January - April 2004

Featured Breeds: Balinese, Javanese, Birman, Snow Leopards, Bengal, Egyptian Mau, Siberian

Posted: Wed Mar 31 00:00:00 PST 2004

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January 2004




The Great Cat Serenade
We asked our readers to craft a tune in honor of their favorite feline - and did we get an earful

Silky Cousins
The Balinese and Javanese: Make a point with these Siamese relatives

The State of Cats In 2004
Advances in feline health and well-being - Part I of a series

A Little Night Music
How to stop the 'caterwauling' and catch a goodnights sleep

A Real One-Two Combination
Meet George Foreman's knockout feline friend

Genetic Links
Exploring feline anemia reveals possible hereditary causes

2003 Annual Article Index
Use this article index to find information when you most need it
In Every Issue

Catty People
Selected "Catty People" answer a list of catty questions specifically designed by the editor for each month's chosen-one

Editor's Note
"New Year's Resolutions"

Reader Photos of Hamilton, Mookie, Mildly and Zoe

In the Mews
Cats in the headlines:
Man Finds Lost Cat After 10 Year Separation
The Humane Society Issues Winter Warnings

Purrs and Hisses
Reader letters and photographs

Humane Matters
Unsung Heroes: Jyll Ferreira-Selfless Love Lives in Zimbabwe

Cat Clinic
Ask the Vet: The Spay Sway; A Troubling Growth, and more
The Social Cat: Duo Cat Trials - Find the perfect Match

Feline Frontiers
New treatment for Frustration Feline Mammary Disorder

Kids for Cats
Picture Your Cat:Taffy, Junior, Carly and Wiskers.

Flights of Fancy
Reader Stories and Poetry:  "A Sitting Cat," "My Sweet Abby," and "Hidden Treasure"

Cat Care 101
Guidelines for Feline Care 

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January - April 2004

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