September - December 2001

Featured Breeds: Siberian, Burmese, Scottish Fold, American Curl, Bi-Color Persian

Posted: Sun Mar 16 00:00:00 PST 2003

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September 2001 


Featured Breed

Navy, Cat Lovers at Odds Over Homeless Cats
Kitty City Gives Cats Room to Be Themselves
Rescue Group Spans the Nation to Save Siamese
5Step Crowd Control (multi-cat households), Follow this plan for a harmonious household
Set Emotional Boundaries Through Behavior Therapy
Stop Scratching Now
Praying With Katie: God, My Cat, and Me
A Dictionary Of Quotations and Proverbs About Cats and Dogs
Pet Owner's Guide To Kitten Care & Training
Baby Dolittle Neighborhood Animals (video)
Fear Not! (helping shy, anxious cats)
Backstage: Cats Rock the World of Jethro Tull Leader
You Can Beat Epilepsy
Is Your Cat Allergic To You?
More Than 500 Muscles Give Your Cat Grace
SFSPCA Forced to Cut Jobs, Medical Care
Female DVMS Lead The Way
Manage Feline Obesity With Lifestyle Changes
Love Heals: Cat-assisted therapy benefits animals and people
Live by the Rules, Ignorance of the law can land cat owners in trouble
Kitten Falls 100 Feet, Lands in New Home
California Teen Looks for Tax Break

October 2001


Featured Breed

Siegfried & Roy Enchanted by Cats Big and Smal
Vaccine-Associated Sarcomas
Cause of Infection Determines Treatment
Stop Problem Scratching
A Light but Sturdy Skeleton Enables Cats' Graceful Motion
Make Halloween Less Scary
Clear Mites Naturally
Company Plans Allergen-Free Cats
Con Man Preys on Pet Owners: Learn How to Protect Yourself
New Law Allows Pet Inheritances
Love Your Litter: Find the Best for You and Your Cat
America's 5 Best Kitty Cities
Volunteer Vets Spay, Neuter Reservation Cats
Disabled Cats Thrive on Couple's Kindness
Establish Kitchen Countermeasures
6 Tips for Fearful Felines
Adopting a Needy Cat Brings Unexpected Dividends

November 2001


Featured Breed
Scottish Fold
American Curl

The New Yorker Book of All-New Cat Cartoons
Natural Healing for Cats and Dogs
Cats of Cairo
The Cat Who'll Live Forever: The Final Adventure of Norton
The Perfect Cat and His Imperfect Human
Scottish Fold & American Curl: Ears to You
Share the Love of Cats: Eukanuba Love Stories
Animals Make a Happy Home for Betty White
Mega Relief: (megacolon)
More Time With Mom Helps Kittens Thrive
Paws and Claws: Versatile Tools, Specialized Weapons
Create a Haven From the Havoc: Ensuring stress-free holidays protects kitty from the crush
Study Shakes Up Litter Industry
Treat Eye Infection With Natural Ingredients
Don't Leave Me This Way: Feline Sepa ration Anxiety
Living the Good Life: When owners die, the caring can continue with planning for retirement
Special Friendship Replaces Mutual Fear
Sapphire Survives Two Rough Years
Try Dietary Alternatives For Food-Allergic Cats
Radical Theory Might Increase Longevity
Cat Hoarding, When Too Much is Not Enough Puts a Bit of Fun Into Shelter Cats' Lives
Ginny to the Rescue
Cats & Dogs Can Get Along
Cat Gotcha Up At Night?
Kids for Cats Bookshelf: Milton Goes to the Vet
Mr. Putter & Tabby Feed the Fish

December 2001


Featured Breed
Bi-Color Persian

Getting Started: Clicker Training For Cats
Cat Haiku
The New Encyclopedia of the Cat
Web Hoax Outrages Animal Lovers
Giant Cat Stalks Internet
Kitty Show Video Toy For Cats, The Bugs,
Impressionist Fred Travelena says animals give nothing but joy
Early Treatment Might Reverse Blindness
Learn the Language of Your Cat's Tail
9 Tips for 9 Lives, (holiday safety)
Pets For Life
Holiday Toy Joy and Your Cat
Toby Meets Santa's Beard, Hair-Raising Struggle Ensues
Relax! Use these 10 techniques we learned from our cats
Discover the Truth About Poisonous Plants
Manage Pancreatitis With Diet, Supplements
11th Annual CATFANCY Editor's Choice Awards: The Best Cat Products of 2001
Possible Feline Spay/Neuter Vaccine on the Horizon
Magistrate Rules in Favor of Cats
Cats That Keep on Giving (gift-giving behavior)
Quiet That Noisy Cat
Bisky Bats and Pussy Cats, Curious Cats

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