Kitty Litter Cake
 Perfect for Halloween, this Kitty Litter Cake looks so gross, but tastes so good.
 Kitty Litter Cake ingredients  Kitty Litter Cake recipe step 2
What you need:
•  Chocolate cake mix (18.25-oz package)
•  Yellow cake mix (18.25-oz package)
•  2 3.9-oz boxes instant vanilla pudding mix
•  12 oz. of vanilla sandwich cookies
•  Tootsie Rolls
•  Green food coloring
•  BRAND NEW kitty litter box
•  BRAND NEW kitty litter scooper
 Bake each cake (any size, shape pan will do) according to package directions. Make pudding according to directions and chill. Grind cookies in a food processor until a sandy consitency. Separate a 1/4 cup of the ground cookies into a separate bowl and add five drops of green food coloring, mixing by hand. Set aside. After cakes cool to room temperature, crumble into small pieces together into a large bowl. Add the chilled pudding and mix into the cakes. Add the large portion of the crumbled cookies.

 Kitty Litter Cake recipe step 3  
Put the cake mixture into the pan. Unwrap several Tootsie Rolls and microwave for 12 seconds or until just soft. Round the ends so that they are no longer blunt and mold the rolls into several different shapes. Place them in the cake, randomly, covering some with "litter." Add the green-specked cookies as scent crystals. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

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