Cat Food Recall Updates

As developments occur, stay informed about the Menu Foods cat food recall.

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For a complete list of pet foods currently under recall, click here.

Tips to Avoid Tainted Cat Foods
More than 84 percent of surveyed renters said they own pets. More>>

Pet Food Cautions
Certain human foods and household plants can be harmful to your pet. Keep these items out of your cat's reach. More>>

Avoid Pet Poisonings
In honor of National Poison Prevention Week, find out what common household items can be dangerous to your pet. More>>

Death Toll Rises in Pet Food Recall (Updated: 03-21-07)
The FDA says cats appear to be more susceptible to illness than dogs. More>>

Advice for Pet Owners Regarding the Cat Food Recall (Updated: 03-22-07)
The American Veterinary Medical Association offers guidance. More>>

Cause of Food-Related Cat Deaths Still Unknown (Updated: 03-22-07)
A class-action lawsuit could be imminent against Menu Foods. More>>

Rat Poison Blamed for Contaminated Pet Food (Updated: 03-23-07)
The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets says lab tests discovered the toxin. More>>

Cat Food Recall Expands (Updated: 03-23-07)
All manufacture dates of Menu Foods products are now being recalled. More>>

Company Says Its Cat Food Not Recalled (Updated: 03-24-07)
Evanger’s says reports that its pet food is among those recalled are wrong. More>>

Other Contaminants Might Be Behind Pet Deaths (Updated: 03-29-07)
The ASPCA’s animal poison control center weighs in on the pet food recall. More>>

New Toxin Found in Recalled Cat Food (Updated: 03-30-07)
The FDA and Menu Foods say a plastic, not rat poison, was the tainted ingredient. More>>

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Recalls Cat Food (Updated: 03-31-07)
Prescription Diet Feline dry food might contain bad wheat gluten. More>>

More Companies Recall Pet Food (Updated: 04-03-07)
Precautionary measures are taken due to tainted wheat gluten.

Salmonella Contamination Forces Pet Treats Recall (Updated: 04-03-07)
Eight In One recalls jerky treats for cats and dogs. More>>

More Dry Pet Food Products Recalled (Updated: 04-05-07)
Sunshine Mills recalls treats, and Menu Foods expands list of affected brands.

Additional Dog and Cat Foods Recalled (Updated: 04-06-07)
Menu Foods expands its list of affected brands, and Sunshine Mills recalls treats. More>>

Cat Kidney Failure Cases Rise 30 Percent (04-11-07)
The increase coincides with the tainted pet food recall, a pet hospital chain says. More>>

Senate to Hear Pet Food Recall Testimony (04-11-07)
The hearing is slated for April 12 and might be televised on C-SPAN. More>>

More Cat Food Recalled (Updated: 04-11-07)
Royal Canin says Medi-Cal Feline Dissolution Formula may be contaminated. More>>

Even More Cat Food Recalled (Updated: 04-12-07)
Menu Foods recalls more cat food items traced to contaminated wheat gluten. More>>

Senators Grill Pet Industry at the Pet Food Recall Hearing (Updated: 04-12-07)
The committee questions the FDA’s management and response to the pet food recall. More>>

Recalled Pet Food Might Remain on Shelves (Updated: 04-13-07)
The FDA warns that not all stores are complying with the pet food recall. More>>

Cat Owners Still Confused About Pet Food Recall, Survey Finds (Updated: 04-17-07)
A recent study shows that cat owners remain concerned and confused about what to feed their cats following the pet food recall. More>>

Natural Balance Pet Foods Recalled (Updated: 04-17-07)
Items are suspected in a recent round of pet illnesses. More>>

Additional Menu Foods’ Pet Food Recalled (Updated: 04-18-07)
Vegetarian dog food is taken off the market because of suspected contamination. More>>

Pet Food Recall Expands to Wheat-Free Products (Updated: 04-18-07)
Melamine still the prime suspect in the latest pet food recall. More>>

Recalled Cat Foods (Updated: 04-18-07)
The following cat food brands have been recalled by their maker, Menu Foods, because of a contamination that could cause kidney failure. More>>

