Oldest Living Cat Contest

Find pictures of cats living well into their golden years with this gallery of CAT FANCY's Oldest Living Cat Contest finalists!

By CatChannel Editors

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Check out these super seniors, who have lived long, happy lives thanks to great care from their loving cat parents!

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Senior Cats
Sammy, 20 ½ Nancy Mattus Medina, N.Y.
Sammy celebrated her 20th birthday this past September. She was born in 1992. As a young kitten she was harness-trained and still loves to go outside for walks and enjoys sitting in the sunshine. She loves to look out the window and watch the birds. Sammy loves to eat popcorn with butter on it. Her friends at the Ridge Animal Hospital in Middleport, N.Y., helped her celebrate her 20th birthday by buying her a car, balloon and putting her on their Facebook page.
Senior Cats
Boo-Boo Kitty, 20+ Katie Galletta
A long time ago, before I was born, my parents adopted Boo-Boo. They were told he was about 5 years old but were never really sure. All we know is that he is older than 20. He’s always been in my life and, despite his age, is playful and loving as ever. While he can get a bit cranky sometimes, his age does not stop him from being the wonderful cat he always has been.
Senior Cats
Shelley, 20 Debra, Edgar and Crystal Stroupe Mount Holly, N.C.
Bullied, neglected, declawed and put outside to fend for herself, severely dehydrated, close to starvation, suffering from anemia and hypothyroidism, and longing for love – that was Shelley when we rescued her almost three years ago. Today, she’s a healthy, feisty and amazingly affectionate member of our family. At 20 years old, she finally found her forever home, and we’re just lucky it’s ours.
Senior Cats
Kimo, 20 Kim Moses
It’s me: Kimo, also known as the Princess. I am a 20-year-old longhaired Tortoiseshell. I have the usual Tortie attitude (or "Tortitude”). If you don’t publish my photographs, both Play Kitty and Kitty Gallery Magazine are standing in line. I will give CAT FANCY an "exclusive.”
Senior Cats
Celeste, 19 Sherry Ferber Agoura Hills, Calif.
Celeste was a rescue kitten that was left in a box at the back door of a pet store. From the first day that she entered my home, she entered my heart, as well. Her sweet spirit has been a gift that I have appreciated for 19 years.
Senior Cats
Sasha, 20 ½ Ellen and Bill Castillo Houston, Texas
I was volunteering at a Houston animal shelter when two tiny female kittens were brought in for adoption. I immediately fell in love but knew I could only adopt one. One of the sisters had an adoptive family right away, so I took the other one and named her Sasha. She seemed really laid-back, but when I took her in for her first checkup with my veterinarian, he said she would probably be a handful. You see, she had these little tufts of hair at the top of her ears, olive green eyes and a cream tabby coat that gave her the appearance of a wild cat. And he was correct! She has been a wonderful member of our family even though at times she was quite high-strung. She has been suffering from renal failure for the past three years but is still doing well considering her age. In these later years, she has reverted to her laid-back self of long ago, and we love her dearly.
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Reader Comments

Sherri rapp    cranesville, PA

11/11/2014 5:24:49 PM

I'm so disappointed. I did not see the oldest cat contest. I have a 25 year old, 21 year old, 2- 20 year old cats as well !!! I submitted my 25 year old to the Guinness Book of World Records and they totally ignored me and never responded!!! My cats are stunning and I would loved to been able to share them with everyone.

Sherry Ferber    Agoura Hills, CA

7/14/2014 7:51:40 PM

You have so decreased the size of the magazine over the years, but, why do you pick so few for the "Oldest Living Cat" contest? Why not put more of the entries into the magazine. This year the magazine says more are available at cat channel but they are only the ones from last year. How about asking owners what they they think has contributed to their cats getting to be older than most....I would make these suggestions even if I was not disappointed that my Celeste did not receive recognition this year.....she has survived 5 years of chronic renal failure and is doing well....I was hoping that her inclusion would be a celebration of this miracle gift of life.

Sheila    Salisbury, MA

6/6/2014 8:32:34 AM

I would love to submit a picture of my senior cat, she will be 23 years old in August 2014.

Galadriel    Lothlorien, ME

11/21/2013 11:53:30 PM

What sweethearts.

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