April 2003


Posted: Tue Mar 4 00:00:00 PST 2003

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This month:
April 2003
Exotic Destination
Welcome to the world of this shorthair - part Persian, 100 percent distinctive.

Homecoming Queen
A kitten rescued from the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan makes a long journey to America.

Foster Parenting
Taking the plunge with orphaned kittens is a heavy - but worthwhile - commitment.

The Poetic Perplexity of Puss
The bond between cats and poets.

Gatti Di Roma
The Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary welcomes them all.

Bad Kitty!
Deal with feline behavior problems by changing your behavior.


In Every Issue

Editor's Note

Reader photos.

In the Mews
Cats in the headlines.

Purrs and Hisses
Reader letters and photographs.

Humane Matters
Unsung Heroes: Animal Protective Association's Harmony House for Cats in a nonprofit, cage-free, no-kill shelter in Chicago.

Cat Clinic
Ask the Vet: Protuding chest bone, viral conjunctivitis, vaccinations and treatments
for renal failure.

The Vet Files
Learn the signs and what to do when your female feline goes into heat.

The Social Cat
Some cats just nip. Stop your cat from biting the hand that feeds it.

Feline Frontiers
Renal Failure - Part 2. In this three-part series, Arnold Plotnick, DVM,
addresses some advances in the treatment of kidney failure and its complications.

Kids For Cats
Picture Your Cat: Prissy, Emma, Autumn and Toby.
Cat Tales: My Special Friend.
Kids' Bookshelf: Six is So Much Less Seven and K is for Kitten.

Flights of Fancy
Reader Stories and Poetry: 
A Teacher and Her Two Cats How I found My Humane Voice.

Cat Care 101
Guidelines for caring for your feline.

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April 2003

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