Blue Buffalo Kitten Dry Food Recalled (Updated: 04-19-07)
Rice protein concentrate could be contaminated. More>>

Melamine in Recalled Pet Food Might Have Been Intentional (Updated: 04-19-07)
Toxic ingredient might have been used to increase protein content, FDA said.djghsdjgh. More>>

Royal Canin Recalls Dry Dog & Cat Food (Updated: 04-20-07)
Melamine was found in rice protein concentrate. More>>

Chenango Valley Recalls Dog and Cat Foods (Updated: 04-26-07)
Products could be tainted with the chemical melamine. More>>

Diamond Recalls 3 Canned Pet Food Items (Updated: 04-27-07)
Products might be contaminated with melamine. More>>

Canine Caviar Recalls Gourmet Turkey and Beaver Cans (Updated: 04-27-07)
Free coupons are being offered for the recall inconvenience. More>>

More Than 200 Additional Dog and Cat Foods Recalled (Updated: 05-03-07)
Testing indicates cross-contamination, Menu Foods says. More>>

Senate Agrees to Stricter Pet Food Controls (Updated: 05-04-07)
The decision is in response to the ongoing pet food recall. More>>

Wheat Flour, Not Gluten or Rice, to Blame (Updated: 05-09-07)
The contaminated pet food recall products have caused the illnesses and deaths of cats across North America. More>>

More Pet Food Recalls (Updated: 05-15-07) 
Royal Canin USA recalls and pulls one cat food and 14 dog foods from the market. More>>

Chenango Valley Expands Dry Pet Food Recall (Updated: 05-18-07)
The possibility of cross-contamination is feared. More>>

Two More Pet Foods Recalled (Updated: 05-23-07)
One cat food and a dog food accidentally were left off a previous pet food recall list. More>>

Survey: Consumer Confidence in Pet Food High (Updated: 05-24-07)
Seventy percent of respondents have favorable opinions toward pet food despite the recall. More>>

Salmonella Suspected in Latest Recalled Dog Food (Updated: 06-08-07)
Some of Wal-Mart’s Ol’Roy Complete Nutrition dry dog food is being recalled by its manufacturer Doane Pet Care of Manassas, Va., because of possible contamination with salmonella. More>>

Acetaminophen in Cat Food Discovered (Updated: 06-08-07)
Acetaminophen found in pet food poses greatest risk to cats, the ASPCA said. More>>

No Acetaminophen in Cat Food, FDA Says (Updated: 06-14-07)
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration finds no evidence to support an earlier report that acetaminophen contaminated cat food. More>>

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Cat Food Recall Updates

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Reader Comments

Paul    Las Vegas, NV

6/18/2013 4:24:37 PM

Two Words,

LIFE'S ABUNDANCE and you'll never worry about recalls. Not sold in stores made fresh shipped in one day shipping $8 food not that expensive. $8 plus a few cents for piece of mine. Do you really think these big Corps care about pets they don't about people why would they care about pets.


Teresa    Milton, ON

2/16/2011 7:56:07 PM

This is outrageous what's going on with our pets food. Our trust in our choice of foods to give to our pets would hope it's safe for them to consume. Luckily none of these foods have been given to my pet. But back in early of 06 I just wonder shortly after we have had this outbreak of contamined food and I wonder when I look back did I feed him something that was bad. To think that I could have been poisoning my dog makes me sick. We was an elder black lab in great health right up until about two weeks before I let him go. He was in kidney failure. Considering his age almost 13 I decided it was time. But to think if it was the food that I was feeding him the short time I had left with him anyway could have gave me a few more months or perhaps another year with him. But I will never know will I?

Sheila    norwich, CT

4/3/2007 7:46:15 PM

Hello, I have 10 of my own cats and i do not buy any of the brands on the recall list , i can only hope the brand i do use will never make that list.As an animal lover my heart goes out to those who have lost their pets they truly are our babies. God bless you all and remember God works in ways we will never know and the guilty ones will get caught. Take care all pet lovers.

Janice    Sedalia, MO

4/1/2007 7:20:33 PM

I think it is very good, it is scarey to read about what could have happened to my cat.
I buy science diet and I had faith in it but now I wonder.
Cat channel thank you for the updates.
It is appreciated.

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