30:34 AM

My cat came from an animal shelter. Her fur was straw-like and she had scabs under her neck. We have had her for 5 months. She never plays. She began pulling her hair out and scratching her fur off her face. We sought a vet's help and even saw a specialist for skin. She has had steroids, antibiotics, non allergan food, does not have mites or fungus and now wears a lampshade on her head to prevent scratching her face and a special wound spray which helps some. She has been on kitty prozac for 2 weeks and lately sleeps in her litter box. Our home is mostly quiet and we give her love, warmth, and care. Her fur is mostly soft and shiny except for the bald places that are growing and scabbed. We bought another compatible cat at the same time who does not display any of these concerns. They sleep together sometimes, but mostly ignore each other. It is hard.

Carol    Mattoon, WI

12/17/2010 3:22:41 PM

We moved to Wisconsin from Maine and she was the only cat. Now there are three dogs and a cat and she has not eaten, drink, go to the litter pan and is constantly in hiding. She is not taking care of herself and she doesn't purr like she use to. I feel I am losing her.

alexandra    gwent, NY

12/15/2010 2:15:55 PM

really good article .. my cat is not cuddly any more and he doesnt want to be bothered and wondered if it was depression as he lost his brother roughly 3-4 mths ago

Izzy    Raleigh, NC

12/7/2010 6:58:37 PM

My cat shows many of the signs that are listed here. We've lost one of our other cats suddenly about October and they were somewhat close. We recently adopted a new cat and she always hisses at him and tries to attack him, granted it was only about a month since out other cats passing. Now today shes just been sleeping on my bed in one spot, not moving much and growling and hissing at me or whoever else gets close to her. I hope this isn't serious and I hope she will recover soon because I miss my baby.

Susan    Doylestown, OH

12/6/2010 9:27:13 AM

My cat likes to go outside for short periods. Our weather has turned cold and now can't get out. In the last three days she has kept to herself and I have even found her sleeping in a cupboard. I had just recently dad her to the vet so, unless she has eaten something she shouldn't have I feel she is suffering from depression. This article states many of the same symptoms she is displaying. I wish I new how they treat depression in cats.

Charlie    Newark, NJ

11/30/2010 4:54:02 AM

i am realy worried about my cat becaus i think it ha lost its confidence!

Eric    Hartford, CT

11/21/2010 2:21:42 PM


Carroll    Bracebridge, ON

11/19/2010 4:24:06 PM

I like it. It speaks to a situation that's going on in my home, right now. My sister has a cat who's outlived two other cats. As each cat went through health problems and/or old age, her Maine Coon, became secondary. Then hate former spouse got her a dog w/special needs, she had severe "anxiety" separation problems and required constant attention so, said cat, came second. Then when dog became sick with osteoarthitis, poor cat, yet again...became secondary.
I'm surmising, based on all the symptoms of depression listed here, that her cat is experiencing many, if not all. I feel really bad for him and sad that because another human in her life, took top priority, he suffered emotionally and psychologically.

Lillian    Brooklyn, NY

11/14/2010 10:22:15 PM


Leona    Old Orchard Beach, ME

11/9/2010 10:22:35 AM

I thought this article was good but it left out two issues I've noticed. First, my 4 year old, Kit, has been being abused by our 2 year old (and much smaller and faster cat), Wasabi, more than usual. At first they acted like mother and kitten, but lately Wasabi has been acting like the alpha cat and regularily beating, scratching, biting, and pushing Kit off of whatever she's sleeping on. We spray Wasabi with water and scold her when she does this but it doesn't stop the behavior. Now Kit sleeps all the time, eats less, and hides more.
My second problem is, Kit has become very clingy to me. She was never a "lap cat" but now she won't get off of me. She's always within 6 inches of me. She even sleeps on me. She's obviously upset and I want to help her be more assertive, but I am really helpless. My boyfriend and I have been trying to curb Wasabi's bad behavior, but she still has the energy of a kitten and the disposition of a small house tiger, i.e. a killing machine.

Martha    N. Braddock, PA

11/7/2010 3:37:02 PM

I reviewed your checklist for depression and found that "Peanuts" checked positive for 4 out of 7 symptoms. She is over 1 year old and was very attached to "Romeo", our 10 year old polydactyl neutered male. They laid together he groomed her. Romeo passed away about 3 weeks ago, and Peanuts developed a high fever, lethargy. the vet put her on antibiotics; she is slightly more mobile, but is still sluggish and tempermental. Your article may have pin-pointed our concerns. We show her much more love and affection. I hope it helps.

