Six Cats or Dogs Would Be the Limit in Dallas

Changes to pet rules sought to manage the Texas city?s animal population.

By Soraya Gutierrez | Posted: April 30, 2008 2 a.m. EDT

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Six Cats or Dogs Would Be the Limit in Dallas
Dallas officials want to limit the number of cats and dogs per household.
City officials in Dallas want to tighten existing pet rules in an effort to get a grip on the cat and dog population. Proposed changes to the animal ordinance include mandatory spay/neuter surgery, restrictions on tethering and limits on the number of pets per household.

The spay/neuter requirement calls for all cats and dogs to be sterilized at the age of 4 months. Exceptions will be made if the pet owner buys an annual $500 breeder’s permit for each animal. Should the ordinance win approval, pet owners will be given 120 days to comply.

Tethering a dog as a form of restraint would be banned under the proposal, unless the owner is present. In addition, the new rules would mandate that if a dog is temporarily tethered, the dog must be fitted with collar or harness made of leather or nylon.

No more than six dogs or cats per dwelling would be allowed under the revised pet rules. Residents with more than six pets before the ordinance goes on the books would be able to keep their animals.

Longtime Dallas resident Carol Taggart says pet owners are concerned about the well-being of their animals if the city’s pet rules are altered. Instead of enacting more laws, she says, city officials should focus on educational efforts to promote responsible ownership.

“It’s just a ridiculous thing,” Taggart says. “A law is no better than the ability to enforce it. They would have to go door to door.”

The proposed animal control measures were presented Monday to the Dallas City Council Quality of Life Committee for discussion. For more information, visit the City of Dallas website.

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Six Cats or Dogs Would Be the Limit in Dallas

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Reader Comments

christine    wilmington, DE

5/27/2009 9:28:03 AM

This is ridiculous! You should be able to keep as many pets as you can responsibly care for and it is not up to the government to be your "big brother" in this manner. The government doesn't give a damn about animal abuse, but if they can get their meat hooks into your individual liberty, you better believe they care about doing that. Another thing I can't understand is that even though irresponsible breeders exist, why are these facsists so hellbent against breeding purebreed animals? If I want a certain breed of pet, that is my business, not theirs. I sincerely believe the ultimate goal of these types of legislation is to ban pet ownership in this country outright, with only the elitist being allowed to have pets of any kind. State, local and federal governments cannot or will not perform the services they were originally set up to do, but find inumerable ways to harass and control their citizens.

tara    Barriere, BC

5/29/2008 11:41:27 AM

I don't think that is fair because if people want to have as many animals as they wish they should be allowed to if they can care for them.

Ellen    Attleboro, MA

5/1/2008 12:07:02 AM

This is a dumb law. If it is like my community they already have laws on the books they can't enforce. Let's add more that hurt responsible owners and casual breeders but not the folks who mistreat their pets. Do they realize most breeders lose money as it is........with 1- 3 litters a year!!!

cyan    boulder, CO

4/30/2008 11:41:41 PM

good article

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