Cold Weather Tips for Tabby, Cat Fancy Volume 2 Issue 1

Read the original advice that Cat Fancy provided for cats in cold weather with this excerpt.

By Felicia Ames, Director Friskies Cat Council

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Tabby Cat Indoors
From the Archives of Cat Fancy: Enjoy this all-access pass to cat history from the pages of the oldest living cat magazine. This content remains in its original form and reflects the language and views of its time. Health and behavior information evolves and only the most current advice should be followed.

Excerpted from CAT FANCY magazine, 1966, Volume 2 Issue 1

Now that all pets are likely to be spending more time indoors, here are a few cold-weather ideas for your favorite feline.
While too many cat owners let their cats out at night, it is time to say again that although cats are nocturnal animals by nature, they can be more easily injured at night, or beaten up in a fight with another prowler than during the day. Cats will reverse their habits to parallel their owners' if they are given a warm place to sleep.

That doesn't necessarily mean your bed, although he will take to it if you let him. Some people don't mind this cozy arrangement at all, and if you like a lump on your stomach all night or a fur neckpiece, by all means keep to it. (If you have an electric blanket, you will be irresistible.)

Assuming, however, that you prefer to sleep cat-less, shut your door and be sure Tabby has his own quarters. This means a nice warm, draft-free place in which to curl up. Don't put him in the basement. He dislikes the dampness and the put away feeling. A special cat basket is fine, though after you have spent a pretty penny for it, you may discover that your cat is a plebian and prefers an old box you were thinking of throwing away. Even a shelf, fitted with a soft towel or blanket, will do nicely. Any bed, however, bust be off the floor, dry, warm, and secluded enough so that Tabby doesn't have to keep one eye open for intruders. A corner is deal. If you are uncertain about where your winter cat is going to sleep, ask him. Nine times out of ten he will choose his own spot. If it isn't on your best hat, you might as well leave him alone.

Scratching Facilities
Although cats are amenable about most matters, they are single-minded about scratching. They know perfectly well that scratching is the only way they can keep their claws manicured. Clipping will do them little, if any, good. In the first place, it is dangerous to clip cats' nails too close or they will have no defense outdoors either against another animal or in climbing a tree to get out of range of a dog. In the second place, it won't stop them from scratching, though it may cut down on the damage a little.

Now that your cat is indoors a good deal, better provide him with a scratching post unless you want your furniture torn to shreds. The best post is a tree trunk with plenty of bark left on it. It must be tall enough so that the cat can stretch to full length without reaching the tip. (And that is taller than you may think.) Fix it securely so it won't topple over. If Tabby still prefers your newly upholstered couch, try tying a small bag of moth balls to the back of it.
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