Check out the latest in cat toys and which ones work best for your cat.
Toys to Entertain
Keep your cat fit and happy with these toy choices. You'll both have fun playing!
Incredibly Fun Cat Toys to Make at Home
Download some great ideas for cat toys to make out of items you have around the house. Reduce, reuse, recycle, have fun!
Cat Exercises
Regular exercise can benefit your cat. Try one of these eight ideas to enliven your cat's playtime.

Can They Be Friends?
A noted feline behaviorist shares methods to help two cats get along peacefully.
Safe Multi-Species Introductions
Increasing your family of pets? Learn how to safely introduce your cat to non-feline pets.
Cats and Dogs
Cats and dogs have different views on life. Can the two species live together peacefully?

Fun Cat Videos Humor and Games Cat Ringtones Cat Quizzes

Benefits of Interactive Play
A feline behavior expert explains why you should make time to play with your new kitten.

Frolicking or Fighting?
What looks like fighting may actually be social play. These six guidelines can help you distinguish between the two.

Play Problems
Understanding play from a behavior perspective is important in dealing with problems.



Inside-Out Cats
Your cat's natural instincts make him want to explore outdoors, but vehicles and predators can end his life early.

How to Let Your Indoor Cat Enjoy the Great Outdoors
Proper care from her owners makes walks safe for this kitten.

Walk This Way
Teach your cat to walk on a leash so you can both safely enjoy the great outdoors.



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Purrles of Feline Wisdom
Purrles of Feline Wisdom
Why Do Cats Do That?
Why Do Cats Do That?
It's Raining Cats and Dogs
It's Raining
Cats and Dogs
Astrology for Cats
Astrology for Cats
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