April 2005

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Posted: Tue Mar 1 00:00:00 PST 2005

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April 2005


Love in the Folds
The sweet-faced Scottish Fold has a unique look and special place in the hearts of its fanciers.
By Bev Caldwell

YOU Can Make a Difference
23 ways to help animals without breaking your heart.
By Maryjean Ballner

Magic Carpet Ride
A stowaway cat in a shipment of Persian rugs makes a fantastic voyage to America.
By Vanni Cappelli

Keep Kitty Safe
40 ways to protect your cat from everyday hazards.
By Beth Krippner

Free to a Good Home
Who's taking care of your pet?
By Christina Couch

Crazy, But Normal
Understand and direct your kitten's play behavior.
By Audrey Pavia

Plus: Crazy Cats Contest

Kitten Care: The Easy Way
With preparation and information, bringing up baby is a breeze.
By Brenda McClelland, DVM

Social Sweeties
Early, positive experiences can help your kitten become a balanced cat.
By Marty Becker, DVM, and Janice Willard, DVM

Taming to Love
How to rescue and tame a feral kitten.
By Sarah Magee

Miracle Cats
Bilbo and Nelson overcome extremes to love again.
By Donna Clarke

Plus: Against All Odds Contest

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