The Cat Attack that Prompted a 911 Call

Widespread media outlets report the story of a cat owner being attacked by his cat after he kicked it. How would you have handled this situation?

By Cat Fancy Editors | Posted: March 13, 2014, 10 a.m. EDT

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News Story of Attack Cat
Lux, a large housecat, prompted his owner to call 911 after feeling threatened by the feline.
A recent news story about a cat has drawn a lot of attention, and a lot of criticism.

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On Mar. 9, Oregon resident Lee Palmer placed a 911 call to report that he and his family were being attacked by their 22-lb domestic cat, Lux. Apparently, the cat had scratched Palmer's 7-month-old baby, Jesse, after the baby pulled the cat's tail, and Palmer kicked the cat to protect the infant. The cat struck back — the details of how are unclear, Palmer simply said the cat went "over the edge" in the 911 call — and Palmer retreated to a bedroom with Jesse, the baby's mother and the family Pomeranian to call for help.

The story ends with baby doing fine, the couple recovering, and Lux the cat remaining home, sequestered from Jesse. The aftermath, however, has stirred up strong reactions from cat advocates and parents, and derision from many others. Here are some examples of news coverage:

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We want to know: How would you have reacted to the situation? Has anything like this happened to you?
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The Cat Attack that Prompted a 911 Call

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Reader Comments

sherri    dayton, OH

4/22/2014 12:48:49 PM

cats can sense when you fear them, and the owners should have been watching their baby since a baby doesn't know not to pull that long, irresistable cat tail. the cat was acting in it's own defense and should not have been kicked. it knew they loved the baby & the dog more than they did him & he was jealous, so of course, what did the owners expect?

Elizabeth    International

3/24/2014 7:03:15 AM

There's NO reason why any animal needs to be abused! Yes; even by a baby. I as others have loved animals since babyhood & had NEVER pulled tails, hair or bitten an animal. If one can't be responsible, loving human-parents or pet-parents, then they shouldn't have kids or pets. Animals usually attack to defend themselves or offspring & yes; even their humans. Anyone who abuses an animal should go to jail; they should be placed on a 'Watchlist', pay for the animal's med., etc. expenses & above all the animal should be removed & placed in responsible, loving care. Those folks don't deserve ANY pets, animals & their parentage is questionable at best.

Cornelia    International

3/23/2014 5:24:41 PM

It sounds to me that the cat and child have not been properly introduced to each other in the first place. Unfortunately, babies do not control their movements well, and the cat took offense to being grabbed. This cat appears to be especially opinionated and at 22lbs most likely believes he's king of the house. However, he should not have been kicked at, but it provoked him even more. So I think this owner was ignorant toward the cats' needs and got what he rightfully deserved, the cats wrath!! Good for you, big boy, but might I suggest you learn to be a bit more understanding and tolerant, or you might find your furry butt out on the street.haha
PS: In which case you can always come to my house and get spoiled.

sam    buffalo, NY

3/23/2014 2:43:08 PM

i have cats , and have had them with/around babys,and kids .My experence and common sence, tells me what happened . The cat did'nt just have its tail PULLED the baby did what babys do. an put the cats tail in its mouth and bite it .The sudden pain caused the cat to lash-out in defence. THEN to compound things the big man kicked the cat, and the cat again had to try to defend its self .this cat is only advorage for its breed.the owners know that they over reacted, because they have kept the cat .i guess the reason they called 911, was to have the cat beat-down and put in jail .

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