May 2003

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Posted: Thu Apr 3 00:00:00 PST 2003

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May 2003
A Singular Breed - Singapura
Join us in singing the praises of Singapore's contribution to the cat world.

Homecoming Queen
Part 2 of one kitten's long journey from Kabul, Afghanistan, to America.

Bug Off!
Get the lowdown on fleas, ticks and mites and devise a strategy to banish them.

Mama Mia!
Ring in Mother's Day with some inspiring contest winners.

Cats & War
Felines have consistently shown bravery in the fac of conflict.

Vexing Vanity
What to do when kitty won't stop grooming and scratching.

Lost and Found
If your cat roams, make sure it finds its way safely home.

In Every Issue

Editor's Note
Dear Diary: Ten years of cats shape the post-high school era.

Reader photos of Rocky, Whiskers, Blacky, Smokey, Cinnamon, Jimmy and the editor's Pick of the Month, Orion.

In the Mews
Cats in the headlines.

Purrs and Hisses
Reader letters and photographs.

Humane Matters
Unsung Heroes: Using a fortune to bring fortune to homeless cats, C.A.T. (Cat Adoption Team), a no-kill, nonprofit cat shelter located in Sherwood, Ore.

Cat Clinic
Ask the Vet:

-Feline Amputees Live Normal Lives.
-Constipated Cat
-Problem Aggression

The Vet Files:
The Grass is Always Greener ... Constant sneezing is a red flag that signals a visit to your veterinarian is needed.

The Social Cat:
Countertop Cruisers
Stop your cat from perusing the kitchen's most hazardous areas.

Feline Frontiers:
Back in Balance
Veterinary medical treatments help steady the system and counteract nausea and anemia.

Kids For Cats
Picture Your Cat: Sadie, Kaylee, Mousey, Emily, Chacey and Simone.

Cat Tales: My Best Friend Ever - Precious.

Mouse's Caption Contest: A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Be a 'Kid for Cats' and send in your photo caption for a chance to win prizes, provided by Our Pets.

Flights of Fancy
Reader Stories and Poetry: 
Blue Eyes on the World and My Best Friend.

Cat Care 101
Guidelines for caring for your feline.

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