May - July 2001

Featured Breeds: Turkish Van, Turkish Angora, Sphynx, Somali

Posted: Mon Mar 17 00:00:00 PST 2003

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May 2001 

MAY 2001

Featured Breed

Bug Off! (parasites)
The Wrath of Rabies
Death Rates Drop in Texas
Weatherman Improves Forecast for Strays
Cats Have Many Virtues
Understanding Your Chatty Cat
Cats Go, Sitti and the Cats: A Tale of Friendship, A Kitten Called Moonlight
Cat Spitting Mad, Cats are Better than Dogs, Cats on the Counter, Crazy Cats
Movie Stars Go Wild' for Animals
Beautiful Lilies Can Kill
Early Sterilization Boosts Health
How Your Cat's Mystical, Magical Eyes Really Work
Your Cat's Enchanting Eyes
USDA Approves New Weapon to Fight Cance
50 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Cat
To Comfort a Child, Snickers Does The Trick
Zooming Through Grooming
Build Immunity with Healthful Food
The Maintenance of a Quality Coat Depends on Adequate Protein

June 2001 

JUNE 2001

Featured Breed

When Disaster Strikes
End the Cat Carrier Wars
Crazy for Catnip: This herb drives cats wild and might even improve health and behavior
Shelter Cats Find Loving Homes
War Over Words Comes to California (guardian vs. owner)
Helping Hands Reach Under the Boardwalk
She Works Overtime for Ferals
Crazy for Catnip
Body Language Can Put Cats at Ease
Sneak Home Your New Kitten
Curious Kittens, Desser the Best Ever Cat, Why Do Cats Meow
Angel Whiskers ,The First-Aid Companion for Dogs & Cats, The Guide to Handraising Kittens,
Hiss and Tell: True Stories from the Files of a Cat
Celebrate 152 Years of Cats! (old cats)
Mr. Jinx Makes His Mark (amusement park)
Give Your Cat a Mini Health Exam
Golden Years (senior cat car)
Out of Joint, (hip dysplasia), Christy Heitger-Casbon
Have a Safe Trip: Follow These Tips
Whiskers and Related Structures
Your Cat's Whiskers Help it Navigate
Restore Regularity in 3 Simple Steps
Fetching Benny Amazes and Amuses
Home-Prepared Food: Is it Worth the Fuss?

July 2001 

JULY 2001

Featured Breeds
Turkish Van
Turkish Angora

Paws Across the Border
Serving Animals, Susan Easterly: Animal-Affirmative Rentals Open Doors
Walk This Way (leash training)
4 Steps To Curb Aggressive Behavior
Pets for Life, Arden Moore: 3 Ways to Keep Cats Off Counters
Best Friends: The True Story of the World's Most Beloved Animal Sanctuary
Claws and Effects
Purr-fect Craft Projects
Sassy Cats
Media Play: Cla ssical Cats - Five Centuries of Music Celebrating the Feline Eternal
Pets Decide World's Fate (movie)
Kittens Need Mom for First 6 Weeks
Organs of Sound Convey Many Meanings
Clear the Hair
Feline Friends (readers' stories): A Daughter's Gift Keeps Giving
Cats Can Prevent Asthma in Some Children, Study Finds
The Whole Cat: Balance that Diet for Healthy Skin, Coat
Two From Turkey (Turkish Angora and Turkish Van)
10 Ways to Beat the Heat
Michigan Teacher Offers Lesson in Kindness
Healthline: FDA Says Radiation OK, Feline, Practitioners Draft FIV Guidelines, Purring Might Have Healing Power, Shelter Cats Receive Protection
Find Help! (resource guide)
3 Supplements Fight Obesity

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