Prepare for Kitten Care

Make sure you have the 10 things necessary to welcome your new kitten home.

By Lynn Penkingcarn | Posted: Tue Mar 1 00:00:00 PST 2005

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6. Toys. The right combination and rotation of toys can keep your kitten happily entertained. Cat fishing poles, with bangles or feathers tied to a string, are popular with cats. Avoid toys your kitten could swallow.

7. Brushes and combs. Make regular grooming sessions an expected and enjoyable routine for you and your cat. Pay attention to your kitten's hygiene to reduce health problems for both you and your pet. Depending on your kitten's coat type and length, you need to choose from a variety of brushes and combs for grooming. Your vet or a professional groomer can suggest appropriate tools and techniques. 

8. Nail trimmers. Keep your kitten's nails trimmed to prvent them from growing into the paw pads or catching on things. Ask your veterinarian to show you how to clip them, and make this a regular task in your grooming routine.

9. Cat bed. 
Cats are notorious for their frequent naps and will delight in a comfortable place to rest their paws. Provide your kitten with her own place to sleep. Clean the bed often so it does not harbor fleas.

10. Collar and identification tag. Even if you plan to have an indoor-only cat, she needs a collar and identification tag. A kitten can grow accustomed to them, which is important should she ever become lost. Make sure your contact information is clearly stated on or accessible and updated through an identification tag. Also consider asking your veterinarian to implant an identification microchip.

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