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Become a Quiz Master by taking the most quizzes and getting the most answers right out of all visitors. As Quiz Master, you'll appear on our Top Scorers page and receive an icon to display on your pet's profile. Your friends and family will always know who's who in the pet trivia world when they stop by your page.

You can also keep track of your status on your My Account page – it will tell you how many quizzes you have taken, how many answers you got right and where you stack up against other members. The more quizzes you take the closer you get to becoming Quiz Master. And, just as before, you can also receive up to 250 points to be used toward Cat Club Rewards each week.

Test your knowledge now by taking as many quizzes as you can! Good luck!

Note:The Top Scores ranking is calculated from the previous seven days. It updates every few minutes so it could change often throughout the day.

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