Rebekah    Seattle, WA

10/15/2010 4:00:25 PM

Our cat Jenny is urinating in places she shouldn't etc. I took some time researching these behaiviors and vertified that she is simply stressed out.

Shannon    Waterville, ME

9/7/2010 5:57:52 AM

This article verifies my suspicions: Our 9 year old cat died yesterday and his best friend of 8 1/2 years spent last night looking for him. This morning, instead of being his usual vocal, friendly self, he ate his treats very quickly and hid away in a corner, ignoring me, my husband, and our other 2 young cats. I am glad to know this information, as it will help our grieving to help him. I think people forget that cats can be "best friends" with each other or with thier owners and feel pain when something happens to them, like we do...

Hend    Dubai, AE

9/3/2010 1:47:10 AM


amanda    bath, ME

9/2/2010 6:37:32 AM

My kitty had her first litter of kittens about a month ago and they all passed away within 3 weeks. She has been walking around the house meowing as if she is looking for them. Also she has been very needy and sometimes makes this weird meow when i pet her or she rubs against my leg. I have also noticed she is eating less. I am so sad for her and want to do something. All i can do is give her lots of love and have thought about getting another kitty so she is not lonely.

DReed    Valparaiso, IN

8/29/2010 12:26:01 PM

Thanks for the help. We will be talking with our vet! Our son left for college, leaving behind his kitty. She hides under his bed and has started urinating and defacating outside of the litter box. Even with two other cats and another child in the house who loves this kitty just as much, we cannot coax her out from under the bed and out of her depression.

samantha    oak park, IL

7/26/2010 11:41:35 PM

good article

brandy thomas    hollister, MO

7/12/2010 8:14:30 PM

my said cat is an outdoor. depressed? o ya baby! pegged that one to the T. we moved and gave away her babies at the same time. dbl wammy.we kept a female mommy from depressed ones first liter, about 1 1/2 yr old. they were so close that miss depressed made her her full time live in babysitter. well she HATES her now. no there isnt no real cat fight, but back up she does! she is getting fixed in a few days, so i hope her attitude will change. ive been through alot with lil chowder and dont want these ill feelings of her.:(

Paulette    Papillion, NE

7/3/2010 10:01:23 AM

My 19 yr old kitty has lost her mate of 19 yrs. She goes around like in a trance and meows a wird meow that I've never heard before. I work alot so this dosn't help either. And she lost her little boy of 15 yrs a year before. She didn't eat or drink at first or use the bathroom. But now were doing those thing and taking a bath. So I think were going to make it. Her mate didn't make it out of the depression form his son. I had to force feed him and give subfluides for a year and we lost the battle.

jon    kapolei, HI

6/30/2010 3:14:27 PM

this article has helped me to confirm that my cat has depression due to the adding of another cat recently

Melissa    La Grange, MO

6/29/2010 12:06:00 PM

I really like this article. It describes what my cat is doing to a tee. Thanks!

Marly    oxnard, CA

6/3/2010 8:52:03 AM

my cat sleeps all day and runs away from my sisters ferret. she doesnt cuddle any more, but she shits alot and gained tons a wieght i had to put her on a diet. she acts like a brat and bites me often she doesnt meow any more... how can i fix it? Is this a stage?

marly    oxnard, CA

6/3/2010 8:47:03 AM

that sucks

Ben    Madison, AL

6/1/2010 8:01:34 PM


Amber    Fertile, IA

6/1/2010 12:48:33 PM

My female recently had kittens about 4 weeks ago now all of a sudden she does not want the father of them around she goes after him biting and hissing. Is this behavior of post-partum?

Sophia    Where, NH

5/28/2010 5:05:35 PM

My cat is a six year old cat who orecently lost his 21 year oldcompanion. He didn't eat his dinner, He was crying very loudly when we were out of the house, and he sleot the whole day. Nobody belives me but I think he is depressed.

Sophia    Where, AR

5/28/2010 5:04:30 PM

My cat is a six year old cat who orecently lost his 21 year oldcompanion. He didn't eat his dinner, He was crying very loudly when we were out of the house, and he sleot the whole day. Nobody belives me but I think he is depressed.

