2004 Article Index

2004 Article Index

Posted: Tue Nov 30 00:00:00 PST 2004

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Looking for that story we featured sometime last year? Use this article index as a reference to all the monthly features and columns we ran in 2004. Each listing includes the headline and subhead, author's name, publication month and page number.

Features by Category

When Cats Age... (Make the journey smooth for your aging cat.) Arden Moore, p 38
Precious Moments (Hospice care offers a goodbye you can cherish.) Karrin Scapple, Ph.D., p42
Cats & Eldercare
(Eden Alternative leads the way in bringing animals into nursing homes.) Don Vaughan, p36

Help for Snow Leopards
(The International Snow Leopard Trust fights to keep these cats from extinction.) Sandy Robins, p44
Senior Champions Strays
(A Clevelend woman proves you're never too old to make a difference.) Sandy Robins, p46
Refuge from Disaster
(In the tradition of Noah's Ark, Noah's Wish brings safety to animals in danger.) Sandy Robins, p32
The Kitty Whisperer (Meet this pint-sized pet whisperer who uses her voice to change kittens' lives.) Sandy Robins, p40
To Find a Friend Part 1 (When a kitten rescued from the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan, goes missing, a war-torn city mobilizes to find him.) Vanni Cappelli, p26
To Find a Friend Part 2 (When a kitten rescued from the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan, goes missing, a war-torn city mobilizes to find him.) Vanni Cappelli, p36
Hammer Heads Home (cat rescued in Iraq finds a home in the States) Dusty Rainbolt, p39
Cats on Duty with NATO Col. Jared Kline, p41
2004 Editors' Choice Awards (Check out our picks for this year's best new products.) p44

A Little Night Music (They don't call it caterwauling' for nothing.) Ron Bast, p32
Crossing the Line (When normal behavior grows extreme.) Myrna Milani, DVM, p34
Sibling Rivalries
(The roots of household cat spats.) Ron Bast, p38
When Cats Grieve (Do felines mourn the loss of their companions? More than you might have though.) Karen Overall, MA, VMD, Ph.D., p38
Where Do Kittens Come From? (All about the birds, the bees and the feline libido.) Marty Becker, DVM/Illustrations by Thomas Kimball, p26
Profile of a Spoiled Cat (What happens when cat owners encourage bad behavior?) Anne Leighton, p34
How to Understand Cat' (Knowledge of the feline language can strengthen the cat/owner bond.) Marty Becker, DVM, p32
The Poop Troop
(How one cat owner triumphed in her battle against the litterbox.) Louise Shannon-Martin, p34
The Altered Cat (Learn what you can and cannot expect from spaying or neutering your cat.) Koren Wetmore, p42

Balinese & Javanese:
"Silky Cousins (Make a point with these Siamese relatives.) Emily Sachs, p22
Birman: Dressed to Impress
(Are you worthy of this delightful breed?) Emily Sachs, p22
A Walk on the Wild Side
(Bred for its exotic look, the Bengal fares affection and frolic.) Michel Nolan, p22
Siberian: From Russia, With Love
(Meet the strong, silent Siberian, with personality to share.) Emily Sachs, p22
Sphynx: The Mystery of the Sphynx
(Discover the allure of the personality-plus Sphynx.) Bev Caldwell, p22
Cornish Rex and Devon Rex: The Case for Curls
(The Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex are more than just gorgeous fur.) Emily Sachs, p22
Somali: The Spirited Somali
(An irresistible bundle of affection.) Koren Wetmore, p22
Wild & Mild
(The Savannah embodies the best of both worlds.) Bev Caldwell, p22
Himalayan: Luscious Hair Everywhere
(The longhaired cat's personality is as gorgeous as its coat.) Bev Caldwell, p22
Russian Blue: Generals of Gentleness
(Dressed in a plush gray coat, the Russian Blue will conquer you heart.) Bev Caldwell, p22
Pixie-Bob: Wild Ones
(Though wild in appearance, the Pixie-Bob makes a quiet, gentle friend.) Audrey Pavia, p22
Colorpoint Shorthair: When is a Siamese Not a Siamese?
(When it's a Colorpoint Shorthair!) Bev Caldwell, p22

