Cat Abandonment Charges Dropped

Shelter workers were accused of dumping cats in a field.

Posted: October 03, 2006, 2006, 5 a.m. EST

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The district attorney’s office in Sacramento County, Calif., has decided to drop charges against two Department of Health and Human Services workers accused of cat abandonment.

In August, witnesses reported seeing two county workers using an official van to dump a box of kittens in a field. But according to a two-page statement released by prosecutors Sept. 26, the employees had a plausible explanation for what happened.

According to the statement, the situation began when the two employees went to clean out a home where children were removed because of poor conditions. The items removed included two cats kept in a box.

The workers loaded a county van with 11 bags of garbage and the boxed cats, with the garbage slated to be taken to a dump and the cats bound for the county animal shelter.

During the ride, however, the top on the cats’ box slid off, and the cats — who were thought to be feral — escaped inside the van. When the two women pulled the van over, the cats sprang from the van into a field in the Rio Linda area.

After trying to find the cats, the women left but reported the incident to supervisors, according to the District Attorney’s statement.

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Cat Abandonment Charges Dropped

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Reader Comments

quinton    Brawley, CA

10/1/2011 11:47:32 AM

Cat abandonment is not RIGHT you would not do this to HUMAN CHILD so WHY??? a cat or other animal. I live in brawley Ca 20 miles north of the US / Mexican border it get about 120* in the summer an i see people dumping mama cats and kittens in the fields without a care in the world i have ask some them why are you dumping the cat out here an the answer they don't want pay the ten dollar fee to take them to the pound they are cats they will live. I moved out hear in 07 an seen more than 20 cats an kittens dumped so I started Paw Town Cats a rescue for these kitty's i care for over 50 cats an kittens which WOULD BE DEAD without my help an all what these cats want is to love someone an be loved in return. =^..^=

Happy Hippie

Danny    Las Vegas, NV

12/20/2010 12:38:13 AM

I have two cats of a former girlfriend who has left these cats with me and went off several times in the past abandoning these animals upon the assumtion they would magically cared for. This time she is not coming back, hadn't bothered to mention them after 50 days gone until a couple of days ago wanting me to bring them to her. She hasn't paid for shots, food or offered to even ask if I would care for them before dumping the responsibility on me. She does not have a steady residence and everyone concerned does not believe she deserves the animals back. They have been in my residences for more than three years and she has been gone a total of more than a year when the need arises. I told her I'm not giving them back. She says their her cats and wants them. What would be fair compensation to ask for the costs of their care while she left them as abandoned for that time?

spectrekitty    Garland, TX

5/26/2009 6:52:02 AM

A likely story!!

Linda    St. Louis, MO

5/21/2009 5:43:18 AM

Transporting cats in a box is just plain stupid. If those people knew ahead of time that there were animals in that house, they should have come prepared with cat carriers. This is inexcusable and shows considerable lack of forethought. Again, what happened was caused from sheer stupidity.

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