Dyionne    Houston, TX

5/26/2010 1:39:21 AM

I got some serious making up to do. We (my 2 cats and I) recently moved back to my mothers. Unfortunately thanks to my grandmother, they're confined to a temperature controlled 20x10 storage facility in the backyard. Its not so bad because they're protected from the harsh elements & I still feed them 2x a day. They have plenty to explore with most of my packed up stuff stacked around. But both of them show different signes. I'll try to bring them in this weekend and hang out with them a little more than I have. After my allergy shots, of course!

Amy    Martinsburg, WV

5/25/2010 7:14:30 PM

It seem help

gayle    carlsbad, CA

4/13/2010 9:22:48 AM

It was a great article . My cat has recently been forced to be an indoor cat due to policy at apt.s where I live . He cries all the time from morning and all night . I play with him but he is so sad I don't know what to do . He had a buddy and he is pining over him . What can I do ??

Steve    HK, AL

4/11/2010 4:03:47 AM


steff    shelton, CT

3/16/2010 11:33:22 AM

fun to take......

megan    whyalla, SC

3/8/2010 2:44:02 AM

my boyfriend just left for overseas, he was here for 3 months and 3 months before that with a month in between. so my cat has known him for 6 months. when he left this time my cat has become extremely quiet, sleeps all day, eats little, and has stopped running around, and doesn't meow to get our attention anymore. i'll often find him sitting alone staring into space when he's not asleep in my bedroom, he used to just sleep anywhere. it started the evening my boyfriend left. could he miss him?

the cat is 13 months old. he doesn't seem sick at all, no vomiting or anything. Also he was like this last time my boyfriend left but no way near this bad

Esther    Highland, CA

3/3/2010 11:12:55 AM

My cat lost his brother. Don't know what happened to his, he was just gone one day. It's bben a week and a half now and when my cat goes outside all he does is look for him. It seem the more he looks the sader he gets. I try to play with him more but when I play with him he just wants to bite. What can I do to help him.

David    Gillette, WY

2/27/2010 10:17:23 AM

Excellent article. We just lost a cat we've had for many years. She left behind another who has become VERY depressed since then. It's been over four weeks and, while we have done our best to put it behind us, it has been hard. We are hoping a trep to the vet will help.

Adam    melba, ID

2/13/2010 6:36:31 PM

i had two cats until one died and now the one that is still alive is vry down all the time

PNY    Bergen County, NJ

2/1/2010 7:51:31 PM

We recently adopted a cat that was found roaming the streets by a neighbor. Although the cat seems affectionate, I am worried about it. It hasn't seemed right to me at all, even though we've taken it to the vet three times in just two weeks! It suddenly stopped using the litter box and pees everywhere, it has diarhea, it doesn't groom itself and hardly plays. We have two other cats that don't seem to be very welcoming to this newcomer and we have tried keeping the new cat separated in its own room and have given it a LOT of attention, but still, it seems very unhappy. WHEN do things like this turn around? When will he start to feel "normal"?

cassie    winston salem, NC

1/27/2010 2:43:44 PM

thanks for help

victoria    watminster, PA

1/25/2010 5:23:17 PM

i hvae a better understanding on what my cat is going though. he misses my other cat . im going though a divorce. i had to take him away from the only buddy he's ever had

Zena    Kentucky, IN

1/18/2010 10:32:23 AM

Okay My Cat was fine until my husband had left on vacation for 7 days. She was fine until he returned. She stopped eating and started sleeping all day. She doesn't speak and I have been force feeding her by mouth and giving her water through a syringe. She did this before too when he left on to visit his mother for 5 days. She got better after I took care of her for 5 days until she got better and was back to her normal self. I wanted to let you know she has been hand raised by husband since she was born and is very attached to him and even when he goes off to work she will sit and wait all day at the door until he arrives home. Is there something we should do to get her out of this depression? If so what? Please advise.

fghfhf    houston, TX

12/29/2009 5:49:08 PM


jack    houston, TX

12/18/2009 10:43:04 PM

good stuff

Louise    Long Beach, CA

12/16/2009 2:04:47 PM

It helped me understand why my 15 year old momma cat is meowing so much. Her daughter was put to sleep 6 weeks ago. They'd never been apart one day. Will this stop?

michael    murphy, AR

12/12/2009 11:17:46 AM

thankyou for the 10 year old cat has lost his girlfriend or "wife".he is an outside cat,all he does is sleep in his chair.his meow is more of a bark now when i bring him inside.thankyou.

hellle    downey, CA

12/4/2009 12:02:18 PM


karen    hk, AL

12/2/2009 8:53:28 AM


melissa    smithtown, NY

11/23/2009 2:03:43 PM

I think it is a good checklist, but my cat has lost 2 feline family members and is over-grooming not under. He is grooming so much he is bare bellied and now progressing to his arms and legs. I belive this should be an additional question in your survey.

