January - April 2004

Featured Breeds: Balinese, Javanese, Birman, Snow Leopards, Bengal, Egyptian Mau, Siberian

Posted: Wed Mar 31 00:00:00 PST 2004

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March 2004

MARCH 2004

Egyptian Mau


A Walk on the Wild Side
Bred for its exotic look, the Bengal fares affection and frolic

Beat the Odds
Early detection deals the best hand for feline cancers

Lifestyles of the Pampered Pet - Part 3
The future of pet products has arrived

Crossing the Line
When normal behavior grows extreme

Senior Care Package
When Cats Age...Make the journey smooth for your aging cat
Precious Moments Hospice care offers a goodbye you can cherish

Pride of a Cattery
One day in the life of SnoPride's Margie Heil

From our Readers

Purrs and Hisses

Flights of Fancy Stories and poems

Contest Results Picture Perfect

In the Mews
All the news that's fit to meow

What's new Pussycat?
New pro ducts and book review
Humane Matters
Unsung Heroes Long Beach group helps seniors care for pets
Catty People featuring author Kelly Lange
Cat Clinic
Ask the Vet: Understand Bartonella
The Social Cat: Boots the Belligerent

Feline Frontiers 
Medication for Chronic Pain

Kids for Cats
Picture Your Cat:
Kids draw their feline friends"
Hidden Pictures: Spring Break fun"
Poetry Corner: "Zira, the Egyptian Mau"

April 2004



APRIL 2004





From Russia, With Love

Meet the strong, silent Siberian, with personality to share


Infection Alert

Your cat's cold can be deadly without timely treatment


Coverage for Cats

Should your feline have health insurance?


Kitty Custody

What happens to pets when owners separate?


Kitten Smitten Package


Sibling Rivalries

The roots of household cat spats


Kitten Ownership

A Guide from A to Z


Purrs and Hisses

Reader letters


Flights of Fancy

Stories and poems


Dear Tabby

Catnip quirks


In the Mews
All the news that's fit to meow


What's new Pussycat?
New products and book review


Humane Matters

A North Carolina woman helps fight feline leukemia

From Homeless to Housecat:

Refuge from domestic violence


Cat Clinic

The Scoial Cat: End biting behavior

Ask The Vet: Allergies away



Picture Your Cat: Kids draw their feline friends

Poetry Corner: "Angel With Fur" and "Misty And Her Friends"


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January - April 2004

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