January - April 2003

Featured Breeds: Maine Coon, British Shorthair, American Bobtail, Exotic Shorthair

Posted: Wed Mar 12 00:00:00 PST 2003

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January 2003 


Featured Breed
Maine Coon: Loveable, Gentle Giants of the Cat World

Feline Reprieve from Overpopulation: Saving Feral Cats on Rikers Island
Hail to the Cat! (the Bush family cat).
Purr-Fect Ways to Usher in the New Year (resolutions that benefit kitty)
Pregnancy & Cats (toxoplasmosis)
Playing for Keeps (playtime with kitty)
2001-2002 Annual Article Index

Unsung Heroes: Debi Bagley Wears Different Hats of Endearment
Ask the Vet: No Interest in Chewing the Fat; Revisit Cause and Treatment (ataxia); Chronic Ear Trouble; Boredom, Lack of Attention or Diet? (chewing on inanimate objects); Bloody Stool; Use Caution with Dairy Products
The Social Cat: Do You Believe in Magic? (ESP in animals?)
Feline Frontiers: Looking at Laser Surgery
Contest Results: Cat-opoly Picture Contest, Six kids share their hand-drawn picture of their cat playing a game.
Poetry Corner: My Special Friend

Every Month
In the Mews: Luxury Accommodations (Richmond SPCA opens Robins-Starr Humane Center); Utah Shelters Make Strides (No More Homeless Pets in Utah); Wild Cats in Crisis; Doctor Do-right (Marty Becker receives award); Veterinary School Gains Cancer Expert
Cat Care 101: Guidelines for caring for your feline
Flights of Fancy: Felines of Yesterday and Today

February 2003


Featured Breed
British Shorthair: Grins & Adventures in Wonderland

Seeking a Permanent Fix (SpayDay USA)
War and Peace (feline social behavior)
Share the Love, Four prizewinning photos of cats' most tender moments.
Say Aaaaah (dental care)
Real Men Love Cats
Cats & Humans -- An Ancient Bond

Unsung Heroes: Tennessee Woman Goes Far for Felines
Ask the Vet: Keep Cats Safe from FeLV; Multiple Options for Dermatitis
Book Reviews: Cats Are Perfect, Cat Tracks
Feline Frontiers: Patching Up Problem Pain
Poetry Corner: My Cat; The Tabby
Cat Tales: The Best Birthday Gift Ever

Every Month
In the Mews: ASPCA Says, Be Prepared!' (ASPCA launches campaign about emergency pet preparedness); Bunny For Betty (Betty White receives award); Next Time... Flush! (owner flushed radioactive pet waste)
Cat Care 101
Flights of Fancy: A Kooky Cat; A Cat in the House?

March 2003

MARCH 2003

Featured Breed
American Bobtail: What About Bobs?

Les Chats Sont Magnifiques! (Nice cat show)
Lights, Camera, Cat! (Hollywood cats)
Make the Golden Years Shine (senior cat care)
Out of Joint (arthritis)
The Crate Escape (kitty and its carrier)

Unsung Heroes: University Employee Furthers Feline Education
Book Reviews: Milk Treading; One Hundred Ways for a Cat to Train its Human
Ask the Vet: Herpes Conjunctivitis Clearly Common and Treatable
The Vet Files: One Veterinarian Finds His Passion
The Social Cat: Paws Off That Sofa! (eliminate destructive clawing)
Feline Frontiers: Fluid Therapy is Essential in Treating Renal Failure,
Cat Tales: The Joy of My Life
Clinic Kitten: Helping Kids Care for Cats (kitty's tongue)

Every Month
In the Mews: Start Spreading the Mews... (first annual MEOW NY fund-raiser); Pet Lovers Leaving Port (cruise with Marty Becker)
Cat Care 101
Flights of Fancy: Zane's Rainbow; Shadow

April 2003

APRIL 2003

Featured Breed
Exotic Shorthair: Exotic Destination

Homecoming Queen (kitten rescued from Kabul, Afghanistan)
Gatti Di Roma: The Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary Welcomes Them All
Bad Kitty! (dealing with feline behavior problems)
Foster Parenting (caring for orphaned kittens)
The Poetic Perplexity of Puss (cats in poetry)

Unsung Heroes: Volunteers in Sync at Harmony House
The Social Cat: Feline Ferociousness (cat biting); Can't We All Just Get Along? (cats fighting)
Book Reviews: The Complete Guide to Lost Pet Prevention and Recovery; The Quotable Cat Lover
Ask the Vet: No Worries About Protruding Chest Bone; X-rays May Tell All (cat with laryngitis); Help for Eye Problems; Shot of the Year(s) (vaccinations); Reaction to Meds
The Vet Files: The Heat of the Matter (cat in heat)
Feline Frontiers: Take it Slow (renal failure)
Cat Tales: My Special Friend
Kids' Bookshelf: Six is so Much Less Than Seven; K is for Kitten

Every Month
In the Mews: To Know Kitty is to Love Kitty (Carol Conners and her cats, documentary); Log On, Cat Lovers (Meowhoo.com Web site); Have Cat, Will Travel (new quarantine information)
Cat Care 101
Flights of Fancy: A Teacher and Her Two Cats: How I Found My Humane Voice

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