Alicia    Aventura, FL

11/22/2009 6:33:47 PM

The article is wonderful. It has given me the opportunity to learn and be aware what is going on with my cat after she lost her companion who was s like her mother.

Kathy    Salt Lake City,, UT

11/16/2009 9:00:03 PM

We have a 5 year old female cat who in general is a moody cat. Suddenly however, she has gotten more violent and attacks the other cats, of which she has known just as long as she is old. It is so bad that we had to separate her completely, putting her in the bedroom of her real owner, my adult son. Now the cat is happy, she waits for him and doesn't have to share his attention. Our problem is, we don't think she should be limited to one room...but she does seem better now.

Ike    Spokane, WA

11/14/2009 2:16:23 PM

I had two Bengals. The female (Peanut) which was 7 and (Bamboo)a male 5. Both came down with some kind of virus. The female had to be put down which tore all of us apart. Bamboo pulled out of the cold but totally shut down with depression. I thought I tried everything trying to get him to eat and drink. Went to the vet for fluids and appetite pills. Nothing. Bamboo has the run of the yard but cannot leave it. He always brought in mice or a bird from time to time. I started to take him for walks and saw that birds interested him. I went to the pet store and purchased cat nip and a live mouse. Got him high with cat nip and turned the mouse lose in my house. Guess what he played with the mouse for about 3 hours and then he drank and ate. The distraction worked very well. The mouse survived and I turned him lose in the field. I truly thought I would lose my big boy also. I am still grieving our lose of Peanut. In time wounds will heal but she will never be forgotten.

wuehu    london, NB

11/14/2009 11:43:49 AM

It was very helpful

Jenifer    Hilo, HI

10/26/2009 3:35:28 AM

I thought my cat would feel less lonely if we got him a sister but instead the first two days he hated her then on the third day he was grooming her like she was his own. After about 5-7 days have passed I noticed little changes in my male cat. I suspected that he was sick because he started drooling heavily but at the same time I also suspect that all this trauma of bringing home the female kitten made him feel depressed. I did take him to the vet and they gave him antibiotics for his symptom but I miss my old cat and am afraid he will never act like the baby we had prior to the kitten.

Brittany    Queen Anne, MD

9/19/2009 8:45:54 PM

My cat has been acting a little different. It sounds like either she's got a UTI, separation anxiety, or depression. She's got the symptoms of anxiety and depression, the only UTI is urinating outside the box (in my closet) and a lot of drinking. I'm puzzled...last night I gave her EXTRA love and today I find the smell of urine in my room.

Cathe    Surrey, BC

9/12/2009 2:31:12 PM

I have just started fostering a cat from a shelter who is depressed. Can you give me any tips to help him recover?

Ron    Manville, NJ

9/11/2009 5:08:35 AM

I took my cat to the Vet, and she was elergic to fleas, which we found out later that they can come in through the screen door. So we treated her, and her skin cleared up, but she just doesn't want to do anything. She sleeps all the time and doesn't play at all. I feel that she is depressed.

Angela    Hyattsville, MD

9/1/2009 8:39:58 AM

I am not really sure if my cat is depressed.

Megan    Amarillo, TX

8/26/2009 8:34:42 PM

My cat has started vomiting all over our house ever since we took my other cat for an overnight stay at the vet (he's being desexed). Ever since my husband came back without him, my oldest cat was yowling around the house, like he was looking for his friend. He started puking. Is it possible for a cat to work itself up so much that it'll vomit from the stress?

jeannie lak    hamilton ohio, OH

8/11/2009 6:36:07 PM

my cat was declawled little over a week ago and since then she has really been depressed ansd not doing any ove her normal things just before cat was declawed out died and we had to take her to be buryed worryed about cat

sda    north wales, PA

8/4/2009 6:27:25 PM


Heather    Portland, OR

7/22/2009 7:49:15 PM

My two year old cat Phoebe was sister to my brother's cat, who recently died. I didn't want her to see so i kept her in my bedroom upstairs away from sight and smell. Every since Midnight's death she has been meowing and looking around the house for him, eating less, not bathing herself, hiding under the couch to sleep or following me everywhere. She has taken to eating a lot and i'm wandering if she is doing it because she is stressed. She avoids the new kitten.