Big, Fat, Hairy Movie
(Garfield: The Movie brings Jim Davis' popular comic strip to life.) Kris Wardwell, p54
Of Cats & Catwoman (Mystery and reinvention give this famous feline more than nine lives.) Susan Logan, p36

Kitten Ownership
(A guide from A to Z) Sandy Meyer, p42
Itchy Invaders
(Fight back against fleas, ticks and mites) Koren Wetmore, p26
Safe Haven? (Tips to cat-proof your home.) Narda Robinson, DVM, and Brenda McClelland, DVM, p48
Special Needs (The inspiring lives of disabled cats.) Don Vaughan, p40
Season's Heedings (Keep your cats happy and safe during the holidays.) Peggy Scott, p30

New Treatment for Frustrating Feline Mammary Disorder
(Feline Frontiers) Arnold Plotnick, DVM, p18
Advances in Feline Health and Well-Being (Series: The State of Cats in 2004) Koren Wetmore, p26
Genetic Links (Exploring feline anemia reveals possible hereditary causes.) Janet Spitzner, p40
Repair Options for Portosystemic Shunts (Feline Frontiers) Arnold Plotnick, DVM, p16
Emergency Response (Learn how to react if your cat meets disaster.) Arnold Plotnick, DVM, p36
Medication for Chronic Pain (Feline Frontiers) Arnold Plotnick, DVM, p20
Beat the Odds (Early detection deals the best hand for feline cancers.) Arnold Plotnick, DVM, p26
Infection Alert (Your cat's cold can be deadly without timely treatment.) Brend McClelland, DVM, and Narda G. Robinson, DO, DVM, p26
Coverage for Cats (Should your feline have health insurance?) Heather Saucier, p30
New Treatments for Feline Asthma (Recent advances in understanding the disease have helped more cats breathe with greater ease.) Arnold Plotnick, DVM, p32
Metabolism Out of Control
(An overactive thyroid can impact your cat's health and personality.) Karen S. Phillips, DVM, p42
Bald Patches (What does it mean when your cat loses its fur?) Arnold Plotnick, DVM, p40
Is There and Easy Test for FIP? by Arnold Plotnick, DVM, p48
Vets on the Go (Mobile veterinarians deliver healthcare to housecats.) Audrey Pavia, p44
The Renal Deal (Learn how to manage kidney disease.) Arnold Plotnick, DVM, p48
Balance Nutrition
(Tip the scales to meet your cat's dietary needs.) Don Vaughan, p32
New Hope for Diabetic Cats (Research and development lighten the load.) Arnold Plotnick, DVM, p42
Catercize (Help your feline feel the burn.) Ron Bast/Illustrations by Buck Jones, p46
Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go! (Look out for loose bowels.) Marty Becker, DVM, and Mikkel Becker, p28
Help Anemic Cats (An effective experimental treatment may offer hope for felines with non-regenerative anemia.) Arnold Plotnick, DVM, 48
Game Over (Strike out your cat's chance to develop cat bite abscesses.) Arnold Plotnick, DVM, p30
How Do You Spell Relief? (New therapies can help keep cats pain-free.) Brenda McClelland, DVM, and Narda G. Robinson, DO, DVM, p34
Appetite Oddities (Does your cat have an eating disorder?) Karen S. Phillips, VMD, p38
Feline Pancreatitis (This mysterious disease remains tricky to diagnose) Arnold Plotnick, DVM/Illustrations by Thomas Kimball, p46

Kitty Custody
(What happens to pets when owners separate?) Angelica Martinez, p34
Enslaved by Felinophobia (Understanding people who fear cats is the first step toward freedom.) Audrey Pavia/Illustrations by Thomas Kimball, p42

