Vomiting and Diarrhea

Concerned that your cat's food is causing digestive problems? A number of other factors could be to blame.

By Kathy Swanwick

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One of the most common eating-related concerns cat owners have is chronic vomiting and diarrhea, which may or may not have anything to do with your cat's diet, says Daniel Carey, DVM, of The Iams Co., Dayton, Ohio. There are a number of reasons for these symptoms: inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, or liver or kidney problems. Eliminate these possibilities and any other health concerns with your veterinarian before suspecting food.

"If you're feeding good-quality, digestible food, it's unlikely that the food is the culprit," Dr. Carey says.

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Vomiting and Diarrhea

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Reader Comments

janet    bethlehem, PA

5/18/2011 4:23:59 AM

very important, thanks

Kathy    Milford, NH

5/2/2010 9:59:17 AM

Good information.

One of my two Burmese cats was occasionally vomiting undigested food. He's high strung and often eats when he's upset. We put golf balls in both the cats' food bowls and the vomiting happens now only very occasionally. He just was eating too fast!

We also give him a homeopathic sedative we got from the Vet if we know he's going to be subjected to any kind of stress.

Janet    Bethlehem, PA

3/21/2010 3:14:31 PM

good article thanks

Louann    Washington, NJ

11/25/2009 5:00:44 PM

my 18 yr old siamese/himalayan female cat has been vomiting for the past 2 months. We took her to the vet and he says we need to change her food which we did about 10 or more times to no avail. She does have a history of urinary issues and he said that could be upseting her stomach, what if anything could we do the poor thing has lost about 4 pounds bringing her from 9 lbs to under 5 lbs. She looks at us with pleading eyes to help her but we don't know what to do for her. Please give us some advise.

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