January - April 2001

Featured Breeds: Asian Breeds, Exotic Shorthairs, Russian Blue, Singapura

Posted: Tue Mar 18 00:00:00 PST 2003

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January 2001


Featured Breeds
Asian Breeds

Happy Reunions: Identification is a lost cat's best defense
Amazing Cats! (training cats to perform tricks)
And Amber Makes Three
The Need to Ban Big-Cat Pets,
Media Play, Putz and Triolo: 50 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Cat
Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home
The Mythology of Cats
The Quotable Cat Lover
Kosmic Kat (coloring contest)
Secrets of Feline Pill Popping
Nutritional News for the New Year
Cat Testers Give Paws Up to 10 Toys
Cats of Many Colors (Asian Group)
Happy Reunions (identification is a lost cat's best defense)
Group Helps AIDS Patients Keep Pets
Winter Help for Homeless Cat Owners
FIV Cats Can Have a Great Life
The Whole Cat: How to Find a Holistic Veterinarian
Max: the Cat in the Hat
Special Cat Stories
Unsung Heroes: Jetty Cats

February 2001


Featured Breed
Exotic Shorthairs

Big Cats Hunger...For Kitty Food?: Zookeepers feed dry cat food to exotic cats
Copy Cats (cloning)
Personality Plus (personality traits among cats)
Laid-Back Ralphie Loves His Dual Roles (show cat/therapy cat)
Essential Fatty Acids: is Your Cat Deficient?
Neutering Has Heart In The Big Apple
Park Ranger Rescues 35 Cats
The Legend of Angel the Cheetah Lives On
Tales of Texan Tigers & Other Big Cat Pets
Cat be Good: A Commonsense Approach to Training Your Cat
Cats for Dummies
Good-bye My Friend
The Secret World of Cats
Show Business (breaking into Hollywood)
Brush Up On Dental Care
Is Declawing for Your Cat?
Your Cat's Natural Grace and Agility Are Due Mostly to its Complex Ears

March 2001

MARCH 2001

Featured Breed
Russian Blue

The Whole Cat: Keep your cat's gums pink and white
Cats That Give the Gift of Life (adopt a retired blood-donor)
Shelter Cats Inspire Animal Artist
Animal Law Raises the Bar For Cats
Sister Act, Helping Homeless Cats in Oregon
The Best Match
Trainers Offer Behavior Help Online
Can Cheetahs and Farmers Live Together?
300 Incredible Things for Pet Lovers on the Internet
Kindred Spirits, The Nature of Animal Healing
No, Kitty!
Music Man Connects With Critters
Fighting For Breath
Help for Fat Cats
The Vital Facts About Vaccines
Your Cat's Sublime Sensory Superhighway
Pet First-Aid & CPR Saves Lives
Keep Your Cat's Gums Pink And Healthy
Conquering Kitty Clutter
Cat Geometry 101 (personality correlated with head shape)

April 2001

APRIL 2001

Featured Breed

The Great Outdoors
Inside or Out?
Please Fence Me In
Surviving Abuse
Going in Peace (euthanasia)
Malls Host Adoption Centers
Don't Shoot! BB & Air Guns Severely Injure Cats
Neuteress of the Night Prowls Texas Town
Cats on the Couch: 4 Steps Restore Bedtime Routine
4 Steps to Overcome Fear
Compatible Cats, Vanity in Washington, Why is Cancer Killing Our Pets?, Kittens!: Why They Do What They Do?
We Have a Winner: Novella Has a Name
Body Parts: The Cat's 30 Permanent Teeth
Razor-Sharp Teeth and a Versatile Tongue Give Your Cat's Mouth Remarkable Capabilities
Read Your Cat's Quirks
Frostbite Victim Finds Warm Home
Healthy Cats Thrive on Special Diets
Urinary-Tract Care for Life

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