Kitty, Please Use the Litterbox! (The Cat Gets to Stay, Part 1) Marty Becker, DVM, and Janice Willard, DVM, p34
Gesundheit! (The Cat Gets to Stay, Part 2: allegies) Marty Becker, DVM, and Janice Willard, DVM, p26
On the Move
(The Cat Gets to Stay, P art 3: moving) Marty Becker, DVM, and Janice Willard, DVM, p26
Scratching the Surface (The Cat Gets to Stay, Part 4: scratching) Marty Becker, DVM, and Janice Willard, DVM, 26
The Safety Within (Discover your cat's long and happy indoor life.) Melissa Hart, p38
Hire Your Cat as Your Personal Trainer, Jean Anne Forsythe/Illustrations by Jean King, p48
Keep Em Both (The Cat Gets to Stay, Part 5: babies and cats) Marty Becker, DVM, and Mikkel Becker, p44

Legal Status of Cats
(Series: The State of Cats in 2004) Koren Wetmore, p26
Lifestyles of the Pampered Pet (The future of pet products has arrived.) Koren Wetmore, p30
See Cats Off Broadway (Have fun in the Big Apple and learn about your favorite breeds.) Susan Logan, p26

A Real 1-2 Combination (Meet George Foreman's knockout feline friend.) Sandy Robins, p36
Party Animals (Joe Cahn and his cat Sophie prove that tailgating isn't just for humans.) Sandy Robins, p32
Pride of a Cattery
(A day in the life of Margie Heil, SnoPride Bengals.) Melissa Hart, p44
Born to Love (Cats help fulfill an innate need to nurture, which can boost our health, longevity and survival.) Brad Kollus, p44


2003 Annual Article Index, p44
Surf's Up (A new wave of cat resources is right at your fingertips.) Marie Vasari/Illustrations by Buck Jones, p40
2004 Editors' Choice Awards
(Check out our favorite new cat products.) p44

2004 Columns

By Elaine Wexler-Mitchell, DVM
Jan. 2004, p16: The Spay Sway (fatty deposits in abdomen) [Other topics: death during sterilization; Pepto-Bismol for cats; benign tumor?]
Feb. 2004, p18: Chew on This (missing teeth and diet options) [Other topics: understanding FIP; time to spay; hyper kitten]
March 2004, p18: Understand Bartonella (Cat Scratch Disease) [Other topics: nail-bed infection; quizzical crying; kinked nails]
April 2004, p21: Allergies Away! [Other topic: cervical line lesions]
May 2004, p21: When Glands Go Bad (thyroid disease) [Other topics: cataracts; diabetes; tail kinks]
June 2004, p18: Disguised Stress (OCD in cats) [Other topics: swollen lip; vaccinations; allergies]
July 2004, p20: A Dry Palette (cat only eats dry food) [Other topics: chronic sneezing; hyperthyroidism]
Aug. 2004, p18: The Herpes Wink [Other topics: intestinal parasites; obesity]
Sept. 2004, p18: Down in the Mouth [Other topics: cats in heat; sneezing; cardiomyopathy]
Oct. 2004, p20: Itchy Ears [Other topics: tormented teeth, feline menopause?]
Nov. 2004, p18: Naughty Nights [Other topics: cat eats my hair; ash supplementation]
Dec. 2004, p18: Brush Up (professional teeth cleaning) [Other topics: treating colitis, pancreatitis concerns, muted meow]

By Sandy Robins
Jan. 2004, p13: Pads for Pets by Elizabeth Quinn
Feb. 2004, p11: Cat in a Neon Nightmare: A Midnight Louie Mystery by Carole Nelson Douglas
March 2004, p15: A Collection of Cats Tales with illustrations by Ditz
April 2004, p15: Mutts: The Comic Art of Patrick McDonnell

By Marty Becker, DVM
Jan. 2004, p7: affectionate clawing
March 2004, p10: effects of catnip

By Karen S. Phillips, VMD
Jan. 2004, p51 Curb the Claw

Jan. 2004, p11: Ken White, president of the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA in San Mateo, Calif.
Feb. 2004, p10: Bonnie-Jill Laflin, guest sports correspondent for Sporting News Radio and KCAL
March 2004, p17: Kelly Lange, author and former NBC anchor (by Sandy Robins)

