June 2003

June 2003

Posted: Wed May 7 00:00:00 PDT 2003

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This month:
June 2003
Delving Into the Feline Psyche
Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson observes and learns from his cat companion.

Embrace the Tonkinese,
If You Please
This American hybrid was christened the Tonkinese after the Gulf of Tonkin.

Save Your Cat's Life
Early recognition and immediate treatment are essential with urinary tract disease.

Litterbox Woes Relieved
Take it granule by granule with this handy guide.

Shelter Snapshots
A day in the life of two no-kill facilities.

A New Life
Adopting shelter cats presents challenges and great rewards.

Living With Diabetes
Medical advances and education further a prognosis of hope.

In Every Issue

Editor's Note
Garfield: A big orange furry friend turns 25 years old.

Reader photos of Ramona, Barnes, Noz, Dingles and the Editor's Pick of the Month, Higgins.

In the Mews
Cats in the headlines.

Purrs and Hisses
Reader letters and photographs.

Humane Matters
Unsung Heroes:
Good Mews Animal Foundation Volunteer, Linda Deveney brings good news and good mews.

Cat Clinic
Ask the Vet:

-Retest for FeLV
-Is Soy Milk Safe?
-Feline Hip Dysplasia

The Vet Files:
Report From a Cat Clinic's Front Lines...Star Encounters.

The Social Cat:
Why Can't We All Just Get Along? Stop cat fights in your home.

Feline Frontiers:
Hypertension - The Causes and Cures, Part I.

Kids For Cats
Picture Your Cat: Sampson, Toby and Lucy.

Cat Tales: Stormy Tom's Adventure Through the Looking Glass.

Flights of Fancy
Reader Stories and Poetry: 
Cat Wrestling and Our Neighbor.

Cat Care 101
Guidelines for Feline Care. Karen S. Phillips, VMD, touches on diet, nutrition and a healthy balance.

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June 2003

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