Michigan Womans Complaints Help Spur Cat Rescue

After the woman bought a kitten, she was so appalled by her condition that she griped to various public agencies.

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A Mundy Township, Mich., womans complaints about an extremely ill cat she bought from a commercial cat breeder has helped spark one of the largest cat rescues in Idahos history.

Sharon Johnson, a retired math teacher and school administrator, ordered a purebred Ragdoll from Rocky Mountain Cat Resort. Johnson said she paid $600 plus $200 in shipping costs for the 12-week-old Ragdoll, which she purchased as a playmate for one of her other cats, Nigel, a black Persian kitten.

But when the kitten arrived in November, Johnson said she was appalled by the kittens poor health. She was extremely skinny, her eyes didn't track together and were sunken in, and she was sneezing, coughing and crying, Johnson said.

Her cat had a fever, tapeworm, fecal blood, urinary tract infection, ear mites, conjunctivitis and herpes in both eyes, diarrhea and ringworm, she said.

And when she contacted the seller, Rocky Mountain Cat Resort owner Janet Rasmussen, about the problems and received no help, Johnson then contacted officials at the Idaho Humane Society and Twin Falls County Sheriff's Department.

It turns out Johnson wasn't the first to complain about the resort, though officials had never been able to prove a case. Johnson supplied them with the evidence they needed to prosecute.

Jeff Rosenthal, executive director of the Idaho Humane Society, and other officials raided the breeding and kennel facility in Twin Falls, Idaho, late last week, rescuing 323 cats, many of whom were covered in feces, ill and underfed.

In all, 117 of the cats had to be euthanized. The rest are in an emergency shelter set up by the Idaho Humane Society and eventually will be offered for adoption, Rosenthal said.

On Thursday, April 27, Rasmussen was charged with 57 counts of animal cruelty, according to Twin Falls County Sheriffs Department officials.

Johnson still has the cat she bought from Rasmussen, and said she's spent more than $1,000 on medical care for the cat, who is in much better shape now, but still suffers from outbreaks of herpes and takes medication for ringworm.

Posted: May 1, 2006, 5:00 a.m. EST

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Michigan Womans Complaints Help Spur Cat Rescue

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sanci hall    alton, IL

1/10/2011 8:00:44 AM

Buyers Beware of Bad Breeder
If you hear the name: Terri Lyn Alexander, owner of a cattery, Shadowoak Persians in Orangevale, (Sacramento) California buyer beware….she is a bad business person and after 26 years in the cattery business you would expect her to get it right. She has a bad temperament (after the sale of course) and lies about the kittens she has for sale.
Ms Alexander sold to me a beautiful bi-color Persian male kitten he was 5 ½ months at the time. The kitten appeared to be in good health, and I was assured he passed his recent health check-up with flying colors. Less than 2 weeks later, the kitten was apparently ill and was not eating. I took him to the veterinarian and he diagnosed, the kitten had trouble breathing, vomiting, cold symptoms and some abnormalities of the heart. The extent of the kittens heart ailment could not be determined at the because of the other pending health issues. The veterinarian treated the kitten with some antibiotics and scheduled a follow-up appointment. A few days after, the kitten was eating and appeared to be doing well. I reported the kittens’ illness to Ms Alexander, although she appeared to be concerned, she offered nothing.
At the follow-up veterinarian appointment, another one of the staff veterinarians examined the kitten and diagnosed the heart abnormality was a 4.6 heart murmur. This was diagnosis determined less than 2 months after the kitten was in my possession. I immediately contacted Ms Alexander with the new findings. I also supplied her with name, address, and telephone of my veterinarian to answer any questions she may have. I done this twice and she never contacted the veterinarian. I asked Ms Alexander on four occasions for the permission to have her veterinarian to send the complete medical file on the kitten, and she refuses to cooperate with me. Obviously she was aware of the kittens’ poor health condition and was not honest enough to disclose to me up front.
My frustration in lieu of the health situation of the kitten and dealing with Ms Alexander has driven me to request a refund and I will return the kitten to her. She says, “I have to honor my contract.”
How can she honor her contract when there was no honor right from the start? The way I see it her contract is null and void if you sell an animal that you know is sick.

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