Gary    Cudahy, WI

6/23/2009 6:57:26 AM

My 18 year old female cat China has suddenly stopped eating. She also used to yell at the top of her lungs to get attention (she is also quite deaf), but that has stopped, too. She was always quite the groomer but doesn't seem so interested now. We just got a new 1 year old male orange tabby after having lost a 17 year old male a few weeks ago. We kept them separated for almost a week until she accidentally saw the new cat. That's when she stopped eating (and she always had a great appetite!). She has never really liked any other cat, but she tolerated the one who we just lost. I feel she still has a lot of life left in her, but watching her decline so quickly is so hard. Any suggestions on how to bring her out of what seems like a depressive state would be greatly appreciated.

cade    US Armed Forces Germany, AE

6/16/2009 3:33:19 AM

we just got a cat yesterday for free. its been almost 24 hours and she has barly eatin. we've tried dry food, wet food, water, and milk. and she doesnt want any of it. all she does is hide and then walk around the house. and she doesnt play very much at all...what do i do to stop the depression

d.s    bronx, NY

5/22/2009 6:34:17 PM

great article please help me and scooby doo,, i love my cat dearly

jamie    ny, NY

5/20/2009 10:00:39 PM

my cat snowball cant stop farting. when i tell her to stop she just meows at me and scampers off. who knows what she is thinking! this is a depressing situation. please help

Eva    Sinton, TX

4/27/2009 7:26:07 PM

My cat went into premature labor last night and delivered all 6 hairless kittens but of course they didn't survive. Now she is depressed. I am loving on her and cuddling her, but I believe in the power of prayer. I ask for anyone reading this please say a prayer so my cat (Bella) will come out of her depression. Thank you.

Haley    Little Rock, AR

4/27/2009 3:43:07 PM

My 7 month old kitty Catcat was hit by a car last week. Now my older cat Symon is over eating and sleeping. He is also biting at or snapping at my husband and I.

martha    orange city, FL

4/20/2009 10:10:09 PM

in november 08 we lost our 20 yr old siamese "scooty" on sunday 4/19 we lost our 14 yr old "simba" our other cats "knunknees" and "sammy" 13 and 9 yrs old, seem lethargic and aren't eating very much, are they grieving?? or should i take them to the vet?

clare    derby, UT

4/18/2009 11:00:35 AM

Hi my cat has recently injured her leg quite badly and is being treated by our vet her leg is in a bandage but she is unable to go outside or climb etc, she has started to show signs of depression and although i am spending extra time fussing her etc she still seems withdrawn our vet doe not seem worried because hopefully once she is mended the depression will pass but its awful to watch her like this, she's normally so loving and happy.

sarah    idaho falls, ID

4/13/2009 6:34:56 PM

okay article

Zainab    Simpsonville, SC

4/12/2009 9:14:12 PM

My boy friend and I start working and i guess changing the schedule made the cat depressed. Jesse was very hapy cat playfull funny but not anymore. he sits in one spot all day with his eyes half closed and don't eat as much. there's any way you could help me to fix him?

Thank you


Barbara    Kennesaw, GA

4/10/2009 4:45:28 AM

I recently brought another cat into our home. My existing cat was very unhappy about it but seemed to adjust somewhat. Then after about 6 weeks she has all the symptoms of depression and I really believe that is what is wrong with her.

Billy    London, LA

4/7/2009 2:57:31 PM

it good to have a web site about cats

laurie    murrells inlet, SC

4/4/2009 2:09:10 PM

i had a himalayean for 16 yrs and recently passed away. i have 2 others which i adopted and one of them became chummy with her for the last six months. now she acts depressed. i try and give her love. no rephrase. i always give my pets plenty of love. maybe she sensed i was depressed over my loss of my himalayean?

Victoria    Covington, WA

4/3/2009 7:21:11 AM

My cat, Velvet, just sits at the window and stairs all day. He eats only a little every day, and he usually stuffs his face. He is on antibiotics for Bartonella. He used to run around the house as happy as a bee, moewing and acting all silly. Now he just hides and sleeps under the bed and other furnature.

Kristine    Minneapolis, MN

3/25/2009 8:56:00 PM

I really enjoyed it!

