Pet Microchipping Recommended

Procedure increases the odds of lost cats being reunited with their owners.

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The California Veterinary Medical Association is recommending that owners microchip their pets, since microchip implants increase the likelihood of lost pets being reunited with their owners.

A lost pet can sit in the shelter for days without proper identification, and in all too many cases is never reunited with its family. When the pet receives a microchip, its owner is providing a ticket back home, said Eric Weigand, DVM, president of the California Veterinary Medical Association.

The procedure can be especially helpful since some pets lose their collars and tags during the time between escaping and being taken to an animal shelter.

The procedure does not affect the animals physically or behaviorally. During a hospital visit, a veterinarian injects the microchip -- which is about the size of a grain of rice -- between the pets shoulder blades.

The chip is permanently embedded with a unique identifier that contains information that can be read when scanned with an electronic reader.

Microchips are found to be more efficient and beneficial than pet tattoos. Tattoos can be altered or hard to find and read if the pet is frightened or has a heavy hair coat. However, microchips provide a permanent form of identification for pets, as long as pet owners keep their veterinarian updated with any changes to their contact information.

Posted: April 12, 2006, 5:00 a.m. EST

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Pet Microchipping Recommended

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belinda    baltimore, MD

11/15/2010 8:16:46 PM

I have 2 dogs and 7 cats and they are all micro-chiped

Linda    Fremont, OH

11/6/2010 11:41:47 PM

I am of the opinion that if micro-chipping comes in vogue, so to speak, that it should never be required. This is not a perfect world, as my vet. would say. We do the best that we can to treat animals as the good gifts that God has given to us. My cats have identification and I'm satisfied with this. Micro chipping can lead to loss of freedom for people so we have to be careful, think of all consequences.

Ml    Montoursville, PA

12/27/2008 10:17:42 AM

additionally there needs to be wide spread information where you can take a cat to be scanned if you find a lost cat so that you can see if you can locate the owner should their collar and tags be lost.

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