Volunteers Clean Up Cat Colony

The Philadelphia Community Cats Council, Alley Cat Allies and the ASPCA collected trash and cleaned up the Pier 70 TNR colony in South Philadelphia, Pa.

December 27, 2006, 5 a.m. EST

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Pier 70 in Philadelphia has been making a large effort to trap, neuter, and return cats
Volunteers in Philadelphia helped clean up a feral cat colony.

Feral cats in South Philadelphia have a refuge at Pier 70, where volunteers regularly trap, neuter and return the cats and care for the animals. Recently, an area resident complained about the cat population, putting the colony in jeopardy. Volunteers quickly organized a clean-up day to prove to city officials that the colony was not an eyesore or nuisance.

On December 2, more than 30 volunteers and members of the Philadelphia Community Cats Council and Alley Cat Allies, with assistance from the ASPCA, gathered at Pier 70. Though the weather was windy and cold, the volunteers collected trash that had gathered over a period of months. They also set up feeding stations and set traps to catch the unaltered members of the feral colony.

“The stretch of land behind the shopping center was totally transformed in a matter of hours,” said Megan Kane, ASPCA’s community initiatives manager of the Northeast region. “Volunteers left with a strong feeling of accomplishment and a collaborative spirit—and ASPCA baseball caps as a thank-you!”

For more information about trap-neuter-return programs in Philadelphia, visit the Philadelphia Community Cats Council website.

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Volunteers Clean Up Cat Colony

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Reader Comments

Dave    Knoxville, TN

12/27/2006 7:49:38 PM

That is why I do not support Aspca, so gas them. I wanted a cat but had to have it nutered or no adoption. So, ended up gasing the cat. Their way or the highway? Who died and left them in charge or "fixing" dogs and cats.
Mine are nurtered, declawed and very much loved but our choice. Maine Coon and Burmese. So screw ASPCA which is a lie in it's name. They should be gassed or nutured.

Barbara    Lake Placid, FL

12/27/2006 7:15:37 PM

I wonder if Shannon could get more suport from her community if she could get some coverage from the local press or TV stations. I can not imagine people not wanting to help in this wonderful project if they know about her efforts.

Shanon    Loveland, CO

12/27/2006 6:24:31 PM

I think this is wonderful! I wish that I had this kind of support. I am currently caring for and trying to trap some of the local cats. It's a difficult and daunting task when there is no community support. We all need to continue to reach out to others when caring for the ferals, semi-ferals and strays in our communities. Individuals complain because they are often unaware of what an issue this truly is. I hope that this kind of volunteerism will continue to spread across the country!

Tricia    Fort Wayne, IN

12/27/2006 4:12:14 PM

The article is so wonderful, it really touches my heart, I am very impressed with this program. I have read about these groups before in Cat Fancy magazine, I am glad there are other groups, but what Philly did recently is greatly appreciated by that community and all the cats and kittens. Thank you for all you do, you will be blessed.

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