10 Top Cat Movies

Celebrate 60 years of feline flicks with this sampling of cat stars in film.

By Kristina Lotz | Updated: June 19, 2014, 1 p.m. EDT

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Girl with Cat and Movie
Stay indoors during cold weather and watch a cat movie with a friend.
With Fall upon us, full of rainy and snowy stay-at-home days, now is the perfect time to cozy up with our cats and watch some of the most well-loved felines of the silver screen. Puss In Boots might be in the theater, but you can bring the cat movies below into your own home. This chronological list spans 60 years and highlights just a sampling of Hollywood’s cat movie stars.

Rhubarb (NR, 1951) Although black and white, Rhubarb is a real treat. This is probably the original "millionaire left everything to the cat” tale. Like most old movies, the acting is great and unlike modern films the cat is real and actually acts. In fact, the American Shorthair who plays Rhubarb is a great actor, he also appeared in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You will appreciate the true portrayal of an alley cat’s personality with plenty of laughs throughout.

That Darn Cat (G, 1965/ PG, 1997) Both versions of this classic tale about a crime-solving cat are wonderful. In the original, Haley Mills plays opposite the feline while in the remake Christina Ricci plays opposite. I recommend both.

The Aristocats (G, 1970) Featuring the distinctive voice of Eva Gabor as Duchess, this animated Disney movie is fun to watch. A similar plot to Rhubarb, this move has plenty of action for the whole family and some great musical numbers, including the well-known "Everybody Wants to be a Cat.”

The Cat from Outer Space (G, 1978) This movie is probably my favorite cat movie. Every cat lover should see this movie. The Abyssinian cat who stars in this movie is a great actor and the plot is original – an interstellar cat gets stranded on Earth and need help repairing his spaceship.

Milo and Otis (G, 1989) Filmed in Japan, this enduring movie about a dog and a cat’s lifelong friendship is entertaining as well as educational. What makes this live-action movie unique is the lack of humans. Kids will get a unique peek into the lives of both cats and dogs, without human actors getting in the way.

Homeward Bound (G, 1993) Grab a box of tissues and settle down for a heartwarming tale. While the movie comprises of two dogs and a cat, the cat (Sassy), voiced by Sally Field, steals the show with her perfect portrayal of "cat-isms” and feline outlook.

The Mousehole Cat (1994) Produced in the United Kingdom, this film is the adaptation of the book by the same title. The story is the legend of Mousehole, Cornwall, where the townspeople say a Tuxedo cat once saved their village from starvation. The story is beautiful and so is the imagery.

The Lion King (G, 1994) Fall in love with one of Disney’s best films all over again in stunning blu-ray. This cat movie is a reason to buy a Blu-ray player if you don’t already have one; the colors are just amazing and the same wonderful musical score will enchant you all over again. This is a must-see.

Garfield (PG, 2004) When Odie is kidnapped, it’s up to the world’s most famous cartoon cat to find and rescue him. Although clearly CGI, the new Garfield has plenty of nods to the classic and Billy Murray’s voice is perfect for Garfield.

Must love Cats (2011) This six-part TV series contains heartwarming stories of cats all across the country including a kleptomaniac kitty that is absolutely hilarious, as well as fun information such as how catnip is harvested and why people are paying $80 for a shot of coffee (you will have to watch the video to see this – you won’t believe it).

Know of a cat movie we left out? Please share it in the CatChannel comments so we can all enjoy!
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Reader Comments

Wayne    Weehawken, NJ

3/14/2015 10:10:59 AM

I liked the second Garfield movie, "A Tale of Two Kitties", was better than the first. In "While You Were Sleeping", the cat actually belonged to the ex-girlfriend of the comatose Peter (Peter Gallagher). Other movies that had key scenes with cats include "The Third Man", "You Can't Take It With You", "The Towering Inferno" and "Alien" (Jonesy).

Tom    International

3/3/2015 8:01:17 PM

I'm told up to 20 cats were killed in the making of Milo and Otis. I wouldn't watch a movie described as abuse porn. I am wildly distressed this movie made your list. Yes, I am aware the Humane Society gave it's stamp of approval ... which is worthless since I'm also told they accept donations from the makers of the productions they certify.

Julianne    Livonia, MI

2/9/2015 10:08:01 PM

I named my first cat Thomasina because I loved the movie so much. I was eleven at the time.

If any one is looking for Rhubarb check-out Deep Discount or Turner Movies. I bought Gay Puree on dvd years ago and but haven't seen it any where recently. I'd love to see Mousehole Cat.

Sandra Bullock's character in "While You Were Sleeping" has a beautiful long-haired kitty as a pet.

Hallmark's "Nine Lives of Christmas" was terrific! And then there's Grumpy Cat's Christmas.

Miriam    Louisville, KY

1/1/2015 7:58:00 PM

Our cat is the one below that's rescued by us from the Cattery in Northern NY on the border of Canada. He had been watching us type on our lahptop for two months so he has had time to watch us and now imitate us. He's now typing on our laptop. We uploaded the video that my husband made of him doing this on You Tube tonight: 1/1/2015 at around 7PM. Its's called "Sufi on the Mac". So please take a look at this funny video and watch his very bushy tail move back and forth in pleasure, as he types along.

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