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Oriental CAT STATS

Color: Generally of a solid color or tabby-patterned in a variety of colors for both the shorthair and longhair varieties
Grooming: Many breeders recommend not bathing show cats. Many Orientals enjoy an occasional brushing with a rubber brush, and remember to clip claws monthly.
Best Home: These outgoing animals do well in a busy family environment. They usually adapt well to lively children, though they might need time for adjustment if they come from a quiet household. A good climbing post allows them to work off energy and helps them maintain the proper lean physique.
Personality: A playful, intelligent and loyal companion, these cats are curious and talkative, demanding your love and attention. Forget about doing any project without the help of your cat. Though not a lap cat, Orientals do enjoy a good cuddle.
Appearance: A graceful, sinuous cat with long tapering lines, the Oriental's body is a hard, muscular tube the same size at the hips and shoulders. Slim legs and tail must be long to balance the body length. The Oriental head, like the Siamese, is a long wedge with straight lines extending into a large, flared ear. Much emphasis is placed on the absolutely straight profile. This cat comes in more than 300 colors. Eye color should be green except in whites or bi-colors, which also may be blue- or odd-eyed.

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Similar to the Siamese in body type and personality, Orientals do not, however, share the characteristic Siamese coloring. They are slender yet hearty and are generally of a solid color or tabby-patterned in a variety of colors for both the shorthair and longhair varieties. The Oriental will remain loyal throughout its life and deserves no less from its human companion.



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