Carol    Newton, MA

3/23/2009 7:49:34 PM

I would like to see something addressing possible depression in cats suffering from cancer, and specifically who have undergone amputation of a hind limb, and are having a loot of trouble adjusting to walking on three legs. Other causes of illness-related depression might be addressed more as well in general--depression not as a _symptom_ of illness, but as a _result_ of it. You also don't mention lack of interest in play as a possible symptom.

nancy    north branford, CT

3/23/2009 2:10:45 PM

very interesting! Kitten's behavior changed after taking him for a week long vacation during Christmas. No medical problems found.

Karbach    Frankfurt, DE

3/8/2009 7:58:52 AM

Hello,i have a cat who he`s brother passed away for 5 days.It`s a pain for me to look at her roaming around as if she`s looking her brother.I think she`s depresive now,just like me...I don`t knew how to help me !!!

Natalie    Chula Vista, CA

3/1/2009 11:03:32 PM

Hello I recently adopted a persian cat, she's 10 years old... our of those 10 years she's and the same owners, she had to be removes due to serious allergies I came in and adopted her! however I'm really concerned it's only been 2 days she has not used her litter box or has eaten, she does drink water but I wonder if she's going pee anywhere else or is she just not going pee or eating?? I'm really concerned for her, I believe she's depressed.. please help any advice?

Karen    Tucson, AZ

2/26/2009 9:52:48 AM

A very helpful list to consult to determine if my remaining cat is going into a depression. The information also included helpful hints. Thanks you.

Vanessa    Flanders, NJ

2/17/2009 5:17:22 PM

My cat is a Maine coon. Very portly. I tried putting him on a diet. He has lately been sleeping under the covers of our bed a lot. He usually does this when he is scared or when new people visit. We have recently been talking about moving and getting a puppy. Could this have depressed him?

Michael    Oceandide, NY

2/1/2009 7:57:00 PM

I just bought a new male cat .and I have been playing with him more then the other male cat I have. Also after I bought the cat my other cat startid to sound very weird and now doesent like to be toched at all. Any more. What do you think I could do to help him out

Belle    Melbourne, NY

1/27/2009 5:47:13 PM

Hey, my cat has just had a litter of kittens, i think shes feeling unloved because were paying so much attention to the kittens. Is there such a thing as post-natal depression in cats?
we have also just moved, 3 of us were living with the cat, and 1 person moved out right before she had the kittens. Could this contribute? Shes not cleaning herself, or using the litter box propely. Please help!

Nihal    NY, NY

1/18/2009 11:42:25 PM

Dear Helen, i decided to write you coz i agree with your ideas posted in this article to some extende, but I'm in the middle of it , and really its confusing that my cat does not respond to most of my trials , he had his depression after mating with afemale cat, and she went went back to her owners, and the idea of bringing the female back is rejected from my parents whom i live with. Please Helen, can you help me ? By the way i had to write down any state and city ,but i live in Cairo - Egypt.

Alisha    Denver, CO

1/15/2009 8:44:22 PM

I am having the exact same problem with my cat right now. She will not stop meowing unless we are in the bathroom with her. And she all of the sudden has a large interest in running water. I thought maybe she was dehydrated but when I put water right in front of her she seems very interested, yet won't drink it.
I am wondering if she is maybe dehydrated? She is getting old and is having a lot of hairball problems. I don't know if this has anything to do with it though.

Evelyn    Centreville, VA

1/13/2009 11:58:40 PM

I wanted to make a suggestion to Kerry in Huntington Park. Play with your depressed baby as much as you can. Take her outside (supervised in a fenced yard)and just spend as much time as possible with her. A new kitten will get her attention and the kittens annoying antics will take her mind off our things and the kitten will be drawn to her and want to bond with her.

Does anyone know why my cat would suddenly want to spend all of his time in the bathroom, crying and leading us into the bathroom so he can sit on the sink while we are using it, just staring in the mirror and watching the water run. This is all he wants to do, along with sitting on the bathroom floor when we leave. He is quiet and listless. We have recently added two more stray cats and moved. What can I do to help him.

Evelyn    Centreville, VA

1/13/2009 11:57:09 PM

I wanted to make a suggestion to Kerry in Huntington Park. Play with your depressed baby as much as you can. Take her outside (supervised in a fenced yard)and just spend as much time as possible with her. A new kitten will get her attention and the kittens annoying antics will take her mind off our things and the kitten will be drawn to her and want to bond with her.

