Judging for TICA

Discover the judging process for The International Cat Association.

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Want to know what to expect when it's your cat's turn to step into the ring? The International Cat Association (TICA) shares their secrets:

Your cat will be called to the judging ring, using the catalog number given to you. When you hear the number being called, take your cat to that ring. Look for your cat's number on a judging cage and place your cat in the cage and be sure the cage door is secure; then leave the ring. When judging is completed, the judge or the clerk will dismiss the cats, and you may pick up your cat.

Judge's Books
A TICA judge does not know the cat's name, the owner, the breeder or the stats (Novice, Champion, Grand Champion, etc.) of the cats being judged. The judge's book contains the entry numbers, breeds, categories, divisions, colors/patterns, age of the cat on the day of the show, classification (kitten, adult, alter, etc.) and the sex of each cat to be judged. Judge's books do not contain genetic information.

In TICA, for example, a Siamese produced from two Oriental Shorthair parents would be shown as a Siamese. To the judge, this cat is a Siamese.

Exhibitor Etiquette
Exhibitors are expected to be familiar with and comply with all TICA show rules, registration rules and by-laws. Some of the rules governing exhibitors follow:

* All claws of each entry shall be clipped prior to benching. Failure to do so may subject entry to disqualification.
* Exhibitors shall not sit in the ring holding cats prior to or during judging except with the explicit permission of the judge.
* An exhibitor shall not, in any way, make known to an officiating judge which entry(ies) belong to him.
* An exhibitor shall not, in any way, make it known to an officiating judge where his entry(ies) have placed in any other ring.
* An exhibitor shall not request that his entry(ies) be judged separately from the regular class(es) for the entry(ies).
* An exhibitor shall not take any action which might cause physical harm to come to a cat or a person during the show.
* An exhibitor shall not groom an entry while it is in the judging ring.

If a cat requires special caging in a judging ring, the exhibitor shall relay this information to the ring clerk before the cat's number is posted and in time for special arrangements to be made without inconveniencing any other cats and/or exhibitors.

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Mary    Poland, NY

12/2/2008 4:44:43 PM

The TICA judges I have come into contact with have done a great job and have been very professional. Having to know all breeds and each one's specifics is not an easy task.

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