Two Paws Down to New Kitten

A jealous cat may not accept a new kitten in the household.

By J. Veronika Kiklevich, DVM

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Q. We recently found a gray-and-white kitten wandering around our backyard. She came and went for days. Now she sticks around most of the time since we started feeding her regularly, playing with her more and giving her extra attention.

We also have a black-and-white cat named Ozzy, and he's been with us for more than two years. We tried giving Ozzy more attention than usual with the new kitten and all but he is still extremely jealous.

We want to keep the kitten, but we're not sure. Can we get these two to be friends or should we find a new home for the little one?

A. It is admirable of you to want to provide a home for the little stray, but it may cause a tremendous upset in your household. There are many ways to introduce cats to one another, but it usually takes a long period of time and patience from everyone in your household with no guarantee that Ozzy will ever accept this kitten. To be fair to everyone, consider finding a new loving home for this little stray.

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Two Paws Down to New Kitten

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Reader Comments

Teresa    Milton, ON

7/17/2012 8:58:57 PM

Sorry to say some cats will not get along at all.. I took a stray in that was male around two and half yrs old, I already had a female five yrs old. Well she does not take a liking to him at all, him on the other hand loves other cats and even dogs. One of my cats lives downstairs and the other upstairs and that's how it's been. They occasionally see each other at times when door between them gets open. But still do this day my female what's nothing to do with him, now they are seven and ten..

Christine    Attleboro, MA

1/26/2012 5:54:10 PM

I brought home a 4-month-old kitten when my tuxedo cat was about 5. As the alpha cat, he didn't like the kitten at all. He gave him a hard time for a year or so, and then I noticed them chasing each other up he stairs. Now they tolerate each other although the tux is still top cat in my home.

Cathy    Dayton, OH

5/19/2010 11:58:11 AM

Hello,Im basicaly in the same situation. I have a cat , had her for 5 years and we just got another kitten. The 5 yr. old would go up to her,sniff and then hiss at her. Im hoping it is a phase,she is an indoor cat and I am trying.I hope we dont have to get rid of the kitten.

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