Does anyone know why my cat would suddenly want to spend all of his time in the bathroom, crying and leading us into the bathroom so he can sit on the sink while we are using it, just staring in the mirror and watching the water run. This is all he wants to do, along with sitting on the bathroom floor when we leave. He is quiet and listless. We have recently added two more stray cats and moved. What can I do to help him.

Evelyn    Centreville, VA

1/13/2009 11:55:27 PM

I wanted to make a suggestion to Kerry in Huntington Park. Play with your depressed baby as much as you can. Take her outside (supervised in a fenced yard)and just spend as much time as possible with her. A new kitten will get her attention and the kittens annoying antics will take her mind off our things and the kitten will be drawn to her and want to bond with her.

Does anyone know why my cat would suddenly want to spend all of his time in the bathroom, crying and leading us into the bathroom so he can sit on the sink while we are using it, just staring in the mirror and watching the water run. This is all he wants to do, along with sitting on the bathroom floor when we leave. He is quiet and listless. We have recently added two more stray cats and moved. What can I do to help him.

Bobbi    Cleveland, OH

12/29/2008 9:41:53 PM

I currently have nine cats. (That's down from 17.) I've had my cat Clover since 2001, abd she's about 10 years old. For years I assumed she was aloof to me and more interested in bonding with the other cats. But she must have been intimidated by my favorite cat, Desmond, who was always on my lap and always demanding my attention. When Desi died, Clover started getting on my lap and demanding the same attention. She became my favorite, and this has been the case for about four years.
Two months ago my cat Knockout died. Although she was a lap cat and very affectionate with me, I considered Knockout a loner who was uninterested in the other cats. When she died, the surviving cats started reworking the hierarchy. My cat Violet became more aggressive and started picking on Clover. Also, at least three of my cats (including Violet) started competing for more attention from me.
Clover started spending most of her time sitting in the litter boxes. She gets out of one and goes and sits in another. She gets in my lap less often, and when I pick her up and put her in my lap she won't stay. She spends more and more time by herself. She sleeps with me less often, and when she does it isn't up by my face but down by my feet.
My vet has found nothing physically wrong (yet), and put her on Amitriptylline. She won't take it. If I get her to swallow it, she makes herself vomit. She's going back to the vet tomorrow.
I'm very worried. I wonder if the hierarchy has spoken, and I have no control over it.
The article is helpful because it takes depression seriously. But it's important to realize that a cat's inner life is very complex. Clover fit only one of the symptoms mentioned in the test, and Violet fit another one of the symptoms. The feline social hierarchy plays a crucial role in this, and that may be a mystery we never solve.

Martha and Ed    Newtown, CT

12/26/2008 4:03:02 PM

My girlfriend and I are experiencing a 9 yr old male feline with a serious case of depression. He had major surgery a short while ago, (amputation of right rear leg). Due to prior semi amputaions beginning when he was a baby. Our vet very frustratedly has finally believes as we do,,,his classic symptoms of depression. A decision for meds will be made this Monday. Hopefully Sam will gain some inner strength and come back to us.

Gretta    New York, NY

11/20/2008 1:01:29 PM

so far very helpful.

kerry    huntington park, CA

11/18/2008 1:56:53 PM

My cat just lost his little brother and is taking it very hard. eventhough his other brother is not. he is hiding and anly comes out at night. it is very hard for me to catch my cat and when I do I have to take him to the bathroom to use the litter box. He has on me and my bed and my leather couch. I am at loss as for what to do. If anyone has any help they can offer my e-mail add is please e-mail me for I real love my moomoo and he need help. thankyou for you time kerrykat

Danielle    Austin, TX

11/12/2008 9:27:13 PM

Obviously giving our Main Coon cat extra love and attention isn't helping. He straight up needs some kitty prozac. He scored 5 of the 7 but oh its much much worse. He shits on the floor randomly, hisses, growls, crawls, cowers and hides. If you dare touch him your in for it. We had to buy him a muzzle because he bit my boyfriend so hard he put him in the hospital for two days. The cat is VICIOUS and wants no love, just to be a dick and we didn't do anything. When we first got him all he did was purr and come lay on us. Were sick and tired of dealing with him, he was a waste of money.

