May - July 2002

Featured Breeds: Oriental, Selkirk Rex, Norwegian Forest Cat, White Cats, Peterbald, Ragamuffin

Posted: Fri Mar 14 00:00:00 PST 2003

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May 2002 

MAY 2002

Featured Breeds
Selkirk Rex

Former Minister Spreads the Word: Spaying, Neutering Reduce Euthanasia
MEOW Means Rescue in the Pacific Northwest
Lashing Out (aggression toward people)
Help Shatter Feline Myths and Misconceptions
The Cat Who Covered the World: The Adventures of Henrietta and Her Foreign Correspondent
The Big Book of Cat Secrets
Caring For Your Cat
Yowl: Selected Poems About Cats
Vet Emergency (software)
Pancho: One Man's Best Friend
My Veterinarian Is the Best
Four CAT FANCY readers share their prize-winning stories of practitioners who made a difference
Cats Rule, Says People's Court Judge
Defeat the Pest (war on fleas and ticks)
Itchy Cat Needs Hydrocortisone
New Cancer Technique Could Mean Early Detection
Bioterrorism Risks Explained
Welcome to the Funhouse
Turn a ho-hum home into an indoor feline playground
4 Magical Minutes (massage)
A Helpless Kitten Strengthens Maternal Instinct
Gorgeous Coat in 5, Groom your cat to perfection in just minutes a day
Weight-Loss Supplement Might Protect Health

June 2002 

JUNE 2002

Featured Breeds
Norwegian Forest Cat
White Cats

Many Countries Work With Limited Resources
Deb and Rick Fetterolf: The Best Little Cat House in Pennsylvania
Using PsychotropicMedication Alone Will Lead to Failure
The Cat Lover's Survival Guide
The Cats' House
Feline Reflections
Catherine Hickland, Soap Star's Cosmetics Line Display Feline Touch
Kill the Fleas With OTCs (over-the-counter products)
Pet Health Plans and Pet Insurance
Tame Health Costs
These Steps Can Protect Your Cat From Cancer
Pringles Finds Love, But Crumbles Will Never Be Forgotten
From Sneezy To Happy Allergic? Lose the symptoms, keep the cat
The Clone Wars, A controversy over ethics, commerce and science brews while tiny kitten who sparked it all grows
While You're Away, Leave your cat in good hands when you travel
In the short run, eating something anything is higher in importance than what your cat eats

July 2002 

JULY 2002

Featured Breeds

10 Helping Hands (organizations that benefit cats)
Humane News/Newsline: Artist Donates Painting to ASPCA
Serving Animals, Susan Easterly: 10 Shelters Great and Small
New England Women Provide a Voice for Homeless Cats
Feline Behavior/On G ood Behavior/The Social Cat
Are Cats Better Than Dogs? That Depends on the Owner
Feline Online
Mrs. McTats and Her Houseful of Cats
Carlotta's Kittens, Scat, Cats!
What Animals Teach Us: Love Loyalty, Heroism, and Other Life Lessons From Our Pets
Meaningful Portraits of Cats
The Encyclopedia Of TV Pets: A Complete History of Television's Greatest Animal Stars
Rascal Writes Home
My Dream Cat
Is Your Pet Psychic? Developing Psychic Communication With Your Pet
Share the Love: Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care, Photos of a tender moment with your cat
George Gray, Weakest Link Host Connects With Cat
Fighting Feline AIDS
Keep 'em Moving, (preventing and treating arthritis)
Protect Your Cat From Fatty Liver
Tapeworm Medication Makes Debut
Supplements Scrutinized
Better Health Is on Its Way
Pet Parents Can Join the Club
Sowing the Seeds of Love (Gardening), Provide your cat with safe time in the outdoors and natural, healthy interaction for you both
Instant Friendship Prevails Over Sickness
Winner's Circle: Carolyn Osier: Cat Fanciers Celebrate 131 Years of Shows
Antioxidants Protect DNA

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