CATober Halloween Recipes: I'm No Sourpuss Cupcakes Directions

Decorate cupcakes for your cat-themed Halloween party and have a spooktacular time.

By April Balotro

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What you need:
Baked, cooled cupcakes
Non-pareils (Sno-Caps)
M&Ms or other colored candy
Sour straws

Step 1: Frost a cooled cupcake.

Step 2: Cut a sour straw into six 1-inch long pieces.

Step 3: Insert three pieces of sour straws into each side of the cupcake. These are the whiskers.

Step 4: Place two M&Ms for the cat’s eyes.

Step 5: Insert one M&M into the cupcake slightly below the eyes. This will be the nose.

Step 6: Use two nonpareils to create the cat’s cheeks.

Step 7: Apply the decorate gel to create a smiling kitty mouth.

Step 8: Cut a square piece of wafer and half that square piece to create two triangles.

Step 9: Place each triangle at the top of the cat to create ears. You’re done!

Cat Cupcake Decorating Tips
Tip 1: Always start with cooled cupcakes. Frosting and decorations on a still-warm cupcake are likely to melt off.
Tip 2: Try using pretzels for whiskers. Decorating gel can make your cupcake cat sleepy, mad or happy.
Tip 3: Use food coloring and white frosting to create your favorite cat coat colors.

Have fun and throw your own cat-cupcake-decorating party!
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CATober Halloween Recipes: I'm No Sourpuss Cupcakes Directions

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