By Ken White
Feb. 2004, p14: Boomerang Cats (Two lucky felines experience a happy return.)
April 2004, p18: Refuge from Domestic Violence (Four felines find a safe new home.)
May 2004, p16: Finding Where You Are Wanted (A story of cat adoption from the Humane Society of Seattle/King County.)
June 2004, p14: Just What the Doctor Ordered (A story of a senior and an adoption made in heaven.)
July 2004, p14: The Cruel and the Kind (A couple adopts a severely abused kitten.)
Aug. 2004, p17: Smokey's Miracle (Yavapai Humane Society, Prescott, Ariz.)
Sept. 2004, p14: From Rags to Riches (Andi's rescue by the Houston SPCA)
Oct. 2004, p18: Homeless Shelter Takes Pets (Pet's Unlimited in San Francisco)
Nov. 2004, p16: Time for Goodbye (Columnist Ken White's touching tribute to Lilly.)
Dec. 2004, p20: Cinnamon for the Holiday (The Atlanta Humane Society director enjoys the spice of life.)

April 2004: Pushing for a Cure (One North Carolina woman strives to end FeLV.) Barbara Bullington, p16
May 2004: A Window to C.C.'s Casa de Gato (Singer and songwriter Carol Connors talks about life with her two Abys.) Kris Wardwell, p18
June 2004: Model of Mercy (Michael Elan hits the streets to serve strays.) Sandy Robins, p16
July 2004: Jonathan Slavin (interview with Slavin, Hollywood actor) Anne Leighton, p16
Aug. 2004: The Race Against Extinction (Cheetahs struggle to outrun annihilation.) Kris Wardwell, p16
Sept. 2004: A TNR Pioneer (Louise Holton takes trap-neuter-return to the next level.) Sandy Robins, p16
Oct. 2004: Salt Lake City Twins, Kim Hancey Duffy, p16
Nov. 2004: Lisa Simpson's Kitty Love (Yeardley Smith discusses her real-life role as a cat lover.) Kris Wardwell, p17
Dec. 2004: Not Your Everyday Lemonade Stand (Kids start pet-sitting venture on sea voyage.) Sandy Robins, p20

By Brenda McClelland, DVM, and Narda G. Ro binson, DVM
Jan. 2004, p19: Top 5 No-Nos (natural cat care hazards)
May 2004, p20 Remedies That Aid Digestion
July 2004, p18: The Scoop on Biodegradable Litters
Sept. 2004, p20: Understanding Organics
Nov. 2004, p19: To Add or Not to Add (vitamins and supplements)


By Karen L. Overall, MA, VMD, Ph.D.
Jan. 2004, p17: Duo Cat Trials (seeking peace in a two-cat home)
Feb. 2004, p17: Take the Bite Out (dealing with biting behavior)
March 2004, p19: Boots the Belligerent (aggressive kitten) [Other topic: hissing at strangers]
April 2004, p20: People and the Cats that Bite Them
June 2004, p20: The Off-Limits Tummy [Other topic: age in cat years]
Aug. 2004, p20: Mournful Cries (strange vocalizations and behavior)
Sept. 2004, p21: A Very Fussy Eater [Other topic: pouncing]
Dec. 2004, p16: Litterbox Forum

By Charles Hand
Jan. 2004, p14: Selfless Love Lives in Zimbabwe (Jyll Ferreira, cat rescuer)
Feb. 2004, p15: Ohio Weatherman Floods Funds for Animals (Dick Goddard, TV weatherman)
March 2004, p16: Long Beach Group Helps Seniors Care for Pets (Companion Pet Program by Volunteers of America in Long Beach, Calif.)

Jan. 2004, p20: The Great Cat Serenade (We asked readers to craft a tune in honor of their favorite felines -- and did we ever get an earful!)
Feb. 2004, p20: The Cat in the Hat Clones (Reader photos of look-alike cats)
March 2004
May 2004, p 10: The Most Talented Cat in North America (Photos of talented cats in action)
Oct. 2004, p10: Cartoon Quest Contest Winners
Nov. 2004, p10: Best Cat Names Contest Winners
Dec. 2004, p10: Craziest Holiday Cat Story Winners


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