Jodi    Orlando, FL

11/8/2008 4:23:20 PM

I have 2 cats, Pop-eye, 12 and Pele, 13. Pop-eye died suddenly this week and Pele has been very upset. He is wandering all through the house and wailing very loudly. It is breaking my heart and aside from loving him, I don't know what else to do to help. Does anyone have any suggestions? How long will he be they ever forget? The two of them were extremely close. Jodi jkz1973 @ yahoo . com

Samuel F.    Fort Smith, AR

10/31/2008 4:36:07 AM

My girlfriend and I recently adopted a mainecoon whos long time owner passed away. She has all 7 of these symptoms. I was thinking she was depressed, but had no idea cats could get so depressed without being sick. Its only been 3 days and she's starting to show improvement from all of the extra attention (but she is still not active and doesn't have much of an appetite).

Linda    Memphis, TN

10/23/2008 12:03:23 PM

My cat has several symptons, however, her vet can't find anything and has no answers except to treat the dehydration. What do I do to help her fight the depression?

Diana G    Richmond, IN

10/20/2008 11:29:25 AM

Our cat is 9 years old and this is her 3rd major depression. She stops eating and drinking. Only enough to sustain life.She was 10 pounds and now weights 2.5 pounds. She stays in the woods instead of her comfy home in the heated garage. She chases her tail and doesn't groom. We have a new cat and this always triggers her depression. (these are outdoor cats) We treat her with B-12, we are hand feeding her high fat kitten formula, we hold her alot, and have locked her in the garage due to major weight loss. Vet has ruled out all cat diseases but doesn't believe in animal depression. We are now starting 10mg Amitriptyline. (antidepressant for cats) Our vet couldn't prescribe but another one did.

Caitlyn    Raleigh, NC

10/7/2008 12:19:48 PM

I went away to my second year of college after spending the entire summer home and my cat is starving herself and looking sickly and skinny. I can't be home all of the time because I am 3 hours away and I can't have her live with me in a dorm room so, any recommendations?

RaeJean    WAlker, LA

8/5/2008 12:38:12 PM

This article was very helpful. My older male cat is starving himself and I have determined that it is the introduction of a puppy to our home. I'm not sure how to resolve this situation, I have tried to tempt him with all manners of treats and food but he refuses to eat. I am concerned that he is going to die and am very sad about this.

Zachary    PCB, FM

7/30/2008 6:17:10 PM

My kitty is sad.....

Karla    Sultan, WA

7/3/2008 7:13:29 PM

That's it?!!! If i wanted to talk to my vet about it I wouldn't of looked on the internet for info. Not very helpful.

jen    huntingdon, PA

1/3/2008 4:23:20 PM

our kitty bling bling lost his sister today. he is not hardly vocal barely eating and sleeping constantly. he was alone with her when she passed away,til we got to our the farm. he was just staring at her thier little basket when we got there.

Marie    Sarasota, FL

12/17/2007 2:58:31 AM

Great. Very informative.

Lisa    Chicago, IL

11/11/2007 5:12:31 AM

Very informative article!

vicky    south bend, IN

10/25/2007 10:27:15 PM

I beleive my cat is depressed by the lose of her cat buddy - who died one day three months ago, just died under my bed which was her favorite room in the house..but she finally seems to be coming back to her own- but i might of messed up and giot a couple of new cats now that she doesnt seem to like?

Janice    Buckeye, AS

9/9/2007 7:59:00 PM

My cat seems to fit a couple of the criterias for cat depression. She howls at night. We moved to a new house and she can't go out freely like she used to. Her companion cat seems to have adjusted. The howling cat seems to want out at night. We actually take her out in the morning with supervision. We give her love and attention. We also provide a window for sitting. What can we do?
Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter.
Jan Fisher

Christina    Wallingford, CT

9/8/2007 8:29:38 AM

now i know why my cat's purrsonality (lol) changed

Pam    Lisle, IL

9/7/2007 9:07:21 AM

Great article and checklist. I never considered that a change in a person's schedule could cause their cat to become depressed.

Andrea    Somerset, PA

9/7/2007 8:32:42 AM

I was surpised to read about depression in cats but it does make sense. Thanks for the article. It was helpful.

xo    xo, AL

8/26/2007 3:12:18 PM



8/20/2007 3:55:43 AM

This seems to be right on the money. At least its the behavior my ex-cat (I gave her to my mom cause she couldn't adjust to th new dog in the house) --- exhibited when my mom passed on. She would go off and mew at nothing, even tho she had been vocal before, she would start talking and stare off into space, like she was looking for mom. My dad swore she missed mom. She also began to lose weight and she was gone within a year of my mom's passing.


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