CatChannel's Virtual Cat Show 2009
Contest Dates: 5/1/2009 - 7/31/2009
Finally, a cat show any cat can enter! The rules are very simple: You can enter your cat in as many categories as he or she qualifies. But the contest doesn’t end there! CatChannel will keep track of which three cats received the most votes. At the end of the contest, the three champion cats with the highest number of votes over all 12 categories will win one of the prizes listed below. The top three winners may appear in CAT FANCY magazine. Please read our contest entry and voting rules here.

 1st Place
 (6) coupons for a Jonny Cat or Cat's Pride KatKit®

 2nd Place
 (3) coupons for a Jonny Cat or Cat's Pride KatKit®

 3rd Place
 (1) coupon for a Jonny Cat or Cat's Pride KatKit®

 Summer 2008 Virtual Cat Show winners. 
 Spring 2008 Virtual Cat Show winners.
 Fall 2008 Virtual Cat Show winners.
 Winter 2008 Virtual Cat Show winners.

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Jonny Cat and Cats Pride
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Most Colorful   Fluffiest Tail
Most Colorful Is your cat's fur coat the most vibrant on the block? If your cat's multi-color coat turns heads, enter him in our Most Colorful Show and see what the other visitors decide!   Fluffiest Tail If your cat has a tail that makes squirrels jealous or could be solicited as The world's best duster, than your feline friend may have what it takes to win 1st place at our Fluffiest Tail Cat Show!
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Longest Tail   Best Coat
Longest Tail Do you repeatedly trip over your cat's tail? Now that troublesome tail could be your cat's greatest asset. Find out if the other visitors think your cat has what it takes to compete in our Longest Tail Cat Show.   Best Coat Is your cat's coat softer than your own hair? Is it silkier than your favorite pair of pajama pants? If so, enter your cat in our Best Coat Cat Show.
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Cutest   Best Mustache
Cutest Everyone has the cutest cat, we all know that. But do you know if others agree with you? See what the other visitors say about your adorable cat or kitten in our Cutest Cat Show.   Best Mustache If your cat has a mustache that would make Burt Reynolds or Tom Selleck whimper, enter him in our Best Mustache Cat Show and see what the other visitors decide.
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Biggest Ears   Best Smile
Biggest Ears Is your cat's name Dumbo? Is his hearing impeccable? Those big ears may earn him 1st place in the Biggest Ears Cat Show. Enter him to find out.   Best Smile If friends and family melt when your cat gives them her famous Cheshire grin, enter her in our Best Smile Cat Show.
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Longest Stretch   Biggest Feet
Longest Stretch Does your cat span across half your living room floor when he lies down? Does Stretch Armstrong want to make your cat his superhero sidekick? If so, let the other visitors decide if your cat has that special stretch to go the extra mile and win in our Longest Stretch Cat Show.   Biggest Feet You know what they say about a cat with big feet … they've got … big feet. If your cat's paw could backhand a Doberman, the judges may rule he deserves the blue ribbon in our Biggest Feet Cat Show. Enter your cat now to find out!
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